Motion Ridge Review PROS & CONS (2023) – Unlimited Digital Assets

Motion Ridge


Easy to use






Available Assets



  • Download as many items as you want for the duration of your membership, with no restrictions.
  • A single license for all items.
  • New items are regularly added.
  • Affordable price.
  • Free plan available.
  • Filters for easier browsing.
  • You can preview items before downloading.


  • Free plan has only 5 free items available currently.
  • No images currently.
  • Not big collection of digital assets available for now compared to what competitors offer.
  • Site doesn't seem to be finished yet as some pages are still not finished.

Motion Ridge is a service provided by Vooaxis. It is a growing digital asset library that designers, creators, and many others can use. Some of the content options include video templates, stock video, audio, photos, and add-ons. This Motion Ridge review will show what this service offers and show its advantages and disadvantages.


Motion Ridge Review

Hundreds of thousands of digital assets are available for unlimited downloads from Motion Ridge. The majority of items that can be downloaded can even be used in commercial projects.

Some assets may be marked as “Editorial use only, not for commercial use.” Those particular items can be used for editorial reasons. These include assets with recognizable brands, locations, or people.

Motion Ridge paid members can access their marketplace and download as many products as they need. As long as the paid account is active, members can download unlimited items and use them in projects. Downloads can’t be used in any new projects after a paid membership has been canceled.



Motion Ridge provides a license for their assets to be used in business projects and for personal reasons. Project assets are forever covered by a full, basic usage license.

A license can only be used for a single project. Items will need to be downloaded again if you intend to use them in different projects. Items can also be relicensed to be used on a different project.

Motion Ridge items can’t be used after you’ve unsubscribed from their service. All products that were created while your subscription was active will still retain a valid license.

There are certain restrictions on what you can do with the digital assets:

  • Items cannot be redistributed or resold.
  • You can’t use items in on-demand services.
  • You can’t use music items in a broadcast.


What Do You Get With Motion Ridge?

Currently, there are 4700+ assets available. Their repository includes video templates, stock video, and stock audio:

  • After Effects – This includes categories like broadcast packages, product promo, elements, titles, infographics, video displays, logo stings, and openers.
  • Premiere Pro – This includes Premiere pro templates and MOGRT templates.
  • Motion Graphics – Includes categories like backgrounds, miscellaneous elements, overlays, transitions, infographics, etc.
  • Music – Comes with categories like logos & idents, ambient, children, cinematic, classical, corporate, country, electronica, folk, etc.
  • Sound Effects – Here, you will see categories such as buttons & menus, carton sounds, domestic sounds, futuristic, game, human, industrial, urban sounds, etc.
  • Addons section includes after-effects presets and Premiere Pro presets.

Unfortunately, currently, there is not much available under categories, and some are even empty. Most assets are for after effects, music, and sound effects. There are not many motion graphics and images.


Motion Ridge categories and sub-categories.


But according to their site, they will soon add new assets. Coming soon are DaVinci Resolve templates, stock footage, and images.


User Experience

Motion Ridge keeps the overall user experience simple. You don’t have to sign up to be able to see the catalog. You can browse and check what it offers to see if it meets your needs. If you find something you like, sign up and start downloading items.

After you’ve created an account, you can opt for either the monthly subscription or the yearly plan (which is a better value). Motion Ridge offers a free plan, but, unfortunately, it currently only consists of 5 items.

Assets can always be previewed before they are downloaded. You can select the download option to access files once you’ve found a particular item that you want to use.


Motion Ridge preview option.


Users will receive a zip file of their downloaded item. You can extract the necessary files and open them using compatible software.

It can take a while to go through the available assets to find the specific items you want. Because of that, Motion Ridge has simplified the search process for users.


Motion Ridge categories filters.


You can find things in less time by using categories or applying filters. A menu with all available categories and a search bar will appear on the top of each page. You’ll be able to see the respective item categories and subcategories by hovering your mouse over the options in the menu bar. This menu page can be accessed from any page on the website.

Available filters will be displayed on the left-hand side of your page once a particular category has been selected. You can narrow down your search results by related tags or relevant subcategories.

For instance, in the Music category, you have filters like vocals, tempo, length, sub-categories, etc. When you have many items to choose from, having proper filter functionality is essential.

At the top of every page, you will see a search bar which can be useful. All of your setting options, collections, and downloads can be seen in the My Account section.


Become Ridge Author

You can earn money and share your work on Ridge. They accept only experienced contributors. By offering your digital assets on Ridge, you will make a whole new revenue stream. Net revenue is divided between authors and the platform. Authors receive 60% of net income from subscriptions each month. Item download quantities will determine the author’s profit.

Items can be delivered without having any cumbersome licenses to worry about. Because of that, you can concentrate on creating digital items. Motion Ridge will handle item marketing, customer service, and other post-sales support issues. Only experienced contributors can submit items.

Links to previous work and five top-quality items must be provided before you can become an author. There are specific quality standards that are expected of each item.

You can ask to become an author after your items have been uploaded. Multiple or single marketplace links can be shared as needed.


Motion Ridge Pricing

There are three different Motion Ridge pricing plans. There’s no charge for the Basic plan, which comes with limited customer support. Free download files are the only available items in this plan and can be used for personal projects only.


Motion Ridge pricing plans.


A monthly plan is $9.99/month. It comes with unlimited downloads, and you can use them in commercial projects. The annual plan comes with the same features for the price of $99.99/year. Both monthly and annual plans have standard customer support.

You can get a refund if you still haven’t downloaded any products from Motion Ridge, 14 days from the date of purchase.


Motion Ridge vs. The Competition

There are plenty of image and asset resources available. Commercial sites and free repositories are the majority of these sources. There are advantages and disadvantages to each option.

Small companies and individuals may favor free options that tend to have low amounts of high-quality assets or vast amounts of low-quality assets.

The best items from free repositories are often widely used, so it is not uncommon to see some stock images on several other sites. Commercial services like Adobe Stock or Shutterstock often have better selections of high-quality items. The main downside is the higher cost of obtaining items from them.

Motion Ridge is relatively new to the market. It ranks in between the free and paid alternatives. Most of their competitors have individual prices for each item that’s used or have limited subscription plans. Obtaining items when you’re restricted in the number of downloads can make it rather expensive in the long run.

Unlimited downloads are available to Ridge subscribers. Even though their library is fairly new, they are continuing to add to their collection regularly.

People who need video templates sound effects and music can find plenty of choices with Motion Ridge. But if you, for example, need stock photos, then it would be better that you pick a website or service which is solely oriented in providing stock photos.

The best Ridge alternatives are Envato Elements and One by Template Monster.

  • Name
  • Price
  • Free Plan
  • WordPress plugins
  • WordPress themes
  • Photos
  • Graphics
    Backgrounds, textures, social, vectors, patterns, icons, objects, illustrations
  • Graphic templates
    Print templates, product mockups, UX and UI kits, infographics, logos, scene generators
  • Add-ons
    Actions and presets, brushes, layer styles
  • Fonts
    Serif, sans-serif, scripts and handwritten, decorative
  • Presentation templates
    Keynote, PowerPoint, Google Slides
  • Web templates
    Admin templates, email templates, site templates, landing page templates
  • CMS templates
    Drupal, Joomla, Magento, Muse, OpenCart, PrestaShop, Shopify, Unbounce, Ghost, Tumblr
  • 3D renders
  • Stock video
  • Video templates
    Broadcast packages, elements, infographics, logo stings, openers, product promo, titles, video displays
  • Music
  • Sound effects
    Game, domestic, human, urban, nature, futuristic, cartoon, industrial sounds, etc.
  • Online courses, eBooks, video courses
  • Download unlimited number of products
  • Advanced filters
    To easily find and search what you are looking for from the library of products
  • Support
    Can you receive support for products in subscription
envato elements vs one by template monster
  • $33/month or $198/year
    Monthly and annual pricing plans.
one by template monster vs envato elements
  • $299/year
Motion Ridge vs Envato Elements comparison.
  • $9.99/month or $99.99/year
  • Coming soon


Motion Ridge Review Conclusion

Motion Ridge website provides plenty of digital assets. They have large amounts of stock video clips, motion graphics, titles, backgrounds, product promos, openers, and other video templates and music.

Their selection isn’t massive because they’re still new. However, more and more items are continually added to their site.

You may encounter a few incomplete Ridge Motion pages. They are still working on their help center, terms, and contact pages so clicking on those pages leads to an error page.

A major benefit of Motion Ridge is the fact that you can download as many items as you want while you’re an active paid member.

The active license allows you to use items in your projects. As is the case with every similar service, all of their files are available to every user, so don’t be surprised if you start seeing your competition, bloggers, or other organizations using the same items.

This is the primary reason why some opt only to use original content. That way, they own all the content they use, and it can be used however they prefer.

Motion Ridge is worth a try if your main need is music and sound effects. For everything else. Ridge will need to increase its library if they want to attract customers. Hopefully, they will manage to do that in the near future.

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  1. I recently visited to the “” for their videos, music, and sound effect and I have to say that I was quite impressed. The website was well organized and easy to navigate. The product of this site was vast and varied. All of the videos and music were of high quality and I was able to easily find exactly what I was looking for. I also found the sound effects to be quite realistic and they were sure to add the perfect atmosphere to any project. I would definitely recommend this website to anyone in search of high quality videos, music, and sound effects.

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