How Can Embedding Flipbooks In WordPress Improve Engagement?

You may have seen flipbooks before, but did you know that you can use digital flipbooks in your marketing strategy? Any PDF document can be transformed into an online catalog, brochure, magazine and easily embed on your WordPress website in just a few minutes.

It’s a competitive business market, so let me tell you some flipbooks’ advantages that could help you drive more engagement and even boost your sales.


Use Digital Flipbooks As Marketing Tool

The best part of using flipbooks is the super-fast process of making them. You only need to upload your PDF document into a flipbook converter, like Flipsnack, and achieve the 3D page-flipping effect. Instead of consistently editing the website with new promotions, you could just embed a flipbook with all your latest promotions or offers in just a few seconds.

Yes, all of these with the simple help of embedding flipbooks in WordPress. And don’t worry, it’s not rocket science, and no, you don’t need an expert to help you. It’s an easy and fast process that you can easily do yourself.

Now that you know what flipbooks are, let’s move on to how using flipbooks can improve your marketing strategy.

Firstly, flipbooks are easy to use as you can embed them on your website without needing a professional developer to help you. This is great, especially when you constantly need to update your marketing materials with new information. Also, flipbooks help you achieve more in less time, make better content for your users and get more insights.


Bring More Engagement With Digital Flipbooks

Unlike static PDFs, flipbooks can have videos, photo slideshows, GIFs, audios, statistics, and more interactive elements. And no matter the industry you’re part of, I’m sure the ultimate marketing goal is to be as visible as possible, up to date with all your information, and ultimately, sell more, right?

Embedding flipbooks in WordPress can be your solution to accomplish all of that in a fun and engaging way.

And don’t worry about the design process of digital flipbooks. It’s no rocket science to achieve a professional flipbook, as the whole process of designing is with a simple drag and drop. Plus, there are many tutorials to help you every step of the way.

So let’s look at what flipbook materials you can embed in WordPress and find what would work best for your business.



Many industries use catalogs, but retail and wholesale might benefit from them the most. And instead of using only printed catalogs, it might be a good idea to go for a digital catalog as well. Embedding a flipbook catalog in your WordPress can drive more engagement and boost users’ time on your website.


Embed catalogue flipbook WordPress.

So, when you create a flipbook catalog, include interactive elements like links and shopping buttons, price tags, captions, photo slideshows, and videos.

If you have a Shopify store, some flipbooks converters allow you to connect it directly into your flipbook. Imagine how much traffic flipbooks could generate for your website.



Brochures are essential marketing materials for lots of different businesses. But no matter the purpose, by using a flipbook brochure embedded in WordPress, you can give your audience further information without loading too much text in the brochure design by using pop-up frames, captions, or tags.

A real estate agent or agency, for instance, can add photo slideshows of the properties they have for sale or include a virtual tour in the brochure design. How cool is that?

Brochure flipbook WordPress.

Doing this can help your customers get a better idea and understanding of your properties for sale. Yes, technology is excellent, but so should be your marketing materials. So add interactive elements to take your brochure design to the next level and make your audience spend more time on your website by offering them an impressive experience.



Marketing ebooks are a perfect opportunity to gain information about your audience and increase your email contacts list. By using flipbooks, you can add lead forms in your marketing ebooks and make acquiring details much more straightforward.


WordPress ebook flipbook.


Based on what you need to find out about your audience, you can require details in your lead form like name, email address, company name, phone number, or any other information that you’d be interested in finding out about your customers.

Depending on the purpose of your ebook, you can also embed it on your website and improve the traffic you gain there, while you can also reach a wider audience by integrating a lead form.

A cool thing that flipbooks provide is checking the flipbook’s statistics to see exactly what elements your audience interacts with the most. Also, checking the flipbooks statistics can help you to better design and improve your marketing materials with content that your audience likes best.



Having a lookbook embedded on your website is a great way to show your audience how the clothes look on models and where they could buy them. Everyone loves lookbooks, and they don’t apply only to fashion industries but to many more. With lookbooks, you present a collection of professional images with your brand’s products to give your customers more details and inspiration.

Lookbook flipbook WordPress.

Having a lookbook fastens your customers’ shopping decision process and makes your audience spend more time on your website. What’s great is that you can add price tags, shopping buttons, redirect links, photo slideshows with items from different angles so your customers can have a full view of the clothing, accessories, or any other items collection.

Also, when you make a flipbook lookbook, you can add fun elements like GIFs to bring a little spark and a fun twist. Embed the lookbook in WordPress and offer your audience an entertaining moment with an attractive lookbook presentation.



You can make flipbook menus to achieve a beautiful display for your restaurant’s menu. You will stand out from the crowd by having an embedded menu flipbook on your WordPress website, but you’ll also impress your customers with a professional-looking menu design.


Menu flipbook WordPress.


Most people love to see images of the meals they’re going to eat, and having a look before ordering it would help them decide faster.

In a menu flipbooks design, you can add images or photo slideshows if you have more images with the food you’re serving, captions where you tell them all the ingredients used, you can even add a video if you have one for a special menu.

You can even insert an audio button with the relaxing music you usually play in the restaurant, and there are more and more ways to make your menu design attractive.

And the best part: you don’t need to update your website every time you add a new item to your menu. Instead, simply update your flipbook menu, which is a much simpler and faster way.


Embed Flipbook In WordPress

Now that you know all the benefits of using flipbooks, let me show you exactly how to make a flipbook for WordPress with a step-by-step tutorial:

The first thing you need to do is head over to your flipbook converter like Flipsnack. Even if you finished the design process of your flipbook, don’t forget to customize the flipbook’s appearance, like the background’s design – transparent or colorful, and even have the flipbook start from a specific page. You can choose from many customization options, so assure yourself to make your flipbook stand out even more.

Embed flipbook in WordPress site.


Copy the iframe embed code of the flipbook you want to embed in WordPress. Now go to your WordPress account, add a new block where you’d like the flipbook to appear, and select the “Embed” option.

Paste the iframe embed code in the short block and click on “Preview” to see how it would look like. And voilà, you’re done!


Embedding Flipbook In WordPress Site Conclusion

It is easy to embed a flipbook in WordPress. So I encourage you to start taking advantage of the flipbook features, boost the traffic to your website, and offer your customer an engaging experience that will be hard to forget. And make sure you add the spark of interactivity to your flipbooks instead of only using static PDFs.

Finally, improve your marketing strategy and achieve great results with the help of flipbooks.




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