How To Record Screen In High Quality? Joyoshare VidiKit Review PROS / CONS (2023)

With the rapid development of the Internet, streaming media pervades our daily life. Most users like to immerse themselves in watching videos on YouTube, TikTok, Vimeo, Netflix, etc.

Involving different fields, such as technology, games, education, beauty, food, etc., more and more people are willing or even inclined to record, edit and share videos by themselves.

But how to ensure that the produced video is more eye-catching? A screen recorder is essential first. Among dazzling choices in the market, Joyoshare VidiKit is selected here to help you achieve recording freedom.

In this Joyoshare VidiKit review, we will go into the features it provides and how it can benefit you.


Joyoshare VidiKit Review

With a fairly simple and uncluttered interface, any user, especially a novice, can operate Joyoshare VidiKit directly without relying on a product tutorial.


Joyshare VidiKit screen recorder review.


This robust screen recorder makes its own greatest contribution to recording with many stunning functions and allows recording whole screen or portions of screen.


Switchable Recording Modes

To meet your diverse needs, Joyoshare VidiKit develops its built-in screen recording program with different modes. Under “Record video and audio” mode, any video and audio on your computer can be captured synchronously, such as class lectures, drawings, online meetings, streaming movies, tutorial demonstrations, etc.

Under “Record audio” mode, it perfectly works as an independent audio recorder to let you grab music, radio stations, voiceovers, narrations, and more.


Optional Sound Sources

Joyoshare VidiKit screen recorder allows you to freely get audio from your desired sound sources. You can decide whether to turn on “System Audio” or “Microphone Audio.”

In addition to the sound coming from the computer itself, you’re able to create narration or voice-over for your on-screen video to make content easier to understand. Simply adjust the volume to the optimal status.


Record Video in 1080p 60FPS

For gamers or other users who pursue quality output, Joyoshare VidiKit is a good option. There are numerous video and audio formats it offers, such as 4K, HD MOV, AVI, MKV, MP4, and more.

It easily records your screen activities without any hiccups in 1080p up to 60fps. No drops in frame rate can guarantee satisfying video quality and improve the viewing experience.


Customize Recording Area

It’s available to capture your desktop’s full screen. Besides, you can ask this professional screen recorder to lock your preset width and height, pick up a ratio from the default drop-down list, or manually draw a region using the adjustable recording window. No matter which part of the screen you’d like to capture from, Joyoshare VidiKit can come in handy.


Make a Recording on Schedule

A task timer is provided by VidiKit, which lets you schedule both start and end time, or help start recording manually but end it after a specific time point you designate. It makes video recording so convenient. You don’t have to worry about missing capturing your highlights in gameplay or wait for it to finish by sitting in front of the computer.


Add Image Watermark to Video

Want your video to be copyrighted so no one else can reuse it without permission? Joyoshare VidiKit makes it possible by offering an option to embed your customized image watermark, like logo, brand, etc. You can furtherly change its position, scale, and transparency until it satisfies your needs.


Unlimited Recording Time

Are you frustrated by the sudden recording interruption, which messes up your plans? With the assistance of Joyoshare VidiKit, you can get rid of the annoying recording time limit. There is no restriction in recording length so that you can capture not only videos but also audios as long as possible.


Support Mainstream Formats

No matter what content you capture with a video or audio, this screen recording software can save it in your desired and favorite format, including HD Video, General Video, Web Video, General Audio, and Devices.

To be specific, they can be YouTube, Facebook, FLV, SWF, HD MP4, HD AVI, TS, TRP, HEVC MKV, MOV, OGV, WebM, 3GP, iPhone, iPad, Xbox, PSP, Apple TV, MP3, AAC, OGG, AIFF, FLAC, etc. Therefore, don’t worry about its compatibility.


More Joyoshare VidiKit Functions

As a remarkable video toolkit, apart from screen recorder, Joyoshare VidiKit also combines video cutter, joiner, converter, repair, and more into one:

  • Cut and merge videos losslessly at 60X speed.
  • Efficiently convert videos, audios, and DVDs in batch.
  • Compress large files to reduce the size at 40X speed.
  • Repair damaged, corrupted, and broken videos at a high success rate.
  • Remove multiple watermarks from videos and photos.
  • Free tools to play media files and convert photos.
  • Built-in editor to crop, subtitle, effect, rotate, flip and more.


How To Record Video With Audio Using Joyoshare VidiKit?

Actually, Joyoshare VidiKit – Screen Recorder can do more than that. It is capable of setting shortcuts as you wish, take snapshots, show or highlight cursor, track click movements, trim video or audio into smaller segments, pause to skip whatever content you don’t need, edit the name and change ID3 tag info.

Steps are shown below to guide you through the whole recording process:


Step 1: Run Joyoshare VidiKit and Open Screen Recorder

Get the latest version of Joyoshare VidiKit downloaded from its official website and finish the quick installation. Launch this video toolkit on your computer and go for “Record” to open its “Screen Recorder.” You will be placed in  “Record video and audio” mode directly.


Joyshare VidiKit user interface.


Step 2: Choose Capture Area

Simply head to the “Capture Area” section in Joyoshare VidiKit and confirm a recording region by using whichever method you like. You can enter the width and height, select a ratio from the systematic list, or press “+” to customize it manually.


Joyshare VidiKit screen recorder capture area.


Step 3: Confirm More Recording Options

Enable system audio or microphone sound based on your actual needs. Then find and click on the gear “Options” icon in the interface to unfold all settings. There are “Basic record options,” “Record time options,” and “Cursor options” this program has, with which you can set format, shortcuts, watermark, effects, and more.


Joyshare VidiKit screen recorder options.


Step 4: Start to Record Video with Audio

Hit the blue “REC” button to let Joyoshare VidiKit perform the recording task. It gives a 3-second countdown to re-adjust your capture area. When recording starts, you can see a small toolbar that permits you to stop, cut, and pause. Sure, you can take screenshots using shortcut.


Joyshare VidiKit how to record screen?


Step 5: Manage Recorded Video(s)

Once you “Stop” your recording, the captured video(s) will be saved, and a pop-up “History” window will appear. You can preview, rename, trim and edit ID3 tag info here.


Joyshare VidiKit recorder history.



You can buy Joyoshare VidiKit monthly or annually on a subscription basis. However, the perpetual plan is certainly the most cost-effective.

If you just want to see how this video toolkit works and what it can offer for you, you can surely first have a free trial and then decide which plan to choose. Note that the free trial adds a watermark to screen recorded files and has a recording time limitation.

Pricing plans:

  • Month Plan: $19.95 for 1PC/1 Month
  • Year Plan: $39.95 for 1PC/1 Year
  • Perpetual Plan: one-time purchase; $55.95 for 1 PC with lifetime free support and update


Joyshare VidiKit free trial.


Supported OS:

  • Windows: Windows XP and later, including the latest Windows 11
  • Mac: Mac OS X 10.8 and later, including the latest Mac 11


VidiKit Pros & Cons

If you don’t try Joyoshare VidiKit, you may get confused about what kind of software it is. Here we list its main advantages and disadvantages for your reference:


  • Record screen without FSP drops and no lag.
  • Capture audio from the microphone to make narration.
  • Customize capture area, including full screen and partial specific region.
  • With different high resolutions for you to choose and change.
  • Schedule task by setting the start and end recording times.
  • Make videos more focused by showing cursor and highlighting clicks.
  • Trim captured videos to multiple clips based on what content you record.
  • With more tools to watermark, convert, repair, compress, etc.


  • The free trial has some limitations, like the default watermark.


Joyoshare VidiKit Review Conclusion

Amazing as it is, VidiKit from Joyoshare software is not just a reliable screen recorder with easy-to-use features but also a video toolbox with utilities. If you really want to see whether it fits you, why not try it yourself?

Start your recording journey and share more of your wonderful videos with everyone. You can apply it to capture League of Legends, Zoom meetings, Skype chats, class lectures, remote desktop, and more. Or create a tutorial video to guide others visually!

As Joyoshare VidiKit alternatives, you can check TunesKit Screen Recorder review, RecordCast review and HitPaw Screen Recorder.




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