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Fresh Store Builder


Easy to use






Overall quality



  • Integration with text spin rewriters
  • IP country redirection
  • Ability to work on autopilot
  • Once purchased you get unlimited license
  • Added ability to integrate with WordPress
  • Extended smart search
  • Facebook and Pinterest integration


  • Slow and sometimes bad support
  • Only three free templates
  • Often problems with Amazon API
  • Not ready to use in couple of minutes as advertised

Using Fresh Store Builder you can create Amazon affiliate sites which will hopefully earn you cash so that is why in this Fresh Store Builder review I will show all features this tool offers as well as pros and cons. Earning money by promoting Amazon products can be lucrative business. But only with right product and software.

Fresh Store Builder is not WordPress theme or plugin (though it does have WordPress theme and plugins as addons). You don’t even need WordPress or any other CMS. What you need is domain name, hosting and amazon associates account. Simple as that.

Which products will you pick to promote is up to you. Some products sell better than others, some get you more commission fee, some less. Current version of Fresh Store Builder is 7. Remember that before using FSB (Fresh Store Builder) you need amazon associates account.

Pros of an Amazon Affiliate Sites:

  • Clear path to monetization
  • Amazon is an easy sell
  • Universal cookie makes it easy to get commissions
  • Review posts are quite easy to do, and easy to get traffic and rankings for
  • Plenty of buying keywords
  • Lots of information already exists on the products. You can review them without owning them.
  • Easy to scale by adding more products or creating more sites
  • Can still make decent amount of money
Cons of an Amazon Affiliate Sites:

  • Amazon commissions are quite low (but can add up)
  • Only a 24 hour cookie (there are ways to get a 90-day one)
  • Sites can appear “thin” if they’re just full of reviews
  • Can get repetitive
  • Takes time to rank and can be difficult to link build
  • One small amazon site doesn’t necessarily need less work than one big authority site
  • If you target locale you will not get commission if someone buys from another Amazon locale store

Fresh Store Builder Review

What’s the biggest problem you have with your Amazon stores? For some people, it’s keeping all the products updated. For some people, it’s being able to keep people on the site. For some people, it’s just driving traffic to site.

Fresh Store Builder is software that supports creating Amazon niche websites. The major difference is that Fresh Store Builder is a complete standalone system.

This is a web-based application that you install on your own server. You download the software, upload it to your hosting company and you manage your stores online via a dashboard. It is very similar to WordPress so that knowledge will do you good. It is also intended and adjusted for beginners.

There is forum and support section if you get stuck as well as guides. After purchase you will get login details and password to your account. Something like login to your wp-admin dashboard in WordPress.




Once you login to Fresh Store Builder account, you will find various guides and explanations. About domain, hosting, niche research, how to install Fresh Store Builder and lot more.

I was very pleased to see this. Guides are excellent addition especially for beginners who should definitely check them out. There are video tutorials too so you will not have to read all the time.

The process to install is not very hard. If you get stuck, you can always contact support team. After successful installation of Fresh Store Builder software on your domain, you will be redirected to the control panel login page.

This is located at (where is your own URL). Then just login with your admin username and password. Now you can start to create Amazon affiliate sites.




You will be asked to set some settings or choose to do them later. One thing I didn’t like is only two templates to choose from. Smooth Store and Flexi Store template which are practically same. From version 5.0 third free template was added which is also responsive.

Additional templates can be bought for price around 37 – 47$. I recommend sticking to free available and giving them your own look and feel. You can also create your own templates and sell them in cooperation with FSB. You receive a percentage of the profits for life and can submit as many templates as you like.




Rest of settings is adding site description, categories etc. Products are added singularly, by browsing through relevant products or you can auto populate from a product search or a browse node.

The Fresh Store Builder is optimized to automatically work effectively with Google and other major search engines (at least that is what authors say). System is integrated with Amazon, offering up-to-date prices and products for you to list in your store.

Because the stores are completely linked to Amazon, anything having to do with the products will be automatically updated. If the price changes, the product on your site will be updated as well.

The various categories in your website store can be set to auto populate. That means any new and relevant products are automatically added. Sitemaps are also automatically generated as well as meta, alt, title and tags.

In the admin area, you have the ability to control certain aspects of your store design. You can change the entire look and feel of website.

This depends on your experience with HTML, CSS and website design but it is not needed for basic changes. Editing/creating templates in Fresh Store Builder is similar to editing/creating templates in WordPress. Creating a new template is a great way to have your own design which you can transfer to other stores.




Every category, page (including the homepage), product and manufacturer can have unique text and other information. You can add content to all areas of your store, including the products and categories.

Feature that won me totally is country redirect. I was searching for a long time WordPress theme, plugin or product for amazon affiliates which has integrated country redirect option. With this option you can earn commission from other Amazon stores too.

You can safely work on your site as everything you do in your site control panel will not be visible to others. Once you are ready click “Go Live” and site will be available for everyone to see.

But just populating your website store with Amazon products will not be enough. You need unique or at least rewritten content in order not to be penalized by search engines.

Be sure to add value to your store. Add some unique content, reviews or helpful advice.

Having that in mind Fresh Store Builder offers integration with Spin Rewriter (check Spin Rewriter review) and Best Spinner. Those products rewrite content. You will not get 100% unique content but if you don’t have time or you are just lazy, there are not bad to use.


What Are Fresh Store Builder Features?

Here are some of the features Fresh Store Builder software claims to provide:

  • Search Engine Optimized – For Google and other major search engines
  • Autopopulate – Your products are automatically added (if desired) and updated for you. Your store will run itself.
  • Complete Design Control – Change color, fonts, position, add/remove slideshow, add new pages, add new articles, change product information etc.
  • Powerful Search
  • Supports all Amazon websites
  • Comprehensive Reports – See what your visitors are doing and how much you are making
  • Page Optimization – Store is fully cached for instant page loads
  • 90 Day Cookie
  • Shopping Cart
  • Content Rewrite – Content Spinner and Spin Rewriter Integration (Those do not come with FSB and need to be bought separately. They are not required)
  • Newsletter sign-up – Visitors can signup for your site newsletter
  • Currency ConversionThis allows you to change the currency displayed in your shop, regardless of which Amazon site you are promoting.
  • IP Country Redirection – Setup a redirect based on your visitors country.
  • Automatic Sitemaps
  • Rich Snippet Markup
  • Internal Page Linking – Fresh Store Builder also has option for internal linking. This feature will automatically create links to a page for you from within the content on your site. Google loves sites with good internal link structure.
  • Related products – Pick and choose which products to cross-sell
  • Extended smart search – Search feature automatically shows products from Amazon that match your search term, even if you haven’t added them to your store.
  • Facebook and Pinterest integration


UPDATE 2: Fresh Store Builder 5 features 

1. Facebook Store – Add the power of Fresh Store Builder to your Facebook pages.

2. Customer Reviews – Now your visitors can leave reviews directly on your store, which means you get the benefits of unique content and customer engagement.

3. Auto Post to Facebook – Schedule your store products to be posted automatically to Facebook at regular intervals.

4. Brand New + Fully Responsive Template – Third free template for all members and it is fully responsive, which means your visitors get a perfect design no matter whether they use a phone, tablet or PC.

5. Widgetized Homepage – Implemented a Widgetized Homepage into all templates

6. Amazon Compliance Disclosure – In order to be fully compliant with Amazon’s Terms of Service (TOS) and to provide the appropriate disclosures, 2 messages and parameters are added in store so you can choose to show or hide these messages.

7. SSL Compatibility and Setup – Full SSL compatibility and option to get the Amazon images to be served securely along with other content.  Easy migration tool is also added if you have a normal site (http) and need to change to SSL (https).

There is a lot more than the above including features, bug fixes and performance improvements.


UPDATE 3: Fresh Store Builder version 6 features 

  • Stop losing your visitors with the new Exit Popup
  • Stay on the right side of the law with Automatic Cookie Consent
  • Better Social Sharing Buttons with faster loading stores
  • Stop losing sales with Amazon Search Results
  • Target fresh markets with Full Language Translation (French, Spanish, Italian and German)
  • Show your visitors what they want with Revamped Search
  • Get higher commissions per product with the Custom Buy Link feature
  • Create even more stores with Faster Install
  • Solve problems easily with the new Store Health section
  • Enhance your Facebook Store with unique content
  • Test out new stores quickly with Example Data
  • + lots more features and fixes


UPDATE 4: Fresh Store Builder version 7 features

  • Integrated Pinterest Posting
  • Improved Support for Rich Pins Adding Rich Pins to your site
  • 10 Second Stores – Build a store in an instant from a zip file
  • AJAX Cart – Products can now be added to cart without page reload (Template dependant)
  • Background Images. Fluid now comes with 20 built-in background images to add flair to your site, along with the ability to upload your own


Fresh Store Builder Review Pros & Cons

Here are pros and cons of using Fresh Store Builder for creating Amazon affiliate sites:


  • Video and text guides
  • Integration with text spin rewriters
  • IP country redirection
  • Facebook store
  • Social Sharing Buttons
  • Ability to work on autopilot
  • Once purchased you get unlimited license
  • Added ability to integrate with WordPress


  • Slow and sometimes bad support
  • Only three free templates
  • Additional features like private forum, premium support, early access to new version are for premium accounts which is paid additionally
  • Often problems with Amazon API
  • Not ready to use in couple of minutes as advertised


Types of Amazon Affiliate Sites to Avoid

Whenever something gets popular, there will always be someone who comes along selling junk products to make money off the hype. There are literally dozens of people selling Amazon auto blogs and duplicate content sites.

Just because Amazon sites are great, it doesn’t mean that all of them will be good. Avoid the junk! Don’t view an Amazon niche site as a shortcut, it still takes work to succeed.

Another point I’d like to make is that an Amazon site does still take work. You can’t just throw up a few reviews and hope for the best.

You’ll need to create fresh content on a fairly regular basis, you’ll need to keep building your network and gaining backlinks to the site, and you’ll need to keep growing.


Amazon Affiliate Sites With FSB Summary

The Fresh Store Builder costs $97.  Don’t forget that once purchased you can create unlimited number of stores. You can also become premium member for extra features if you pay additional $47 per year (not required).

You can also become reseller and sell Fresh Store Builder stores to your clients, on Flippa or via various marketplaces and forums.

If you want to be reseller then price is $27 monthly or one-off payment of $197 for lifetime license. I may consider reseller license but just don’t have enough time with all my current projects. There is 30 days refund policy in case you are not satisfied after purchase.

Overall I tested Fresh Store Builder back when it was in version 5. I don’t use it for some time now so I don’t know anymore how good is support and is this software still worth the money.

Check my recommended affiliate store builder WordPress themes for alternatives in creating Amazon affiliate sites and other niche affiliate websites. For great Amazon affiliate plugins, I recommend checking Content Egg review or Datafeedr review.

Now over to you dear reader. Have you used Fresh Store Builder? What do you think about it? Let me know in comments below!

DISCLOSURE: Posts may contain affiliate links. If you buy something through one of those links, I might get a small commission, without any extra cost to you. Read more about it here.

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  1. Ive just checked the prices and see that they only have monthly plans. No one payment option. They range from $19 per month to 300 and something. I don’t buy stuff on the never never.

  2. This is a great article. Thanks. I will also recommend this affiliate store creator software for you at cheaper rate. It’s very easy simple tool I’ve been using to create stores, check it out if you don’t mind

  3. i read the reviews i don’t know why you should have to pay for updates after the product is brought, so if i purchase this product you mean to tell me i cant get the update? what a waste ! so every time there is an update i have to pay ? if im not premium member. what a fancy piece of garbage. is that how you guys scam for $$ now. i also read that you guys like to block negative comments. smh i would be mad as hell if my tickets are not resolved in an 1hr im loosing out on $$, time is $

    1. I am not the owner or in any way have ties with Fresh Store Builder ownership or development. I have just reviewed FSB.

      You purchase FSB once. No need to purchase again every time there is a new update. Where did you read that?

      I mean I haven’t used it for a long time but I doubt you need to buy a premium membership to get updates.

    1. I have heard bad stories about Fresh Store Builder lately and don’t know if they are true. I still think it is decent product.

      But as I love WordPress I would suggest Covert Store Builder as it is WordPress theme while FSB is self-hosted solution with ability to have some degree of WP integration.

  4. Thanks for this review . I bought FSB 2 years back. set it up recently only because their script was not being allowed to be uploaded by my host. FSB solved the problem. waiting for sale and doing traffic generation steps . I have hands on in SEO,wordpress and a full time web dev. their support is really good. its easier than wordpress .

    1. Glad you had good experience with Fresh Store Builder. Lately, I hear just complaints about their support and the product in general.

      I must admit, I did not use it for a long time so don’t know what is the situation. I prefer WordPress. Though FSB did include various integrations with WP.

  5. My brother recommended I may like this website. He was totally right.

    You can not imagine how much time I had spent looking for this information on Internet! Thanks!

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