The Official WooCommerce Smart Coupons Review – What It Offers?

Want to grow sales? The easiest way is to create discount coupons. But is it enough? Definitely not. Think about generating thousands of coupons and emailing them. Think about gift cards, store credits, advanced coupons, and more. A store owner needs all these features to grow sales and retain customers.

But the traditional WooCommerce falls short of providing these features. So you have no option but to take help from coupons plugins. You may have come across various WooCommerce coupons plugins with the name Smart associated with them.

But there’s only one original Smart Coupons plugin. So here’s the official WooCommerce Smart Coupons plugin, also called Smart Coupons, developed by StoreApps.

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WooCommerce Smart Coupons

This article is a review of the Smart Coupons plugin. With 110+ five-star reviews, 10k+ customers, compatibility with top WooCommerce plugins, etc., it’s the most popular plugin and must-have for your store.

Let us look at how it fares in terms of its features and usability.


20+ Major Features Of Multiple Plugins Rolled Into One

Some plugins offer only gift cards, some only URLs, some only bulk generation. But Smart Coupons provide all the much-required features without costing you a fortune.

An all-in-one solution is better than juggling multiple solutions for multiple features, right?


Smart Coupons features.


Here’s what Smart Coupons has to offer:

  • Gift cards/gift certificates – allow customers to purchase gift cards from your store like Amazon.
  • Store credit – issue monetary value to customers they can use to make purchases on your store.
  • Bulk generate coupons – generate hundreds of thousands of coupons. Add them to your WooCommerce store and export them as a CSV or email to your users.
  • URL coupons – add the coupon code to any custom URL on your site, and the discount will automatically get applied on click of that URL. Easily share the link via email, social media, blog post.
  • Advanced restrictions – restrict coupons based on location, payment methods, shipping methods, user roles, product attributes, taxonomy.
  • Readymade and customizable coupon styles – awesome responsive coupon designs and color schemes. Customize the colors to suit your brand.
  • Free gift/giveaway – issue a product as a coupon for free.
  • BOGO – set up buy one get one offer for the same product or buy one get more offer.
  • Subscriptions – allow coupons/store credits for recurring purchases.
  • Import & export – import a CSV file to bulk add coupons. Export and send coupons to someone else.
  • Link coupons with products – Link multiple coupons with products that users can purchase next time.
  • Free shipping – provide free shipping easily via coupons or store credits.
  • New user coupons – offer the first-order discount only to new users. It can be combined with any other restriction rules as well.
  • Scheduling – allow your customers to schedule the delivery of coupons. Best for the holiday season and Christmas time.
  • Print coupons – share printed coupon codes via magazines or newspapers and allow people to redeem those coupons on your online store.
  • Email coupons – send coupons, store credits via email.
  • Show coupons anywhere – on cart, checkout, order confirmation page, My Account page, a blog post, or another page on your site.
  • Custom coupon message – show a message to your users when a coupon is applied to the cart or when you email a coupon to customers.
  • Time/discount sensitive coupons – set coupons to expire at a specific date and time, like 11:59 PM. Limit the maximum discount amount for percentage discounts coupons.
  • Coupon management – review, search, and filter coupons from one place. Add categories to coupons for easy reference anytime.


WooCommerce Gift Cards / Gift Certificates / Store Credits

Some call it gift cards. Some call it gift certificates. Some call it store credit. Different terms, but all are the same. You assign a monetary value to the customer and allow them to use that value to make purchases. This can be used until exhausted or its validity expires.


Smart Coupons purchase credit.


Allow customers to purchase some credit from your store, or send them credits on their birthdays anniversaries so that they can redeem later.


Smart Coupons gift card feature.


Your customers can also buy gift cards and send them to their loved ones.

You can even provide credits for refunds or compensation. This is a great tactic to retain customers. They may not purchase now but use that credit to make a purchase later.

There’s more you can do with Smart Coupons gift cards/store credit:

  • Include a custom message and schedule delivery in the future.
  • Issue a gift card of any amount
  • Issue a gift card of a fixed amount but varying, like $5, $50, $100, etc.
  • Customers can maintain, top-up, and purchase from their fund balance.
  • Bulk generate store credit and email to recipients.
  • Use gift cards for subscription payments.
  • Use store credits to apply on shipping and taxes to reduce the overall cost.


Bulk Generate Coupons

Creating a single coupon with some restrictions and limits in WooCommerce will take around three minutes. For 1000 coupons having a unique code, that’s almost 3000 minutes or 50 hours!

With Smart Coupons, you can bulk generate any number of coupons having unique codes effortlessly and within minutes.

Deal sites, affiliate partners, your own store, etc. coupons in bulk are required to grow sales during the holiday season. Truly, bulk generation is a life-saving feature.

What if you want to change the expiry date of all these bulk coupons? Or change the discount amount in one switch?

Smart Manager plugin is what you need to bulk edit and manage coupons from a single place, using an Excel-like spreadsheet.


Coupon Scheduling & Email

People expect gifts during Christmas. So why not grab this opportunity to give something to customers and delight them?

Bulk generate coupons (store credit or gift cards) for some recent customers and schedule them for 22nd December, with a 30 days validity. The customers can then use it to buy something in your store.

With urgency set for the store credit, customers will be nudged to make a purchase again.

You can also use Smart Coupons to directly email store credit to specific customers. Say you have 20 loyal customers and you want to send 20 coupon codes only to these customers respectively (1 code to each). Enter the email addresses of these customers, and the correct coupon will be sent to the customers.


URL Coupons

Allow users to apply coupons on click of the URL. No coupon code hassle, no copy-paste required. You can pass single or multiple coupons in a link and automatically apply it.


Smart Coupons URL coupons.


You can also add products to the URL and add them to the customer’s shopping cart.


WooCommerce Advanced Coupons Restrictions

You need to look beyond the nine restrictions provided by default WooCommerce coupons. Smart Coupons provide an additional ten restrictions for coupons.


Smart Coupons advanced usage restrictions.


You can choose one, all, or a combination of these for the coupons to avoid coupon misuse and get targeted sales:

  • New user – to convert first-time visitors.
  • Expiry time – like 11:59 PM.
  • Maximum discount – Flat 60% off up to $60.
  • Location-based – country, city, postal, or zip code.
  • Payment methods – PayPal, Stripe, etc.
  • Shipping methods – free shipping, flat rate, local pickup, etc.
  • User roles – admin, editor, customer, etc.
  • Product attributes – include and exclude.
  • Product taxonomy – type, tags, visibility, shipping class.
  • Email restrictions – disable some emails from coupons getting applied.


High Converting Smart Coupons Designs

Smart Coupons provide readymade and responsive coupon designs. Whether you want a casual look or a professional look, the designs are done for you.


Smart Coupons plugin coupon styles.


You can change the coupon colors to suit your brand. Not just the store coupons, you can also customize the coupon styles you send via emails.

Whether it’s store credit coupons, gift cards, subscription coupons, or maximum discount coupons, attract customers with these coupon styles.


Additional Features

Here are more features that the Smart Coupons plugin brings:

  • Use Import functionality to auto-assign store credit to users.
  • Issue a store credit on cancellation of bookings. This works with the official WooCommerce Bookings.
  • Sell gift cards at a discount. For example – $100 gift card at $90.
  • Issue a coupon with a product that can be redeemed on the next order.
  • Show a sitewide notice for a coupon.
  • Redirect users to any page on a click of a coupon sent via email.
  • Create physical gift cards and send them as a gift to your loved ones.
  • Smart Coupons is compatible with WooCommerce Subscriptions, Chained Products, Affiliate for WooCommerce, Smart Offers, Smart Manager, and other popular plugins and themes.
  • Offer upsells, bulk edit coupons, and a lot more.


All-In-One vs Multiple Solutions – What’s Better?

If you buy multiple plugins for each feature, it will surely cost you more than $499. But you get all the required features and other benefits with Smart Coupons for just $99.

Not just the price, you will also receive quick support and assistance. StoreApps support is renowned in the WooCommerce space. So you are in good hands.

Winding up, Smart Coupons is one of the best investments you would make for a healthy RoI for a lifetime. If you are interested in alternative option, there is another coupon plugin for WooCommerce also called Smart Coupons from WebTofee authors.

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