6 Free Elementor Theme Builder Alternatives (Addons That Offer Theme Builder Feature)

If you are looking for free Elementor theme builder alternatives (Elementor Pro), then you are in the right place.

Elementor is a powerful WordPress plugin that lets you create an entire website from scratch without writing a single line of code.

It’s a simple drag-and-drop page builder empowering over 5 million WordPress websites (updated 2022).

Just like hundreds of valuable widgets and Elementor extensions, it also offers a theme builder to let users customize default theme parts like header, footer, global archives, global posts and pages, WooCommerce products, and product archives with hundreds of pre-built designs.

The only drawback of Elementor theme builder is that it’s a premium feature comes with a price tag. You have to buy Elementor Pro starting at $49 a year (basic plan).

But thankfully, there are alternative addons to Elementor theme builder feature, giving you the ability to create custom headers and footers with Elementor for free.

This blog will highlight the best alternatives to the Elementor theme builder, their features, pricing, and customization abilities.


Free Elementor Theme Builder Addon Alternatives

What does a theme builder really do? A theme builder allows you to modify your theme’s core elements like header, footer, single page and post template, category & blog archives.

Essentially, this eliminates the need for a ‘traditional’ WordPress theme to rely on. This means you can design your entire website parts including:

  • Headers
  • Footers
  • Archive templates
  • Single post/page templates
  • Woocommerce product & category templates

We have compiled a list of popular Elementor theme builders based on reviews, active installs, features, and customization options.

Here’s a comparison table to quickly vet what each Elementor theme builder alternative has to offer.


Elementor theme builder addon alternatives compared.


Xpro Elementor Theme Builder by Xpro

Xpro Elementor Theme Builder is a free Elementor addon that enables you to customize your entire website. It lets you create a custom header, footer, archive pages, and WooCommerce pages without writing a single line of code.


Xpro Elementor Theme Builder.


You can choose from hundreds of beautiful pre-built templates or create your own from scratch. The plugin also comes with both frontend and backend editing options.

Developed by the team behind Xpro Elementor Addons, this theme builder comes with 12+ widgets and 100+ header footer templates. These features help you design an outstanding website having custom 404 and search pages, blog archive, category archive, and so on.

Xpro is not only lightweight but also fully optimized, making sure that your website does not slow down in the process of customization. It’s a great option if you want to take control of your website and customize it without spending anything from your pocket.

The theme builder works with all popular themes like Astra, GeneratePress, and Hello. This addon works side by side with the Xpro Elementor Addons. It also offers a premium version of the theme builder that comes with 20+ widgets, dedicated WooCommerce widgets, and professional header footer templates.


  • Live frontend editing
  • Design a custom header and footer
  • Option to create a sticky header
  • Customize templates location
  • Pick custom user roles and display conditions
  • Create custom templates for 404 & search result page
  • 1-click templates importer
  • Full compatibility with WooCommerce
  • Fully integrated with popular WordPress themes
  • Option to customize post detail pages
  • Create custom templates for post & product category
  • Create global rows and use them anywhere on your website
  • Define global theme templates
  • 12+ free widgets to easily customize site parts
  • Priority support & lifetime updates
  • Fully documented plugin

Xpro Elementor theme builder comes with 12+ theme builder widgets to help you customize your theme part as you need:

  • Elementor Horizontal Menu
  • Elementor Post Title
  • Elementor Featured Image
  • Elementor Site Title
  • Elementor Site Logo
  • Elementor Post Content/Single Excerpt
  • Elementor Woo Product Title
  • Elementor Woo Product Images
  • Elementor Woo Product Rating
  • Elementor Woo Product Description
  • Elementor Woo Product Add To Cart
  • Elementor Woo Product Price

The Xpro Elementor theme builder is fully documented and has in-depth tutorials/guides for beginners to design custom layouts for a website’s header, footer, singular, and archive sections.

You can directly jump to layouts documentation and explore how you can easily edit theme parts right from the frontend dashboard.

This theme builder for Elementor offers everything included in the paid Elementor theme builder plus more; free widgets, templates, sticky header option, and compatibility with all popular WordPress themes.


Royal Theme Builder by WP Royal

Royal Theme Builder is a relatively new entrant in the market. It is developed by WP Royal, and the addon comes with the free version of Royal Elementor Addons (as a feature).


Royal Theme Builder for Elementor.


The free widgets offered by this theme builder are quite good, but the theme builder failed to impress most of the designer community. It’s because the plugin does not provide a frontend dashboard and WooCommerce compatibility.

The addon has some promising features like display conditions, sticky header, and custom post type support, but they come with the paid version of the plugin. However, the free version lets you create a custom header & footer template for your Elementor website.


  • Customize header & footer
  • Use pre-built menus
  • Compatibility with all modern themes
  • Header and footer builder
  • Post archive template builder
  • Single post template builder


Header & Footer Builder by Brainstorm Force

Elementor Header & Footer Builder is an Elementor addon that allows you to create custom templates and set them as header, footer, and block.


Free Elementor theme builder plugin.


You can put the custom block templates anywhere on the website. Elementor header and footer builder is developed by the Brainstorm Force, the same team behind the Astra theme. The addon has over one million+ active installations highlighting how useful this builder can be for you.

There are a few drawbacks of this addon like there’s no option to customize singulars and archive templates of your website. You won’t be able to create a sticky header using this header footer builder for Elementor.


  • It works fine with all the Elementor themes
  • Does not slow down your website
  • It has many built-in widgets, including site logo, title, page title, etc.


Theme Builder for Elementor by Blocks WP

Blocks WP Theme Builder for Elementor is a free WordPress plugin that allows you to customize an entire website, including header, footer, single post, page, and sidebars. It is a new theme builder for the WordPress community with over 1k active installs and a good rating score.


Theme Builder for Elementor by Blocks.


The theme builder has built-in widgets you can use to build your website and save time.


  • Post Title (automatically fetches title from post/page)
  • Content (automatically inherited from post/pages)
  • Post date
  • Featured image
  • Read more button
  • Post author
  • Post Categories
  • Post tags
  • Post comments
  • Sidebar & Widgets

There are some drawbacks of this theme builder, like no support for WooCommerence and popular themes. You might have to work your way around this theme builder addon.


Header Footer Builder by ElementsKit

The Header & Footer builder by ElementsKit is developed by the WPmet team. This builder offers all basic customization options for your Elementor websites with pre-built templates.


Header Footer Builder by ElementsKit.


The Elementor addon helps you create a custom header and footer template. You can add a logo and customized menu, but the most useful options are available in the Pro version of the plugin.

You can create a basic header or footer template with the free version, but to utilize the full potential of the plugin, you have to purchase the Pro version of the addon.


  • Create custom headers and footers
  • Fully documented plugin
  • Free header and footer templates
  • Free widgets to build custom header/footer


HT Builder by HasThemes

HasThemes develop HT Builder, the same team behind HT Mega – Absolute Addons. This Elementor theme builder is part of HT’s addons for Elementor.


HT Builder Elementor theme builder addon alternative.


The theme builder is a drag-and-drop plugin that allows you to create a custom blog page, single blog detail page, archive pages, and more. These options are available in the free version of the plugin. HT Builder also allows you to build a custom header and footer for your website.

HT Builder is one of the best free Elementor theme builders with ten dedicated theme builder widgets. The addon has a pro version that comes with promising options to create 404 & search pages, archive layouts, and more.

The pro version has 20+ widgets. However, you won’t find pre-built templates for site parts like header and footer.


  • 14 elements
  • Blog page builder
  • Single blog page builder
  • Header builder
  • Footer builder
  • Online template importer


Theme Builder Alternatives For Elementor Conclusion

All theme builders we discussed above have their pros and cons. It depends on your customization needs that determine which addon you should opt for.

After rigorous testing of all the alternatives, I have found that Xpro’s theme builder for Elementor is the best among the others listed in this blog.

It is a free theme builder that integrates seamlessly with all popular WordPress themes like Hello, Astra, GeneratePress, and Xpro. The plugin comes with free header footer templates and 12+ free theme builder widgets to assist you in creating a fully customized website.

I think Xpro Elementor theme builder and HT Builder are pretty good for customizing default theme parts. Both have a solid development team and offer tons of features.




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