HostPapa Managed WordPress Hosting Review

Managed WordPress hosting offers a hands-off experience to the website’s owner. If you use standard hosting packages, you typically get a certain space on a remote server of the host.

With that, you can access site-building tools and general support by the host. However, unless you accommodate yourself with good IT and developer staff to do the technical work to improve your site, the maintenance of the website is solely up to you.

The maintenance usually includes updating your website, configuring different themes and relevant plugins to increase traffic, and, of course, making sure the content on the website is up to date and easily accessible to the visitors.

This work is not easy, and it involves taking care of numerous tasks that run on the backend, which call for technical expertise and proper time and effort.

Are you sure you can do all that alone?

If not, you have a simple option to get managed WordPress hosting, which means that the hosting company or the “host” will take care of everything for you. The host will ensure that all the tasks above are taken completely care of to allow your website to run smoothly and effectively.

One hosting company that makes a difference in its provision is HostPapa, and this HostPapa Managed WordPress hosting review will let you know exactly what they offer.


Why Use HostPapa Managed WordPress?

HostPapa undoubtedly provides a unique experience when it comes to managed WordPress hosting. Not only do the website owners get A-grade security, but the speed of the site gets visibly improved.


Managed WordPress hosting by HostPapa.


Clients of HostPapa get peace of mind after choosing HostPapa as their primary WordPress manager with excellent customer support and without worries about updates, security, performance, and speed.

In other words, clients can transfer their site management headache to the experienced team at HostPapa and focus on something much more important: growing their business.

To better understand why HostPapa is the right option for you in terms of managed WordPress hosting, let’s talk about the advanced features they offer to their clients in managed WordPress hosting.


Advanced Features

What makes HostPapa a market leader and unique provider in managed WordPress hosting is the excellent team of experienced individuals working at the backend that offer their clients a long list of advanced features. Some of the most important features they offer are listed below.


HostPapa managed WordPress hosting features.



Managed WordPress Hosting with HostPapa gives you the ability to upgrade your website with the world’s fastest CDN.

You can accelerate your WordPress website to over 250 caching locations with Global Edge Hosting Locations. HostPapa promises to deliver your website to your global site visitors and ensures the most optimal experience everywhere in the world.

The service is powered by Cloudflare Enterprise, which lets its CDN put copies of your website worldwide, enabling top-to-bottom fast delivery of content.

Most search engines, including Google, show websites that load faster in SERPs. You can boost your site with HostPapa with its enterprise-grade technology to avoid the consequences of slow load times, which can give you chances to make your place on top pages.

Every site you get hosted from HostPapa is optimized for WordPress right out of the box, including Full Page Caching, Smart Routing, image and file optimizations, size optimizations, and flashing speed.

Whether the user is using a phone or desktop to visit your site, HostPapa’s platform allows good loading speeds, which reduce the chance for customers to exit and bounce. That way, you lose no customers to slow loading.

There is nothing to doubt that customers want pages to load instantly. If they have to wait, they will go somewhere else. And to be frank, they have a lot of options. That is why you need to ensure that your speed doesn’t falter. And that is where HostPapa guarantees to slash your bounce rate and keep customers solely on your site.

Managed WordPress will make the difference clear to you and your customers on day one, whether you are on desktop or mobile. Your new boost in speed will also make the search engine prioritize you over your competitors.


Maximum Uptime

Managed WordPress hosting by HostPapa promises to give your website global distribution with 99.9% uptime, even when your site is at peak traffic.


Effective Security

When it comes to the security of websites, the usual first step is to get an SSL certificate. Well, HostPapa takes you beyond the free SSL certificate with their security provisions in their managed WordPress.


HostPapa backups.


You don’t have to pay the cost of additional security features that come in their package.


Web Application Firewall

Managed WordPress by HostPapa gives your website two firewall protections. Every WordPress website, upon installation, would receive a web application firewall (WAF) and a local website firewall that will scan all the incoming requests to shield your website from the threats and exploitation of vulnerabilities.


Real-time Malware Scanning & Patching

This feature stops malicious incoming requests before they get close. It uses Cloudflare Enterprise WAF to provide SQL injection prevention, DDoS protection, and other security vulnerabilities.


Daily Offsite Backups

Loss of data is one of the biggest losses for any company, and each minute spent for the recovery of the data adds to that loss. That is why HostPapa automatically backs up your WordPress data every night. In case of loss, which is less than likely to occur, recovery can be done with just a single click. That will not cause any delay in the restoration of the data.


Website Analytics & Reporting

All the security measures and analytics can be visible to the website owner. You can stay up to date on all the security events with HostPapa’s integrated real-time WAF reporting. You can check on every security event on your website with only a few clicks.


Professional Support

A team of professionals at HostPapa, known as PapaSquad, is always available to help their clients and those who wish to become one. It would not keep you long whenever you have a query, concern, or complaint.

The HostPapa team assures you to remove your stress by providing a very low-maintenance and time-saving hosting experience.

The clients can contact their industry-leading support team anytime they want through any medium, including chat, email, or live support.


Transfer Site To HostPapa

You can easily set your site up with HostPapa. Follow the steps below.

First, log in to the HostPapa dashboard with your Client ID and password. The credentials will be set up once you sign up with HostPapa.

As you scroll down the screen, you will see the list of tickets you have generated or not. Simply go to “View All Tickets.”

Go to “Open New Ticket” and fill out the form. In the subject line, make sure to mention that you would like to transfer your site to HostPapa from your current provider.

Don’t forget to include the name of your current hosting provider, your website URL, and any additional information that you think would help the company, including any media or document files. Customers will need to provide their current provider login details to transfer data.

Once the form is filled, click “Submit.” After submitting your form, the member from the HostPapa team will contact you with the relevant questions, and the process of transferring your website to HostPapa will begin.


HostPapa Managed WordPress Hosting Pros & Cons

Just like every other service, managed WordPress hosting by HostPapa has its pros and cons that will help decide whether you want your WordPress website to be managed by HostPapa or not.


  • A-grade security provision with multiple firewalls, malware scanning and patching, daily offsite backups, and website analytics and reporting.
  • Visible improvement in speed and fast content delivery network.
  • 99.9% website uptime.
  • Websites are out of the box optimized for Full Page Caching, Smart Routing, image and file optimizations.
  • Professional support via chat, email, or live support.
  • Straightforward setup process.


  • Since managed WordPress hosting is a more enhanced service, it will cost more than shared hosting.
  • The hosting is for WordPress websites only.
  • Managed WordPress hosting services might limit specific plugins, especially those that feature third-party software.


HostPapa Managed WordPress Hosting Review Conclusion

Choosing the right provider for managed WordPress hosting is not something you can decide overnight. You have to look into the large pool of providers for the one that offers the features that you most need. Next, you have to consider its pros and cons to make the final decision.

What we have done in this review is have made everything easy for you to decide. You have advanced features to consider, and 99.9% uptime and multiple WAF security for your website is not something easy to ignore.

Moreover, visibly, the pros outrun the cons by a long shot. It seems like HostPapa managed WordPress hosting is a worthy option. But there are also good alternatives. If HostPapa is not the managed hosting you are looking for, then I suggest you check WP Engine review, 10Web review or Cloudways review.




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