JET PLUGINS Review (2023) | Best Elementor Widgets?



Easy to use








Ovewall quality



  • Affordable price
  • Easy to use
  • Tons of widgets for Elementor
  • They are separate so you can install only those you need


  • Dont have free/lite version

Elementor builder has become an extremely scalable platform, and this scalability can be boosted using some extra Elementor widgets, extensions or add-ons. If you were using Elementor builder for a while, I’m pretty sure that you’ve already used some free add-ons from

You can get Jet Plugins from Codecaynon (it seems they are not sold there anymore), Template Monster marketplace or via Crocoblock website.

Crocoblock is a set of various WordPress plugins tailored to help you create your sites from the ground up with Elementor builder, and touts itself as an “all-in-one service for building WordPress Elementor sites.” For more information about Crocoblock be sure to check my Crocoblock review and Crocoblock dynamic templates.

Jet plugins can be individually purchased, but the more economical option is getting the full package for access to everything.

CrocoBlock includes:

  • Jet plugins – Suite of 15 WordPress plugins tailor-made to help you improve your Elementor experience with new widgets and visual effects accessible in Elementor itself. These plugins can also be purchased individually.
  • Templates – CrocoBlock also includes new Elementor templates for you to utilize on your WordPress site.
  • Kava Pro theme – This is a theme that is specifically designed to work well with Elementor.

The Jet Plugins suite comes with a plethora of plugins for you to use in conjunction with Elementor. These plugins include:

  • JETELEMENTS – packs more than 40 widgets to fit all of your WordPress needs.
  • JETMENU – JetMenu allows you to customize your menu with various styles and add more to your mega menu items as well. For more information see JetMenu review.
  • JETTABS – change tab layout in accordance with your needs, whether you want them arranged vertically or horizontally.
  • JETBLOG – comes with widgets that allow you to display blog posts in a variety of stylish ways.
  • JETREVIEWS – will provide you with options for making eye-catching rating bars and stylish-looking review sections.
  • JETWOOBUILDER – works in conjunction with WooCommerce widgets to create unique and appealing product page templates for you to use with Elementor.
  • JETTRICKS – will add additional visual effect options to your WordPress content.
  • JETTHEMECORE – provides you with premade content blocks and widgets for creating stylish and appealing pages.
  • JETBLOCKS – give you the option to add and customize your logo, login and search forms, as well as hamburger and navigation menus, among many other parts.
  • JETENGINE – provides you with everything you need for implementing and editing dynamic content.
  • JETPOPUP – gives you the tools you need for building popups of almost any sort with a drag-and-drop method as well as customize positioning and trigger events for your popups.
  • JETSMARTFILTERS – gives you user-friendly AJAX filters that you can apply to your content to create customs terms, posts, and WooCommerce products.
  • JETPRODUCTGALLERY – gives you everything you could want for showcasing your product images and videos as anchored images, a gallery, or a slider.
  • JETSEARCH – can add a fast search block to any Elementor page.
  • JETCOMPAREWISHLIST – gives you the option to add item comparisons and wishlist functions to your store.
  • JETSTYLEMANAGER – Adjust and control widget style settings in Elementor, create and apply widget skins and boost your site prformance.
  • JETBOOKING – Implement booking functionality to your site using Elementor and JetBooking plugin.
  • JETFROMBUILDER – Powerful Gutenberg form builder plugin with a vast number of features to create any kind of form.


Jet Plugins Review – Elementor Widgets

Jet Plugins are one of best addons for Elementor page builder. Now, let’s take a more in-depth look at what each of these Jet plugins has to offer for Elementor users.


Jet Blocks

The JetBlocks plugin gives you a variety of must-have options for putting content into your site’s headers and footers.

This is a breath of fresh air considering how long Elementor builder lacked the ability to inject elements into headers and footers, leaving users stuck trying to build custom ones instead.


blocks addon for elementor


With JetBlocks, you can add all kinds of elements like authorization links, login forms, hamburger panels, navigation menus, registration and search forms, a customized site logo, and even a WooCommerce shopping cart.

Better still, these widgets are all designed to work seamlessly with Elementor and implemented from a single interface, so you don’t have to scramble all over your WordPress admin page to add the features you want in your headers and footers.


Jet Tricks

JetTricks lets you implement all kinds of visual effects on your Elementor pages without having to code a single line. This plugin is especially useful for people who love high-quality animation effects on their sites.


jet tricks review


You can implement sticky columns, create unfolding sections, and add Parallax to various widgets.


Jet Woobuilder

This plugin is the perfect answer for building product page templates in Elementor.

Not only can you create WooCommerce templates for single products, but you can even add product archive templates that all have Elementor live page builder functionality and work in tandem with a plethora of dynamic content widgets.


woocommerce widgets elementor


JetWooBuilder’s extremely convenient drag-and-drop system lets you build a product and archive pages, which makes it much more user-friendly for building content and templates.


Jet Tabs

The JetTabs plugin allows you to quickly and easily add tabs with infinite potential for the elements you want to store inside of them, as well as vertical and horizontal layouts for accordion widgets.


tabs addon elementor


JetTabs is explicitly tailored for building eye-catching content for your site and includes features like the ability to add images into your accordion items and display them with appealing visual effects.

If you’re looking to display different content blocks or show them under different conditions, JetTabs will prove to be a great asset for you.


Jet Reviews

JetReviews lets you create high-quality, appealing review functionality and add it to any pages you like. With built-in content and style settings, JetReviews gives you endless options for your review blocks to make them look incredible and be user-friendly for your visitors.


reviews addon elementor


You can use all kinds of ratings, including stars, percentages, and more, so you can deliver the means for your visitors to share their thoughts effectively.


Jet Menu

This plugin will help you set up a mega menu with a customized appearance and content options, including badges, icons, and more. Customization options include background options, fonts, colors, shadows, and more.


elementor menu addon


JetMenu is specifically designed to extend the functionality of Elementor’s live page builder so you can just drag and drop to create your menus. The custom menu module that comes with JetMenu also lets you add your custom menus to any page layout that you wish.


Jet Elements

The 19 modules included in JetElements adds more functionality to your content blocks than Elementor’s standard page builder and includes features like timers, price tables, and advanced sliders, among many others.


elements addon for elementor


Jet Blog

JetBlog gives you access to different modules that do more than just create blog pages. These modules can also add dynamic elements to your site such as Smart Tiles, Video PlayLists, Text Tickers, etc.


blog addons for elementor


You can also customize these modules extensive to fit your Elementor pages. This can include adding backgrounds, borders, shadows, typography options, and more.


Jet Popup

JetPopup is an Elementor add-on for creating and adding custom popups to your pages while being able to utilize all the other widgets you normally have access to in Elementor.


elementor popup

gdpr popup elementor

elementor popup triggers

elementor popup animation effects


JetPopup also allows for tons of customization of popups, including appearance, location, triggers and more, and lets you add popups to various widgets, buttons, or even specific parts of a given page.


Jet Engine

JetEngine allows for custom template creation. This is perfect for designing pages to fit custom post types and taxonomies. This will also showcase your templates in the form of layouts on your Elementor pages.

Not only does JetEngine allow for custom post types and taxonomies, but it also lets you add custom meta boxes for any sort of content you want to add to your page.


elementor dynamic widgets

dynamic content elementor


This could be anything from showcasing services to adding portfolio layouts, all without having to code in PHP or CSS. This plugin also comes with six widgets for pulling dynamic content from within posts to display on your Elementor pages.


Jet Theme Core

JetThemeCore is designed to make template creation user-friendly, fast, and effective. Users can create page headers and footers from scratch or use pre-made elements that can then be customized.


ready made templates elementor


JetThemeCore also allows you to edit what elements are on each page and template.


Jet Compare Wishlist

This plugin makes possible adding product comparison and wishlist functionality to e-commerce pages built with Elementor.


compare addon elementor


JetCompareWishlist lets visitors add items to custom lists of their own and compare similar products to find the best one to suit their needs. The plugin is perfect for:

  • fast, easy display of product comparisons and user wishlists
  • adding individual Compare and Wishlist buttons to default WooCommerce templates, as well as single product and archive templates from WooCommerce
  • forming easy-to-read product comparison tables and eye-catching wishlists


Jet Smart Filters

JetSmartFiIters adds user-friendly AJAX filters for your Elementor pages that have dynamic listings. These filters include:

  • Checkboxes list is a filter that is made to display checkboxes with custom values for various product properties to allow visitors to narrow down results for a product or post type.
  • Select is a filter that displays a select option to help visitors narrow down product types during their search.
  • The range provides visitors with the ability to select a range for specific products or posts on your WordPress site.
  • Check Range allows visitors to utilize a checklist of ranges to filter items that meet specific values.
  • Date Range is an easy filter for posts, products, and more, that checks posts by the date they were added, and even filters events by when they were scheduled.
  • Radio displays a radio button-style filter, which allows visitors to select specific filters from presented options.
  • Search allows visitors to manually search for specific items, posts, and events through keywords or phrases in a search bar.


elementor smart filters addon


Each of these filters can be applied to individual products or posts to maximize relevance to each visitor’s needs. JetSmartFilters also features seven widgets for applying your filters that let you customize and edit content settings.


Jet Search

JetSearch is an absolute must-have for fast, convenient search functionality on any WordPress Elementor page.


search addon for elementor


This expands the search function to allow for searching by:

  • post type, including custom post type
  • category, for better specificity in searches
  • relevance, so the most important results show up first
  • pagination and navigation for results to more easily view searches.


Jet Product Gallery

JetProductGallery adds more options to your WooCommerce product templates by adding modules such as Gallery Anchor Navigation, Gallery Grids, Gallery Sliders, etc.


product gallery elementor


JetProductGallery is the perfect tool for displaying your WooCommerce single products from every possible angle in an eye-catching and user-friendly way.


Jet Plugins Pricing

You can get Jet Plugins from Codecanyon, Template Monster site or from CrocoBlock website. They even come bundled with some themes. They have the same price on Template Monster and Crocoblock ($15 each) while there are little more expensive on Codecaynon ($22 each).

On Crocoblock site you can buy them all for $49 (one site updates and support one year) or $299 (unlimited sites, lifetime updates, and support) and also get Kava PRO theme and Elementor templates.

Codecanyon doesn’t have the option to buy them as a whole package (you purchase one by one), nor you are allowed to use them on more than one website. You would need to purchase again for another site.

On Template Monster you also can’t buy them as a package, but you can get them as part or ONE by Template Monster service.


Jet Plugins Review | Are They Best Elementor Widgets?

All in all, it’s easy to see that these Jet plugins offer tons of user-friendly options for improving on your WordPress Elementor pages. With tons of e-commerce options, customization, drag-and-drop editing, and much more these are an extremely good purchase.

Elementor is most popular page builder plugin. It comes in free and paid version (see differences between Elementor free vs Elementor pro). Jet Plugins surely are one of the best Elementor widgets, and by buying the whole pack, you will probably never need another Elementor widget.

If you still think that Jet Plugins don’t have what you need, then check other Elementor addons like Ultimate Post KitStratum Elementor extras, Master Addons for Elementor, Element Pack Pro or Plus Addons for Elementor.

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