Omnisend Review (2023) Best eCommerce Email Marketing Platform?

For many years now, eCommerce has been trending upwards as more people find it easy and profitable to create their own online stores. With the advent of Covid-19, though, and the accompanying lockdowns around the globe, the popularity of eCommerce has skyrocketed.

And the reasoning is simple: more people are online, and they’re spending less in other parts of their lives (such as vacations, dinners, theaters, nightlife, etc.). So they’re online more and with more money, so it seems natural that they’ll be shopping more online.

For eCommerce businesses, this has been great news. For that reason, they’re naturally looking to improve all parts of their eCommerce business, including their marketing. Even more so, they’re looking for ways to earn more profit while spending less time doing it.

Sound like a pipedream? Well, that’s exactly what Omnisend, an SMS & email marketing platform dedicated to eCommerce, promises to do.

Omnisend’s marketing automation platform differentiates itself from a load of competitors by being focused solely on helping eCommerce businesses grow. It claims to do so through flexible but powerful automation workflows, advanced list segmentation filters, popups, and other signup forms, as well as an easy-to-use email editor with pre-built templates.

But the question remains: can Omnisend deliver on its promises? What are the pros and cons of Omnisend, and how will it help you reach your marketing goals—which means: how will it help you improve your sales?

In this Omnisend review, we’ll answer those questions.


Omnisend Review

When looking at the sales and marketing funnel, you’ll see just how crucial email marketing and marketing automation are. When you’ve got the perfect combination of a powerful marketing automation platform and effective marketing strategy, you’ll be able to reach your customers at the right time, creating loyal customers and great branding.

Omnisend’s eCommerce marketing automation platform can certainly help you with the first part, as its various tools and features are aimed at helping you understand your customers better so that you can communicate with them better.

Omnisend customer analytics feature, especially its Lifecycle Stages, helps you see where your customers are in their buyer’s journey and gives suggestions on what you need to move them further down the funnel.

Omnisend’s wide variety of features then helps you accomplish this, with minimal effort on your side, including the design and performance of pop-ups, emails, automation workflows, segmentation, and much more.


Email Marketing Tools

The core of Omnisend’s offering is its email marketing features that will do most of the heavy lifting when you try to reach your goals. These features include their drag-and-drop email editor, A/B testing tools, segmentation features, and of course, the automation workflows.


Omnisend’s Content Editor

One of Omnisend’s most visible features is the easy-to-use drag-and-drop email content editor that will help marketers quickly create beautiful emails. This can be done from scratch, or marketers can use read-made designs or pre-built layouts.


Omnisend drag-and-drop email content editor.


Once you’ve designed your emails, you can save them as templates and easily reuse them. If you have multiple stores in Omnisend, you can share the saved templates across these stores.

Some of the other features included in the editor are:

  • Conditional content blocks allow you to decide which content will be shown to your visitors dynamically, based on the conditions you set. This can be based on their names, cities, countries, states, or phone numbers.
  • Product Picker allows you to import products from your store directly into your emails without needing to copy-paste anything.
  • Unique coupon codes that can be added without leaving the editor. This will allow you to automatically generate unique codes for your recipients, including the discount type (a percentage, a fixed amount, or free shipping), expiration dates, and maximum redemptions.
  • Automated product recommendations so that you can efficiently cross-sell with dynamic suggestions based on your newest products, top sellers, or personalized recommendations.

The last great feature about the editor is also very important—the ability to preview your emails in mobile, tablet, or desktop views and send test emails so that you can ensure the quality of your emails.


Omnisend’s Personalization & Segmentation

Omnisend has built a powerful segmentation engine to help marketers slice and dice their contact list to reach the right audience (while automation handles the timing).

Omnisend allows you to segment your email list in many ways, including demographic and behavioral data. The demographic segmentation will depend mainly on the data you collect from your contacts with the lead gen tools we’ll discuss below.

With that data, you’re able to segment contacts by their location, gender, and whatever other data you’re able to collect.

The more powerful features of Omnisend’s segmentation, however, comes with its behavioral segmentation features. Since Omnisend is designed for eCommerce, you can filter your audience using a variety of transactional events and purchase behaviors.


Omnisend segmentation and pesronalization engine.


This includes products purchased, orders placed, carts abandoned, etc. These dynamic segmentations will allow you to target the right customers at the right time.


A/B Testing Tools

Split testing or A/B testing allows you to send two campaign versions to two small groups of subscribers to see which version performs better. The winning version will then be sent to the remaining contacts on your list.

A/B testing allows you to continually optimize your messaging to constantly improve your conversion rates. Omnisend allows for A/B testing in a few ways:

  • Subject line
  • Preheader text
  • Sender name and address
  • Email content (coming soon)


Omnisend A/B testing feature.


The subject line, preheader, and sender’s name and address all allow you to see which versions are better at getting your contacts to open and read your emails. Soon, Omnisend’s A/B testing will also allow you to see which content performs the best in terms of clicks and conversions.

That way, you can test more elements of your emails and get much more meaningful results.


Marketing Automation Tools

Marketing automation is one of the cornerstones of Omnisend’s offerings. Automation goes hand in hand with segmentation and customer analytics, allowing marketers to reach their customers with the right message at the right time, all on autopilot.


Omnisend marketing automation tools.


Omnisend’s automation is focused on a few pre-built templates, as well as overall features:

  • Convert subscribers: after a subscriber has signed up to your newsletter, you can send automated welcome messages.
  • Recover visitors: use pre-built automation workflows to win back visitors who viewed your products but left your store with Abandoned cart, Product Abandonment, and Browse Abandonment flows.
  • Suggest products: these automated workflows can drive more sales by suggesting Cross-Sell and Follow-up recommended products based on the customer’s previous orders.
  • Build loyalty: use Birthday and Customer Feedback automated workflows to show attention to your customers and create stronger relationships.
  • Reactive customers: identify the customers that haven’t made any orders for a specific period and re-engage them.


Omnisend automation tools.


You can also use Omnsiend’s automation workflows with transactional email templates, including order confirmation, shipping confirmation, and cancellation confirmation. These drag-and-drop automation workflows also include automation splits that allow you to tailor your offers for multiple personalized messaging paths within a single workflow.


Lead Generation Tools

One of the most important parts of any successful email marketing strategy is creating and building a contact list. This should be done as soon as possible, and also as high quality as possible so that you don’t include dead contacts or those who don’t want to hear from you (and mark your emails as spam).

Omnisend has multiple tools available that can help you collect quality subscribers.


Signup Forms

Perhaps the most popular way to collect subscribers is by using various signup forms. Omnisend offers a variety of these, including the exit-intent popups that show when a visitor is getting ready to leave your website.


Omnisend signup popup forms.


It’s easy to create and customize these pop-ups with various settings, including choosing specific pages to show the pop-up or after a certain number of pages have been visited. You should also take this opportunity to collect phone numbers so that you can add these subscribers to your SMS marketing.


Landing Pages

Besides the various signup forms, you can use the drag-and-drop Landing Page builder with pre-built templates and even high-converting default text.


Omnisend drag-and-drop Landing Page builder.


Landing pages are great tools for eCommerce stores since it allows you to tailor the content for your audience. In comparison, it’s difficult to continually change the content of your store pages since there’s usually a lot more content there.

However, if you are at an event, like a popup store, have a conference booth, or want a tailor-made page for a special holiday, you can easily create a landing page with Omnisend to target those visitors specifically.


Data & Analytics

Omnisend has easy-to-read and understandable data, and analytics features are divided into Customer Intelligence and Reporting.


Customer Intelligence

This feature is focused on helping eCommerce businesses combine their analytics, insights, and even segmentation to uncover highly effective targeting opportunities.

This includes the Customer Lifecycle Stages that show you where each of your customers is in their buyer’s journey and what you can do to help nudge them down the funnel towards either their first product or repeat purchase.


Omnisend Customer Lifecycle Stages.


There are also the retention and product analytics that altogether show you which products may sell well for contacts that have never purchased before or those products that can re-engage inactive customers.


Advanced Reporting

Omnisend has both regular reporting and what it calls “Advanced Reporting,” which are all geared to help keep you abreast of your campaign performance.


Omnisend advanced reporting tool.


In the Sales Dashboard, you can more easily understand your sales generated across all campaigns and automation and compare them to your total revenue numbers from previous periods.

The Performance Reports show you the success of your various campaigns in terms of sales and your click and open rates.

Lastly, the Advanced Reporting feature gives you a bird’s eye view of the aggregated performance metrics so that you can have all the necessary information in one place. You can then filter these metrics in many flexible ways so that you can gather advanced insights.

You can also see your best performers listed down and get a channel-level view to see the performance of your campaigns across various campaigns.


Omnisend’s Pricing

Omnisend has recently updated its pricing to make it even more competitive, giving a big incentive for marketers to switch to this SMS & email marketing platform. Their pricing is more straightforward and can fit many different marketing budgets.

There are three tiers in the plan:

  • Free – this plan is not only free, but it also offers all of the features mentioned in this article, as well as free SMS credits. This makes it unique compared to other marketing platforms in that there are no feature limitations. The only limitation is that emails are capped at 500 per month. This makes it excellent for smaller businesses looking to experiment with their first real email marketing platform or for more established businesses to test Omnisend.
  • Standard – this plan starts at $16/month and gives you all of the features in Omnisend without limitations. You’ll also have a higher sending limit, with up to 6,000 emails/month and 500 contacts (if going with the minimum $16/month fee). You also get unlimited web push notifications plus 24/7 chat and live support.
  • Pro – this plan is geared towards high-volume senders looking to utilize the added power of SMS marketing since it provides unlimited emails, unlimited web push notifications, and more than 3,500 SMS each month if going with the minimum $59/month fee. Besides that, it also provides a Customer Success Manager and advanced reporting features.


Omnisend Review Final Words

What sets Omnisend apart from the usual email marketing choices is that it is laser-targeted towards eCommerce businesses. All of its best offerings—automation, dynamic segmentation, added SMS and web push channels, etc.—are developed in such a way as to help merchants make more money while spending less time doing it.

Beyond that, it has loads of pre-built templates and workflows so that even the most novice users can get started pretty quickly.

There’s also, of course, the fact that it has lots of integrations, such as, Yotpo, Aftership, Georgia, Privy, and so much more. You’ll only really be able to assess whether Omnisend can work well for your business by giving it a try.

As alternative options, I suggest you check Moosend reviewMailOptin reviewMailster review, AcyMailing review, or SendPulse review. And if you need good email finder tool for outreach campaigns and other purposes, I recommend Snovio.

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