5 Reasons Why LearnDash Is The Best Course Creators Platform

What is the best platform for course creators? Many LMS platforms are available to create, manage, and sell courses online. You have hosted platforms like Teachable, where you don’t need to worry about the set so much. But are definitely bound by their limited extendability.

Many self-hosted options exist for CMS like WordPress to solve this problem, and they offer a much more flexible way to create and launch courses.

We know that choosing the right platform may seem like a struggle. That’s why we have done our research to provide you with the best. And LearnDash is definitely a great choice.

WordPress + LearnDash is a deadly combination. LearnDash is trusted by fortune 500 companies, organizations, and entrepreneurs worldwide.

With WordPress and LearnDash on your side, you can extend the capabilities of your eLearning website with ease, just like everyone else.


Why LearnDash Is The Best LMS For Course Creators?

Here are five reasons why you should choose LearnDash as your LMS platform.


Creating courses with LearnDash is impressively easy

You want your course creation to be hassle-free because you have a lot of other things to worry about. With LearnDash, you can create courses with an exceptional level of ease.

It comes with a smart and easy-to-use interface with detailed guides and tutorials available to help you if you get stuck anywhere.

It has the best drag and drop builder so that you can make complex, in-depth courses in just a few clicks. You can quickly add topics, lessons, assignments, and quizzes.

Not only this, but you can rearrange the course content and preview the entire hierarchy before the course goes live!

The drip-feed lessons feature ensures dynamic content delivery and helps streamline the content. Using this feature, you can deliver the lessons on a predefined schedule.

For example – Make the three out of your four-lesson course available right away and let the last one be available 24 hours after purchase.

Additionally, there are many LearnDash specific themes that come with ready-to-go website templates. So all you need to do is replace the demo content with your course material, details, feature images, instructor information, etc. and your courses are ready to publish!

Not only this, but with LearnDash, you can save time by creating clones of the course structure and then customizing it later according to your course plan.

It also comes with flexible prerequisites that let you set access to courses, lessons, and quizzes based on set prerequisites.


LearnDash helps create less boring courses

To make the learning experience wholesome, you need the right set of tools.

With LearnDash, you can create fun and interactive courses using any media type like audio, video, images, etc., to make courses more interesting. WordPress LearnDash themes (like Elumine) offer a clean, organized design that sets you a class apart and enhances the look and feel of your course effortlessly.


wordpress theme for learndash
eLumine LearnDash theme.


Using LearnDash, you can create fun quizzes at the end of every lesson so that learners are engaged. You can easily integrate video lectures into the course content as it supports integration with zoom and other video conferencing apps.

With the LearnDash focus mode, you can create a distraction-free environment for your learners. You can even engage your learners in discussion forums on a specific topic.

Not only this, but you can also award them with complimentary badges, certificates, and course points so that your learners feel that sense of achievement and are encouraged to do more. Addons like BadgeOs and Gamipress do the job really well.

Some people often overlook the importance of student feedback to make better courses. So with LearnDash, you can boost the course credibility by asking your students to leave feedback, reviews, and ratings.


LearnDash courses are accessible on any device

Your learners would want to access your courses from anywhere. So, it becomes important to create courses that can open on any device.

With LearnDash, you can create courses with a responsive design accessible on any device. You can design courses keeping the orientation in mind and try to offer simplified navigation on mobile.

Since LearnDash and WordPress are both mobile-compatible platforms, they ensure that your learners have a great learning experience.

Additionally, as a course creator, you can manage the course content and progress on your smartphone pretty easily.

And one more thing, you can create a mobile app for your LearnDash-based courses and rule the e-Learning space like a Pro.


Easily customize courses with LearnDash

Since LearnDash focuses heavily on customization, there are many useful LearnDash addons. It also integrates with the most popular third-party plugins. WooCommerce, Paypal, Stripe, you name it, and we’re pretty sure LearnDash already has it.

With LearnDash, customization is easier than ever. You can choose from various colors, logos, course, and lesson display options. You can customize your course pages, login/registration pages, checkout pages, etc.

Additionally, you can make very micro-level changes. You can customize the color of different elements within  LearnDash like the accent color (buttons, action items, etc.), progress color, notifications, and warnings.

LearnDash also lets you add a dedicated space for each instructor’s profile which includes a detailed profile page for instructors that helps students discover more about teachers on your platform.

You can also use LearnDash across multiple WordPress websites. Moreover, LearnDash allows the creation of membership options for students.

With membership add-ons like Memberpress, you can club courses related to each other, and when anyone signs up for the membership, they can get auto-enrolled in the courses.

Other popular free and premium LearnDash options include:

  • LearnDash Gradebook for grading your students (paid)
  • Email notifications to keep the learners updated
  • Wisdm Reports for LearnDash (generate graphical reports with a personalized dashboard )
  • BuddyPress Plugin ( add online profiles, user groups, and private message functionality)
  • Visual Customizer (customize LearnDash specific templates)


Manage learners & keep track of their activity

Sometimes when you get caught up with creating more and more courses, you might find it challenging to manage them.

With LearnDash, you can create courses where you can keep track of your students and also assign admin duties for better course management.

It can be hard to handle increasing students on LearnDash. With the Group Registration plugin for LearnDash, you can easily delegate student management and view the learner’s progress.


Group registration for LearnDash plugin.


If there’s a requirement for more than one teacher or instructor, you can add multiple instructors to ease up the burden of a heavy lesson plan.

Want to include more course authors to create courses? Use the Instructor Role Extension to add multiple instructors and build additional courses on your LearnDash LMS.


Instructor Role plugin for LearnDash.


You can easily allow other course authors to create courses, lessons, quizzes, and assignments. Or assign multiple instructors to one course to share the burden of responsibilities without sharing any admin privileges!

You can approve and comment on the submitted assignments for more efficient learning. You can also place your users into groups and subgroups and then allow others to manage.

Additionally, all-inclusive reporting module called ProPanel allows you to track other important LMS metrics like the number of courses enrolled and completed by each user. You can even track the real-time progression of each learner!

To simplify reporting and analysis for course creators, the Reports for LearnDash offers a much more intuitive interface. With graphical reports for each user role like the instructor, group leader, or administrator, they can easily get all important data in one personalized dashboard.


Reports plugin for LearnDash.


With the help of insightful reports, instructors can track which courses are performing better than the others and therefore work towards improving the quality of course material. This is a must have LearnDash reports addon.


LearnDash Best Platform For Course Creators

So there you have it. Our top five reasons why LearnDash is the best LMS platform. You may have realized that WordPress and LearnDash can work wonders together.

Again, creating online courses is not an easy feat, but it’s easier now than ever with LearnDash and its capabilities. And after having worked with LearnDash for years, when we say it’s the best, we mean it.

Whether its performance, speed, or customizability, LearnDash beats them all.




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