FonePaw Data Recovery Review PROS & CONS (2023) – Ultimate Data Recovery Solution

Fonepaw Data Recovery


Easy to use




Costs & Fees





  • You can easily recover various file formats
  • Comes with 2 scan modes
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable price
  • Free trial available
  • Recover files from smartphones, external drives, SD cads, digital camers, etc.


  • Deep scan can take very long time
  • You will not be able to recover very big files
  • Can't scan individual folders

Data recovery software can definitely come in handy whenever you have to recover lost or deleted information. There are plenty of data recovery software solutions on the market, but they aren’t all the same. A proven tool can assure you that any lost data will not be permanently irretrievable. One such tool is FonePaw Data Recovery.

In this FonePaw Data Recovery review, I will show what it offers, how it works, and its advantages and disadvantages.


FonePaw Data Recovery Review

Various kinds of deleted data can be recovered in minutes with FonePaw Data Recovery. It works well with different kinds of hardware and devices, and there are Mac and Windows versions available.

Documents, archives, contacts, calendars, notes, audio files, video files, and more can be recovered. There’s a very good chance that your lost information can be retrieved because FonePaw Data Recovery has two intelligent data recovery modes.

Only deleted or inaccessible files will be handled. FonePaw Data Recovery leaves all other information on your drives alone. Remember that the tool may impact your background programs’ performance because it uses your hard drive’s reading and writing speeds. Before you begin a data recovery attempt, you may want to close any currently running programs first.


FonePaw Data Recovery advantages and disadvantages.


Permanently deleted Windows Vista/XP, 10, 7, and 8 files can be recovered. Windows PC emails, audio files, videos, photographs can be recovered and deleted from PowerPoint, Excel, and Word files.

Here are some of the FonePaw Data Recovery features:

  • Files that can’t be accessed because of systems errors, files that have become corrupted, lost files after format, or accidentally deleted files – all can be recovered.
  • Data recovery for Windows Vista, XP, 7, 8, and 10 are supported.
  • Complicated data recovery situations can be handled by the Quick Scan and Deep Scan functions.
  • Before recovery, you can preview the deleted files to determine whether or not they are worth restoring.
  • Files that were corrupted, hidden, or otherwise inaccessible from your Windows system because of partition loss, data system damage, RAW disk or partition, or RAW hard drive can be retrieved.
  • You can recover missing information due to improper cloning, system crashes, an accidental partition deletion, repartitioning, partition reformats, or other reasons.
  • Current and deleted data on SDHC cards, XD cards, MMC cards, CF cards, and SD cards can be extracted with a smart recovery tool.
  • FonePaw Data Recovery will work to retrieve files from removable storage media.

Data Recovery can recover:

  • video (AVI, MOV, MP4, M4V, 3GP, 3G2, WMV, ASF, FLV, SWF, MPG, RM/RMVB, etc.)
  • audio (AIF/AIFF, M4A, MP3, WAV, WMA, MID/MIDI, OGG, AAC, etc.)
  • archive (ZIP, RAR, BZip2, 7z, SIT, SITX, SYS, LIB, DLL, 7ZIP, GZIP, etc.)
  • email (ZIP, RAR, BZip2, 7z, SIT, SITX, SYS, LIB, DLL, 7ZIP, GZIP, etc.)

USB removable drives and memory card files for Mac/PC can be recovered as long as the storage devices are in the EXT, exFAT, FAT32, FAT16, or NFTS file system.


Quick Scan

Quick Scan doesn’t take much time. The process starts and ends in minutes after you started the scan. It works quickly because FonePaw Data Recovery only looks for removable media, lost volumes, or specific media. The majority of lost data can be found with a quick scan. Scan results can be somewhat restricted because the tool will only look for recently deleted files.


Deep Scan

You can perform a Deep Scan if you’re not satisfied with the Quick Scan results. It will take much more time, but you can receive better results. Deep Scan typically provides more favorable outcomes when searching for lost or deleted documents, videos, and images.


How To Use Data Recovery?

FonePaw Data Recovery’s user interface is straightforward. Most recovery software user interfaces can be confusing to even the most knowledgeable and experienced users. The main interface will have all of the data recovery options displayed.

All options and menus will lead you through the recovery process without any problems. Download FonePaw Data Recovery to the drive that doesn’t contain deleted files and use it to find your deleted files.

Check the Documents box to recover deleted PDF, PowerPoint, Excel, or Word Windows files. The Videos or Photos options can be used to recover videos and photos, respectively. Once you’ve selected the drive where the specified files were formerly located, you can then click on the Scan button.


FonePaw Data Recover user interface.


By default, a Quick Scan will be conducted. The interface will display the scanning results after a few minutes. The Deep Scan selection can perform a more in-depth search. Just keep in mind that this process can take several hours or longer to complete.


FonePaw Data Recovery quick scan.


Results will be shown after the scan has been completed. You can find files with the path name in the search bar. Besides, you can change the Preview mode by clicking the icons next to the Filter button.


FonePaw Data Recovery filters.


Choose the files that you want to restore. Click on the “Recover” button to get those deleted files back. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be prompted to provide the location where the recovered information should be saved.


FonePaw recover files.


It’s a good idea to save this data in a drive that isn’t one on which data was lost. That way, you can prevent data loss from being overwritten if the recovery should fail.

FonePaw Data Recovery will retrieve data from digital cameras, SD cards, and external hard drives that are plugged into your computer. Information will be retrieved as long as it wasn’t overwritten by any data on that hard drive that was recently created. The time of deletion doesn’t determine whether or not certain files can be recovered.

It’s possible that data on your memory card, hard drive, or another removable drive may have been overwritten by new data if no files are detected during the scanning process. Lost files are permanently deleted when sector saving data is written with “0.”

Most recovered files can be opened just like you would open the source files. Data can be damaged or overwritten by new information if you can’t open the files. You can try a Deep Scan to see if anything changes.


FonePaw Data Recovery Pricing

You can test if FonePaw Data Recovery is worth the cost by trying out its features during the free trial period. There are two different types of licenses. The price depends on the number of devices you intend to use. No matter if it is Mac or Windows version. Pricing plans are:

  • Single user license – This license is available for $39.95. It can be installed on one PC. Free lifetime updates are included.
  • Family license – You can purchase this license for $79.95. It also comes with free lifetime updates and can be installed on up to five different personal computers.

Unfortunately, you cant recover and save deleted documents and photos to the computer during the trial period.

There are also versions for Android and iPhone. They require installation on your computer first, regardless of the OS. The app can retrieve much more than just media files. Vanished correspondence from messenger apps, call histories, lost contacts, and other data usually retained on phones and tablets can be restored.

You can also restore information from SIM cards. Contact information in HTML, VCF, and CSV formats can be recovered. Devices made by Huawei, Google, and other companies can successfully run FonePaw Data Recovery’s recovery algorithms at any time.


Pros & Cons

Here are FonePaw Data Recovery’s advantages and disadvantages.


  • Documents, archives, audio, images, video, and other file formats can be quickly recovered.
  • Two different intelligent data recovery modes can be used.
  • Data can be recovered from the RAW hard drive. You can also scan and recover files on your computer that may be inaccessible, corrupted, or hidden in a matter of minutes.
  • Information can be retrieved, no matter why or how it was deleted (such as hardware failure, a system crash, malware or virus attack, being deleted by mistake, a formatted partition, or other reasons).
  • Smartphones, memory cards, USB drives, and internal and external hard drives are just some of the many storage mediums that are currently supported.


  • You can have problems in recovering bigger files.
  • FonePaw Data Recovery can  slow down your system because it takes up resources in the recovery and data scanning processes.
  • Individual folders can’t be scanned. Instead, you’ll need to scan the whole hard disk, which may take more time than expected.


FonePaw Data Recovery Review Conclusion

FonePaw has been creating many different helpful products for consumers across the globe since 2014. They have introduced over 20 tools.

Their programs have already been used by more than eight million people worldwide. The company continues to release even more convenient products to simplify people’s lives. Check all of their available products.

Data once lost due to a hardware problem or an accidental deletion can be retrieved with data recovery software. Recovery actions can be conducted on any storage devices connected to your computer or directly on your Mac or PC.

Folders and lost documents can be retrieved with FonePaw, no matter how they disappeared in the first place. If you’re looking to restore smaller files, this is an excellent tool. FonePaw Data Recovery is much less effective for larger files, but most modern data recovery resources have the same problem.

The tool’s best feature is the ability to restore files even if a partition malfunctions or is damaged. There are a few drawbacks, but none of them are enough to raise concern. FonePaw Data Recovery is well worth the investment.

Also, be sure to always do backups so that it doesn’t come to data loss due to various reasons and need for recovery tools. Good backup tool is iBeesoft DBackup. And if you need good paid or free WordPress website backup plugin, then I suggest you check my BackupBuddy review, and WPvivid review.

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