Master Addons for Elementor Review (2023) PROS & CONS

Master Addons for Elementor


Easy to use






Overall quality



  • Very affordable price
  • You can disable addons which you dont wish to use
  • No configuration required
  • Simple and easy to use
  • 14 day free trial option
  • Lots of available elements


  • Free trial option can be hard to find
  • Some conditions need to be meet for money back guarantee

Even the best plugins can’t satisfy the needs and requirements of all users. Despite Elementor’s vast number of amazing widgets, blocks, templates, elements, you may need something different, unique, or advanced for your next project.

That’s why many third-party developers have gone created their own unique add-ons for Elementor to expand Elementor capabilities (see differences between Elementor free vs Elementor paid). There are plenty of add-ons to choose from, so you will have tons of options when customizing the site using the Elementor page builder plugin.

Each add-on allows you to improve your site design using many various features and layouts. Using Elementor extensions can give your site its own unique style.

Master Addons is an excellent addition to Elementor. It includes a vast range of elements that can transform your site into something more user-friendly, visually appealing, and interactive.

Master Addons comes in the free and paid version. The free version can be downloaded from the WordPress repository, and a premium version can be purchased on the official site or CodeCanyon.

In this Master Addons for Elementor review, I will show you what are the differences between free and paid version, which addons for Elementor you get, and what are the  pros and cons of the plugin.


What Is The Difference Between Free & Pro Version?

The difference between the free and paid version of Master Addons for Elementor plugin is in a number of available addons (blocks, elements). In the free version, you get access to these elements (addons):

  • Animated Headlines
  • Dual Heading
  • Advanced Accordion
  • Tabs
  • Progressbar
  • Progressbars
  • Tooltip
  • Flip Box
  • Info Box
  • Team Members
  • Team Members Slider
  • Call to Action
  • Creative Buttons
  • Changelog
  • Creative Links
  • Image Hover Effects
  • Blog
  • Business Hours
  • Table of Contents
  • Image Gallery
  • Pricing Table
  • Timeline
  • Table
  • Current Time
  • Navmenu
  • Search
  • Counter Up
  • Countdown Timer
  • Contact Form 7
  • Ninja Forms
  • WPForms
  • Caldera Forms
  • weForms

In the Premium version, you get access to all addons from free version plus News Ticker, Image Hotspot, Restrict Content, Domain Checker, and Gravity Forms addon.

In the free version, you have access to unique features (extensions) such as Particles, Mega Menu, Bg Slider, Custom CSS, Extras, and Positioning. In the Premium version, you get those mentioned plus Animated Gradient, Transition, Transforms, Rellax, and Reveal.


Master Addons for Elementor Review

When you install and activate the Master Addons plugin, you will get a new tab in your WordPress admin dashboard. Master Addons tab is separated in several menus. Those are Master Addons, Affiliation, Account, Contact Us, Support Forum, and Pricing.


master addons for elementor free


Under the Master Addons tab, you will see several tabs. Most important are Addons (Master Addons) and Extensions. You can enable those addons that you wish to use or disable the one you don’t.

Then start by going to the post or page that you want to edit or create with Elementor. Search for the “Master Addons” category or scroll down until you find it.


master addons for elementor elements master addons for elementor blocks


Select that option to find all the Master Addons elements that are available. Add and customize your selected elements as you see fit.


Master Addons All Widgets

This plugin gives you access to the following widgets or elements:


master addons for elementor free vs paid

master addons for elementor widgets
Here you can see all Master Addons for Elementor addons which you can enable or disable.


1. Animated Headlines – This widget can be used to create eye-catching headlines. You can customize your headline style any way you want.

2. Dual Heading – The dual heading option is an advanced headline option in addition to the animated headlines. Sometimes you need more than just a headline with a nice font. This add-on allows you to enhance your headlines by using a two-colored box to add different backgrounds.

You can even use dual fonts in the same headline to emphasize particular words or phrases. Dual colors can be used to draw attention to certain words in your headline.

You can give your headlines a more artistic flair by placing engaging backgrounds behind them. Words can be highlighted in varying thicknesses as you see fit. Feel free to play around with the settings until you find the perfect combination that meets your needs.

3. Advanced Accordion – The Accordion feature can be used to display content in a way that’s much more user-friendly. It helps your site visitors get a better understanding of your content before they click through to particular pages of your website.

Advanced Accordion provides your viewers with a brief overview of the content located under each Accordion bar. You can make your own Accordion styles to simplify sorting. You can customize the styles, colors, accordion position and size, column color, and collapse animation. You can also choose whether drop-down animations will be animated by mouse hovers or clicks.

4. Tabs – Having informative and appealing tabs is another way to simplify site navigation. The tabs add-on can be used to customize tab colors, font sizes, icon images, vertical or horizontal positioning, and much more.

You can create as many tabs as you’d like. Each tab can be conveniently placed on your site’s home page if you wish. Your “about us” page, list of products and services, and any other necessary page.

5. Progressbar – This feature allows you to add animated progress bars to your site’s pages. They can be used to highlight your various products and services or to show different areas of expertise. The progress bars come as bubble, circle, and line styles.


elementor prgressbars addon


6. Tooltip – Tooltips can be used to allow your site visitors to hover their mouse over a particular icon, image, or text section to learn more information without having to click on them. Tooltips generate more interactive potential for your site content.

You can provide facts, history, contact information, and other relevant data about particular items without having to fill your website with excessive text or graphics. Too much information can be distracting, especially when you consider how relatively short people’s attention spans are nowadays.

7. Flip Box – Adding a flip box is an excellent way to make your call to action, products, or services stand out on pages. MA Flip Box includes a nice 3-dimensional effect and several other convenient options. The flip box variations are cube, diagonal, fade, flip box horizontal, flip box vertical, flipping cubes, and rollover.

8. Info Box – Information boxes can be used to feature important information on site in a way that really grabs the viewer’s eye. People’s time is limited, and if they can’t find what they’re looking for quickly, they’ll move on to other sites.

Adding an infobox can showcase important information and draw attention to it. The MA Info Box widget includes a dozen different styles that you can use.

9. Team Members – Any company website should have good team members page. Letting your site visitors see your employees gives your site a more personal touch. It also shows elements of authenticity and trust.

The MA Team Members add-on makes designing your team member page simple. You can choose from any of the many templates contained in the library. Once you’ve selected your template, all you need to do is add images, names, social media information, descriptions, and any other necessary text.

10. Team Members Slider – You can use the team members’ slider add-on to craft a team member page on your site complete with a fully customizable slider view. All of your current team members will be shown on the same page at once.

The team member slider add-on will allow your site visitors to click on the side arrow to navigate through the team members’ profile. You can edit the background color, slider speed, and other details as you see fit.

11. Contact Form 7 – This add-on allows users to fill out a brief form on your site. The form can contain a name, email address, and message. You can customize this form by altering the field and background colors and other options.

12. Ninja Forms – An excellent choice for Ninja Forms users who want a good Elementor add-on to help customize their forms. You can use this add-on to customize the design and other important elements.

13. WPForms – This add-on can be used to add certain items unique to WPForms. If you’ve already created a form using WPForms and want to add it to a page created in Elementor, this is the addon to use.

14. Gravity Forms – An add-on that will let you integrate several Gravity Forms specific elements.

15. Caldera Forms – This plugin can be used to add items that are only used in Caldera forms.

16. weForms – Another unique plugin that will let you bring in elements designed for weForms.

17. Call to Action – Creating a compelling call to action is a great way to convert site visitors into paying customers. It’s one of the essential marketing functions for companies in any industry.

You can use a call to action widgets to customize your text images and icons (including the actual call to action button), call to action text, and animations.

18. Timeline – A handy feature that allows you to add timelines to your website. The best part of this feature is that you don’t have to deal with any complicated coding. Your layouts can be either vertical or horizontal and can include animations and other various styling options.

19. Image Filter Gallery – Do you have lots of photos that you want to display on your website clearly and concisely? The MA Image Filter Gallery add-on can help you achieve just that.

20. Image Hotspot – This feature can be used to add appealing markers and hotspots to emphasize important information on your site. Hotspots are great for welcoming new site users and for drawing attention to relevant information on your website without distracting your site visitors.


image hotspots elementor addon


21. Restrict Content – This plugin can be used when you want to lock specific content on your site. You can select age selection, checkboxes, passwords, pop-ups, or user roles to restrict content.

You can also add forms, images, text, videos, PDFs, and more in the restricted content section. These options make it easier to hide sensitive information, reduce spam, and attract a more favorable target audience for desired leads.

22. Current Time – This option allows you to add the current date to specific sections of your site. This information will then be updated automatically.

23. Changelog – The changelog add-on is used to add updates, improvements, and other fixes to showcase what is new.

24. Domain Checker – This option can be added to search for available domains. Just enter a particular domain name to see if it’s currently available to register.

25. Table – This feature allows you to integrate customized tables with multiple row and column options.

26. Search – A search widget that can be added to help your visitors find what they’re looking for on your website quickly and easily.

27. Counter Up – A convenient feature that allows you to add animated number counters to any page on your site.

28. Progressbars – The Progressbars add-on works using the same principles as the MA Processbar add-on. The only difference here is that this option lets you add multiple different animated progress bars at once.

29. Countdown Timer – A quick and easy way to add a countdown timer to your website.

30. Navmenu – This add-on is a great way to include a great-looking navigation menu to your WordPress site. All navigation menus that you add are fully customizable to meet your design preferences.

31. Pricing Table – An effective way to display your pricing information. Pricing tables can include discounts, ribbons, and any other features or aspects that you want to be portrayed.


pricing table elementor addon


32. Creative Buttons – Most fully functional websites have several types of clickable elements. They can be tabs, checkboxes, call to action buttons, etc. The creative buttons add-on gives you different creative animations that can be activated whenever a site visitor hovers their mouse over a particular button or other clickable elements on your site.

33. Image Hover Effects – Image Hover Effects can help you add image titles and descriptions. The add-on includes over 20 different hover elements. You don’t have to stick with a pre-defined style. You can easily customize your text colors, type, background colors, and borders from the rich options panel.

34. Creative Links – Links are frequently used on most sites to create internal or external connections with other pages and websites. This option allows you to add your text links in more imaginative ways.

35. Blog – Blog posts are a good way to create more interest and bring more people to your website. You can use the MA Blog add-on to alter the type for your excerpts, headlines, and meta information. You can also define your column styles and select from masonry, list, or grid styles.

36. News Ticker – The ticker add-on can be used to highlight your news articles, blog posts, or other important information. Posts can be sorted by date published, author, post type, ID, date of last modification, random, etc.

You can either customize each section to create unique posts, or you can use the content importer to add different variations.

37. Business Hours – The MA Business Hours add-on includes a custom design table and five preset designs. You can edit and rearrange content in the business hours element any way that you want.

38. Table of Contents – The table of contents feature can be added to help your site visitors effectively navigate through all of your blog posts. You can put the table of contents anywhere in your post. You can also edit colors, sizes, fonts, and other settings.


Master Extensions

Alongside master addons, there is also a master Extensions section. It consists of:


master addons for elementor extensions


1. Particles Background – This is an animated background that contains moving particles. You can change the particle colors, sizes, and shapes.

They can also be added as a background for columns and rows to make your tables more interactive. You can even customize the color gradient effects for more appealing and intriguing content.

2. Animated Gradient Background – This add-on allows you to design row or section backgrounds with gradient only. The custom color palette lets you craft almost unlimited amounts of unique, customized background layouts.

3. Background Slider – This simple background element can be used to integrate video and image sliders to your pages. Background color overlays can be added to draw more attention to the selected content. You can also adjust image alignment within your sliders.

4. Custom CSS – You can add your own custom CSS.

5. Positioning – Custom positioning gives you a lot of flexibility and power over the design of your layouts.

6. Extras – Set container max and min width and height.

7. Mega Menu – It allows you to create a fully responsive mega menu with dropdown items and rich in content modules.

8. Transition – You can pick from a huge selection of animations that you can apply to widgets.

9. Transforms – By enabling transforms, you can rotate, translate, and scale elements.

10. Rellax – Allows you to apply a parallax effect to any widgets, following the page scrolling.

11. Reveal – You can set that element, content, or widget is revealed in a certain direction at a set speed with delay and color.


Master Addons for Elementor Price

Master Addons comes in the free and paid version. The free version can be downloaded from the WordPress repository, and a premium version can be purchased on the official site or on CodeCanyon.

On CodeCanyon, the price for a single site is $19, which is the same price as on the official site for a single site license. But if you need more than one site license of lifetime plan, you will need to purchase from the official site.

If you need just a single site license, then you can purchase on CodeCanyon as purchase there will bring you lifetime updates compared to from official site where you will get one year (you need to pay for renewal after a year to continue receiving updates).

One official website there is yearly plan option and lifetime. Each option provides three pricing plans. They each come with same features. The only difference is number on websites on which plugin can be used.


master addons for elementor pricing


Personal is for single site, Business can be used on five websites, and Developer license plan can be used on unlimited number of sites.

There is 14 days money-back guarantee if purchased from the official site. But few conditions need to be met in order to get a refund so read it carefully before buying. There are two ways to get support for “Master Addons” Plugin – WordPress Support Forum or Jewel Theme Support.

Master Addons also offers a 14 day free trial of PRO version without the need to enter payment details. Here is how to activate free trial:

  1. Install the free version of Master Addons for Elementor plugin
  2. When you activate the plugin, you will be greeted with a popup saying: “Never miss an important update – opt in to our security and feature updates notifications, and non-sensitive diagnostic tracking with”
  3. Click “Allow & Continue” button. If you skip it, then you can still “Opt In.” Just go to Plugins > Master Addons for Elementor, and you will see below it “Opt In” option. Just click it.
  4. Then go to Master Addons > Account. There is a “Free Trial” tab there. Click on it.
  5. You will now see the option to Start your 14-day free trial. No credit card required and includes all available features.
  6. Click “Start my free 14 days” found under a Personal plan.


Master Addons for Elementor PROS and CONS

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of using Master Addons for Elementor:


  • Affordable price
  • You can disable addons which you don’t wish to use so that they are not loaded
  • No configuration required
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Ability to contact support right from the WordPress plugin menu
  • 14-day free trial option for PRO version
  • Lots of available elements
  • 14 days money-back guarantee
  • The plugin is customizable by providing elements with lots of options to control every possible thing


  • The free trial option can be hard to find, and it can be used only if you allow non-sensitive diagnostic tracking with
  • While it does say on official site 14 days money-back guarantee, no questions asked, it is not “no questions asked.” Few conditions need to be met like: you have attempted to resolve your issue(s) with a support team, issues caused by conflicts with 3rd party plugins, themes or other software, if you simply decide not to use the plugin, etc.


Master Addons for Elementor Review Conclusion

Master Addons for Elementor can help you craft appealing, modern layouts for your site. The free plugin has over 30 different blocks to use. There’s also a premium version of the plugin with even more features and functions.

You can use the Master Addons to create a magazine-style site by adding blog posts, a news ticker, animated headlines, and image galleries. You can show your team members and celebrate their accomplishments by using timelines, progress bars, and sliders on your team members’ page.

If you want to build an online portfolio, you can accomplish this by integrating creative links, flip boxes, hotspots, image hovers, and tooltips. Blocks for business hours, a call to action, changelogs, creative buttons, dual headings, information boxes, pricing tables, and a table of contents can also be added.

Master Addons has custom form elements for Caldera Forms, Contact Form 7, Ninja Forms, weForms, and WPForms. Extensions for animated gradients, slider, and particle backgrounds for Elementor sections are also available. Each Master Addons block has plenty of helpful customization options to help your website stand out.

If Master Addons is not Elementor addon you are looking for, then check Ultimate Post Kit review, JetPlugins review, Plus Addons review, Element Pack review or Stratum review.

DISCLOSURE: Posts may contain affiliate links. If you buy something through one of those links, I might get a small commission, without any extra cost to you. Read more about it here.

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