Getwid Review PROS & CONS (2023) – Free Gutenberg Blocks Collection

Getwid Gutenberg Blocks


Easy to use






Overall quality



  • Pre-made Getwid designs
  • Big collection of free blocks for the Gutenberg
  • Visual parity with WordPress theme
  • Easy integration with several popular third-party services
  • Easy to use
  • Plugin is lightweight
  • Extensive configuration panels


  • If you deactivate plugin, content will be displayed in a simplified format which is expected and not really con, but it is worth mentioning

Blocks are an excellent tool for building engaging content. With blocks, you can insert, rearrange, and style multimedia content with very little technical knowledge. Using the Gutenberg block editor, you have better design control of your site pages without the need for altering code. In this Getwid review, I’ll be taking a look at a free plugin from MotoPress that ads even more blocks for usage with Gutenberg.

Getwid is a collection of additional Gutenberg design templates and blocks. Each of these elements has its own unique toolchain to help you create the type of website that best meets your needs. It’s one of the best Gutenberg plugins available. Getwid offers one of the most extensive library of unique and popular blocks for website creation.

In addition to blocks, Getwid has a very impressive library of design patterns. These patterns can be used to create calls to action, testimonials, hero and sub-hero sections, services, and much more. They can be added via a few clicks, and then you can substitute the sample content with your own content.

Templates are conveniently separated by categories so that it’s easier to find what you need. You can use the Getwid settings menu to turn off designs you will not use.

Getwid is a great plugin for visual parity with your WordPress theme. Its blocks will automatically inherit the design and styling from the currently activated WordPress theme, instead of adding its own styles as other plugins have been known to do. Getwid simplifies design consistency across your entire website.


Getwid Review

MotoPress team created the Getwid Gutenberg blocks plugin. They are also known for their Stratum widgets for Elementor plugin. For more information regarding Stratum check my Stratum review.

Getwid has over 35 pre-built templates and more than 40 additional blocks for Gutenberg WordPress block editor. These new blocks can be used with the existing blocks to create unique designs.

Getwid’s block collection is the biggest assortment of free blocks for Gutenberg, which are of help for novice and veteran Gutenberg users. More than 40 different blocks were created for the Gutenberg core library so that people can build unique, appealing sites quickly without the need for altering any code.


Free Gutenberg blocks plugin.


The banner, section, and slider blocks give Getwid distinct advantages over competitors. The plugin offers a nice variety of customization choices for even the most discerning users. Every Getwid block is different and has plenty of convenient options to play with.

You have complete control over Gutenberg blocks. You can edit fonts and layouts, design appealing sliders and banners, integrate advertisements and CTA buttons, promote products and services, and choose any type of media that you want as your background. All of these and many other options can help make your site unique. Getwid’s WordPress Blocks can help you drive more traffic to your site and generate more revenue.


Motopress Getwid Gutenberg free blocks. Multifunctional static and dynamic blocks for Gutenberg.


Getwid plugin is very lightweight. This is because its settings are distributed intelligently. For instance, the Advanced Heading block should meet all of your typography needs. Other blocks aren’t bogged down with the same kinds of typography settings and heavy content styles.

Inline JS and CSS files are minimized so that you don’t have to worry about bogging down your site. You can further improve your site’s speed and performance by deactivating the particular blocks that you don’t need. Getwin can help enhance user experience and search engine optimization.

Getwid developers concentrated on letting users customize their WordPress pages for viewing on different devices. You can change how their site looks on laptops, desktop computers, tablets, and cell phones for different content blocks.


Getwid Plugin Settings

Settings for Getwid Gutenberg Blocks plugin can be found under Settings > Writing section. Under Getwid settings you can disable Getwid Blocks which you don’t intend to use.


Getwid Gutenberg blocks plugin advantages.
Getwid uses modular approach which means you can disable any Getwid Gutenberg blocks that you will not use.


There are also options to add Instagram Access Token, Google Maps API Key, Mailchimp API Key, and Recaptcha Site Key. Getwid’s block library connects with MailChimp, Instagram, and Google Maps. This can be accomplished without having to activate and install additional plugins.


Getwid plugin settings can be found under WordPress writing settings.
Under Getwid settings you can add Instagram, Google Maps, MailChimp, and Recaptcha token.


Getwid gives you more effective and appealing ways to present new content for your magazine or news site, blog, or online shop. Its custom post type support allows you to make your own sliders, lists, and grids. These elements will be sourced automatically from WordPress posts provided by third-party plugins that you may already be using.

Getwid Gutenberg blocks plugin is free. There is also a free Getwid starter theme, which is an excellent resource for people who want to design something different using Gutenberg editor. It comes with plenty of content selections that are ready to be used whenever you want. If you are interested in premium option, then check my Gutenberry theme review to see what this Gutenberg theme brings to the table.

The Getwid plugin has a nice feature that can help those who build client sites regularly. You can go to GitHub to download the free Getwid Style Kit. This resource includes several theme support snippets and starter CSS files to simplify the styling of Gutenberg and Getwid blocks.

Getwid also has a nice assortment of video tutorials. These can be especially helpful if you’re having problems with certain blocks or want to check the backend.


Getwid Free Gutenberg Blocks

Here’s a closer look at the free Gutenberg blocks that Getwid offers:

1. Section – You can create any custom section layouts that you want. Feel free to alter alignments, switch out foregrounds, adjust shapes and colors, experiment with different animations, or add image, slider, and video backgrounds.

2. Advanced Heading – This typography control can be used to create appealing headings. You can adjust styles, sizing, colors, spacing, single-click text conversion spacing, and use Google fonts.

3. Google Maps – You can embed Google Maps in pages. These maps can have as many custom markers as needed.

4. Icon – Use customizable icons to create an easy and intuitive user interface.

5. Icon Box – Build your own responsive icon boxes. Text boxes and headings can be created with pre-built styles. Colors, hover effects, and sizes can be altered to your liking.

6. Image Box – Image boxes can take image presentations to the next level. You can modify spacing, use clicks to set the necessary size, and integrate animation effects.

7. Social Links – Any social icons you want can be added. Their spacing and sizing can be adjusted using pre-designed layouts. You can change their alignment so that they can be viewed properly on different devices.

8. Banner – Fully customizable banners can be created to promote products and services. You can set animation effects, alignments, colors, sizing, and other options to draw attention to what you have to offer.

9. Image Slider – You’ll have complete control over all image sliders that you create. Effectively manage animation effects, image sizes, and navigation styles.

10. Media & Text Slider – Use text to showcase sliders. You can select the individual slide and text animation effects, add color and text overlays, and assign custom content alignment and width parameters.

11. Button Group – Implement as many call to action buttons as you want. Button alignment, direction, and width can be determined for all active buttons simultaneously.

12. Person – Create an effective and appealing team showcase sections of your site. There are settings for image sizes, names, and job titles.

13. Accordion – The intuitive accordion tabs section allows you to customize heading types and icons—a good option for Frequently Asked Questions pages.

14. Toggle – Toggle’s functions are almost identical to the Accordion option. The primary difference is that Toggle allows users to expand tabs manually.

15. Tabs – Vertical or horizontal tabs can be added. These tabs have customizable headings and several pre-set styles.

16. Image Stack Gallery – Seven distinct styles can be implemented to fully customizable image galleries. There are no limits to how creative you can be.

17. Testimonial – The testimonials block is pretty basic. There is author avatar and fields for the author name and citation.

18. Recent Posts – You can use custom metadata to display your most recent posts. These posts will be shown in either a grid or list layout. You have a choice of several different output behaviors.

19. Advanced Spacer – An adjustable spacer can be used to place an extra space in between different blocks. You can opt to hide this on desktop, mobile or laptop devices.

20. Instagram – This block allows you to integrate the Instagram page with the WordPress website. It will generate a live feed gallery that you can customize.

21. Counter – Lightweight animated counters can be implemented. These counters will display the most significant information in numbers.

22. Price Box – Price boxes allow pricing information to be visualized. Pricing and comparison tables can be created to present data more comprehensively.

23. Progress Bar – This is a very straightforward horizontal animated progress bar. You can change the progress bar’s colors at any time.

24. Circular Progress Bar– It’s a simple animated circular progress bars. The colors, size, and bar thickness can all be easily adjusted.

25. Contact Form – The contact form has all of the fields that you’d usually expect. It offers reCAPTCHA support and labels that can be customized.

26. Post Carousel – The post carousel has its own custom layout. It can be used and edited appropriately to draw attention to pages, posts, or custom post types.

27. Price List – Price lists are great for showcasing a table of contents or restaurant menu. Images, colors, headlines, and dotted lines can all be changed as you see fit.

28. Post Slider – The post slider has a nice assortment of pre-built layouts. You can use it to show existing pages, posts, and custom post types.

29. Custom Post Type – Custom posts can be arranged in a list, grid, or another custom view. There are different styles and layout customization choices available.

30. Mailchimp – Email subscription forms can be added easily using MailChimp API integration.

31. Countdown – The countdown timer has time labels and numeric values that can be customized. You can also edit the spacing, style, colors, sizes, and assign a specific font family.

32. Video Popup – Video popups can be used for Vimeo, YouTube, or self-hosted videos. You can also edit the custom video covers, block container sizes, colors, and the video play button.

33. Content Timeline – A timeline graph can be created to show events listed in chronological order. Images, headings, and subheadings can all be altered per need.

34. Image Hotspot – This block allows you to place as many animated markers over your images as you want. Each marker has its own customizable tooltips to help make your images more interactive and informative for site users.

35. Table of Contents – You can create an ordered or unordered table of contents. These tables of contents will be created according to headings (H1, H2, H3, H4, etc.)

36. Anchor – HTML anchors are a good way to add page jumps to specific sections of a page.

37. Advanced Table – This table Gutenberg block allows you to edit borders, backgrounds, and merge different cells.

38. Template Library – These Gutenberg page designs can be used for a wide variety of purposes.


Pre-Designed Templates

Getwid is more than a block library consisting of random elements. It’s combined with the Template Library that provides pre-made designs for the following:

  • About Us and Contact Us templates
  • Features and Services Templates
  • Image gallery templates
  • Website hero and sub-hero section templates
  • Team and Frequently Asked Questions templates, etc.

The assortment of additional Gutenberg WordPress blocks comes with a block bundle that’s perfect for creative projects, startup companies, business sites, and other various niches. You can make a seamless transition to Gutenberg as you create portfolios, services pages, landing pages, and much more.


Getwid template library consists of free templates for various purposes.


You can use the template library block or use the Template Library button to access them. You can browse through the entire template library if you’d like. After a particular template has been imported, you can change content as needed.


Getwid templates adds 35+ unique pre-made block templates for the Gutenberg Block Editor.


The template library is divided into 14 different sections: About Us, Call to Action, Contact Us, FAQ, Features Hero, Image Gallery, Logo Grid, Newsletter Subscription, Price List, Services, Sub Hero, Team, and Testimonials.


Getwid Review Conclusion

Plugins that are entirely free are difficult to ignore. I really enjoyed Getwid’s overall user experience, in addition to the more than 30 free templates and over 35 different free blocks.

MotoPress makes using and customizing the blocks incredibly easy. Settings are separated into logical categories. I like the fact that you can visually control settings and interact with the preview whenever possible.

Getwid’s Gutenberg blocks plugin includes impressive blocks. These blocks can help you highlight important aspects of your project or business in ways that are simple, current, and readable. For instance, information is easier to understand when it’s expressed in counters, graphs, images, icons, etc. Getwid has all of these options and more.

The plugin uses Awesome Font icons. These icons will automatically inherit the same style from any active theme. You can use a theme brand color palette to select the color of your choice. This simplifies the blending of icons with your overall theme. You can also use your own set of icons if you prefer.

Different settings allow to change border-radius, margins, and icon sizes. You can link certain icons to external URLs and add various animation effects to icons. These settings allow you to use icons that are squares, rectangles, diagonals, circles, and other shapes.

The Gutenberg editor is where you’ll edit all of your content. This makes it easy to update buttons, description/feature, and more. Custom CSS is fully supported.

Getwid has the largest collection of free Gutenberg blocks. Its goal is to become a multipurpose resource, one that you can rely on without the need for other plugins. It helps you create the ideal site for your needs. It’s a great asset, whether you use all of the available content blocks or only need certain blocks to accomplish a particular task or goal.

Another great plugin that expands Gutenberg block editor with additional collection of blocks, for free, is Advanced Gutenberg plugin. For more information about it, see my Advanced Gutenberg review.

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