IObit Advanced SystemCare Pro Review PROS & CONS (2023)

Advanced SystemCare Pro


Easy to use









  • Lot of Handy Tools
  • Modern & Easy Interface
  • Protects the privacy by eliminating the tracking data.
  • Single Click Cleaning, update, and speed up
  • Analyze the windows registry and removes unwanted entries
  • Detects PUP, Spyware, and other infections
  • Enhances the browsing by clearing the browser’s clutters.


  • Upsell ads in Pro version
  • Some extras need to be downloaded separately
  • Doesn’t scan external files

IObit Advanced SystemCare is more than just a traditional protection-centered security resource. It includes many helpful user-based optimization functions. SystemCare helps people avoid online threats and provides valuable tools for improving performance.

Basic optimization and protection features are available in the free version, while paid version brings many more features. This Advanced SystemCare Pro review will talk about both versions, compatibility, price, available functions, advantages, and disadvantages.


Advanced SystemCare Pro Review

You can download Advanced SystemCare from the official website. People with the free version can purchase the pro version or enter their license code to upgrade to the Pro version. The Pro version will be the primary focus of this article.


System Scan

Under the “Care” section, you will find the “Scan” option. System scan is necessary for Advanced SystemCare to get a better understanding of what needs to be tuned. You can choose what portions you want to be analyzed or let the entire system be scanned. After the scan is finished, nothing will actually be changed unless you allow it.


Advanced SytemCare scanning process.


The free version can be used to perform system scans. However, you won’t get access to many of the fixes it suggests unless you pay. There is AI Mode and Manual Mode. In Manual Mode, you choose which options to enable, and in AI Mode, optimization happens automatically based on the status of your PC.


Advanced SytemCare manual and AI scan mode.


When in Manual Mode, you can click on the icon next to different options to obtain more information about them.


Advanced SytemCare scan settings.


Here is a full list of options available:

  • Privacy Sweep – Removes Windows and browser history (files that were recently accessed, etc.).
  • Junk File Clean – Deletes any junk on your computer that remains from old Windows processes or uninstalled programs.
  • Shortcut Fix – Inactive or unavailable shortcuts for desktop files, programs, and other relevant items will be deleted.
  • Registry Clean – Deletes virus remnants, unnecessary shortcuts, and uninstalled program Windows registry keys.
  • System Optimization – How you use your PC is what this Pro version feature concentrates on. “Server,” “Office Work,” and “Daily User” are some of the activities that the tool will allocate resources for.
  • Internet Boost – This is another function that’s only found in the Pro version of Advanced SystemCare. It stabilizes your network and accelerates internet speed by prioritizing bandwidth and choosing the best channel for your area.
  • Registry Defrag – Your registry performance will be optimized.
  • Disk Optimization – Optimizes hard drive so that frequently used data, programs, and files can be accessed in less time.
  • Antivirus Protection – Advanced SystemCare will either ensure that your own antivirus program is fully operational or use its own program to prevent malware and viruses.
  • Firewall – Additional feature for better security that will ensure your existing Windows Firewall protects your devices from potential problems outside your network.
  • Hardware Health – Updates hardware drivers.
  • Software Health – Outdated software will be identified and updated.
  • Spyware Removal – Detects and removes programs and viruses designed to spy on browser and/or computer data and usage.
  • Security Reinforce – Your system will be scanned for possible areas that viruses or hackers could take advantage of. Any Windows features that could cause privacy breaches are deactivated.
  • Vulnerability Fix – Finds problems with your existing Windows installation. They are fixed, enabled, or disabled as needed.
  • Disk Check – Analyzes hard drive performance. Errors and failures are identified and corrected.


Speed Up

Improving computer speed is the focus of this software section. Let’s take a closer look at the available features and what they do.


Advanced SytemCare speed up options.


Hardware Accelerator

This starts extra program called Driver Booster that is used to update drivers detected by the Care scan.


Turbo Boost

This feature can free up additional RAM by turning off any background processes that you don’t need. You can use the basic setting or enable the Economy, Gaming, or Work modes. This is much more detailed than the regular system optimizer option in the Care section.


Advanced SytemCare turbo boost feature.


Be noted, it doesn’t close programs. Instead, it prevents any active background processes programs from regularly using RAM while you’re concentrating on specific tasks. A good feature that lets your computer perform more efficiently.


Advanced SytemCare boost modes.


Startup Optimizer

It’s a convenient function that lets you decide what programs you do and don’t want to start when the computer starts up. You can always opt to open various programs at a later time if you prefer.


Advanced SytemCare Pro startup optimizer.


Real-Time TuneUp

You can see and manage your CPU optimization and RAM usage with this intuitive widget.


Advanced SytemCare real time performance widget.


You can press a button on the right to optimize RAM manually or use the small button that appears on the left-hand side for automatic optimization.


Advanced SytemCare performance monitor.


App & Toolbar Cleaner

This option starts an add-on program called IObit Uninstaller. App and Toolbar Cleaner tells you which browser extensions/plugins and programs (or apps) haven’t been used in at least the last three months or longer. You can use this add-on to remove those programs. It does a better job than the standard Windows Add/Remove function that most of us are used to.



Here you will find some options to protect your sensitive data.


Advanced SytemCare protect features.


System Protection

This feature protects your system from external threats using Windows Defender, Firewall Protection, and Anti-Spyware.


Browser Protection

All browsers that are currently installed on your system will be protected. This includes the following items:

  • Email protection – Yahoo, Outlook, and Gmail support with the option to automatically identify threats that are beyond what most emails will detect. Another option is the ability to use a whitelist that will let you receive emails from trusted senders that may otherwise be deemed as suspicious emails.
  • Ads removal – Most website ads will be blocked. It’s almost like a less powerful Ad blocker edition.
  • Surfing protection – Keeps you away from dangerous or unsecured sites. You’ll also be safe from “cryptocurrency mining.” This occurs when other websites mine for digital currencies by taking over your CPU capabilities.
  • Anti-tracking – Automatically cleans cookies, cache, and web history for sites you visit. Sites that you regularly use and know are safe can be added to your whitelist.
  • Homepage advisor -This handy function informs you if someone or something is attempting to convert your home page into a spoof page or making changes that contain plenty of ads or are harmful in other ways.


Advanced SytemCare browser protection options.


Privacy Protection

This feature allows you to choose certain protected files, browsing history, contacts, and other important information that you’ll be notified about if an unauthorized user attempts to access them.


Advanced SytemCare privacy protection feature.


It acts as a form of passwordless protection and can be another layer of security.


Software Updater

Any software that was found to be out of date by the system scan can be updated here. Typically, the programs will be auto-downloaded during the scan, but it is here whether you choose actually to install those updates.


Advanced SytemCare software updater.


Action Center

If you went to this section expecting to see plenty of threats found, you’re going to be disappointed. Instead, you’ll find several ads for other premium software that IObit offers.


Advanced SytemCare action center.


Other Features

Some numerous other tools and features either come native with the program or as free add-ons:

  • FaceID – To determine whether or not you are trying to access your computer, facial recognition technology, and your webcam are used.
  • MyWin10 – Helps identify and fix problems with OS by optimization of Windows 10.
  • System Information – Your system’s hardware, specifications, and other relevant data will be shown as a comprehensive overview.
  • Auto Shutdown – No matter what your computer’s restart settings may be, your machine will be shut down automatically at a predetermined time.
  • Portable Version – Create a portable version of the program that can be put on a USB drive for use on another system. Pro license allows up to 3 simultaneous installations.
  • Context Menu Manager – Windows menus can easily be customized in less time.
  • Disk Doctor – Detects any hard drive issues (including problems with your USB or other external hard drives).
  • Undelete – This function lets you restore files that would normally be permanently deleted. In essence, this feature can take over the Windows Recycle Bin.
  • Default Program – Manage default programs like ones for opening images, web browsers, and other frequently used default programs.
  • Disk Cleaner – Besides traditional junk files, this feature will search for any files on your hard drive that may be redundant or not needed. You can then delete those files.
  • File Shredder – This function operates much like a standard paper shredder. It can confirm that deleted files are gone for good.
  • Empty Folder Scanner – Your computer will be scanned for any empty folders. Software uninstaller programs typically leave those folders on your machine.
  • Cloned File Scanner – A good resource for people who want to free up space on their computers. It will search for any duplicate files.
  • Large File Finder – You can find large files on your computer, regardless of their location or content. It’s a good tool for those who regularly use larger files. Windows can perform this task as well, but it usually takes more time to identify those files.
  • Process Manager – You can kill certain processes and receive performance measures as they happen. It’s an effective alternative to Windows Task Manager.


Advanced SytemCare additional optimization tools.



Even though it has a lot of tools, it won’t slow down your system in any way. Depending on your own individual needs, you may use just a few, the majority or all of their features.

You can start your first scan after you’ve configured everything and installed any add-ons that you feel are essential. The scan will run smoothly in the background as you perform other regular tasks.

The interface is simple and very easy to understand. A column on the left-hand side will display tabs that separate the main functions.


Advanced SytemCare user interface.


When you dive further into the menus, most functions and features will have either a hover or mouse option to learn more about that particular attribute. You can find more choices and information by clicking through on some selections.


Advanced SystemCare PRO 15 – What’s New?

There are some user interface changes and new functions in the Advanced SystemCare Pro 15 edition. The new features are:

  • People can have a better overall experience thanks to the new user interface.
  • The new AI mode has a better way to clean and improve performance according to your PC status.
  • Software Updater updates 33% more outdated programs with just 1-click.
  • The all-new Startup Optimizer enlarges the database by 42% and adds detection for shortcuts and links for the overall management of startup items and faster PC boot up.
  • One click of the mouse is only needed to find and repair errors via the Disk Check function.
  • You can have better security and more disk space by using the Enhanced Junk File Clean and Privacy Sweep feature.
  • Strengthened Registry Clean to clean up 10% more invalid entries for faster system response.
  • Security Reinforce, Internet Boost, Privacy Sweep, Spyware Removal, and Browser Protection now support Microsoft Edge (Chromium).
  • You can preview files with the Cloned File Scanner function.
  • Optimized Advanced SystemCare’s launching and scanning algorithms for faster launch and response.


Advanced SystemCare Free vs.Pro

Now it’s time to talk about how the paid and free version of Advanced SystemCare differ. The Pro version has the following advanced features:

  • Scanning technology is based on artificial intelligence technology.
  • The new AI mode allows for deep registry cleaning.
  • System resources can be managed in real-time with automatic RAM cleaning.
  • Smart RAM monitors memory usage and optimizes memory to improve system performance.
  • Internet Booster lets you surf and browse sites faster.
  • Any unauthorized sources attempting to gain access to your information will be blocked.
  • The new Digital Fingerprint Protection feature will protect your online privacy.
  • Websites won’t be able to obtain your digital fingerprint because cookies and browsing histories will be cleared.
  • Analyzes Windows OS and fixes the issues with the Win Fix tool.
  • Infections are located and removed to protect your computer.
  • You can keep all essential programs updated with the one-click update function.
  • You can upgrade to the latest Advanced SystemCare edition automatically.
  • Technical support is always available.

Here is the full comparison of both versions.



Advanced SystemCare has a free and paid version. Autocare, Registry Deep Clean, Auto Ram Clean, Anti-Tracking, and Full Detection are some noteworthy features that aren’t available with the free version.

Premium technical support and more exhaustive protection and cleanup services are offered with paid versions of Advanced SystemCare. The regular cost of the Pro version is $29.99 annually for one PC. You can also buy the plan at $89.97 annually that can be used on up to three PCs.


Advanced SystemCare Pro Review Verdict

Advanced SystemCare is a very modern and effective junk cleaning solution. One mouse click is all that it takes to remove unwanted files, programs, and other items. It comes with plenty of features that are well worth the effort.

The only issue with this software is that the same program doesn’t have all of the available features. Still, they’re free and accessible to license holders. Furthermore, there’s a little too much upselling of other IObit premium products that I feel should be left only on the free version.

IObit Advanced SystemCare can significantly improve your PC speed and performance. At $19.99, it’s a real bargain. There isn’t a version for macOS computers at this time. Advanced SystemCare is available for Windows 10 and older editions.

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6 thoughts on “IObit Advanced SystemCare Pro Review PROS & CONS (2023)”

  1. The program can also scan and fix errors in your registry, which is a database that stores important system and program settings.

  2. The advertisements to install additional add-on’s is kind of annoying, but there are several add-on’s for ASC 15 Pro that are really nice. Therefore, I should just download the ones I want and ignore those I do not. One issue, once you install an add-on (or multiple add-ons) you cannot easily uninstall them without uninstalling the entire program and doing a fresh install. The advertising to buy addition programs is a bit over the top, but what software company isn’t nowadays? (At least until you buy the paid version) Unfortually, even with the paid version of ASC you get advertising. As far as a systems utilities program, I give it an A+. I honestly can’t think of another program that cleans and tunes as well. I used CCleaner for years on my devices, but it’s been a let down over the last few years. Frankly, I am glad, overall, to have found such a thorough program.

  3. Horrible, all IOBIT wants you to do is buy again and again to “clean up your system”, then it slows to a crawl, uninstall everything clean up your disk, and use only one cleaner, I use CC Cleaner, don’t keep buying all their JUNK.

    1. Hi Steve,

      Thank you for sharing your opinion. I personally use 5 IObit products for years how and didn’t notice that they are slowing computer. Actually, I am very pleased with their performance.

    2. Hi Steve,
      Aren’t all software companies trying to sell their programs as much as possible? AVAST or CCLEANER are two of the numerous “computer cleaner” programs…
      Personally, I have been using ASC, free, Pro and Ultimate for seven years‼
      They all work perfectly – at least far better than my computer ignorance has ever been able when trying to replace them.
      I’m using and running 7 of their programs, quite satisfactorily.
      On top of that, all these progs are in good French.

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