Long Tail Pro Review PROS & CONS (2023) – Should You Use?

Long Tail Pro


Easy to use






Overall quality



  • Good tool for keyword research
  • Rank tracker is useful feature
  • Backlink analysis tool
  • SERP analysis option
  • Keyword competitiveness score
  • Daily rank tracker updates


  • Not exactly cheap
  • Not best tool for advanced SEO options
  • It has lot of limits based on plans

Long Tail Pro is indeed an indispensable tool for SEO marketers and experts working on their keyword research strategy. In this Long Tail Pro review, I will help you get insights into features it offers, pros and cons that come with it, and answer if it is a great tool for finding the long-tail keywords.

Many Long Tail Pro reviews state that this tool is best used by niche marketers who have been in the business of optimizing and building the sites in accordance with the use of the most profitable keywords. Let’s see if it is cheap and simplistic, and a great must-have tool for bloggers who seek ideas to tackle their site or blog.


Long Tail Pro Review

According to SEO experts across the world, the main actor behind business growth is keyword research. Thus, a lot of focus is given to this process in order to ensure better ranking.

Let’s first understand what are head term keywords and how are they different from long-tail keywords.

Head term Long-tail term
It comprises of one or two words. It comprises of least four words.
Head terms usually have high monthly search volume. Long terms usually have low monthly search volume.
They are generic. They are specific.
Mostly, they are tough to rank for in search results. In comparison, they are much easier to rank for.

From the given table, we can deduce that long-tail keywords do have a distinct advantage over the head terms with respect to the organic search. Long-tail keywords allow you to optimize keywords that are specific and are easier to rank.

However, it is very hard to find long-tail keywords manually hence you will need an SEO tool for this just like Long Tail Pro.

To help you with proper keyword research, there are a plethora of online tools available in addition to the Google AdWords keyword tool. Some of the great alternatives to Long Tail Pro include KWFinder, Keyword RevealerSerpstat, MOZ, SemRush, SEO PowerSuite, SpyFu, etc.

In this Long Tail Pro review, I will help you find out if this tool is really the best and the most helpful tool for SEO experts or not. Further, I’ll help you see some new and unique benefits offered by the keywords acquired by the long tail pro tool over the keywords acquired from other sources. In the end, I’ll answer the question, ‘Is this worth all the hype?’

Long Tail Pro helps you research the keywords with low competition and thereafter examine the profitability of the keyword with respect to its rank value. You can find some less competitive keywords which can help you in fetching the high converting online traffic irrespective of the niche.

The Long Tail Pro works on three tried and tested methods of keyword research. These include:

  • Finding keywords right from the scratch
  • Finding keywords from competitors, and
  • Manual data collection of the keywords that are already found in the list

Long Tail Pro Tool primarily works in four segments. These include:

  1. Keyword Research
  2. SERP Analysis
  3. Rank Tracking
  4. Backlink Analysis

I will go through these segments one by one, for a more comprehensive understanding of the same.


Long Tail Pro Features

The Long Tail Pro is more than just a keyword research tool. It is packed with a number of features that add to the usability of this tool. Here are some of these features that would make you want to switch to it instantly:

  • Long Tail Pro Tool helps you create an array of projects. With this, you can have distinct campaigns for different sites.
  • With the help of this tool, you can generate the keywords based on your seed keyword.
  • The tool helps you in exporting the keywords to an Excel spreadsheet.
  • You can import keywords into the Long Tail Pro tool.
  • It helps you search for some long-tail high-CPC keywords which are extremely helpful in increasing the AdSense revenue.
  • You can look for the available domains. In case you are creating a micro-niche blog, you can take help from the Long Tail Pro tool and seek some suggestions on some available keyword-rich domain names.
  • It helps you check the ranking of your keywords on prominent search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.
  • It is a good keyword competition checker.
  • You can favorite best keywords.


Keyword Research

The best section of the Long Tail Pro Tool is the Keyword Research. This tool helps you acquire and fetch long tail keywords which will help you in easy ranking of website.

You need to spare a lot of time and effort, if you wish to find these keywords manually without help from this tool. Using the Long Tail Pro Tool, you can easily research keywords and metrics such as difficulty, volume, CPC, SERP results etc.


Long Tail Pro keyword research review.


Further, you can filter out search based on a plethora of factors. Moreover, the Long Tail Pro Tool provides you with some advanced search features that are helpful in presenting the result based on your choice of competition, CPC, volume, etc.



The related keywords are primarily based on the seeded keyword inputted by you. In reference to the seeded keyword(s), Long Tail Pro helps you with related keywords searched on different metrics that will assist you in finalizing your targeted keywords. Here, you can also use the advances features in order to filter out the keywords.

Related keywords section also helps you in sorting the list in accordance to the CPC, both at the local as well as global level. So, before you go ahead with it, you can filter out the irrelevant keywords by clicking on the “X” mark. By doing this, you will stay organized and your list will remain clean.

Now, you further can click on any of the picked keywords that you find useful for your micro niche website and after clicking on it, it will direct you to the Competitor Analysis page.



The competitor’s keywords are very helpful when you wish to spy on your competitors. With this you can find the keywords for which they are targeting and fetching business. It is a good feature that helps you find out keywords with absolute ease and as a result minimum brainstorming goes in the process of keyword research.



Manual Keywords helps you re-check the metrics of volume, keyword difficulty, rank value, and other for the given list of keywords. Using this tool, you can check for 200 keywords in a single go.


SERP Analysis

Keyword research based on SERP analysis is another great tool which is extremely helpful in spying on the strength of competitor. For the keyword, you can use the Long Tail Pro tool which will help you locate your competitors in the SERP along with their metrics and competition.


Long Tail Pro SERP analysis review.


Under this tool, you can check for the volume with respect to the average keyword competition, type of SERP available and the strongest competitor.

In accordance to the stated factors, you can be indeed assured that this is the perfect tool and comes handy when you wish to locate the keywords that you ought to target. As a result of using this tool, you can save a lot of time that would have otherwise gone in filtering the raw data as manual interaction would have made it a lot more time consuming and tedious process.


Rank Tracker

The Rank Tracker section of the Long Tail Pro tool is helpful in keeping a track on the growth of keywords. This section categorizes keywords in the small bucket of rank groups. It is also very helping in examining from which among these buckets do your main traffic come from.


Long Tail Pro rank tracker review.


In addition to all of it, you can also check the ranking on every day basis on your chosen search engine as well as country. You can add any number of projects in the dashboard and the report will be generated. This report can be used as a representation for your clients.

Notable features of Rank Tracker:

  • A total of 200 keywords per project can be added.
  • You can either add your domain or any specific page on your website to track.
  • The result can be analysed on any of the leading search engines with respect to the country location of your business.
  • This ranking gets updated on every day basis.
  • You can compare the ranking so attained on daily basis, weekly basis or monthly basis.

Rank Tracker of the Long Tail Pro comes across as an extremely helpful part of the tool.


Backlink Analysis Tool

The Backlink Analysis is available with the Long Tail Pro tool and is incredibly helpful in spying the backlink strategy of the competitor. Using this, you can analyse the backlink profile and based on this you can create off page strategy for website.


Long Tail Pro backlink analysis review.


One key metric used here is taken from the Majestic Tool. So, it won’t be wrong to say that the data for the same is also gathered via the Majestic Database but with missing features. Sadly enough, this feature is also not as efficient as the one you can find with the alternative tools such as Ahrefs, MOZ, SEO PowerSuite, etc.


Long Tail Pro Pros & Cons

Here are advantages and disadvantages of using Long Tail Pro.


  • It provides you with keyword suggestions in bulk.
  • The keyword competitiveness score is excellent.
  • Using the competitor analysis section, you can see and analyse how likely you are to rank ahead of your competitors in terms of ranking in Google.
  • The rank tracker feature of the tool is very easy to use.
  • The rank tracker is more or less 100% accurate.


  • It isn’t comprehensive enough for being an SEO tool.
  • It puts on a cap on searching the keywords using seed keywords
  • Long Tail Pro is compiled with incredible features but the tool on the whole is full of bugs.
  • The capping on the manual keyword is low.


Long Tail Pro Review Conclusion

Based on the factors covered in Long Tail Pro review that I have listed above, Long Tail Pro is indeed a tool that is must to have as long as your primary concern is keyword research.

Using this tool you can ensure that the list of keywords is targeted to achieve a best version of it. This is indeed going to prove to be very helpful for your business. Hence, it is one tool that will ease your keyword hunt and save you a lot of time and effort.

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