Ginger vs Grammarly Comparison & Proofreading Test (2023)

Grammatical and spelling errors are bound to happen periodically for every writer. Everyone makes mistakes, no matter how proficient they are in their own native language. These errors are often eye-catching and can distract readers and draw their attention away from the message you want to express.

Mistakes are frequently found in many published works. This includes blog posts, articles, and various literature from people who actively speak, write and read the language that their works were written in. It’s good that there are helpful spelling and grammar checkers that can find the errors that the human eye can miss.

Typical spelling errors include spelling mistakes, typographical errors, phonetic mistakes, and words that have been misused. Common grammatical errors can include incorrect singular or plural form or an improper tense, etc.

You have several options if you want to improve your writing. You could dedicate many hours learning more about spelling, grammar, and other elements associated with writing. You can hire a professional to proofread what you write. Or you can use a tool specialized for catching and fixing grammar and spelling mistakes.

Fortunately, several resources can help you create unique articles and blog posts devoid of grammatical and spelling errors. Grammarly and Ginger are two of the popular tools used for these purposes. I’ll evaluate both tools in this Ginger vs Grammarly comparison and describe each tool’s features.


Ginger vs Grammarly

Although Ginger seems to be one of the resources that provide some of the best results, I find that it’s somewhat less effective than Grammarly. There are many alternatives that you can consider before devoting your time and effort to Ginger.

Grammarly tends to identify more errors and has a more intuitive user interface. Grammarly has many impressive functions and is often viewed as the standard in terms of writing assistance tools.

Ginger has some work to do to improve further. However, I do think that they’re on the right path for success in the future.

Below you can see Grammarly vs Ginger comparison based on the features they provide. For further, deeper analysis, be sure to continue reading.

blank image 500 x 300
  •    Product Name
  •    Vocabulary Suggestion
  •    Office Extension
  •    Browser Extension
  •    Desktop App
  •    Plagiarism Check
  •    Proofreader
  •    Sentence Rephraser
  •    Upload Documents
  •    Paste Texts
  •    Mobile Apps
  •    Free Version
  •    Email support
  •    Spelling Check
  •    Grammar Check
  •    Wordiness Check
  •    Explanations
  •    Incorrect Use of Numbers
  •    Punctuation
  •    Confusing Modifiers
  •    Supported Languages
  •    Price
grammarly vs white smoke vs ginger
  • English
  • Monthly, Quarterly, Annual Plan
    Monthly Plan $29.95 per month, Quarterly Plan is billed in one payment of $59.95 and Annual Plan is billed in one payment of $139.95
ginger vs white smoke vs grammarly
  • English
  • Free and Premium plan
    Monthly – $19.99/month Annual – $149.76/year Two Years plan - $239.76

If you feel Grammarly and Ginger are not the right tools for your needs, then be sure to check the Grammarly competitors article, ProWritingAid review, Whitesmoke review and TrinkaAI review.



Ginger Writer is a grammar and spellcheck tool. It looks for uncommon and common grammar and spelling mistakes for you. It provides you with the resources necessary to help improve your writing. Ginger will also provide you with details about the corrections for the mistakes that were detected.


using Ginger software with wordpress
Ginger software – Grammarly alternative tool for grammar and speel check.


The tool will fix punctuation, grammar, and word errors. It will display additional information about selected words and suggested synonyms.

Ginger works well on both mobile devices and desktop computers. It includes a convenient grammar checker that will make corrections and suggestions as you write.


ginger online proofreading
Ginger makes sure everything you
write is mistake-free on Gmail,
Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MS-Office
and everywhere you write.


You can even rephrase various sentences in your writing to prevent repetition. A dictionary resource is available so you can look up words and determine if they fit specific phrases or sentences.

Ginger does much more than tell you what needs to be changed. It provides important suggestions and details that can help you improve your writing skills and abilities.

The learning center function can show you many of the typical errors that most writers make. It explains why certain things are wrong, how to fix those mistakes and how you can avoid making the same error as you continue to write.

Ginger isn’t restricted to just correcting basic grammatical and spelling mistakes. It suggests and fixes style, punctuation, and sentence structure errors in your documents.


ginger grammar spelling tool


Ginger can evaluate your work to see if the verbs and subjects agree or give feedback on words that are either out of context or not used appropriately.

Ginger features:

  • Grammar checker – The grammar checker will evaluate your work for contextual spelling, consecutive nouns, misused words, plural/singular nouns, verb and subject agreement, and other typical grammatical mistakes.
  • Spell check – Typographical errors can be identified and fixed thanks to this feature.
  • Sentence rephrase – This feature can be used to express your point in a clear, concise manner.
  • Personal trainer – A function that accumulates your previous writing errors. It uses that information to prepare practice sessions to enhance your writing ability.
  • Text reader – This is a text-to-speech engine that can help to improve pronunciation abilities. You can pick accents that you want Ginger to pronounce certain words in.
  • Translator – Your content can be easily translated into a variety of different international languages.
  • Dictionary – The dictionary can be used to understand the meaning of words that you use in writing.

Ginger comes in a free and paid plan. There is a free limit included in the free edition of Ginger. Ginger will still show you corrections for words that you misspelled after that limit has been reached. However, the corrected word must be input by hand once you’ve surpassed the limit.

Ginger premium plan can be paid monthly, annual, or two years.

Features Free Premium
Grammar Checker Limited corrections Unlimited AI-powered corrections
Definitions Yes Yes
Synonyms Limited Unlimited
Sentence Rephraser Limited Unlimited
Translation No Translate to 40+ languages

For more information about Ginger features, as well as pros and cons, be sure to check my Ginger review.



Grammarly is a valuable editor tool for writers. The free version looks at sentence structure, punctuation, grammar, and spelling. Premium plan has all of the same functions as the free edition, in addition to plagiarism checker, wordiness, passive voice use, clarity, and word choice checks.


Grammarly suggestions example.


The vocabulary enhancement feature in Grammarly’s paid versions is beneficial, allowing you to see overused words. The tool will also provide suggestions for other words that could be used in their place.

For example, you may want to use the word “necessary” instead of “important.” This can improve your writing’s clarity. Information about repetitive words and weak adjectives will also be provided.


Grammarly tone detector feature. Grammarly spell check option.
Grammarly rephrase sentence feature. Grammarly reformat list option.
Grammarly punctuation check. Grammarly correct date feature.


Grammarly can help you find better ways to convey your meaning. It assists in identifying and correcting tone, style, spelling, and grammatical mistakes.

Grammarly can be used for recreational writing, professional writing, casual writing, and much more. It can add improvements to your blog posts, formal papers, social media posts, and emails.

Grammarly is an online application. There isn’t any software that you need to download. All that’s required are a Grammarly account and a good Internet connection. You can also download the following Grammarly addons so that you can write effectively at any time:

  • The Grammarly browser extension for Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.
  • Grammarly’s desktop app for your Mac or PC.
  • Grammarly for Microsoft Office.

Identifying and correcting mistakes on sites is simple due to the browser extension that is offered with Grammarly. You can update your Facebook status, write articles, type a tweet or perform many other kinds of writing activities online and the web extension will do its magic. You will be shown all of your existing errors by the Grammarly extension and ways to correct them.

You don’t need to log in to Grammarly every time you want to use the web extension. You can leave the extension on all the time or turn it off or on per website as needed.

Scanning occurs as changes are made, saving you a lot of time and effort in identifying and correcting spelling and grammatical mistakes.


How Grammarly works?
Grammarly will automatically scan your content and find errors.


However, you may run into situations when you can’t use the web extension for various reasons. Because of that, there are native Mac and Windows Grammarly apps that can be used. Your desktop computer can be used quickly access the Grammarly editor.

Another amazing way to use Grammarly is to download the Microsoft add-on, which can be used in Word and Outlook.

For more info regarding Grammarly, be sure to check my Grammarly review post or Grammarly vs ProWritingAid and WhiteSmoke vs Grammarly comparison.


Testing Grammarly vs Ginger – Which Performs Better?

I have tested both tools using the same text and run it through each grammar tool to see which will find the most mistakes.


grammarly grammar and spell check test


ginger grammar and spell check test

Ginger, in this test, didn’t perform well and found all mistakes.


I have taken another test. This is what I get with Grammarly:

more mistakes detected grammarly or ginger

more grammar alerts grammarly or ginger


You can see that Grammarly found 131 alerts for the entire post. There are 12 spelling, 27 grammar, 39 punctuation, two fluency, 13 conciseness, one formality, etc.

It worth mentioning that Grammarly doesn’t detect all mistakes always in the first try. On the second try, it detected more than 150, so sometimes, you need to check the post more than once.


Let’s see mistakes that Ginger found:

Let’s check how many mistakes did Ginger found in this test. You can use Grammarly or Ginger browser extension when in WordPress post editor, and it will highlight all mistakes.

You can also click on the little icon at the end of the text, and it will open the editor. Unfortunately, in Ginger, you need to manually copy/paste content to its editor, while in Grammarly, content is automatically added.

This is what Ginger showed regarding mistakes:


ginger grammar and spelling tool test


As you can see, Ginger found 85 errors in total. Grammar 50 and spelling 35 mistakes. This is way less than Grammarly.


Ginger vs Grammarly Summary

Spelling and grammatical mistakes occur in many texts more often than you may think. This can even happen to people who are writing in their native language. Good grammar and spell-checking tools can quickly detect and correct those errors.

Major spelling errors, typos, misused words, and phonetic errors are common spelling mistakes. Grammatical mistakes can be improper tenses, incorrect singular or plural usage, and almost anything in between.

Grammarly is trusted because of its precision and attention to detail. It notices many grammatical mistakes and has a high accuracy score. Grammarly is a handy tool, but it doesn’t find every grammar, spelling, or syntax error.

Grammarly is much simpler and more dependable than Ginger. Ginger provides brief explanations of mistakes found, but Grammarly provides much more thorough explanations and descriptions of the errors that it detects.

People who buy one Ginger premium plan also gain access to helpful videos. These videos explain many typical grammatical mistakes and how writers can steer clear of them in their writing.

Ginger monitors all sentences that it evaluated for you. You can revisit them at any time and learn about common grammatical and spelling errors you do so that you won’t make them in later works.

A translator is also included in Ginger’s premium version. This translator isn’t any better than Google Translator, but it does have a thesaurus and dictionary that can be used.

I hope this Grammarly or Ginger comparison helped you choose best tool for your needs. It’s not always easy to select the ultimate proofreading tool. The resource you pick should have effective grammar checking capabilities that can help to enhance what you’ve written.

It would be best if you also determined whether you need a web-based or desktop tool. Don’t forget about any other features which are provided that could benefit you.

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  1. I have been using grammerly for a long time and the only thing i didn’t like is it’s “plagiarism” checking tool. because whenever i try to check my post is copied or not, it always shows “no plagiarish found” even when i copied content from other sites.

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