Flocksy Review PROS & CONS (2024) – Best Unlimited Graphic Design Service?

Designers and writers are a company’s storytellers. They are the ones sketching the tale and weaving the narrative for your company to pull in customers and clients. Their creativity brings out the best in companies. And they are hard to find.

When searching for a service to take over the care and directing of your marketing, you may struggle to find the right voice. No one seems to fit just the way you need them to. It’s like fitting a round peg in a square hole.

So, you consider hiring your own creative folks, only to find that finding independent creative to work for one company is even harder. Not only that, but you need many different people to cover all of the different types of creative work. Even if you do find someone, the staffing required to train that person and manage the workflow can become overwhelming quickly.

Thank goodness, Flocksy exists. With everything from unlimited graphic design services to voiceover work, they have it all.

They are there to help make all of your creative dreams come true, and they deliver on their promise time and time again. Clients rely on them for quality, innovative, thoughtful work that is finished quickly and for a reasonable price. This Flocksy review will show you all you get with this design service.


Flocksy Review

Flocksy offers companies a professional team of people who create unique, creative content. They bring designers, video editors, voiceover artists, and writers that will work on your various projects. The best part? You pay one flat fee for unlimited work!


How Does Flocksy Work?

The process is very simple. You’ll sign up on their website in seconds, begin creating your projects, and update/finalize those projects as they come in.


How Flocksy works?


As the team completes your first project, the next one will get posted, and the process will begin again.

Your creative team will tackle the work one project at a time in an order that you prioritize. As you finalize your work, you’ll have an opportunity to add creatives to your team.


Flocksy adding team members.


As the team works through your projects, you’ll find that your team will grow quickly.


What Services Are Offered?

The Flocksy team comprises graphic designers, writers, illustrators, video editors, and voiceover artists. They offer a vast array of services that fall in any of those camps.

While they offer unlimited graphic design services, Flocksy also offers unlimited everything else too. If there’s a project that you need to have completed without knowing where it would go, project managers can help you figure that out.

Graphic designers work on social media ads, presentation designs, flyers, eBook covers, newsletters, book covers, and many other projects.

Your copywriters can create blog posts, social media ad copy, marketing materials, articles, emails, and other types of writing you may need. The illustrators create merchandise illustrations for merchandise, comics, products, storybooks, mascots, manuals, portraits, etc.

Flocksy offers subtitles, thumbnails, color, music, merging, animation, adjusting the length, and many other projects for video editing services. And the voiceover artists can create advertisements, commercials, product videos, radio ads, tv tags, and anything else you may need.


Who Are The Creatives?

The Flocksy creatives are hardworking people who take great pride in the work they create for their clients. Before they begin work, Flocksy puts their creatives through a test and trial process to assure that all members create high-quality work that Flocksy clients expect.

Many clients agree that they often feel like the creatives seem to understand what is needed in a project. Since your team forms over time, you have quite a bit of control over who creates your company’s work. As a result, your favorite creatives often end up completing the work.

In terms of numbers, 65% of Flocksy creatives are based in the United States, while 35% are international.



There are two plans: The Access Plan and The Team Plan. They can be billed three different ways: monthly, quarterly, or yearly. If your team goes for the annual plan, you’ll save 15%, and the quarterly billing option saves 10%.


The Access Plan

If teams know that they need a lot of work completed each month, the Access Plan is probably the best choice. With this plan, you can pay $995 a month, $2,686 a quarter (with $289.50 in savings), or $10,149 yearly (with $1,791 in savings).

You’ll have access to unlimited graphic design services, video editing and creation, copywriting, illustrations, voiceover, gifs, and website design for that price.

This plan allows for 20 different users, two active projects at a time, and unlimited brand buckets. With this one, you can also create projects over email and even reply to comments over email.


The Team Plan

This plan is an excellent option for small to midsize companies who need less per month. This is also a perfect option for marketing companies who need a little extra support.

With The Team Plan, you can pay $495 a month, $1,336.50 a quarter (with $148.50 in savings), or $5,049 yearly (with $891 in savings).

You’ll have access to unlimited graphic design services, copywriting, and illustrations for that price. This plan allows for five different users, one active project at a time, and five brand buckets.


Flocksy Pros & Cons

No matter which type of plan your company goes with, there are many aspects of Flocksy that you will enjoy. Companies looking for extra support with the creative elements of marketing, design, writing, and social media will appreciate that the creatives at Flocksy can take care of all of that.



As you build your team, you’ll probably begin discovering specific creatives who work well with your brand voice or just simply understand what you need.

When that happens, you’ll be able to invite those specific people to your projects repeatedly. Then, as you continue creating projects, they will probably keep working through the queue of projects if they are available.


Unlimited Projects

With access to unlimited graphic design services as well as many other kinds of creative services, you’ll love the ability to keep projects rolling one right after another. For one flat fee, the Flocksy creatives go to work creating exactly what you want.


Fast Response Time

Clients will see that their work is completed in 24 hours or less for graphic design, copywriting, and voiceovers. Illustrations and videos have a turnaround time between 24 and 48 hours.

However, the actual turnaround times are much shorter. The average turnaround time for graphic design was less than 8 hours. Copywriting projects are around 11 hours. Illustrations and videos were often completed in less than 9 hours. For voiceovers, clients often get their work in less than five hours.

Once you get working with a specific creative who understands your process with great ease, you’ll also see that the work gets done even quicker.



There are really only two cons to take away from Flocksy. The first of them is that The Team Plan only allows for one project at a time. I wish they would allow for more than one to keep flowing through the creative work.

Since you will probably be entering the Flocksy community as a fresh voice, it may take a couple of projects for you to form your team. However, once you do, you’ll absolutely love the work they create for you. The con here is that the process isn’t immediate. It may take a couple of projects.


Flocksy Review Verdict

Flocksy has been around since 2016, and in that time, they’ve amassed the largest group of creatives to work on these projects. With so many diverse offerings and a vast range of voices able to create the content, Flocksy is a fabulous addition to any company’s creative team.

You’ll see that they want to make your life easier and will do everything in their power to make your ideas and projects come to life even better than you could have hoped for.

One of the best parts is the low risk. Flocksy offers unlimited projects in your queue at a time. They also promise unlimited revisions so that the work gets done perfectly. You’ll also love that the project managers work quickly to post your projects. As a result, you’ll have your work even faster.

The project managers are just as committed as the creatives, and they are an outstanding feature of Flocksy. Lastly, there’s no financial risk to you. If you try it and it doesn’t work for your company, you can cancel within 14 days to get your investment back. Once you have an account, you can also cancel at any time. No contract. No risk. All creative.

As Flocksy alternatives, Hatchwise, Kimp and Penji are a great choice.




Dani Zoeller is a freelance writer with 11 years of experience in education. She holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in English. Dani lives with her family in Florida and loves reading, writing, and visiting theme parks.

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