7 Best Free & Paid No API Amazon Affiliate Plugins

Amazon’s Application Programming Interface (API) can be used by WordPress themes, plugins, and other tools to make it easier to manage affiliate sites. Using API, users can fetch product specifications, product information, images, and other content from Amazon product pages.

But Amazon associates are not granted API access immediately. Before you can access the API, you must have at least three referred sales and your website information verified.

To provide your site users with more detailed information, such as specs, images, and prices, APIs can be a great asset.

Amazon affiliate plugins can automatically fetch and update Amazon product prices at selected intervals, fetch product descriptions and images and publish them on your site.

If you want to make it simpler for your site visitors to find the products that best suit their requirements, you can use these plugins to generate feature tables and comparison charts.

Tables that are simple to read and include the most up-to-date pricing and item ratings will help you generate more money and increase your click-through rates (CTR).

But what if you don’t have access to Amazon’s API? How can you have all those benefits? With the usage of Amazon affiliate plugins that don’t require having API.


No API Amazon Affiliate Plugins

Amazon affiliate plugins that offer integration with Amazon API are very beneficial:

  • Provide customers with the most up-to-date photos and pricing from Amazon.
  • Using comparison charts and feature boxes, you can promote items more effectively.

Here are some of the best WordPress Amazon plugins that don’t require having Amazon API but still provide you with all the advantages of having API access.


Content Egg Amazon No API Module

You can use Content Egg to create deal sites, product review sites, niche sites, affiliate sites, etc. Content Egg assists affiliates in earning extra income.

There are a number of well-known affiliate networks that Content Egg supports. You can quickly add items from various affiliate networks with your affiliate links, product descriptions, videos, images, etc.


Content Egg price comparison example.
Content Egg price comparison example where several price options are displayed.


The same developers who created Content Egg also created External Importer Pro, Cashback Pro, and the Affiliate Egg plugin. All plugins are intended to make life easier for affiliates and increase revenue.

Content Egg comes in the free version and paid version. The number of available modules is the only difference between them. For the Amazon and No API module, you will need to purchase the pro version.

Content Egg allows you to use Amazon with or without the Amazon API. Using ContentEgg No API module, you still have all the benefits of Amazon API.


Content Egg Amazon no API module.
In Amazon No API module you will notice that there is no option to add API keys.


So, how does Content Egg handle importing products from Amazon? Go to your post/page editor, and you will find a Content Egg block. It will consist of all modules which you enabled.

Using the “Find All” option, you can search for products by entering a keyword. The plugin will then search for products based on your keyword and display them.


How Content Egg plugin works?


To add products, click on the ones you want to import to your site. You can then change the product name and description, specify a keyword for future updates, choose a template, etc.

For more info, you can check my ContentEgg review.


AmaLinks Pro

More Amazon clicks and commissions are possible with the AmaLinks plugin.

This plugin’s primary goal is conversions and allowing you to get creative with links, whether for a simple text link or a more attractive product demonstration with a Call to Action.

The plugin allows you to pull products from Amazon by searching for products using the plugin. ASIN or keywords are all that is required.

Thanks to the included table builder, you can create dynamic and exciting comparison charts with images, captions, and CTAs.


Amazon affiliate plugin for WordPress that doesn't require API.


Your site visitors can quickly scan the page for crucial details, compare data, and make purchasing choices more quickly.

AmaLinks Pro doesn’t need an Amazon API to work. API Mode and No-API Mode are both available to everyone. To add products to your website, you can easily switch back and forth between the two modes.

The product name, product description, price, and other data can all be pulled into the product display boxes, and you can change any aspect of it using customization tools.

You can use affiliate links to include photos of products, descriptions, pricing, and more in your article. Increase your click-through rates using product comparison tables.


Best Amazon affiliate plugin without need for API access.


Don’t think you’ll have to give up some of the plugin’s finest features if you don’t have an API. Instead, you’ll have full access to all of Amazon’s features even if you still don’t have Amazon API.

AmaLinks Pro complies with all Amazon terms and conditions across all of its features so that you can use the plugin safely.

Thrive, and Elementor are some of the many page builders with which AmaLinks Pro is compatible.


Affi AI

With Affi AI, you have complete control over the affiliate products that are displayed on your website.

The plugin allows you to select products by using keywords, ASIN codes, or product codes, and it automatically retrieves all the necessary information such as product photos, titles, descriptions, merchants, and prices that are updated regularly.


Affi AI product comparison feature.


Affi AI generates product boxes that include tracked links that contain your affiliate IDs for popular e-commerce sites such as Amazon, eBay, AliExpress, and Kelkoo, allowing you to generate revenue from purchases made through these links.

The plugin ensures that all the product information displayed on your site is always up-to-date, as it automatically updates the prices and other relevant details on a daily basis without requiring any action from you.

Affi.ai offers a non-API feature allowing you to display Amazon products automatically even if you don’t have API key. For more info, check my Affi AI review.



The WooZone affiliate plugin provides an option to upload Amazon products to the WooCommerce store but also offers many other features.

The WooZone plugin is a terrific option for WordPress users who want to build a shop area with a selection of items or the most popular products from a particular category.

To make the lives of Amazon Associates members a little bit simpler, the WooZone is packed with useful options.

WooZone is compatible with most WordPress themes and has a few unique characteristics worth highlighting.

The plugin offers an Automated Content Spinner feature to spin content as you import Amazon products and their descriptions.


WooZone content spinner feature.


The Auto Import Amazon Products module makes it easier for users to import products from Amazon automatically. All you have to do is add it to the Products Queue by setting keywords and the number of pages you want to import. It’s time to say goodbye to manually adding Amazon items.


WooZone plugin auto import feature.


Using the Import Products functionality, you can import any Amazon product by searching for it using a keyword. This eliminates the requirement for an API. In addition, you can explore departments and sort things by featured or new, as well as by price.

Using the WZone Cross-Selling capability, you can show related products/frequently bought on each product imported from Amazon.



AffiliateEgg plugin lets you add content blocks with an affiliate product. The plugin doesn’t require an Amazon API. You can start earning money immediately after the installation of the plugin.


Affiliate Egg plugin features.


You can use the plugin with any affiliate network that supports deep links. Affiliate Egg plugin uses direct parsing without API.


Affiliate Egg WordPress plugin witout Amazon API.

You can use direct links from Amazon as keywords to import products. You can use AffiliateEgg as a standalone product or in conjunction with ContentEgg.


  • Exceptionally attractive templates with good conversion rates.
  • You can set price updates interval.
  • Instead of price, you can also set product updates.
  • You can import product images, titles, prices, descriptions, ratings, specs, and user reviews.
  • Autoblog feature where the plugin will import new products from the source site and publish them on your website as separate posts.


No API Amazon Affiliate Plugin

No API Amazon Affiliate plugin allows you to create eye-catching boxes to promote Amazon affiliate products without needing the API key. Everyone can use this simple affiliate tool.

Add Amazon products to any page or post using only the ASIN product id. But note that while free, the plugin takes a percentage of your earnings. Some of your links will be modified to target the developer tag.



You can use Lasso to create and display affiliate products uniquely. Lasso makes it easy to create product displays, manage links and increase affiliate income.

Importing your affiliate URLs from another plugin might be a bit of a headache. But do not fear. Using the Import function, you can also transfer all of your affiliate links from another plugin into Lasso.


Lasso Amazon integration no API needed.


This tool helps affiliate marketers increase their earnings by inserting attractive display boxes into their website content.

You can customize the display box, add an optimal picture, product characteristics, and a short description. Once you’re done, you must copy and paste the URL shortcode into your blog post.

Lasso offers Amazon integration and doesn’t need API credentials to automatically get product titles, images, and prices from Amazon. You only need to copy and paste any Amazon URL, and Lasso grabs all data. This is then converted into an affiliate link and updated every 24 hours. Simple as that.

Lasso automatically updates all product displays with the most recent Amazon pricing or picture. When a product is no longer available or is out of stock, you will be notified.

When someone from another country clicks an Amazon affiliate link, Lasso will automatically send them to their country’s local Amazon store with Amazon OneLink.


Best Amazon No API Plugin Conclusion

If you want to include Amazon affiliate links on your website, Amazon affiliate plugins are a huge time saver. But for most, you will need Amazon API to use its full potential.

Amazon plugins connect to Amazon’s Product Advertising API so you can fetch products and insert them from your WordPress site.

To display (auto-update) pricing for visitors, you must have API access. If you want to use any of Amazon’s product photos, you’ll also need API.

Access to millions of items, as well as the ability to search and look up products, can be gained via the API.

But how can those without API access achieve all those features? If you don’t currently have access to Amazon API, the mentioned Amazon No API plugins and tools will help grow your business and increase revenue even without Amazon API access.

DISCLOSURE: Posts may contain affiliate links. If you buy something through one of those links, I might get a small commission, without any extra cost to you. Read more about it here.

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