Kimp Review PROS & CONS (2023) – Sharing My Experience


Easy to use






Overall quality



  • You will be assigned a team of designers and account manager
  • Possibility to work at two requests simultaneously
  • No hidden charges or extra fees to pay
  • Designers are experts and provide quality work
  • Free trial option
  • Unlimited requests and unlimited revisions
  • Option to invite team members


  • Limitations in trial (can't request video and some graphic designs)
  • Designs shared via separate Google drive links. Can get tricky to manage over time
  • Can't request individual one-off projects

Quality design services are always in need whether a business is launching, scaling, or rebranding. Design plays an important role in building, maintaining, and growing a brand.

It’s not always easy to find the ideal design service. Companies can spend considerable time and effort only to be left empty-handed. Some designers may lack the capacity, experience, or ability to fulfill a specific organization’s needs.

Onboarding and vetting various designers can be an exhaustive process. It’s a good thing that companies and designers now have more affordable and flexible design service alternatives.

There are few professional graphic design services that offer unlimited video, and graphic design works for a flat fee. is one of them. Their dedicated design team will deliver quality content for a flat monthly rate.

In this Kimp review, I’ll take a more in-depth look at this subscription-based graphic and video design service. I recommend reading this article if you need video design and/or graphic designs from reliable experts.


Kimp Review

Entrepreneurs, freelancers, creative agencies, marketers, startups, and bloggers can benefit from using Kimp graphics and video services. It’s invaluable to anyone who regularly requires quality, affordable graphic design services.


Is Kimp graphic design service worth the price?


You just pay a monthly fee, and Kimp will provide you with an unlimited amount of revisions and designs from their trusted design team. Your videos can also look more professional, thanks to their video design, animation and editing services.

A project manager and three graphic designers will be assigned to you, and plans are billed monthly with no contracts.


  • Unlimited requests and unlimited revisions.
  • Turnaround time is quick.
  • All you’ll pay is a flat monthly fee. There aren’t any extra charges for source files, hourly billing, or contracts.
  • Invite team members and clients to help you make and manage designs.
  • All designs are owned by you. You’ll also have all source files.

NOTE: Each new client gets 50% off any plan for the first month.


How Does Kimp Work?

Kimp uses Trello task management as dashboard from which all projects will be requested and completed. If you don’t have account with Trello already, you will need to create one. This is free and takes a couple minutes.

UPDATE: Kimp now uses its own dashboard called Kimp360.



Three designers and one project manager are on every team. The designers have their own unique specialties and will get to know your brands better over time so that they can complete projects to your satisfaction.

For each design that you ask for, you’ll also receive the source files for that design and unlimited revisions.

Kimp’s unlimited graphic design and video design service mean that you can make as many requests as you need, and they will work through them as quickly as possible.


Kimp guideliness to follow.
Kimp 101 will provide you some info and introduction to Kimp interface and process, while Guideliness section consists of data that is recommended to provide for each type of request so that Kimp team can better understand your project.


Your project manager will review each request carefully to ensure no important details are left out. Those designs will then be assigned to one of the designers on your team.

All requests are completed in the order in which they’re requested by default. You can have certain tasks prioritized or even change their order if necessary. Team members will work on your projects in the order that they arrive in the design queue. And there will be 2 designs in progress at any given time.


Kimp unlimited graphic and video design service.


As your team completes tasks, you’ll see them shift from “In Progress” to “In Review” and see new requests getting started.

Kimp designers deliver custom designs that they either create from scratch or mix custom design and customized stock elements. The particular format just depends on what will provide the best output for the client’s project and the client’s preferences.

Designers will check that any stock elements used are properly licensed. This will ensure that end users such as yourself can use them.

When clients require resale designs, the Kimp team will deliver completely custom designs. Let your Project Manager know how designs will be used when making requests.


How Fast Are Projects Completed?

Kimp covers various design categories. The revision or design requests for single-sided print designs, web banners, posts for social media pages, and other similar tasks will usually be finished within 24 hours. Kimp Video subscribers will receive one 30-60 second video every 2-4 business days.

Inform your design team if you have more complicated or detailed requests so that they can give you an estimate as to when that request should be completed.

The turnaround times mentioned above will be the same for users who have subscribed to the Kimp Graphics + Video plan. Video and graphic design requests each have their own individual workflows and turnaround times, so the graphic design requests do not interfere with the video design requests, or vice versa. 

The same design team will work on your projects, regardless of whether you have more video projects than graphic design requests in a certain week or the other way around.

Revisions and requests will eventually be completed in less time as the designers become more accustomed to your vision and branding. You’ll still pay the same flat monthly rate, but you should start seeing more quality results and an increased amount of completed projects.

If you need a quicker turnaround, you can always add more subscriptions (buy an additional monthly plan). Subscriptions can be canceled whenever you want.

The design team will work on two projects simultaneously as a part of your Kimp Video or Graphics subscription. There will always be a minimum of at least two video and two graphic design projects in the works for Kimp Graphics + Video plan subscribers.

You can even use Kimp design projects to create animation sequences using Scrollsequence WordPress animation on scroll plugin.


How Submitting Requests Works?

Requests can be made in two ways. They can be submitted via the task management software Trello or using email.

There’s no limit to the number of requests that can be made. Your project manager will evaluate each request. They will then be given to members of your design team after the manager has confirmed that all essential details for that request were provided.

You can note in the request details if a particular project is time-sensitive. The designers will inform you of its delivery time and try to move it ahead of other requests already in the queue.

Your Trello board includes:

  • Each card will have a request.
  • Every phase of the design process will be included in a list.
  • You can view all of your board’s activities on the Activity Feed.

The “Guidelines” list can be used to add any guidelines for your brands. Every brand that you want designs for will need that information included on its own separate card. Designs, inspiration images, style references or style guides, color palettes, logos, and any other details should be provided.


Kimp adding brand guideliness.


Create a new card in the “Requests” list whenever you add a new project. Any associated attachments and all relevant details should be included in your request.


Kimp creating requests.


Place your cards based on priority if you’re making more than one request at a time. A top-down, first-come, first-served basis is used for all requests and revisions. That’s why it’s important to have your cards in the proper order so that each task is completed when necessary.


Kimp requests priority.
You can arrange requests using drag-and-drop to prioritize them.


Include text copy, inspiration, colors, orientation, style, and size with every new design request.

Provide as much information as you can, review your text copy, and supply pictures that represent your desired style when sending requests. This can reduce the need for multiple revisions.

Inform your design team about any particular formats you’d like them to use. Place your cards in the correct priority order when making more than one request at a time.

It’s simple to pause requests. Just note on the respective card that you want to pause that request until you verify that it should be resumed.

You can also cancel different design requests. Inform your designers about your intentions to cancel a request on its card.

Choosing “copy” from the “actions” menu after opening a specific card will let you duplicate that request. Then you have to give the new card a title and assign its proper list and board.


Kimp Trello duplicate request.


Your Trello board’s “Completed” list will have all finished designs and revisions. The search bar on the top of the board can assist you in locating different projects.


Kimp completed requests.


You can invite team members to view the board. Provide Kimp with those members’ Trello usernames and their email addresses. Those team members can then add requests and revisions after accepting the invites.


Unlimited Revisions

Here’s what you’ll need to do when it comes to revisions:

  • Use the card’s comments section to add your revision details.
  • Move the card from the “In Review” list to the “Requests” list. Then the designers can then work on the requested changes.


Adding revisions in Kimp.
Example of adding revision requests in card comments section.


Use the comment section to tell the designers what you want when making a revision request. That card should go in the “Requests” list, which can be done by moving it from the “Completed” or “In Review” list that the project was in.



Opening a card and clicking on “watch” allows you to receive notifications for that request.


Setting Kimp notifications.


Clicking on the three dots that appear next to the list name and then selecting “watch” lets you see notifications for all requests in the list.


Enabling Kimp list alerts.


Notifications will alert you about:

  • Every comment that other users make.
  • Adding, changing, and upcoming due dates
  • Archives and moves made for cards.
  • Every card’s uploaded attachments.


Kimp Pricing

Kimp has three pricing plans. There’s a subscription just for video design, another for graphic design, and a third plan that incorporates both graphic and video design.

The most popular choice is the Kimp Graphics subscription. It’s available for $499 per month. This plan will provide digital and print designs to meet your company’s marketing needs.

Animated GIFs, landing pages, and custom illustrations are included. You can add more subscriptions if you require additional output.

You can also purchase the Kimp Video plan for $599 monthly, which includes creating motion graphics and video content. You can receive fresh new designs, or the design team can modify your current video content.

All of the features and functionality of the Kimp Graphics and Video subscriptions are combined in the Kimp Graphics + Video subscription. It’s priced at $895 per month. The same monthly fee provides access to Kimp’s video and graphic design services.

There are no additional charges for adding more team members to make design revisions and requests on any of these plans. A 7 day free trial period is also included with each subscription.

For $18.99 per month, you can activate the “Pause My Subscription” feature. This allows you to pause your account.


Kimp Pros & Cons

Here are some of the Kimp advantages and disadvantages.


  • You’ll have a team of designers at your disposal.
  • Kimp designers will work on max two tasks at once.
  • Kimp schedules their designers’ working hours to have some overlap with your time zone.
  • The pricing plan is upfront—no hidden charges or extra fees to pay.
  • Designers are experts at what they do.
  • Animated gifs, custom illustrations, and free stock photos are available at no extra charge.
  • Kimp’s customer service is commendable.
  • You can try their services for seven days (with limitations).


  • Design files are stored in Google Drive (separate links for each task). Not a significant concern, but still not the best way to manage all.
  • If you don’t consistently need design work, you may not get the full value every month.
  • Unfortunately, individual one-off projects can’t be requested.
  • No option for rush requests. It would be good to have an option to pay extra that particular project is done in only a couple of hours.


Kimp Review Conclusion

Kimp offers graphic and video designs for a flat monthly fee. You’ll have access to experienced designers. Founded in Canada, Kimp specializes in services for marketing agencies, nonprofits, SMBs, startups, and everyone who needs various designs.

Design usually gives organizations a great return on their initial investments. That’s why it’s so important to find the right business that can help you get the most from your money. Many companies spend significant time and money searching for their ideal design company.

You’ll have plenty of creative marketing design possibilities with a Kimp monthly subscription. You’ll get to work with an experienced design team.

The amount of instruction and detail provided in your design briefs will affect how closely each project matches your intent. Designs may not align with your vision if the designers don’t have enough information to match your specifications.

There may be some initial bumps in the road, but it takes time for designers and employers to understand each other’s expectations. You’ll probably be up and running efficiently in no time.

You can test Kimp during the seven-day free trial period to see if it is something you can use. It’s perfect for anyone who has regular and recurring needs for design work.

Kimp is a better choice than finding a freelancer on sites like Fiverr and Upwork. As Kimp alternative, Hatchwise, Flocksy and Penji are great choices. But if you would rather manually create design and use graphic app that is suitable for beginners and easy to use, then I suggest you check Vectornator review and RelayThat review.

DISCLOSURE: Posts may contain affiliate links. If you buy something through one of those links, I might get a small commission, without any extra cost to you. Read more about it here.

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