Offermative Review (2024) – Best WooCommerce Plugin For Targeted Promotions & Discounts?

Running offers is a must if you’re planning to generate revenue for your WooCommerce store. But let me tell you, whether you are selling an iPhone, a t-shirt, a plugin, or anything else, it takes a lot to run converting offers. What products to promote, who to target and when, which offer to select, writing headlines, designing, coding, etc. It’s too complex and expensive.

Even worse, run irrelevant or annoying offers and miss out on big revenue. Now, what if you could cut down all these challenges and get high converting offers within minutes? Offermative is what you need.

Offermative by StoreApps is a WooCommerce plugin that helps you run offers and discount campaigns with AI-generated designs, copywriting, and other campaign essentials. In this Offermative review, we will discuss its features in detail.

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Offermative Review

Offermative is one solution to tackle 15+ problems of running effective discount campaigns. Not sure about you, but we have faced some critical challenges while creating and launching offers.

We’re listing some of the questions that we ask ourselves before a campaign goes live. See if you can relate to any of these (or all of these):

  • Which products/services am I planning to promote?
  • Which pages do I want to target those products?
  • Am I creating a discount promotion or something else?
  • What are the conditions to be applied?
  • Is there any coupon code? If so, what?

Agree? Let’s get into more critical questions now:

  • What could be the catchy headline for the offer campaign?
  • Do I have a good design ready for the campaign?
  • With the designs, who would do the CSS?
  • Should I use pop-ups, slide-ins, or notification boxes?
  • What type of offer will convert?

Relatable much? There’s more!

  • What CTA can convert leads right away?
  • Are the copy, CTA, product page related?
  • Is there dedicated reporting to track the campaign performance?
  • Any plans on running and testing multiple campaigns?

If you’re facing any of these difficulties, my friend, you are in a mess! You need a ready-to-use WooCommerce plugin that does all these tasks for you.

All you are left with is running the offers and counting the cash. And that’s why Offermative was made. Creating catchy offers with your simple inputs.


AI-enabled Discount Plugin for WooCommerce

Offermative automatically generates attractive offers. Within minutes you can go live. With a high level of automation, it takes care of targeting, copy, CTA, design, reporting, and whatnot!


Offermative campaign recommended products.


Offermative is like a smart marketer, effective copywriter, an amazing designer, detail-oriented web developer, big data analytics expert, and strategic mentor – all rolled into one.

It’s not just random offers but offers that are personalized to boost your conversion rate. Most of the popular WooCommerce discount and upsell plugins help set up targeted offers. They aid in designing as well. But they are expensive and often leave us with a lot of work.

So, if you’re looking for a single plugin that generates pre-purchase and post-purchase offers with the least manual effort, you must consider Offermative as your preferred plugin. Learn more about Offermative features.


Setup, Designs, Offer Types, Targeting Rules, Copywriting

Offermative requires a few inputs from your end to set up personalized offers. And then, all is taken care of.


Installation & Setup

Offermative doesn’t take a lot of steps to set up. The installation process is as simple as any other WordPress plugin. You can download Offermative from the WordPress plugin repository and sign up for a paid plan.


Offermative discount minimum maximum exclusion rules.


Once installed and activated, you’ll need to answer a few questions. Which products/categories do you want to include/exclude from the discount, the maximum discount the customers can avail of, your target customers, your customer desires.

Next, you can select the language to show your offers. This WooCommerce plugin has an in-built, AI-based copy generator that can create messages in languages other than English. These include Spanish, French, Hebrew, German, Polish, etc. Save your inputs.


Magical ‘Generate Offer Campaigns’ Button

Click on the ‘Generate Offer Campaigns’ button, and Offermative will generate a handful of onsite offer campaigns for you.


Offermative generate offer campaigns.


You can select multiple offers to be created from the list. Sitewide discount, cart bump, order bump, upsell, cross-sell. Or choose the ‘Let Offermative decide’ option to allow Offermative to create a bunch of offers for you. We recommend you choose this option.

You will see a preview of each offer campaign. You can edit the targeting rules, copy text, and other details.



What are the two things that grab your prospect’s attention in any campaign? The design and the copy. The combination of these two makes a perfect campaign.


Offermative related products offer messenger.


With Offermative, you have the option to select from numerous attractive and high-converting designs.

Offermative provides the familiar optin message types to show offers. You have lightbox popups, header/footer bars, slide-ins or messengers, notification boxes to show offers.


Upsells, Cross-sells, Order Bumps

WooCommerce store owners are always looking for opportunities to cross-sell and up-sell their products. However, when it comes to default WooCommerce, there are some limitations that hold you back.

WooCommerce leaves us with a single cart page with the least to no scope of personalization for cross-selling. Alternatively, for the WooCommerce up-sell plugins, like UpStroke, you need to put in extensive manual efforts to create an up-sell offer.


Offermative upsell popup feature.


The scenario changes with Offermative. You have the flexibility to run multiple upsell and cross-sell offers on different products and different pages.

For online stores selling hundreds and thousands of products, Offermative is a valuable addition. Additionally, offer types like order bump, cart bump, BOGO, Amazon-like frequently bought together are also available with this plugin.


Offermative order bump discount.


Order bump is shown on the checkout page, cart bump on the cart page. You can choose to show buy more, get more, buy more get one offers as well. Therefore, running any sales funnel campaign becomes easier with Offermative.



Writing high-converting CTAs is not easy. You can get too close to win a deal and still miss out on a sales deal if your CTAs and headlines are not catchy enough.


Offermative copywriting features.


Offermative creates copies that resonate with your target audience’s pain points and nudge them with feasible solutions. Writing promotional copies is no longer a big deal.

You can tweak the copy as per your requirements or use the plugin-generated copy. Headings, sub-headings, CTA’s text, description, it’s all editable.


Targeting Rules

The biggest factor that determines your offer success is the targeting rules or personalization. Since Offermative understands your intent behind selling a product, it comes up with predefined targeting rules for your campaign.


Offermative targeting rules.


Offermative reviews your entire product catalog to select the products that you can promote or apply discounts on. Suppose you intend to push a top-selling product. Offermative can run automated intelligent recommendations to fulfill this goal.

Change discounts, targeting products and pages, and the rules. Offermative boasts of hundreds of targeting rules to show your offer. Cart total, order total, user log-in status, product-based, category-based, device-based, etc., a lot to select from.

You can do the same for each campaign. If you like a campaign, tick the ‘Approve’ box. If you don’t like a campaign, don’t approve it and review the next. Use the back-next arrows at the top to navigate through the generated campaigns. Click on ‘Schedule campaigns’ once you’re done.


Campaign Scheduling

All approved campaigns will be scheduled to go live in twenty-four hours and will run for two weeks.

Based on the campaign tracking results, you can choose to carry on with your campaigns further or stop a campaign that is performing poorly from the dedicated dashboard.


Track Performance

You can manage all your offer campaigns from the dashboard. You can pause, resume or extend all your campaigns from here.


Offermative offers stats revenue conversions.


Marketing is all about experimenting and learning about your mistakes. With Offermative, you can run different offers on different products to find out which offer works best for which product.

Additionally, Offermative has an advanced tracking facility. You can track the performance of each offer campaign to gain visibility over their performance. This also means a comprehensive overview of various metrics like impressions, conversion rate, sales from each offer. This helps to build a better strategy for your next campaign.


Offermative Review Summary

Offermative is one of the rare WooCommerce plugins that offer you a lot of benefits. Whether you are an established store or moved online due to the COVID pandemic, all you want is to grow sales. But you are also tight on budget and don’t want to burn time and thousands of dollars on these offer tasks. That’s why Offermative is here to help you.

Run targeted offers, and they will keep fetching money for you all the time. We want to make sure Offermative creates outstanding value for you. Does it get better than this? Go ahead, start getting sales right away!




Akshat Kothari is a Data Analyst at StoreApps. He likes to experiment with content on Google for SEO, play with numbers and extract insights to improve business. He is also a foodie, avid movie buff, and cricket enthusiast.

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