JetMenu Review (2023) | How To Create Mega Menu In WordPress Site?



Easy to use






Overall quality



  • Affordable price
  • 30 Days money-back guarantee
  • Easy to use
  • Create vertical and horizontal mega menus
  • Compatible with most themes
  • Responsive


  • No free version
  • You need to have at least Elementor free version to work

JetMenu is a plugin that helps you in the creation and styling of mega menus. With it, you can create and customize menu content and appearance, add badges and icons, and change menu item backgrounds. In this JetMenu review, I will show how it is easy-to-use JetMenu plugin and its intuitive interface.

JetMenu lets you style menu items using various fonts and colors. It has multiple settings for altering and modifying things like menu item shadows and customizing active and hoover modes, etc.

The JetMenu plugin works in tandem with the Elementor page builder (see differences between Elementor free and Elementor pro), making it possible to add items to the menu by drag & drop functionality. The JetMenu plugin shares some of the same traits as Elementor and JetElements, including the Custom Menu mode from Elementor. This allows you to add a menu to any page layout you like.



JetMenu is part of Crocoblock all-in-one toolkit. For more info check my Crocoblock review and Crocoblock interactive popup library & dynamic elemenents.

You can purchase the JetMenu plugin separately, or bundle it with other Jet plugins. The JetPlugin suite comes with an array of plugins that can be used in tandem with Elementor:

  • JetElements: Contains more than 40 widgets designed to fit all of your WordPress needs.
  • JetMenu: Lets you customize and style your menu items, as well as add additional mega menu items.
  • JetTabs: Customize the tab layout to fit your preference, either vertically or horizontally.
  • JetBlog: A widget that allows you to display blog posts in a variety of styles.
  • JetReviews: Provides tools for creating eye-catching rating bars and attractive review sections.
  • JetWooBuilder: Works in tandem with WooCommerce widgets to create unique and attractive product-page templates.
  • JetTricks: Provides extra visual effects options for WordPress content.
  • JetThemeCore: Provides premade content blocks and widgets for creating more attractive and stylish web pages.
  • JetBlocks: Lets you customize or add your logo, edit login, search forms, hamburger, and navigation menus, among other things.
  • JetEngine: A powerful plugin for editing and implementing dynamic content
  • JetPop-up: Provides tools for creating an array of pop-ups with drag-and-drop capabilities, plus customize positioning, and event triggers for your pop-ups.
  • JetSmartFilters: Provides user-friendly Ajax filters for creating custom terms, posts, and WooCommerce products.
  • JetProductGallery: Provides everything for highlighting your product images and videos as anchors, galleries, or sliders.
  • JetSearch: For adding a search box to Elementor for quick searches.
  • JetCompareWishList: It gives you the option of adding item comparisons and wish lists to your site.
  • JetStyleManager: Adjust and control widget style settings in Elementor, create and apply widget skins, and boost your site performance.
  • JetBooking: Implement booking functionality to your site using Elementor and JetBooking plugin.
  • JetFormBuilder: Powerful form builder plugin for Gutenberg and WordPress with a vast number of features and options to create any kind of form.

You can purchase Jet plugins from CodeCanyon (it seems you cant purchase from CodeCanyon anymore), Template Monster website, and from the Crocoblock website. They even come bundled with some themes.

Template Monster and Crocoblock’s prices for JetPlugin’s are the same ($15 each if purchased separately, but JetMenu is $17), while on CodeCanyon they are little more expensive ($22 each).

Crocoblock gives you the option of purchasing all JetPlugins in bundle (check JetPlugins review). There are several plans on Crocoblock site and all JetPlugins are not included in every plan.


jetmenu pricing
JetMenu pricing plans on the CrocoBlock website.


Unfortunately, Template Monster doesn’t allow you to purchase JetPlugins as a bundle. You must purchase them individually. But you can get them all as part of ONE by Template Monster service. For more information, check One by Template Monster review.


JetMenu Review

If you’re building a WordPress website using Elementor and would like to add a mega menu to it, then JetMenu is the perfect plugin for you.

JetMenu is a user-friendly, highly-customizable, premium addon for Elementor. With it, you can change colors, background colors, fonts, apply shadows, add icons and badges, and much more!


crocoblock jetmenu


You can create a mega menu by simply dragging-and-dropping Elementor widgets into it, just like you do when creating regular pages. This means you can create mega menus to fit your preference, including the number of columns, sections, and, of course, any widgets you prefer.


JetMenu Features

User-friendly: With JetMenu, you no longer have to worry about learning HTML or coding to create attractive menus. JetMenu gives you this capability without the technical jargon. The plugin’s functionality is perfectly balanced with its simplicity.

Rich Content: Provides a great selection of content modules, specially designed to assist your menu-building. It gives you the freedom to create attractive menu items, modify them with eye-catching elements, and add an array of multimedia content.

Fully Responsive: JetMenu is responsive, which means your menus will look perfect when displayed on any device, whether it’s a smartphone, tablet, or laptop.


jetmenu mobile menu settings


Exquisite Badges: Make your menus more appealing by adding attractive badges. Designate menu items as trending, hot, or new. This will help your visitors navigate your website easily and make it more engaging.


jet menu advanced settings


Diverse Colors: Want to make your menus stand out from the rest? Use the built-in color palette to select exotic colors that’ll electrify your mega menus.

Customizable Backgrounds: JetMenu’s versatile backgrounds lets you experiment with various options. Set the width, and play around with the colors and other options until you accomplish the stunning effects you desire.

Mega Menu Module: Experience how easy it is to add a mega menu module to your web pages while customizing them to your liking.


jetmenu advantages


Import/Export Options: Need to reset your menu settings to default? Or, export your style settings for use elsewhere? Just use the Import/Export option.

ThemeForest Themes Compatible: The JetMenu plugin is entirely compatible with ThemeForest themes like Avada (see Avada vs X Theme vs Enfold comparison), BeTheme, and Enfold, so you don’t have to worry if you use those themes.

Compatible With Free Themes: If you are using a free theme (what is the difference between free vs paid WordPress theme), and intend to create a mega menu, don’t worry. JetMenu is compatible with most free themes.


JetMenu Customizability

JetMenu is ideal for use with shops. It allows you to add top-selling products to your menu using WooCommerce widgets. Multimedia items can also be managed as well as maps and advanced contact forms.

Adding the latest feeds to your menu has never been easier. Imagine being able to add different blog posts to your menu. This makes it easier for visitors to navigate your blog without getting lost.


jetmenu demo example
JetMenu demo example of adding WooCommerce products to the menu.


JetMenu’s customizability gives you unlimited potential. One of the simplest, yet effective, tools for customization is space orientation. You can arrange your menus in classical, vertical blocks, or give it the more mobile-friendly vertical orientation.


create vertical mega menu wordpress
You can create a vertical mega menu using the JetMenu plugin.


By altering the colors, highlights, or transparency, you can elicit different feelings and emotions by manipulating visual acuity. Width, height, padding, margins, and global variables all play an important role.

But what about nesting? Nesting is available with JetMenu. You can use it to embed one mega menu into another or insert an entire page with one mega menu into another menu. This may be one of the most innovative tools available in JetMenu and the most unusual.


How to Create a Mega Menu With JetMenu Plugin?

Friendly navigation is the strength of every website. Over the years, different styles were introduced, like the footer menu and hamburger menu. But none has proven more interesting than the mega menu concept.

Creating a menu of this complexity is a time-consuming process, even for professionals. But switching to Elementor opens up a whole new set of opportunities when used with other plugins. One such plugin is JetMenu from Crocoblock.

To create a mega menu using Elementor and JetMenu plugin, log in to your WordPress Dashboard, navigate to Appearance > Menus tab. Select one of the existing menus for editing, or create a new one.

But first, make sure that JetMenu is properly installed and working on your website. If you see the JetMenu Settings block, then you’ll know its active. Toggle Enable JetMenu for current location option then click Save.


enabling jetmenu


Choose the item you want to add to the mega menu. Hover over it with your mouse and click the blue JetMenu option button when it appears. A list of other options will show.

Toggle the Mega Submenu Enabled option to Yes. Then click Edit mega menu item content option to proceed to the Elementor editor.


create horizontal mega menu wordpress


Be aware that when you enable the mega menu for one item, the other sub items will no longer be visible automatically.

Build a mega menu using any widget. Headers, sliders, portfolios, post layouts, videos, all are applicable. Apply styles that suit your preferences. When finished, click the Update button, and navigate back to the Menus tab.


create mega menu using elementor
I have, for example, created multiple columns (you can use one), added Elementor widgets, and this is how my menu will look.


You can modify any menu in the same way. After they’ve all been customized to your liking, click the Save Menu button and open one of your site pages in Elementor, where the mega menu will be displayed.

Then where you are on a page where you wish to add the mega menu, in Elementor panel, find Vertical Mega Menu or Mega Menu widget and drag it to where you want to be displayed on the page.


adding mega menu to page


Then select created mega menu from the Content block and apply preferred style settings.


edit mega menu


When finished, click the Update button and enjoy how effective your new mega menu looks on your website.


How to Create a Mega Menu With Several Columns Using JetMenu?

Step 1 – Open your WordPress Dashboard > Appearance > Menus, then click create a new menu link at the top of the page. Give your menu a name and click the Create Menu button. The page will then reload, and your menu will appear in the drop-down menu.

Step 2 – Under Display location, apply your new menu to one of the offered locations. Click Save, and the page will update.

Step 3 – Then, enable the JetMenu option for the current location. Then click Save.

Step 4 – Add menu items. Be aware, though, if you want to create a mega menu with multiple columns, you should create multiple menus first. Simply repeat the previous steps to create more menus.

Step 5 – After clicking the Save button, you will see your tabs in the Menu structure block. You will also see your menu names.

Step 6 – You can change the position of items using drag-and-drop.

Step 7 – Hover over an item and the JetMenu button will become visible. Click it.

Step 8 – Here, you can change several settings like Vertical/Mega menu position, icons, badges, and navigation labels. Remember to save any changes you make. Click Mega Submenu Enabled, then click the Edit Mega Menu Item Content button.

Step 9 – You will then be redirected to the Elementor editor. Then add the selection with the multiple columns.

Step 10 – Drag-and-drop each mega menu widget into their respective columns. Choose the appropriate template from the Content > Menu tab. Repeat this step for each additional column.

Step 11 – Customize menu appearance to suit your taste.

And voila! Now you know how to create a mega menu with multiple columns using the JetMenu plugin. If you are confused and don’t know how to do this, check this video.


JetMenu Review Conclusion

JetMenu is a plugin that lets you create and style mega menus. With it, you can create content for menu items and customize their appearance, add badges and icons, change menu item background, etc.

JetMenu works with the Elementor page builder, which lets you add content using drag-and-drop functionality. The plugin also includes Vertical Mega Menu and Mega Menu widgets for Elementor so that you can add a menu to any page section. Enrich your pages with stunning, enticing mega menus that draw visitors’ attention.

If you are interested in more Elementor addons, then check Master Addons for Elementor review, and Plus Addons for Elementor review.

DISCLOSURE: Posts may contain affiliate links. If you buy something through one of those links, I might get a small commission, without any extra cost to you. Read more about it here.

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