Ginger Review PROS & CONS (2023) – How Well It Performs Test

Ginger Software - English Grammar and Writing App


Easy to use






Overall quality



  • Built-in dictionary as well as a thesaurus
  • Personal trainer feature
  • Affordable price
  • Text reader feature
  • You can use on mobile devices, MAC, browser, Windows, etc.
  • Cloud based option
  • Lets you know the why behind your mistakes


  • No plagiarism checker
  • No browser extension for Firefox
  • Doesnt catch all mistakes
  • Need internet connection

English is the most commonly used language in the world, but it is also widely misused. In this Ginger review, I will show what this Grammarly alternative tool has to offer.

For my blog posts proofreading needs, I use Grammarly pro version. But I have also extensively tested Ginger so I will write my experience from using Ginger grammar checker.

As a non-native English speaker, I make many mistakes while writing posts due to lack of grammar and vocabulary knowledge. When you are working on writing your next world-class blog post, it always helps to have as much support as you can get.

Thankfully, there are plenty of excellent software, apps, and plugins on the market that can make writing your next blog post as easy as possible.

A lot of them can even help you sharpen your grammar and writing skills so that you can learn from your mistakes and become the best writer that you can be. For many bloggers, producing quality content for their audience is the primary goal.

That also includes grammar, spelling, and technicality in writing to make sure that you educate, inform, and entertain your audience.

Grammatical mistakes can make your article unprofessional, which can result in losing readers and sales. Writing an error-free article is very important.

Making sure that your blogs and content are fully edited and fine-tuned can take a lot of time, and even requires a fair amount of education for grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, etc.

In that way, you can focus on what you do best, and outsource the rest. I would highly recommend using a grammar and spell check software.


Ginger Review

Ginger is a spelling and grammar checking tool that watches out for common and uncommon grammar and spelling errors so that you don’t have to.

Not only does Ginger give you all the tools that you need for sharpening and tightening up your blog posts, but it also educates you about specific errors and the corrections that it provides.

This grammar tool and spell-checking software give you the ability to learn how to become a better writer while helping to save you the time and the headache of agonizing over corrections.


using Ginger software with wordpress
Ginger software – Grammarly alternative tool for grammar and spell check.


Ginger software corrects mistakes in words, grammar, and punctuation, and also helps to enhance your English by showing the synonyms and details about the selected word.

Ginger is a well-rounded writing tool for desktop and mobile devices. The software is equipped with a grammar checker that makes suggestions and corrections as the user types.

With Ginger, you have access to a tool that let’s rephrase sentences in different ways to avoid redundancy. Also, a dictionary is always at hand so you can check whether the word in a sentence or phrase is appropriate.


What Features Does Ginger Have?

What separates Ginger from the rest of the pack is that it not only tells you what you need to adjust or edit, it actually helps you learn how to become a better writer.

Ginger has a learning center feature where you can address some of the most common mistakes that you can face in writing. It can show you why something is misplaced or incorrect, how you can fix that and how you can prevent making that mistake in the future.

Ginger is not only limited to correcting spelling and simple grammatical errors. It also makes changes and recommendations for sentence structure, punctuation, and style in your writing.

It can even get as detailed to provide feedback on words that are misused or out of context to making sure that your subjects and verbs agree.


grammarly alternative tool


Ginger takes the 360-degree approach when it comes to helping you become a better writer, by going with you to any platform, software, and operating system that you need to write on.

Ginger also gives you the ability to access a ton of additional tools that you can use to improve your productivity in writing.

Ginger grammar and spelling checker tool features:

  • Grammar checker – It comes with a grammar checker that checks for the common grammatical errors like subject-verb agreement, singular/plural nouns, misused words, consecutive nouns, and also contextual spelling correction.
  • Spell check – Helps in correcting the typos.
  • Sentence rephrase – Helps you to come with a perfect sentence to convey what you meant.
  • Personal trainer – Gathers the data regarding your past writing mistakes and gives practice sessions based on the mistakes that you have made to help improve your writing.
  • Text reader – Apart from grammar checking, Ginger has a text-to-speech engine for enhancing your pronunciation skills. You can let Ginger pronounce the word of your choice in any of the selected accents.
  • Translator – Helps you to translate the content to various languages.
  • Dictionary – Learn the real definition of the words that you use.

Dictionary feature enables you to provide instant definitions for each of your words so that you can understand more about your writing. It also provides a contextual synonym for your words, which gives you a different way to write your sentences by using different words in your vocabulary.

Text Reader feature allows you to listen to your text using the built-in read-out-loud software within Ginger. Personal Trainer feature allows you to learn from the mistakes you’ve made so that you don’t repeat them in the future.

ginger grammar spelling tool
Ginger grammar and spell checker tool.


The Smart Word Prediction feature allows you to predict the words as you type, giving you the ability to type quickly. The next word suggestion is based on your past writing habits that are recorded within Ginger.

The Emoji feature brings hundreds of emojis you can choose from to brighten up and bring some fun to your writing.

Due to Ginger’s ability to be used as a grammar and spelling checker as well as a word processing tool, users are also able to change the theme and colors in the software.

You can change it to your personal needs and what works best for you. Ginger has various themes, but you are also able to build your own keyboard theme if you choose to. Whichever theme you choose can be adapted to work on your IOS and Android devices.


ginger software for mobile devices
You can use Ginger Software on your mobile phones or tablets.


There are several platforms that Ginger works with, including Microsoft, Mac, IOS, Android, and some browsers (Safari, Edge and Chrome). Ginger will perform great on any of these platforms.

Since Ginger is mobile friendly, your grammar checks can be performed on the go, most anywhere that you can get an internet connection.

Another great aspect of Gingers is that no matter if you have a premium or free subscription, it will automatically come with cloud storage, so your files can be saved to the cloud.

Thanks to this part of the program, you will not need to copy all of your files to your various devices, they are in the cloud and accessible on any of your devices.

Ginger also comes with a practice session feature which allows you to practice your writing ability with as few mistakes as possible. However, this is only available for premium members. It uses your past writing errors to give you suggestions that are necessary to improve your writing quality.

Once you have finished your writing and corrected all of the mistakes it has pointed out, you also can check reports and compare them to others.


ginger personal english trainer
You can choose from various topics and then test your knowledge.


It can show you if your writing has improved or if it needs more work. The report you view is a full report of your structure, grammar, punctuation errors, spelling errors, readability, etc.

It analyzes everything together and will show you mistakes to avoid in the future. The Translator feature enables you to translate your text in various other languages, with a total of 60+ languages supported by Ginger.

I have tested to translate from English to my mother language (Croatian), and the result was not so great. It is something in a range of Google translate.


Translator feature in Ginger Software
Translator feature in Ginger Software needs improvement.


Though Ginger translator feature is not terrible, expect to make plenty of corrections if you decide to use it. With the rephrase feature, it will scan each line you write and offer you alternative ways to rewrite it to make it a better sentence.

This is where synonyms play a part in your writing, whether you choose to use the suggestions is up to you, but either way, it’s a handy feature to have available.

With Rephraser feature, you can express your original sentence by replacing it with different words that have the same meaning.


ginger rephrase feature example

rephrase feature ginger software


Above you can see an example of rephrasing feature in Ginger. On the top is content and for underlined sentence on the bottom image are provided alternative sentences. The text-to-speech feature is only available to premium members, and it improves your English speaking.


How To Use Ginger Writer?

Ginger browser extension provides everything you need to write better and error-free English content. No matter what type of writing you are doing, whether it’s an email, Facebook post, blog post, essay, or something else, Ginger browser extension will help you to clean up your grammar and spelling.

Unlike some of the other grammar checkers available, Ginger works with Google documents also. Its browser extension is available for Google Chrome, Edge and Safari even if you are using the free subscription plan.


ginger online proofreading
Ginger makes sure everything you write is mistake-free on Gmail,
Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MS-Office, and everywhere you write.


All you need to do to use the extension is to download it, then add or create your login information. An account with Ginger is free of charge, but there are premium packages available for purchase.

Once you have downloaded and installed, you can begin to write better as it will highlight any mistakes you make when typing.

After it highlights any mistakes you’ve made, use your mouse to hover over the underlined word or phrase and click on it to use the suggestion(s) it gives you and then it will immediately change it for you. That’s all there is to it!

Unfortunately, Ginger highlights mistakes in all the same color while some other online grammar checkers use various colors depending on the error made.

In this case, you’ll need to hover over the word or phrase to see what the mistake is whether it’s a grammatical error or spelling error or even a punctuation error.


ginger software apps
Ginger available apps to install


One fantastic thing about Ginger Software is that you can also check details about any word on the website and the uses of the word as a noun or verb in sentences.

Even it also provides a feature to check the synonyms and translation (in any language) of selected words.

However, this same feature does not work with the WordPress editor, Facebook status, or other content areas. It only shows the details of words which was already present on the website.

Ginger Software Apps include:

  • Windows & Office – Make sure everything you write is mistake-free on Word, Outlook, and MS-Office (Windows only).
  • Ginger Chrome extension – Write mistake-free when browsing the Internet using the Google Chrome browser.
  • Ginger Safari extension – Write mistake-free on Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and everywhere you write on the web while using Safari browser.
  • Ginger Page – Review your writing for any grammar, spelling, and punctuation issues, save your favorite phrases or translate to a different language – all without replacing your Keyboard.
  • Ginger Keyboard – Express yourself perfectly. In any app you use – Ginger will make sure your text is clearly effective.


Microsoft Word Extension

You can add Ginger to your Microsoft Word. You are allowed full access to all of Ginger’s features when using the MS extension. However, keep in mind that Ginger only allows premium members to utilize the MS extension.


ginger vs ms word
Ginger vs MS Word corrections


Ginger Page For Desktop & iOS

The Ginger Page application is available for Desktops and IOS devices. The Ginger Page app offers its users proofreading, spelling checks, grammar checks, and punctuation checks.

It can be installed on a desktop computer, a laptop computer, and an IOS device with all the same available features.

After downloading and installing Ginger, you can use your F2 key to engage Ginger, then start typing, and since Ginger works in real-time, it will start to highlight any errors you make.

You can add words to favorite and also get a phrase of the day. When using Ginger for your IOS device, it is quite similar to the desktop version.

Ginger launched Ginger for Mac. With desktop app, you can easily fix and replace all your text with one shortcut (command + C + C).


Ginger Keyboard App

Ginger is making significant progress in the field of proofreading software and communication. They have launched their grammar and spelling checking custom keyboard app for Android device.

The app replaces the default mobile screen keyboard with its advanced and more functional keyboard, making it accessible to Ginger library. The Ginger app provides a full set of advanced feature to write an error-free message on your phone.


Ginger custom keyboard app review
Ginger keyboard app


You can change your sentence to more meaningful and clarifying sentence with the rephraser feature. Like Web version, it also includes features such as multi-language translator, text-to-speaker, definitions, and synonyms.

However, unique features are quick to share text, rich text formatting, phrase of the day, and add to favorites.

Like other messaging apps, Ginger custom keyboard app also offers the ability to customize the keyboard theme to enjoy the colorful experience with tons of proofreading options. You can also add hundreds of emoji, emoticons, and stickers.


Ginger Browsers Extensions

You can write without spelling mistakes and grammar errors on any website like Facebook, Gmail, and Twitter. Just install Ginger on your Chrome, Edge or Safari browser and start writing without mistakes.


ginger chrome extension
You can enable or disable Ginger browser extension per site

While you write, Ginger automatically highlights any typos or grammar errors that you’ve made in the text box itself. At the time of writing this Ginger is not available as an extension for Firefox and other browsers.


Ginger Free vs. Paid Version

Ginger provides a powerful grammar-checking tool for multiple platforms, including Windows, Mac, browsers, Android, and iOS platforms.

Ginger is available to use for free, with certain limitations. The free version of Ginger can only be used to analyze a limited number of words per check, not the whole text.


Ginger Writer free vs premium differences.


The online grammar checking and translation tool are available for free with limited features, so if you want to try the software without buying the premium subscription, you can try the free version of the software.

The free version of the grammar checking tool is only available online, and you are limited to 600 characters per error checking. However, you are free to check as many texts as you want using the free version of the software.

With the free grammar checking tool, you can accurately see your grammar and spelling mistakes and get the suggestion to fix them.

It’s the same way with the translation tool. The free translation tool allows you to translate any text, but with a specific character limit per translation process.

Ginger Software offers several premium pricing plans:

  • Monthly = $13.99
  • Quarterly = $11.19 per month ($33.57)
  • Annually = $6.99 per month ($84)
  • Two Year = $4.99 per month ($120)


Ginger Pros & Cons

One of the first benefits that you will notice is that you can get it up and running fast. With creating an account and a quick install process, you should have Ginger activated and working within a few minutes of purchasing the software.

Another reason to love this program is it lets you know the why behind your mistakes.

Within the area that you are writing, Ginger will flag a mistake, but it takes it a step further by offering pop-out windows that may include:

  • An explanation of why an item is incorrect;
  • Links to videos that have more detailed explanations about the error itself and how you can avoid it.

Another cool feature that this software offers is providing you a score for your writing. That way, you can track your scores, and it gives you a way to quantify and improve upon your writing.

Overall, the software is easy to use (particularly with WordPress) and doesn’t get caught up in too much complexity in terms of design, making it really easy to navigate as well.

For the sake of not having to open up another tab to research the definition of a word, I really appreciate that Ginger has a built-in dictionary as well as a thesaurus so that you don’t have to leave your writing to do your research.

In terms of limitations, there are a few that you should be aware of. If you are planning on doing a lot of writing in Word documents when you are offline, this may not be the tool for you. You need to make sure that you are connected to the internet to get the full functionalities that Ginger has to offer.

Ginger is easy to install, but in comparison to the competition, it doesn’t have the easiest interface to navigate and use. Since the program currently doesn’t open you up with a tutorial, you may have to launch that on your own or do your research to find the best ways to use the platform.

Through research, I have seen that Ginger catches your mistakes, but may not detect all of them. With the mistakes that it does catch, they may be unnecessary changes.



  • Offers different versions for different systems including Windows app, iOS, Android, Chrome extension, Edge, Safari extension.
  • Fast and effective spelling and grammar check.
  • Learning center feature that teaches you how to be a better writer and learn from your mistakes.
  • Produces a detailed report so that you can track your progress and improvement.
  • The software offers suggestions for how you can rephrase your sentences.
  • Includes a translation tool that translates into over 60 different languages.
  • Very similar to Grammarly.
  • Can choose the US and UK English.
  • Can activate and deactivate per site like with Grammarly.
  • Spell check in browser and editor.



  • Not as user-friendly as many of its competitors.
  • This software does not work offline.
  • It is only programmed to provide corrections in English.
  • Catches mistakes, but may not find all of them.
  • No browser extension for Firefox.


Ginger vs. Grammarly vs. WhiteSmoke

There are a lot of other competitors on the market that you may want to explore before you decide to become a Ginger loyalist. Though I will say that Ginger appears to be one of the top performing writing and grammar programs on the market. Currently, I estimate that it pales in comparison to its competitor Grammarly, but only slightly.

As of now, Grammarly has a bit cleaner user interface, spots more mistakes, offers a ton of great features, and as of now appears to be the industry standard for software that aid with writing.

Though Ginger may now be at the backseat to Grammarly, I expect to see great things from this program in the future. For more information regarding Grammarly and WhiteSmoke see Grammarly review and WhiteSmoke review.  Be sure to also check detailed Grammarly vs Ginger comparison and Grammarly vs WhiteSmoke.

blank image 500 x 300
  •    Product Name
  •    Vocabulary Suggestion
  •    Office Extension
  •    Browser Extension
  •    Desktop App
  •    Plagiarism Check
  •    Proofreader
  •    Sentence Rephraser
  •    Upload Documents
  •    Paste Texts
  •    Mobile Apps
  •    Free Version
  •    Email support
  •    FAQ
  •    Telephone support
  •    Spelling Check
  •    Grammar Check
  •    Wordiness Check
  •    Explanations
  •    Incorrect Use of Numbers
  •    Punctuation
  •    Confusing Modifiers
  •    Supported Languages
  •    Price
grammarly vs white smoke vs ginger
  • English
  • Monthly, Quarterly, Annual Plan
    Monthly Plan $29.95 per month, Quarterly Plan is billed in one payment of $59.95 and Annual Plan is billed in one payment of $139.95
ginger vs white smoke vs grammarly
  • English
  • Free and Premium plan
    Monthly – $19.99/month Annual – $149.76/year Two Years plan - $239.76
jetpack vs white smoke vs grammarly
  • English, French, German, Portuguese, and Spanish
  • Free
white smoke vs jetpack vs ginger
  • English
  • Chrome Extension, Essential, Premium, and Business plan
    Depending on which plan you choose you will have access to more or less features.

NOTE: Information in comparison table may be outdated as time goes. Please contact support for each tool if you need accurate data. And if you need grammar and spell checker tool that is more intended for publications, academic and technical writing, then check my Trinka AI review. ProWritingAid is another great tool worth checking.


Ginger vs. Grammarly – Which Will Spot More Mistakes Test?

For this test, I have decided to take this post before any corrections and proofreading to see which tool will spot most mistakes. When in WordPress post editor, you can enable Grammarly browser extension, and it will highlight you all mistakes in the post.

But for more options, you can click on little Grammarly icon at the end of the text in the post, and it will open you instantly text in Grammarly editor when you will see all mistakes.

This is what Grammarly showed me for this post:

more mistakes detected grammarly or ginger

more grammar alerts grammarly or ginger

As you can see above, Grammarly found 131 alerts for the entire post. There are 12 spelling, 27 grammar, 39 punctuation, two fluency, 13 conciseness, one formality, etc. errors.

It also is worth mentioning that grmmarly doesnt detect al mistakes always in first try. In second try it detected more than 150 so you sometimes need to check post more than once.


This is what Ginger Writer showed me for this post:

Now, let’s check what Ginger had to say for my writing mistakes in this post. When in WordPress post editor, you can enable Ginger browser extension, and it will highlight you all mistakes in the post.

But for more options, you can click on little Ginger icon at the end of the text, and it will open you Ginger editor. Unfortunately, in Ginger, you need to manually copy/paste content to its editor while in Grammarly content is automatically added.


ginger grammar and spelling tool test


As you can see, Ginger found 85 errors in total. Grammar 50 and spelling 35 mistakes. This is way less than Grammarly.


My Personal Experience With Ginger Writer

Bloggers, writers, students, and more will reap the benefits of using Ginger as their grammar/spelling checker.

After using the Ginger software program, you can feel better about your writing ability, and you can be confident that your writing will improve, and your weak spots can be eliminated.

Ginger’s text reader and dictionary are excellent aspects for the program to have. You will notice your errors more often with this grammar and spelling checker.

Especially if English is not your mother language, these two features can significantly improve your speaking ability and vocabulary usage.


ginger page desktop settings
Ginger settings tab


Unlike some other programs, once it understands the sentence you have written, it will give you an accurate word to use instead of several different choices which can get confusing for most writers.

Aside from Ginger having one of the best proofreading abilities, it’s helpful that it can be accessed from anywhere on any of your devices, which works great for writers that are always on the go. It’s like having your own personal editor/proofreader in your pocket and always accessible!


Ginger Review Summary

As most writers know, it isn’t all about the grammar that is used, but the need to engage your readers is a top priority.

No matter what your content is, whether it’s a simple email, a blog, or an entire website, you must be able to convince readers that they should read what you have written.

Grammatical and spelling errors are a turn off for many viewers, so using Ginger can help make your writing as flawless as it comes and can help it flow better to grab your reader’s attention.

After using Ginger for over four months, I believe it isn’t as buggy as WhiteSmoke, but it also isn’t as consistent and easy to use as Grammarly.

Grammarly will give a more detailed explanation of the found errors where Ginger keeps it less detailed and only allows for a small explanation of the error.

Should you decide to purchase the premium version of Ginger, you will find helpful videos designed to explain the more common grammatical errors that are made, and also how you can avoid making them in the future.

It also keeps track of all of the sentences that are checked for you, so that you can go back and read up on the most common mistakes you make and correct them in the future.

Ginger’s premium program comes with a translator, but I didn’t find it to be any better than Google Translate, which you have access to for free. The program has both a dictionary and a thesaurus, which is convenient.

It’s also easy to ignore suggestions in Ginger by clicking the text buttons. In addition, there’s an Accept All button that I don’t suggest using often.

As I used the program, I found several suggestions that made the errors worse than they originally were. It’s better to review the suggestions one by one instead of selecting correct all.

Fortunately, the premium version of Ginger is not very expensive, but I suggest you try the free version first to see if you like it. Then you can upgrade to the paid version and access more of the unique features it offers.

Ginger can be used on many devices as it supports multiple platforms. And because the software is cloud-based, it means that you can always use Ginger anywhere, with any device, without losing your data.

Keep in mind that due to the cloud storage that is offered, your data is automatically synced to the cloud, and you will have access to your most recent work anytime you need.

My overall feeling about the Ginger software is that it is an excellent program to use as a grammar and spelling checker as well as a word processor program.

It is indeed, one of the best checkers available online, and I suggest you give it a try for a short period and watch how it helps you improve on your writing skills.

What do you think of this Ginger review? Did it answer any questions you may have had?

If you have already tried using Ginger with your writing, I would love to know your thoughts on the program and how my review stacks up against your experience.

DISCLOSURE: Posts may contain affiliate links. If you buy something through one of those links, I might get a small commission, without any extra cost to you. Read more about it here.

11 thoughts on “Ginger Review PROS & CONS (2023) – How Well It Performs Test”

  1. Ginger has one advantage over Grammarly, at least in the free versions. I can use it within a Windows program that’s not a browser by selecting all text, then pressing CTRL-C and double-pressing the C key when doing this. It will open a window, let you make changes, then you click a button to accept the changes, and it turns your selected text to what you approved.

  2. You should try out the new version of Ginger. This article and many others, have reviewed the old version that was updated earlier this year. It’s not what it once was. A lot of the features listed here are gone. There is no more personal trainer, few customization options, no custom dictionary, and at least to me, it doesn’t work as well as it did before.

  3. It is worth reviewing the privacy policy of Grammarly too. The 3 most significant red flags of their privacy policy are:
    – Grammarly store all data that interacts with grammarly for. This includes documents, emails (if you have the outlook extension) and web activity/key strokes (if you have the chrome extension)
    – This data is stored on US servers, not locally on your machine. It can be stored indefinitely even after deleting your account
    – This data can be shared with others

      1. Regarding privacy for Ginger you can summarize it:

        In order for Ginger to give you the most accurate results, the text you write is sent to their correction servers and then sent back corrected.
        They say they do not store any information, nor transfer it to any 3rd party whatsoever.

        Ginger doesn’t store any sensitive information, the data that is being collected is meant for statistical use to improve product and the use of the Personal Trainer feature.
        They do it in a way that doesn’t compromise the privacy of our users.

    1. Hi Ujen,

      Thanks for sharing this info. I have checked their privacy. There is little more to that, but you are somewhat right.

  4. Grammarly is one of the most reliable and authentic source, through which you can enhance your English grammar and writing. Appreciate the step by step guide to using it.

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