GeneratePress Free vs Premium – GeneratePress Review (2023) PROS & CONS



Easy to use






Overall quality



  • It is free
  • Pro version is very affordable
  • Pro version can be used on multiple sites
  • Site Library module brings ready-made templates
  • Sections module is very useful
  • Lightweight theme
  • Theme is compatible with page builders


  • Free version doesn't offer many features

Are you having difficulty choosing between GeneratePress Free vs Premium version? GeneratePress is a free lightweight WordPress theme that can be used for a variety of purposes. You can build portfolio website, an eCommerce site, a blog, a business site and much more.

GeneratePress is combination of free multipurpose theme and a premium plugin. The plugin add more features to the theme and you can disable features you will not use. This function makes GeneratePress incredibly flexible, powerful and lightweight. Its high speed and performance can change the way you develop websites.

Canadian developer Tom Usborne created the GeneratePress theme. It can be used to create all kinds of pages and sites. It can also be adapted for almost any niche and specialty.

The basic theme is available for free. There’s also a pro edition in form of plugin called GeneratePress Premium that can be purchased. This edition is a plugin that you can install and activate to work with the free core version. The plugin ads additional customization choices and features.

NOTE: I have compared GeneratePress vs Astra so be sure to check how those two themes compare


GeneratePress Free vs Premium

The free edition of GeneratePress already has a lot of great features and functions. The GeneratePress Pro or GP Premium version adds even more capabilities. Both versions have excellent customization options. The only difficulty is in deciding is free version enough for your needs or you need more features that pro version offers.

blank comparison 300x160
  • Name
  • Price
  • Site Usage
  • Layout Control
  • Site Library
  • Colors Customization
  • Typography Settings
  • Elements Module
  • WooCommerce Options
  • Menu Plus
  • Spacing Options
  • Blog Module
  • Secondary Navigation
  • Bacground Options
  • Sections Module
  • Disable Elements Option
  • Editable Copyright
  • Import/Export
  • Page Builder Compatibility
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Full Width or Contained
  • Top Bar Widget Area
  • Text or Image Logo
  • Navbar Options
  • Featured Images
  • Footer Widgets
  • Footer Bar
  • Back to Top
GeneratePress free vs GeneratePress Premium comparison.
  • Free
  • Unlimited
GeneratePress theme Pro vs GeneratePress theme free differences.
  • $49 annual
  • Unlimited


GeneratePress Free

The free edition of GeneratePress theme pales in comparison to the paid version. However, it still has some unique features that other themes can’t match.

The theme is very easy to use. There aren’t any hidden settings and you don’t have to work with for a while in order to get accustomed. Everything is right where it should be. I like that. This isn’t a theme that promises everything, and then in reality you end stuck with only several options which don’t allow you to customize site per needs.

GeneratePress will never assume that it automatically knows what you’re going to use it for. So you can build anything. It’s a framework above anything else. Once you start using it, I highly doubt that you’d ever switch to using another theme.


generatepress alternatives


Default, fresh installation of GeneratePress theme is plain. That’s pretty standard for most themes until demo sites are installed. It has the same formatting, look and feel that you’d expect from most blog sites. There’s basic header, footer, menu and sidebar sets.

One of GeneratePress’ best advantages is that it can be completely customized so that it’s completely different from what you originally started with. It look great even without use of page builders like Beaver Builder (check Beaver Builder free vs pro), Divi, Elementor, etc.

The only downside of using theme without page builder help is that it can somtimes take a bit longer than expected to create unique pages. This is primarily due to the lack of an intuitive drag and drop interface. You’ll still end up with a lighter site that’s much more code-compliant.

GeneratePress customizer is built right into the default customizer for WordPress. This means that you won’t have to learn anything new as far as the user interface is concerned.


Free Version Features

Here are some of GeneratePress theme features:

  • Full Width or Contained: You can determine whether you want GeneratePress to be contained, or span across entire browser window.
  • Top Bar Widget Area: Allows you to put important information on the top of page. You can add your business phone number, email address, and any other necessary items in this section.
  • Text or image logo: You can add a text tagline if you want to use text for site title. Image logos and site text can be left, right or center aligned.
  • Navbar Options: The navigation bar can be placed inside, above or below site header. Drop down links in navigation bar can be assigned so that they only display when the top link is clicked. This can make the navigation bar easier to use when site is accessed on tablets, cell phones and other mobile devices. Primary navigation also has a built-in search function which is optional. Accessing the navigation bar and clicking the search icon will bring up the search box.
  • Featured Images: This option will display featured image that you’ve already assigned on the top of the post.
  • Footer Widgets: GeneratePress has five different footer widgets that you can use.
  • Footer Bar: This is a different section for your footer bar widgets. It’s a good place to put call to action or other items that you want to bring attention to.
  • Back to Top: You can determine whether or not you want to activate the “back to top” button.


Making Changes in GeneratePress Free

The GeneratePress theme settings are found in three different areas:

  • Dashboard > Appearance > Customize
  • Dashboard > Appearance > GeneratePress
  • Inside the WordPress Post Editor

Using the first option listed above helps you maximize the GeneratePress theme settings’ functionality. To find specific settings, you may have to go down several levels in the customizer.


generatepress layout customizer
Example of some GeneratePress theme layout customizer options.


Inside WordPress post editor you will see a few options that appear underneath the “publish” button for GeneratePress as you’re writing each new post. Some of these options are:

  • Sidebar Layout: As you write posts, you can select their sidebar layout. Any default layout settings will then be overridden when this option is activated.
  • Footer Widgets: You can assign the number of footer widgets that will be on the particular post that you’re working on.
  • Page Builder Container: This option is used when you work with Beaver Builder, GenerateBlocks or other commonly used page builder plugin. You can make page layouts either spread across the browser monitor’s full width by selecting the “Full Width” option. Clicking on the “Contained” button will confine the content to a box style page layout.
  • Disable Elements: You can only disable one element in free version and that is post titles.

The GenerateBlocks plugin can help you create unique page layouts that include background images, colors, grids and other options. It can be used as alternative to page builders. I suggest using the Beaver Builder page builder plugin if you plan on using WordPress classic editor (not Gutenberg block editor).


GeneratePress Premium

GeneratePress Premium is a paid plugin that works alongside GeneratePress theme. You can use the premium version to activate modules, which are another set of features. You’ll have access to the following modules: Backgrounds, Blogs, Colors, Copyright, Disable Elements, Elements, Menu Plus, Secondary Nav, Sections, Sections, Site Library, Spacing and Typography.


generatepress modules
GeneratePress premium modules.


For example, the Colors module lets you edit color options for all elements of your site. You can customize headers, footers, backgrounds, widgets, links and just about anything else that you can think of. The Typography module gives you more than 70 different choices to manage content across your entire website.

Elements is probably the most impressive module. It’s made up of the following selections:

  • Header: You can use the header element to design site header. You can add background color, add or change text and images, style it and much more. Page Hero is created using CSS and HTML in this element.
  • Hook: The Hook element is one of the most impressive features of the premium version of GeneratePress. This element allows you to add content into site hook. This eliminates the need to create child themes. It can also be used for better blog customization.
  • Layout: You can use this element to edit layout for whole site, or just archives or particular categories, pages or posts. An advanced form helps to style site just how you want it to appear.
  • Block: This is the most advanced GeneratePress element module. Block Element helps in advance customization using Block Editor instead of using HTML. The GenerateBlocks plugin can be combined with the Block element to make individual left and right sidebars, site headers and footers.

You always have to work within Display Rules when using the Element feature. Elements will need to be assigned before they can be displayed in various categories. You can establish locations anywhere between categories, pages, posts and even entire websites.



1. Backgrounds – This module can be used to add background images. You can assign positions setsizes and import images as you see fit.

2. Blog – Using the Blog Module in the Customizer allows you to customize archive, columns and feature image. You can also select and manage options like author, categories, featured images, post date, tags, etc.

3. Colors – You can edit body, header, footer, navigation and widget colors. The Customizer has more than 60 different color selections to choose from. Color can be added to headers, footers, body, primary navigation, content, buttons, forms, widgets, top bars, etc.

4. Copyright – You can use this module to go into the footer section and change or alter copyright information.

5. Disable Elements – This is a page and post level operation. It allows you to activate or deactivate specific elements at the post/page level.

6. Elements – This is unquestionably GeneratePress most essential module that helps add layout, dynamic heros, advance hooks, etc.

The Elements Module allows you to use many of the premium plugin’s advanced features. It’s used by developers and users for advanced customization and making additional changes. There are three parts in the Elements Module: Header, Hook and Layout.

7. Menu Plus – This option can be used for creating mobile headers, off-canvas navigation, sticky menus and more.

8. Secondary Nav –  Secondary navigation allows you to make additional menus. You can add layout, typography, colors and other options to these menus.

9. Sections – Sections are the mini page builder available only in GeneratePress Premium Add-on. You don’t need to use the sections option if you’re already using Beaver Builder, Elementor or other page builder plugin.

If you are using Classic Editor then you can use sections modules in your post/page with ease. It is easier to build a page with available settings in sections.

If you are using Gutenburg editor then you can’t use Sections option. In that case use GenerateBlocks plugin which is WordPress blocks tool that can be used for multiple purposes. GenerateBlocks is also fully compatible with Gutenburg Editor.

10. Site Library – You can use this option to launch site in no time because you have access to elements from over 40 libraries.

11. Spacing – Spacing add-ons allow you to manage margin size and padding in GeneratePress. This module can be used in secondary menus, headers, footer widget, footer padding, widgets, sidebar width, container separate, width padding, content padding and more.

12. Typography – Having the right fonts is important for any successful website. There are more than 70 Google fonts and system fonts that you can use for site.

Fonts can be customized in all sections of GeneratePress theme. Font sizes, weights and variants can be altered in body, headers, footers, menus, sidebars and other sections.

13. WooCommerce – WooCommerce module allow to use various typography, layout and color selections for checkout pages, product pages, etc.

14. Import/Export – Just a few clicks of the mouse is all it takes to import and export the theme settings.


Pre-Made Site Templates

You can use the complete site library after buying the premium GeneratePress plugin. You can import the entire library if you want and go live with your site very fast.

Site libraries can be imported with demo content and GeneratePress options. The demo content is optional if you already have content that you want to use. GeneratePress demo sites use Beaver Builder, Elementor free or pro and WordPress default editor to create demo content templates.


generatepress templates
GeneratePress templates examples.


If you don’t feel like customizing, GeneratePress has plenty of pre-designed site templates ready to get started right away. Just import and activate preferred template. Your website will have the template’s same look and feel.

There are pre-built selections for Beaver Builder and Elementor in the site library. All you need to do is to select the template that you like.

Go to the Appearance > GeneratePress menu and activate the Site Library module to import templates from the Site Library. You can then find specific template by selecting the Site Library tab that appears on the top of screen. From there, click on the “Details” followed by “Import Options” button.

All of the plugins, modules and settings that the template need will be imported by GeneratePress. Check your site once this has been completed. It should look much better. You can then select the “Customize” option to further alter sidebar widgets, font, header and other aspects of website.



GeneratePress premium edition certainly won’t break anyone’s budget at $49.95. It lets you use both the site library and all premium modules. You’re not limited to using these features for a single website. The license can be used on unlimited sites.


Buy GeneratePress premium plan.


Just keep in mind the fact the site license is only valid for one year. You’ll need to renew your license to keep receiving support and regular updates. However, there is a 40% discount for license renewals. GeneratePress also offers a 30 day money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with purchase.


GeneratePress FAQ

Let’s see some frequently asked questions (with answers) about GeneratePress theme free and GP Premium plugin.

1. Is GeneratePress free to use?

There is a free version of GeneratePress theme that you can use at any time. The premium version of GeneratePress is not free. It’s available for $49.95.

2. What’s GeneratePress Premium?

GP Premium is a paid version of the GeneratePress WordPress theme. It has additional features and functionality.

3. Does GeneratePress work well with page builders?

GeneratePress is fully compatible with BeaverBuilder, Divi, Elementor and other page builder plugins.

4. Do I need to buy the GeneratePress plugin?

You can always use the free edition of the theme. The premium edition has additional features which are very useful.

5. Can I use GeneratePress Premium on as many sites as I want?

GeneratePress Premium can be used on an unlimited number of websites. GeneratePress can be used on personal and client sites.


GeneratePress Free vs Premium Conclusion

If you want complete control over your site’s look and feel, GeneratePress is an excellent choice. It can do just about anything. The theme focuses on performance. You’ll have better chances for faster loading times using this themes. That’s just one of the many reasons why so many people use GP.

GeneratePress can help you create all kinds of websites and use page builder plugins to accomplish goals.

The theme allows you to effectively customize different areas of site. It uses WordPress customizer for editing. All edits that you make are displayed in real time as you make them.

The free version of GeneratePress has plenty of useful features. The premium edition can be added to allow even more functionality.

Older versions of GeneratePress forced users to create sites from scratch. This made things more difficult for beginners. In 2018, developers added a Site Library option for the premium edition of GeneratePress. This function allows you to use various available ready-made demo templates. The modular interface lets you enable or disable particular features whenever you wish.

GeneratePress is excellent choice and highly recommended theme. As alternative options you can check Astra theme review, OceanWP theme review or Deep theme review.

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  2. Great review on GeneratePress. highlighting the free and paid version. Having to use the free version for some time, I believe the premium version offers so much more. There are some features that I am not aware of, and you explained them in such detail that it makes it much easier to try them out.

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