iMyFone Filme Review PROS & CONS (2023) – Best Video Editing Software?

iMyFone Filme


Easy to use




Costs & Fees





  • Various basic and advanced editing options
  • Filme allows you make a video like a pro
  • Support recording and screen recording function
  • Support one-click template background music replacement
  • Support wireless devices to import resources (from ios and Android devices) and support importing materials via scanning QR code
  • One-click upload to Facebook\Twitter\YouTube\ Vimeo platforms
  • Increase some dynamic effects and filters


  • Not many template options
  • There is a bit of learning curve
  • No free version available

Editing videos isn’t always easy. Some resources are more complicated than necessary. It can take some time to find the right video editing tool. Until you start using the software, you won’t really be able to determine its ease of use, the available features, how it works, and whether it will actually meet your needs.

You need a tool that won’t require you to take hours out of your life poring over different guides and articles that are available online to find out how it works. Some solutions can simplify editing videos. One such tool is iMyFone Filme.

All types of unique slideshows and videos can be created without needing any video production knowledge or experience when using iMyFone Filme. The intuitive drag and drop interface makes the software incredibly easy to use. Videos can be created in mere minutes using the elements that you’ve added.

iMyFone Filme simplifies video creation for novices because they don’t have to decipher any complex instructions or try to comprehend tools that don’t really make much sense. In this iMyFone Filme review, I will show all the features that come with it and how to use.


iMyFone Filme Review

iMyFone offers products such as iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad data recovery. They allow users to transfer media files back and forth between their computer or iTunes and iOS devices, restore selected iCloud or iTunes backups, erase data permanently and free up storage space.

They are well-known maker of various useful tools like MagicMic, MarkGo, etc. Now this company has launched its free video editing software named Filme Video Editor.


Filme video editor options.


Computer users can create their own videos with iMyFone Filme. This video editing software lets people create and edit videos and create videos from photos with a variety of templates, graphics, music, effects, and filters to make the final product amazing.


Filme video editing tool filters.


Both Windows and Mac users can edit videos with iMyFone Filme. New users and novices are considered the software’s primary demographics, although experienced users can also use it. This iMyFone Filme review will look at the resource’s essential functions and features in greater detail. I will mention some of the Filme features. For more info, be sure to check Filme user guide.


Professional Features

Filme Video Editor comes with three professional features. Those are Fast Video Mode, Multiple Editing Modes, and Quick Slideshow Maker.


1. Fast Video Mode

A single click of the mouse is all that’s required to create impressive slideshows or videos in this mode with built-in templates.


Filme fast video mode options.


Filme’s categories in Fast Mode Templates are wedding, birthday, holidays, travel, education, business, etc. Choose your desired category and apply the effect you want to use.


iMyFone Filme templates.


2. Multiple Editing Modes

You have even more flexibility with Multiple Editing Modes. GIFs, videos, and pictures can be added to enhance your creations. These functions are useful when multiple layers need to be added to certain videos.

Adding more timeline media is possible in this editing mode. Videos can be edited easier, and playback will have a more coherent, uninterrupted flow.


3. Quick Slideshow Maker

Filme emphasized the Quick Slideshow Maker, even though it isn’t really a professional function. Slideshow makers are already available with most video editing software tools. Slideshows can be built with transitions and pictures.


Basic Editing Tools

A good video editor has several convenient rudimentary editing tools. One mouse click allows us to rotate, trim, crop, and other basic functions with Filme Video Editor.


iMyFone Filme basic editing options.


Some Basic tools in Filme Video Editor are Crop Tool, Split Tool, Rotate Tool, Adjust Speed, Editing Tools, and Picture-in-Picture Effects.


1. Crop Tool

iMyFone Filme simplifies video cropping. You can create different effects, resize and crop videos as you see fit. You can select aspect ratio (9:16, 16:9, 1:1, 4:3, etc.) as you crop videos. You can simultaneously press the Alt + C or choosing the Crop Tool option to crop the videos


2. Split Tool

What’s the best way to only get a part of the video? If you want a smaller section, you have to split or cut the original video. Pressing the Alt + S shortcut key or clicking on the Split button will allow you to split videos in Filme Video Maker.


3. Rotate Tool

Sometimes, people will capture videos with a portable camera or cell phone mistakenly taken in a vertical orientation. You can rotate your videos by double-clicking click on that clip, and rotation arrows will help you do this.


4. Adjust Speed

Not all raw videos taken with smartphones and other devices achieve optimal results. You can increase speed to create noteworthy time lapses. You can also reduce the video’s speed to draw attention to specific moments.

Adjusting video speed is incredibly easy. You can accomplish this by pressing the Ctrl + R or by clicking on the speed button.


5. Editing Tools

The editing tools are those which make your videos more attractive. Filme tool comes with these editing options: Brightness, Contrast, White balance, Rotate, Scale, Offset, Volume, Fade in Volume, Volume Fade-out.


6. Picture-in-Picture Effects

When two videos or images are displayed simultaneously, it’s known as a picture-in-picture effect. A smaller video or image is usually shown on top of a larger image or video when this happens. Podcasters and reviewers usually use this kind of effect. You can put one image or video above another in Filme Video Editor to achieve this effect.


Effects Features

If you’re looking for more than just switching frames, you can integrate appealing transition effects into your videos and slideshows. Frames can be flipped. One frame can be wiped over another, and frames can gradually dissolve or fade. You can use these four effect features in Filme Video Editor: Basic Effects, Transitions, Text options, and Audio.


1. Basic Effects

You can make your digital stories stand out by adding animations and filters. Wedding and education are some of the basic effects that can help make your videos more appealing.


Filme available effects.


2. Transitions

Transitions are displayed between different clips. Clips are supposed to logically transition from one to the other as they are combined. Panning from one person to another, dissolving, a fade to black or another fade, an image change, or an instant scene change are examples of digital effects regularly used as transitions.


Filme Video Maker transitions.


Filme Video Editor lets you add any transition that you want to create emphasis.


3. Text Options

Your video can be summed up by its title. Choose a title that’s easy to understand, sparks interest, and draws attention. Luckily, Filme allows you to create amazing titles.


iMyFone Filme text options.


Cinematic titles can be created in Filme Video Editor in a matter of moments. You can also customize the colors and fonts of your title text.


4. Audio

Audio and video codecs, or audio and video recording, are typically lossy compressed, lossless compressed, or uncompressed. The exact structure will depend on the intended use and quality.


Filme video editing audio features.


Filme Video Editor can record and edit vocal and music recordings that can be integrated into works for others to enjoy. With the voice changer feature, you can quickly record over existing vocal tracks or change the original video/audio voice.


iMyFone Filme voice changer feature.
Filme voice changer feature.


Advanced Features

Filme Video Editor comes with advanced features such as Instant Preview, Multi-Layer, Multitrack Audio, and Adjust Style.


1. Instant Preview

A brief audio and video preview for Facebook and YouTube can be made with the Instant Preview feature. You can also preview your video as you’re making changes to it. Filme Video Editor makes it possible to view your creation before it’s been completed.


2. Multi-Layer

Stacking multiple elements in a video project timeline to all be played back together at the same time is known as layering. You can create teasers, bumpers, and montages for music videos by repositioning and rotating clips and scaling and rearranging the stacking order.


Filme editor elements.


Multi-layering of overlays, animations, transitions, images, text, audio, and video components is fully supported by Filme.


3. Multitrack Audio

Adding more audio layers to a video or timeline is referred to as multitrack audio. It allows one file to consist of multiple audio and video files. This method is frequently used for demonstrations and software training videos by screencasting or creating video recordings of the computer screen.

You can feel like you’re in a recording studio’s mixing room by using Filme Video Maker. Eight or more audio tracks can be played at the same time.


4. Adjust Style

Many post-production processes involve video editing. Portions of sound recordings, special effects, and production footage from motion video are altered as needed. You can attain a certain atmosphere or style by adjusting an item or video’s colors or altering a soundtrack.


How To Use Filme Video Maker?

The interface will have the Media Library in the upper left-hand corner. Audio, image, and video files can be imported here. Audio clips, text (credits, captions, and so on), and filters are some of the effects you can use.


How to use Filme video editor?


If you want to make a high-quality video in minutes, the Fast Video Mode can be used to apply the template that you want.

Preview Window allows you to see a preview of the project in the timeline. Play speed, resolution, ratio, and other preview settings can be set up, and you can complete basic editing in this section.


Filme media editor.


In Toolbar, you can find the tools to delete, split, and crop any media clip in the timeline, change its speed, adjust atmosphere, rotate/scale/offset, etc. Completed videos can be exported to your computer or another device that you choose by choosing the Export option after you’ve finished making changes.

Effects and media files for video projects are put together in the Timeline section. Clips can be altered and adjusted as you see fit.

The panel has a gear icon in the Editing Window. When you launch iMyFone Filme, the editing window doesn’t launch automatically. You have to upload a clip and then double click on it after the clip has been dragged to the timeline. You’ll be able to change the position, speed, atmosphere, and other attributes once the editing window appears.


Filme Pricing

iMyFone Filme has several pricing options and a trial option:

  • Free trial – You can go to the official iMyFone Filme website to download the free trial. As soon as the software has been installed, you can use the software free for 30 days but with certain limitations.
  • Lifetime license – You can purchase the lifetime license for $59.95. This is a one-time payment. There are no annual or monthly dues associated with this option. The lifetime works much like a one-year subscription and can be used on one computer at a time. There are also lifetime plans for more than 1 PC.
  • 1-month plan – The price for the monthly plan is $29.95 for usage on 1 PC.
  • 1-year plan – The price for an annual plan is $39.95 for usage on 1 PC.

In free trial watermarks will appear on the exported videos. When you try to export a video, a window will tell you that the exported video will have a watermark. To remove the watermark, you will need to upgrade to a paid plan.

There is also iMyFone Filme Lite version intended for iPhones. You can download it for free from the AppStore.

NOTE: Take advantage of a 70% off offer and a 3-month license giveaway.


iMyFone Filme Pros & Cons

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of using iMyFone Filme.


  • Easy to use for beginners.
  • Provides various effects for video editing.
  • Available royalty-free music.
  • Screen recording feature.
  • Voice changer option.
  • Various text and overlay animations.
  • Transitions, filters, and elements.
  • It comes with advanced video options.
  • Fast video mode.
  • Export quickly any video.
  • 720P / 1080P / 4K export.
  • Export as 15+ video formats.
  • Free trial option.


  • Template choices are rather limited.
  • The learning curve is a bit steeper than anticipated.
  • No free version available.


iMyFone Filme Review Conclusion

The ease of creating unique videos and slideshows that have a very professional look and feel was the most important function that I identified from this software. You won’t need to spend extensive time going over any instruction manuals or guides before using them.

You can use photos and videos of festivals, gym sessions, travels, weddings, birthdays, and other special events. It’s even easy to create your own impressive social media advertisements. If you create gaming content, you can also use this resource as your own gaming video editing software.

All essential primary editing features are included with iMyFone Filme. Their toolset allows you to conveniently add a picture in picture effects, adjust speed, rotate, split, crop, trim, cut, and much more. Drag the video that you want to work on, choose the appropriate tool and make your changes.

iMyFone Filme lets you create all types of diverse slideshows. No complicated video editing skills are required. Images from various events can be used. All you have to do is to drag and drop those elements where you want them to go. You won’t have to worry about making adjustments or altering your composition’s settings.


Filme available resources.


The software comes with several different effects that can enhance your videos. If you prefer, any of the hundreds of effects can be applied to a portion of your video or the entire video. You can perfect your videos by adding audio recordings, cinematic text effects, transitions, and more.

iMyFone Filme is geared toward beginners. It can fulfill the primary needs for basic editing and has plenty of advanced settings. Style adjustments, multiple-track audio, multiple-layer videos, and instant previews are just some of the included functions and tools. You may not need all of these options right away, but it’s good to know that they’re there when needed.

The software also excels at helping you edit music videos. MOV, MKV, 3GP, WMA, AAC, M4A, MPEG, MP4, MP3, and many other audio and video content formats can be edited with iMyFone Filme. Basically, any format that works on your computer can be edited with the software.

If you want a simple video editing software solution, you can’t go wrong with iMyFone Filme. There are versions for Mac and Windows users. It’s a great time saver for novices and experienced professionals.

iMyFone Filme produces high-quality videos, runs well without bugs, and has a very intuitive interface. The lifetime plan can save you a lot of money if you plan to use this tool regularly. You can try out their features with a trial option and purchase the product if you like how it operates.

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