Monstroid vs Monstroid2 Features Comparison | What’s The Difference?

Monstroid is a very popular theme for WordPress, but many confuse Monstroid and Monstroid2. Are those same themes or separate? In this post, I will compare Monstroid vs Monstroid2. To make their products stand out, theme providers enhance their products with exceptional sets of tools and design elements.

To make the right choice of the best multipurpose WordPress theme for your site, you need to compare the features of your preferred solutions available in the market. For this article, I have chosen two multipurpose WordPress themes from the TemplateMonster digital marketplace. You can also get them as part of One by Template Monster subscription membership.

Monstroid and Monstroid2 are one of the two best-selling WordPress themes that are apt for both personal and business purposes. Despite their similar titles, there are two absolutely different themes. For more info regarding Monstroid be sure to check my Monstroid theme review.


Monstroid vs Monstroid2 Comparison

Monstroid was first to hit the web back in summer 2016. This was one of the first multipurpose blog WordPress themes that gained significant demand and the high interest among website owners.

When Monstroid2 was released in 2017, many were surprised to find out that the new WordPress solution doesn’t have anything in common with its predecessor (except for its name).

Monstroid2 boasts with an impressive choice of skins and theme modification options. Similar to Monstroid, Monstroid2 is delivered with free regular updates.

With every new update, owners of the theme have access to a new premade skins and custom extensions suited for a range of occasions. This is one of the best business WordPress themes delivering advanced customization opportunities for website owners.

The sky is the limit. One of the latest significant Monstroid2 updates revamped the theme’s structure completely. In 2018, the theme got transformed into a powerful and mighty solution that can be handled even by a newbie.


What Are The Similarities Between Monstroid2 & Monstroid?

Both themes are optimized to run flawlessly on a variety of desktop and handheld devices. In addition to being touch-friendly, they adjust to all popular web browsing apps automatically.

The themes are created with the latest SEO rules in mind. Fast-loading and lightweight, they can help you improve your site’s visibility in search engines.


Premade Themes

One of the significant features for any multi-purpose theme is a wide choice of topic-specific skins. Both Monstroid and Monstroid2 let you choose from impressive collections of ready-to-go designs that are applicable for personal and business use.

Downloading such a theme, you are provided with a wide choice of skins, pages, and layout options. You can personalize all of them just the way it matches your needs. The styles of different skins vary.


monstroid ready made templates

monstroid2 templates
Some of the Monstroid2 available templates


This gives you the freedom to choose the appearance that can reflect your brand identity right out-of-the-box. Monstroid and Monstroid2 cover multiple topic-specific purposes. They feature a range of demos that can be imported to your site in a matter of clicks.

The number of ready-made skins grows with the release of every next update. This is one more impressive feature of these two multi-purpose designs.

Thanks to the availability of free lifetime updates, they will keep your online projects up-to-date for as long as you use them.


Drag-And-Drop Functionality

Page builders are generally considered to be the most useful tools for the quick and effortless web development process. The possibility to edit premade layouts in the visual mode makes it effortless even for a beginner to edit sites code-free. Monstroid and Monstroid2 are fully compatible with the Elementor page builder (see differences between Elementor free vs Elementor premium).


drag and drop funcionality monstroid2


Elementor is one of the leading page builders for WordPress sites. An intuitive dashboard comes loaded with a rich set of widgets and pre-made layout options.

All this taken together delivers a high level of customization possibilities. Simply put, you can launch a versatile website in a week or less.


Optimization For Speed

Your site’s loading speeds is the primary factor that defines its usability. A modern user is always in a hurry. The search for the needed pieces of data end up on the first page of Google results. Once a person comes up with the right snippet preview, he won’t wait for longer than 3 seconds to load your data.


speed test monstroid update2


Keeping this in mind, Monstroid and Monstroid2 are optimized for speedy performance in all web environments. If you check the themes via PageSpeed, you will see that Monstroid loads in 0.5 seconds, while Monstroid2 takes 1.2s to reveal all data.


Documentation And Support

No matter how skilled or experienced you are, it’s essential to make sure you have something or someone to rely on in emergency cases. Both themes include detailed documentation and free video instructions.

Additionally, you can always use free 24/7 support that’s delivered via a ticket system, live chat, and phone. So, if you face any issues after the purchase of your theme, you can rely on the professional technical experience.


Monstroid or Monstroid2 – What’s the Difference?

Now, as the similarities have been defined, let’s see what differs Monstroid and Monstroid2. Leaping ahead, it’s worth to point out that the themes were created for different audiences and needs.



Monstroid and Monstroid2 deliver flexible customization opportunities. You can change colors, shapes, borders, animation, page structure, and apply a whole lot of other modifications to the ready-made layouts.

You can modify every block. Still, there are specific differences in the way they work. Monstroid is a set of pre-designed themes that can be used for a range of topic-specific occasions.


monstroid2 skins


Every theme can be used as it is or with certain modifications. You cannot mix elements/blocks/pages of different themes. The latest Monstroid2 update has revamped the theme structure completely. Now, this is a huge collection of web design elements.

You can pick any header or footer style and insert it into the layout of your future site. You can also work with pre-made pages and different content blocks and customize them in the drag-and-drop dashboard of Elementor page builder.



In addition to some standard sets of features and tools that every WordPress project needs to have on board, the themes contain custom extensions.

Monstroid comes loaded with a wide choice of Cherry plugins that lets you reveal different pieces of content and functional elements in different areas on your site.

Due to the theme’s compatibility with Elementor, it contains three Elementor premium extensions that are created especially for the page builder – JetElements, JetMenu, and JetTricks. Generally speaking, Monstroid lets you access a collection of 37 plugins.


extensions in monstroid2 and monstroid


Monstroid2 doesn’t contain any Cherry plugins. Instead, the theme is delivered with a broader selection of Jet Family plugins (compared to Monstroid).

For example, JetElements plugin enhances your site with a bunch of useful Elementor elements like contact forms, portfolios, post carousels, etc.

There is also JetMenu that allows you to create functional navigation elements for your site. There is also a chance to build unique header and footer layouts utilizing the Header and Footer builder.


Purpose Of Use

Monstroid and Monstroid2 match different goals. Monstroid can be the ideal choice for those customers who need to:

  • create sites for themselves;
  • launch their web projects out-of-the-box using premade themes;
  • create versatile layouts code-free using Elementor page builder.

Monstroid2 is a more advanced solution that’s apt for:

  • web designers and web developers who create sites for clients;
  • building custom pages using sets of pre-designed elements;
  • speeding up the site creation process while polishing the look and feel of their projects with Elementor page builder.


Monstroid VS Monstroid2

If you cannot decide if Monstroid or Monstroid2 will fit best for your venture, then the following comparison table will be useful.

Monstroid Monstroid2
Available skins ∼23 ∼30
Monthly updates yes yes
Page Builder Elementor Elementor
Download speed 0.5s 1.2s
Full-scale tech support yes yes
WooCommerce ready yes yes
Cherry plugins Full set of Cherry plugins no
Jet plugins JetElements, JetMenu, JetTricks Full set of Jet plugins (including those that will be released in the future)
Header and Footer builder no yes
.json templates availability no more than 500 pre-built elements
Website building flexibility Low (available themes customization) High (opportunity to mix themes and elements the way you like)
Saving templates for further usage no yes
Coding skills required no no


Which To Choose?

In conclusion, I think it’s worthy to point out that the choice of any web theme needs to be grounded on your skills and the purpose of its use. Even a multi-purpose theme may have specifications that can match one audience and be unacceptable for another.

For proper decision-making, make up a list of requirements for a theme that will become a perfect fit for your site. Both Monstroid and Monstroid2 are a great choice, but Monstroid2 comes with more features. And if you need great WooCommerce theme for any eCommerce project, then Woostroid2 is right choice (check Woostroid2 review for more info about it).

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