LearnDash Reports Addon Will Help You Easily Interpret Data

Using LearnDash to create an online course is one thing. But what about tracking their performance? After you’ve launched your course, your work doesn’t end there. In fact, it has just begun.

To comprehend the impact of your online courses, you need to understand how your learners are engaging with the course material.

You can test their knowledge, add quizzes, assignments, and even a challenge exam. But to help them progress, you need to tell them how they can improve.

That means generating more impactful performance reports. Reports which can tell them exactly what to do next.

Even better. What if you could follow along with their progress? You could identify whether they need to pace up or skip to a more relevant exercise.

To do that, you need to look at the right metrics. More importantly, you need to know what those numbers are telling you. So that you can use that information to improve the learning outcome of your courses.

So, to help you with this, the WISDM Reports for LearnDash comes with not only the key big picture analytics but also the most drilled down information about your learners and courses.


What Is Reports For LearnDash?

Since LearnDash focuses heavily on customization, there are many useful LearnDash addons.

The WISDM Reports for LearnDash is a reporting and analysis tool that comes with the most comprehensive dashboard for Learndash users.


Free LearnDash reports addon.


Using the insights offered by the reports, you can easily interpret the data like the time spent by your learners on each course module, their pass-fail rate, the number of completed and pending assignments, etc.

You can track the learner’s performance from a single dashboard as you get all the reports in place. With Reports for LearnDash, admins, group leaders, and instructors get access to a personalized dashboard. So there’s no need to hunt for reports in different tabs.


Reports for LearnDash addon dashboard.


The visually appealing graphical reports make it easy to retain the information. Therefore you don’t need to spend hours decoding what the numbers actually mean.

This reporting extension helps you keep on top of your LearnDash courses, lessons, topics, quizzes as well as completion rates. This allows you to monitor the learner’s progress, view their real-time activity, and identify if they’re at risk.


User-Friendly Interface

This reporting addon is pretty easy to navigate for LearnDash users.


LearnDash reports plugin free.


The clutter-free UI makes it impressively easy for users to get used to the dashboard and generate reports:

  • Personalized dashboards – The plugin comes with customizable dashboards for admins, group leaders, and instructors. The reports are displayed as per the user who is using the dashboard.
  • Graphical reports for easy interpretation – The graphical reports offer course-specific and learner-specific insights. They provide access to metrics like the number of courses and quizzes completed. Their pass/fail as well as completion rates.
  • Insightful filters to drill down data – Users can generate insightful student reports with the help of advanced filters. You can drill down data based on course category, quiz category, lesson, topic, and date to create learner-specific reports.
  • Learning trends to monitor engagement and behavior – The reports also help understand course engagement. They tell you the avg. time spent on courses, avg. time spent on quizzes, and avg. pass-fail rate. This way, you know how your learners are progressing.
  • Downloadable course reports –  All the reports generated using the filter can be exported in a CSV or XLS format shared across different stakeholders.

To understand the exact meaning of each report, the plugin has a tool-tip next to the title of the block.


LearnDash Reports Addon Benefits

Reports for Learndash help you understand:

  • Track how many learners have enrolled in your courses – The dashboard includes all the top-level metrics of your LearnDash LMS. It gives you information about total learners and total daily enrollments too.
  • Record the number of courses the learner has signed up for – It gives you the total number of courses each learner has enrolled in.
  • Understand the completion rates – You can keep track of all the course modules that are completed or pending. The reports have all the details about each learner’s total number of courses, quizzes, and assignments completed/not completed.
  • Easily track the time spent on each course/quiz – The filters give you a drilled-down view of real-time learner activity. It tells you the avg time spent on courses/quizzes, avg time taken to complete the courses/quizzes, avg learner pass, and fail rates.
  • Follow the course performance of a group of learners – For each LearnDash group, you can let group leaders generate group-wise performance reports to follow along with the group’s progress.
  • Check the total revenue generated from courses – The dashboard gives you information about the revenue generated from each curse, the avg. revenue, and the total revenue.
  • Stay on top of learner behavior and engagement analytics – The personalized dashboards come with advanced filters to track learner engagements. This allows admins, group leaders, and instructors to monitor the learning trends, drop off-points, and top-performing learners.
  • Save a lot of time and effort – This reporting plugin helps in saving valuable time and effort. LearnDash users can quickly interpret student performance through graphical reports.
  • Enhance custom reporting – Using WISDM reports for LearnDash, you get the ability to generate learner-specific, course-specific, course-category-specific, and quiz-specific reports, etc. Therefore, helping you create a detailed and customized performance review for your learners.


Enhance LearnDash Reporting

With ongoing daily enrollments and heaps of learner-specific data, it becomes impossible to make sense of the information and quickly reach a conclusion.

Once your learners sign up for a course, your LearnDash LMS should be able to track every aspect of their activity.

So if you’re looking for a reporting and analysis tool beyond basic reports, you should look at insights that can guide you. And WISDM Reports for LearnDash does precisely that!


Free reports plugin for LearnDash WordPress.


It can tell you about learner behavior and their real-time interaction with your courses. Using reports for LearnDash, Not only can you easily identify the gaps in their progress but also deep dive and take relevant actions to help them improve their performance,

Take a look at what this all-in-one reporting plugin for LearnDash can do for you. And let us know if you have any more questions!



Here are some most frequently asked questions about the plugin:

  1. Is Reports for LearnDash free? Yes. WISDM Reports for LearnDash is free to download. It also comes with a PRO version with advanced features like exporting graphical data and other relevant insights.
  2. How can I access a report for a specific learner? You can select the ‘Learner’ filter from your reports dashboard and get all the details.
  3. Are the dashboards specific to user roles? Yes. Admins, Instructors, and group leaders get a personalized dashboard.
  4. What relevant metrics can I track with this new Reports addon? This reporting plugin provides16 blocks that help you track – Quiz Reports, Daily Enrollments, Learners’ Pass/Fail Rate, Reporting Tools, Quiz Completion Rate, Quiz completion time per course, Total Revenue, Revenue From Courses, Pending Assignments, Time Spent on the course, Duration Selectors, Average Quiz Attempts, Total Courses, Course List, Course Completion Rate, and Total Learners.
  5. Can I download and export all course reports? Yes. All the reports are downloadable and shareable. You can export the CSV or XLS file.
  6. How can I check course/learner engagement? To check course/learner engagement, you can track the time spent on each course or quiz by your learners. You will need to select the specific learner using the respective filter.
  7. Can I check date-wise learner/course performance? Yes. You can use the date filter to get date-wise learner progress.

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