FileBird Review PROS & CONS (2023) – How To Organize WordPress Media Files Into Folders?

FileBird WordPress Media Library Folders


Easy to use






Overall quality



  • Drag and drop feature
  • Free version available
  • Affordable pro version
  • Easy to use interface
  • Different sorting options
  • Option to migrate from other plugins
  • Set folders for each admin feature


  • Limit of 10 folders in free version

Many website owners use videos, images and other types of media files to in content to engage their site users and generate interest. The only problem with this method is the fact that WordPress Media Library can eventually become unorganized and cluttered.

Unfortunately, there isn’t any integrated way to effectively organize files in the default WordPress media database.

The FileBird WordPress Media Library Folders plugin was created to address this problem. It allows you to use and organize media folders in the same way that you would manage the folders on your operating system.

You can create folders and drag and drop files between folders as needed. Folder hierarchy view helps you find folders that you need in a matter of moments.

WPML, WooCommerce and many other popular plugins and  themes will work with this plugin. Its resizable sidebar and intuitive interface supports popular languages.


FileBird Review

You’ve probably grown accustomed to adding documents, images, videos and audio recordings to your WordPress media library. It’s nice to have those options at your fingertips, but it’s not always easy to find the right file at the right time.

Sorting through hundreds or even thousands of media files can be frustrating at times. The default WordPress file name search feature makes things a little easier. However, it’s not as convenient as going directly to the specific folder. FileBird takes the stress and aggravation out of your file searches.


How to create folders in WordPress media library?


FileBird lets you drag and drop in between folders to simplify organization. The folder-based file structure frees up more time that could be better spent on other tasks. FileBird smart-loads one folder at a time.

Filebird uses an easy drag and drop interface to help you manage WooCommerce media files or any WordPress files you have uploaded. It can be used to create virtual folders where media files can be placed. This also means that any permalinks associated with those files won’t be broken when they’re moved into the folders.

The plugin lets you spend less time on media management. Easily sort, search and add media folders. You can significantly improve productivity and admin workflow.


FileBird is media library plugin for WordPress for creating and managing folders.
You can easily create folders and subfolders and just add images to them using drag & drop.


You can use FileBird for free for up to ten categories/folders. If you need more you can always upgrade to FileBird PRO if you have more than ten folders and/or categories.

NOTE: I’m using the pro version for this FileBird review. Most of the features can be accessed in the free edition. The only limitations in the free version of FileBird are the number of file folders that you can create and the lack of advanced sorting choices for folders and files. Check differences between free and pro version.



FileBird was created to simplify using and arranging media files on websites. Some of its most popular features are:

1. User-Friendly Interface

The drag and drop feature can be used to organize folders and subfolders easily. You can also use this option to move files into foldes in bulk or upload different media types.

2. Intelligent Context Menu

Create, delete or rename folders using right-click. This feature operates in the same manner as editing folders on your computer.

3. Complete Control in a Single Toolbar

The resizable sidebar helps manage all of the folders created and content uploaded.

4. Simple Migration

FileBird makes migrating files other plugins like Real Media Library, WP Media Folder by JoomUnited, WordPress Media Library Folders by Max Foundry and the Enhanced Media Library easy. All of the folders that you created with those or other similar plugins can quickly be imported in FileBird. The folders that are integrated will look like they were designed using FileBird.

5. An Impressive Search Feature

You can use the FileBird file browser and the Media library sidebar to locate folder and file names. This can come in very handy when editing particular posts or pages.

6. Unlimited Folders and Subfolders (PRO)

You can create as many folders and nested folders for media files as you want. The free (or Lite) edition of the plugin is limited to 10 total folders and subfolders.

7. Different Sorting Capabilities (PRO)

There are eight different ways to sort files and two ways to sort folders. This can save WordPress webmasters and admins a lot of time and effort.

8. Set Folders for Each Admin User

One thing that sets FileBird apart is the setting that lets each WordPress Admin user to access only the folders that they have created.

This means if particular admin creates folders, he will be only person who can use and access those folders. The same logic applies to any site user who has credentials to enter site’s backend.


Set so that Admin gets access only to the folders that they have created.
You can set so that each WordPress Admin user gets access only to the folders that they have created.


This setting designed to work for traditional WordPress admin users. Customized user admin functions that were created using other third-party plugins might not work.

9. Folders Can Be Deleted in Bulk

You can select several folders at once and delete them with one click of the mouse. The files contained in those folders won’t be deleted. They will be transferred into the Uncategorized folder to be reorganized as you see fit.

10. Restore Library To Default Settings

This is a nice function, but it should only be used when absolutely necessary. It will return your WordPress media library to its default state and remove any FileBird settings that were previously set.

11. RTL Supported

Arabic, Hebrew and other RTL languages are fully supported in FileBird.

12. Support for Many Languages

FileBird also supports English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and other well-known international languages.

13. Set Startup Folder

Choose a specific folder or previously opened folder.

14. Exit Bulk Select Mode

Press ESC to exit Bulk select mode (tiny but handy feature – applicable for both files and folders).


How FileBird Works?

Once you’ve installed and activated the plugin, you can create and view files in a list on the left-hand side of screen. You can then use the drag and drop function to move files.

The file folders created using this plugin are virtual. The location of the files on server will remain unchanged. FileBird just helps you visually organize the existing files contained in your WordPress dashboard. This is an important to say, because without this feature if you change WordPress folders, you break all the links where specific images appear on your site.

FileBird allows you to change file and folder locations without having to worry that anything will break. Images can even be placed in multiple folders at the same time if you wish.


How FileBird plugin works?
You can bulk select files and move them to desired folder.


The default WordPress editor, WordPress page builder plugins and other well-known plugins work well with FileBird. Any place that can open the Media Library inserter should be able to successfully integrate with FileBird.

You can also:

  • Select files in bulk and move them wherever you’d like.
  • Place files in more than one folder simultaneously.
  • Stack file folders inside of one another. This can even be done for drag and drop folders.
  • Right-click your mouse to interact with various folders.
  • Use different search selections to find the right files and folders for specific functions.


Creating & Managing Folders

You can start using FileBird as soon as the plugin has been installed and activated. Once you’re in the Media ->Library, you should see a brand new Folders sidebar. This sidebar will be just to the left of the usual Media Library interface that you are already accustomed to. You can resize this sidebar by using the drag and drop feature.

You can create folders by selecting the “New Folder” option. Subfolders can also be created to be placed inside parent folders. You can drag and drop folders inside other folders or move them.


Best WordPress media gallery folders plugin.
With the right click of mouse you can create, delete, rename, paste or cut folders.


Moving files is simple once you’ve created the necessary folders for them. All you need to do is drag and drop media files into the respective folders just like you would do on a computer.

Select “Bulk Files” option if you want to move more than one file at once. All of the selected files can be moved with one action.

In addition to using folders in the main Media Library interface, you can also access them while working in the WordPress editor. This applies to both the Classic editor and the Gutenberg block editor.

Selecting the “Media Library” option will bring up your entire Media Library. This choice can be helpful when you’re using the Block editor to add image blocks. You can then access all of your current folders. You can also use this interface to move folders and create new ones.


FileBird pros and cons.
When uploading files to your WordPress media library, you can even select folder to which you wish that files are added.


FileBird can even be used in WordPress page builders (Elementor, Beaver Builder, Divi, etc.) and other popular plugins. You should generally be able to useFileBird in any plugin that allows you to open the traditional Media Library interface.

To interact with different files and folders, all you need to do is to right-click. A simple right click allows you to delete folders, cut folders, paste folders, rename existing folders or make new folders.

Different sorting options for files and folders are available in the premium edition of FileBird. A button in the user interface provides access to these choices.


Best free WordPress media library folders plugin.
You can sort folders either by ascending or descending order. Files can be sorted in same way by name, by date, by modified and by author.


Folders can be sorted in either descending or ascending order and files can be sorted in the following ascending or descending order ways: Author (uploader), Date uploaded, Last modified date, and File name.


Inserting Files Into Posts & Pages

You can create new posts or edit existing pages or posts to add media files. You’ll need to click on the appropriate area for choosing media files according to the type of post editor that you use.

Media files can be added to pages and posts in the following ways:

  1. Choosing file on the computer and uploading media into that page or post.
  2. Selecting files from the already available items in your media library.

If you’re using the first option, FileBird allows you to use a folder category that’s already been created. The file that you upload will then be automatically added into that folder category. Choosing the “Select” option will add the chosen media to page or post.


FileBird free WordPress Media Library Folders & File Manager.
FileBird works either with classic or Gutenberg editor. If using block editor just select FileBird galerry block.
FilBird pro file manager WordPress plugin.
You can then choose which folder you wish to insert into post/page.


When using the second option, FileBird lets you choose files to upload from a list of dropdown folder categories that are already in your library section. Just click on the “Select” button to add media files to the page or post.


FileBird Pricing

You can download FileBird for free from You can also purchase the premium version of the plugin from Codecanyon.

The free edition has plenty of impressive features. The only thing missing is the advanced sort options. Another difference from the premium edition is that the free version only allows you to create up to ten folders. If you don’t need any more folders than that, the free edition should suffice.

Upgrading is recommended for those who want to use the sort options and be able to create unlimited folder. Premium version can be purchased for $25. There is also free test option so you can check how plugins works.

If you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase, there is a 30 day money back guarantee. You can receive full refund during that period.


FileBird Review Conclusion

Many websites are media heavy. There are hundreds or even thousands of PDF files. txt files, docx files, videos, audio recordings and images.

If you have a WordPress site that uses a lot of media, FileBird can help you organize and manage those files. It’s a good way to keep track of your files and sort them as you see fit.

Folders created in FileBird are virtual which means nothing will be broken when you move media files. Files can be added to multiple folders at the same time. This won’t create duplicate files that could slow down your server.

The interface is intuitive. I didn’t experience any issues when I used it. I like the fact that most of the original Media Library design remains intact. This should simplify things for novices. Users don’t have to learn a brand new interface. They just need to get to know the new sidebar that’s used to control file folders.

Free version is available to download. It is perfect if you only need to create ten folders or less. It has all of the features and functions that most users need. You can always upgrade to the pro for $25 to use unlimited folders and access advanced sorting options.

As alternative option, you can use WP Adminify. It is plugin for customizing WordPress dashboard. It has Folders module which allows to organize media, posts and pages.

If you need image optimization plugin, then be sure to check Optimole review, ImageRecycle review, and free WordPress image optimization plugins compared.

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  1. Filebird works great when it works, but lately it’s been broken. using version 3.9, display elements from the app are overlaying images, and not all folders are being displayed. But worst of all, NinjaTeam only provides SIX MONTHS worth of support. If you’re more than 6 months out, you have to purchase more support. I can understand this if its a question on how to do something, but for something that is broken, support should be free.

    I will be looking at other media managers that might provide better support.

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