Lightricks Boosted Review (2023) – A Game Changer For Small Business Video Marketers

Video has solidified its place as a marketing mix staple. Today it’s the number one way consumers discover brands they later purchase from. It also works wonders for helping businesses drive website traffic, generate leads, and increase sales.

For small businesses, keeping up with their video marketing efforts can be challenging. Producing video content is often expensive and complex – especially for companies without studio space, dedicated production equipment, or video specialists at hand.

This is where Lightricks’s Boosted video creator app comes in.

Boosted makes it possible for small businesses and freelancers to create professional videos ads for social media. The app requires no prior know-how or assets – you don’t even need to shoot your own footage. Boosted provides users with everything they need to create videos within minutes.

Sure, there are plenty of other video creation apps available on the market, each with its own specialties. Mango, for one, is great for creating animate text clips. iMyPhone Filme is loaded with features, while AceMovi Video Editor is great for working with existing footage in various formats and Movavi Video Editor is well known and popular. From online editor options, there are Clipchamp and Kapwing available.

With all this having been said, thanks to its ease of use, wide array of templates, and affordable price tag, Boosted could be a game-changer for anyone looking to get their foot in the door with video marketing.

So, in this Lightricks Boosted review, we’re covering everything you need to know about the app.


Lightricks Boosted Review

Video production is no small feat. The creative campaigns you see online or on TV can take anywhere between a few weeks to months to complete. Small businesses generally don’t have the resources to invest in such a lengthy process – nor equipment, actors, software, and editing.

Boosted saves time and money by providing access to professionally designed video templates that you can edit to meet your brand’s needs. It’s available for mobile and desktop and is free to use. However, there’s a premium plan if you wish to unlock additional content.


Lightricks Boosted free video editor.


Once you’ve installed and/or logged in, you’ll gain immediate access to hundreds of high-quality templates, music, stock images, and more. Then, simply edit the text, colors, filters, and fonts on your chosen video template to produce your first clip.


The Template Library

The template library is at the heart of Boosted’s services. These templates go a long way to ensuring users can create good-looking video ads quickly and easily without producing their own footage.

Boosted’s library comprises hundreds of free templates with an average length of 20 seconds. There are plenty of pro templates available, too, if you choose to upgrade.

The templates are designed with various industries in mind, including Beauty, Fashion, Business, Finance, Digital Marketing, Real Estate, and Travel.

The templates get even more granular by catering to special occasions and everyday events that might affect your business.

For example, there are seasonal templates for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and more. Other templates are available to help market an event, announce a new product, or even define your businesses’ Covid-19 rules.


Lightricks Boosted template library.


Boosted’s management team invests significantly in research, determining what templates are most useful for businesses of what types for their paid and organic social media activity. What’s more, when they notice that a specific template is incredibly impactful, they then replicate it and create parallel versions for other business types and content messages.

Once you’ve taken your pick from the template library, you can easily customize everything about that template to suit your brand:

  • Add stock music from a vast library of royalty-free tracks and sounds
  • Change the font and edit the text in your video
  • Add a background color to fonts to make them pop
  • Apply filters to your image (to create a cohesive visual style for your brand’s social media)
  • Trim the size of your clip and/or change its composition to suit your chosen video format
  • Replace photo and video segments with your own content
  • Extend templates to up to 61 seconds

The great news is that none of these features are locked away behind Boosted’s premium plan. However, if you opt to upgrade to Pro, it comes with an even more extensive range of templates and customization options.


The Video Editor

Editing videos with Boosted couldn’t be more straightforward. The process is intuitive and fast, from the moment you open the app to the complete customization of your first video.

All customization and editing tools are available in a bar to the left of the screen. Simply click on the aspect you want to edit: Font, Music, Media, or Pallette.

You can edit text by selecting it and choosing the edit button located in the top-right corner of the template image. From here, you can change the color palette and font included in the template. You can also alter the text in the video and get creative with your own compositions.

If you need to extend a template or add your own footage, you can do so by uploading clips from Boosted’s library or uploading footage from your device. All clips included in Boosted’s library are royalty-free. Pro templates, furthermore, also allow you to add your logo for improved brand awareness.


Lightricks Boosted create social media videos.


You can make your video as long or as short as you like by clicking on the plus and minus buttons on the timeline at the bottom. Each segment has its own thumbnail, which you can click to and edit as you like, adjusting the titles, footage, or anything else. And any time you want, you can click on the play button on the timeline and preview the project instantly – no need to wait for the app to render anything.

Once you’re done editing your video, you can easily preview the results and pick a format suitable for your chosen platform.

Boosted lets you easily convert your video into:

  • Square (1:1): Perfect for your Instagram feed.
  • Portrait (9:16): Ideal for Instagram stories, TikTok videos, and Facebook stories
  • Landscape (16:9): Great for website videos, or videos on platforms like YouTube and LinkedIn

When it comes to these aspect ratios, the app is highly forgiving. You can apply them before you even start customizing the content, or you can let the app rearrange your titles and crop the visuals after you’ve started working.

You can also duplicate projects in your library, so creating square, portrait, and landscape versions of the same clip for posting multiple places is extremely fast.

When you’re happy with your video, simply click the “export” button located at the top right of your screen, and voilà, the video downloads automatically onto your device as a high-res MP4.

You can then upload this file to the platform of your choice, whether that’s a social media platform, a video sharing repository, an advertising management app, or anything else.


Boosted Pricing

Like we’ve said, the Boosted app is entirely free to download and use for Android, iOS, and the web. However, you can unlock premium content by paying either monthly or annually:

  • $14.90 per month
  • If you pay for a year in advance, you’ll pay a total of $99, which works out to only $8.25 per month.

For many marketers, the free forever plan will be enough. There is certainly a sizable library of templates that you can access without going Pro. Whether or not this subscription tier will suit your needs over time, it’s definitely an attractive offer if you’re deciding whether or not you can handle scalable video marketing activity on your own and want just to run a few experiments.


Lightricks Boosted Review – A True Game Changer?

If you want to get into video marketing but don’t have the time or funds to invest in specialist equipment, software, and talent, Boosted by Lightricks is an invaluable tool. It enables busy generalists to benefit from effective video marketing without spending resources they don’t have.

Boosted is an all-in-one solution for simple video creation. You can whip up attractive promo videos within minutes and start standing out on social media. With its wide range of pre-designed templates and beautiful filters, you can quickly create cohesive social media campaigns.

Of course, Boosted is no replacement for full-fledged video production. You likely won’t use this app to create story-rich campaigns that massively break the mold. But what it can do, is save you from lagging behind big businesses when it comes to grabbing customers’ attention with good-looking video content.

It’s free, so we recommend checking Boosted out on your favorite device to see if it could benefit your business. Then, let us know in the comments below once you’ve done that, and tell us what you think.




Gal Shachar is a designer based in Tel Aviv specializing in digital UX, ad media, and branding. He has been active in the industry since 2017, following his studies at Ruppin College. Since then, Gal has worked with many well-known brands and businesses on web design, logo creation, user experience, and branding campaigns.

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