How To Import Word Content Into WordPress Using Document Importer?

A common issue with using Microsoft Word in conjunction with the WordPress is how to import Word content into WordPress maintaining the look and feel of the content formatted in Word. If you mostly work with documents in MS Word you may be aware it adds all kinds of formatting tags to its text.

Those formats do not translate well when pasted from Word into a WYSIWYG editor. At best, pasting from Word directly into WordPress “Visual” editor will cause formatting issues.

In worst case scenario it will also bring errors in coding that could display alongside your content. Big number of users is frustrated with how the format of their files easily gets destroyed when trying to copy/paste from Word.

There are many writers who watch out when formatting their documents such as justification and alignment. The size of text also changes as well as the fonts used. To solve this, you need to import your content into WordPress without Word’s formatting.

From WordPress 3.9 version the “paste from word” button was removed entirely. It includes TinyMCE 4.0 and has better built-in support for pasting in blocks of text for Microsoft Word.




WordPress now detects if the pasted text is coming from MS Word and makes the appropriate changes. Yet, final results are not always quit good enough.


Import Word Content Into WordPress

Plugmatter Document Importer is a WordPress plugin that allows users to import document content directly into WordPress Editor. It provides simple and quick way to import docx files without losing formatting. You can import content from computer, Dropbox or Google Drive.

Using document importer plugin to import Word contents into WordPress, will eliminate tasks such as manual editing or formating lengthy document content after importing the files.

This plugin only imports .docx files. When you import your content into WordPress editor, Document Importer uploads the images in their respective places while retaining the image size, alignment.

It also uploads all the images automatically into your WordPress Media Library  for your future use. There is no need to manually insert links to content. Document Importer ensures that all your links are intact when content is imported the WordPress Editor.

Plugin makes your text to appear exactly how it is in your docx file. You don’t have to bold or italicize your text anymore once you import or change the formatting of the side-headings, font color, etc.

There is no need to adjust bullet points in the editor as the plugin retains them as they are. Use of document importer plugin by Plugmatter saves significant time and energy for its users.

UPDATE: This plugin is discontinued and no longer supported


How Does Plugmatter Document Importer Work?

The Document Importer by Plugmatter has been specifically made and developed to run in WordPress. It won’t work on Joomla or Drupal sites. It uses WordPress functionality and therefore will not work on any other content management system.

After installing the plugin you will have new option on your post and pages. When adding new post/page you will notice little widget on right side. The user  is presented with three options. If wanted, content can be imported from: Computer, Google Docs or Dropbox.

Google Documents and Dropbox require to set up API keys in the plugin Settings. For the Computer option, there’s no preliminary steps needed to import files. Dont worry. Setup is very easy and guides can be found on official site. After importing the document, all you have to do is hit Publish. Simple!


Why Use Document Importer?

The plugin allows you to retain all the content formatting including:

  • Providing links in the content
  • Uploading, resizing images
  • Giving header tags, bolding or italicizing texts
  • Removing extra spaces between paragraphs
  • Dealing with frustrating bullet points

By using Document Importer by Plugmatter, you can save a significant amount of time and energy. For any issues with the plugin, you can email support.


How is This Different Compared to “Paste from Word?”

Document Importer is different from Paste from Word in various ways. This plugin uses advance XSLT parser to convert a word file into an HTML file, which retain all the formatting when imported.

Plugin not only imports images with the content but also adds them to media gallery, automatically. This allows you to use the images for future purposes.


Plugmatter Document Importer Free vs Paid

There is also free version of plugin. Document Importer by Plugmatter Lite can be found in WordPress repository. The difference between paid and free version is that in free you can only import documents from computer. In order to use Google Drive and Dropbox you will need to upgrade to pro plan.

Lite version could be enough for most users. If you need more options consider paying for PRO. Also be sure to check other Plugmatter producs like Optin Box Plugin specially made to grab visitor attention and increase conversions and Plugmatter Pricing Tables plugin to create stunning tables in WordPress.

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3 thoughts on “How To Import Word Content Into WordPress Using Document Importer?”

  1. Thanks for the read!
    I’m the kind of guy who likes to write my posts offline, at my computer, and this plugin could look like the answer to my search for the right tool.
    I have tried Windows Live Writer, but it didn’t satisfy my needs.
    Then I stumbled on Clarify, it’s great, but has its limitations. It’s step by step based, and there’s no control of images.
    I will install MS Word again, and take this plugin for a spin, maybe it will come out as a winner.

    1. I am glad you find post useful. Yes, many experience same issues. You can try free version of Document Importer and see how it goes.

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