11 Paid & Free Best WooCommerce Multi Vendor Plugins – Which To Choose?

When it comes to setting up multi vendor marketplace, WooCommerce is the best tool to use. One of the main goals of a multivendor market is to provide customers with the option to choose from a wide variety of products and services from a number of different suppliers on a single platform. This is the same principle on which Amazon, eBay, Etsy, AliExpress, and other stores work.

Using WooCommerce multi vendor plugins is the simplest way to create a multivendor marketplace. But to create a marketplace, you’ll need to choose from a variety of good plugins, and selecting the right one is not easy.


Best WooCommerce Multi-Vendor Plugins

A multi-vendor marketplace is the kind of marketplace that allows customers to choose from a variety of items offered by numerous suppliers on the same platform.

A multi-vendor setup can be established without specialized plugins, but doing all the hard work yourself is a strategy for failure.

If you want to build a multi vendor WooCommerce shop, you’ll need a good plugin, as building a professional marketplace requires robust features and options.

Below I will mention some of the best paid and free WooCommerce multi vendor plugins. Using one of the below plugins will provide you with all you need to create and manage a successful marketplace.



Among WooCommerce multi-vendor plugins, the Dokan is very popular. Dokan includes a unique frontend interface for the vendors, as every vendor has access to a dashboard from which they can monitor and manage their operations in real-time.


Dokan review pros and cons.


Using Dokan, you are in complete control of your marketplace. It comes with vast features such as easy product publishing, membership renewal options, customization of vendor registration, etc.


  • The plugin provides a beautiful and configurable storefront for each vendor.
  • Vendors have their own dashboards where they can manage their items and monitor sales.
  • The admin (site owner) can earn from every sale thanks to an integrated commission system and the option to set varying commission rates per supplier.
  • Allows suppliers to monitor their store by accessing the detailed sales data.
  • Admins have complete control over all aspects of the marketplace.
  • As a vendor, you have complete control over your shop and your public profile.
  • Vendors can set shipping rates.
  • All WooCommerce themes are compatible with the plugin.

For more info, check the Dokan review and best Dokan competitors.


WCFM Marketplace

If you’re looking for complete control over your online marketplace, WCFM Marketplace by WC Lovers will be a great choice as a WooCommerce multi vendor plugin.


WCFM Marketplace review pros and cons.


With WCFM, each vendor is provided with access to Vendor Mobile App that allows them to monitor store, add products, manage reservations, inquiries, reports, etc., on the go. With this app, vendors can easily update a product’s name, picture, pricing, stock information, etc.


  • Vendors benefit from a fantastic frontend manager that includes all necessary features.
  • Thanks to the plugin’s mobile app, vendors can use their cell phones to manage their stores on the go.
  • Vendors get flexible shipping management tracking (shipping rates by zone, country, distance, weight).
  • The plugin allows for various commission structures to be set up (fixed, percent, vendor-wise, product-wise, membership).
  • You are notified of the shipment status in real-time.
  • It’s possible to specify global percentages or individual rates for various vendors in the commission schemes, which are quite versatile.
  • It comes with simple refund, withdrawal, and reverse withdrawal systems.

For more info, check the WCFM Marketplace review and WCFM vs Dokan comparison.


WC Marketplace

WC Marketplace is another great multi-vendor plugin for WooCommerce. Administrators of WC Marketplace can easily manage the marketplace, view sales, commissions, and access reporting areas. In addition, they can set a variety of commission schemes, giving additional options.


WC Marketplace features.


Vendors can keep track of client orders, inquiries, requests, etc., via a dedicated dashboard.

Some useful features include convenience in vendor tracking, consolidated order, refund manager, etc. By providing a variety of payment processing choices, the plugin provides customers the freedom to choose how they wish to pay.


  • Vendors get a dashboard that is easy to use and personalized to run their business.
  • The plugin offers a simple way to register as a vendor.
  • The plugin has a commission system that can be set per vendor.
  • It allows “Single Product Multiple Vendor” functionality.
  • You get detailed sales reports and can use them to improve the marketplace.
  • The plugin allows you to change the shipping rate based on the weight, country, or product category.
  • It has tools that help vendors list their products or export and import information.
  • The plugin comes with a built-in order manager.


WC Vendors

WC Vendors Marketplace is a multivendor plugin for WooCommerce that comes with all the features you need to run a successful store.

This plugin is unique in terms of how easy it is to use. It allows you to manage your entire marketplace and vendor storefronts from one place. Vendors are provided with a detailed front-end dashboard from which they can manage everything related to their store, products, and selling.


WC Vendors multi-vendor marketplace plugin.


With WC Vendors, merchants can sell all kinds of goods. You can sell physical and digital products, subscriptions, bookings, and even set auctions. You can also sell membership plans to your vendors, setting rules and limits on what they can sell.


  • Provides suppliers with their own front-end dashboards to manage their items, sales, shipping, and other aspects of their businesses.
  • Admins have complete control over the marketplace.
  • Sell a wide range of items (physical, digital, subscriptions, variable, auction, etc.).
  • Multiple commission systems (percentage, fee, fixed, sales by vendor/products).
  • The merchants can set up and manage their own discount coupons for numerous items.
  • A comprehensive shipping system allows vendors to set their shipping and shipping rates (Table rate, Flat rate).

For more info, check WC Vendors vs WCFM and WC Vendors review.


YITH WooCommerce Multi-Vendor

The YITH WooCommerce Multi-Vendor plugin is one of the most prominent WooCommerce multi-vendor plugins.

Using this plugin, you can profit from the sales of other people’s items on your website. YITH multi-vendor allows you to set multiple administrators, create product catalogs, and arrange specific marketing campaigns.


YITH WooCommerce Multi-Vendor plugin features.


If you’re looking for an easy way to set up a major multi-vendor shop with commission rates as well as supreme admin control, this is the plugin for you. In addition, the super admin feature enables you to control the accounts and sales of merchants.

When using the YITH WooCommerce multi-vendor plugin, you’ll also have access to extra capabilities, such as separate commission rates, extensive report management, order administration, and refunds.


  • Sales and commission reports, allowing you to have a thorough understanding of the marketplace.
  • The plugin allows a separate order management system for every vendor in the store.
  • The super admin can centrally enable or disable sales for each vendor.
  • An administrator can specify a minimum commission threshold for payouts.
  • Merchants can generate discounts and set limits for them.
  • Available refund management system.
  • Administrators of a website can view vendor profiles and add items for a single vendor using the User Switch options.
  • Without admin clearance, vendors can create product catalogs and monitor orders, earnings, and product reviews.
  • Using the sophisticated shipping module, a vendor can set up shipping zones and shipment policies. The vendor can also calculate costs, add extra fees, and refund orders when needed.


WooCommerce Product Vendors

WooCommerce Product Vendors plugin serves as an excellent starting point for your multi-vendor WooCommerce business.

In addition to allowing the site owner to earn commissions from vendors’ sales, WooCommerce Product Vendors gives each seller control over their own profile and other useful product and order administration capabilities.

Vendors can manage and personalize their public profile, monitor sales data and order status, and much more, all using the plugin. Vendors can be created and edited by marketplace owners, as well as their commission rates and ratings.


  • Vendors can have specific commission and payment rates set.
  • The WooCommerce Bookings plugin can be integrated with the plugin to provide suppliers with a time-based booking feature.
  • Vendors have complete control over their products and delivery policies.
  • Admin can approve or deny particular products that the seller puts on sale.
  • The plugin lets you pay vendors automatically or manually and at intervals.
  • Vendors can be given administrative or managerial rights to help you handle sales, tax orders, etc.



VendorPro lets you run a WooCommerce multi-seller store. Allowing vendors to set up shop in your store and earning commissions from their sales are some of the main features of VendorPro’s multi-vendor WordPress plugin.

Base commissions can be manually specified or predefined. The plugin conducts detailed analytics of earned commissions for vendors, including any outstanding dues.


  • The plugin enables you to manually configure vendor commission rates to create a different commission rate for certain merchants.
  • VendorPro has been created particularly for digital goods.
  • A vendor can modify or remove published items, show/hide products, and enable order management using their profiles.
  • The vendors can create blogs and write about their products. This is good for SEO and organic results.
  • Vendors can select whether or not their seller information is shown on individual product pages.


Webkul WooCommerce Multi Vendor

Using the Webkul WooCommerce Multi-Vendor plugin, you can turn your WooCommerce shop into a multi-vendor marketplace in minutes.


Webkul WordPress WooCommerce multi vendor marketplace plugin.


Webkul’s mobile app gives you total control over your marketplace from any location. Furthermore, the app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

Vendors can add and advertise their items using the plugin’s vendor profiles and vendor panels. Vendors can also manage their seller profiles and product lists from their dashboards.

As the site administrator, the plugin gives you command and management over the whole marketplace from a single location. Set commission rates based on particular sellers and regulate auto-publishing/auto-approval parameters for items, allowing you to have only quality products sold on your site.

The vendor dashboard also includes a complete summary of all transactions and sales, order history, login credentials, and direct communication with the administrator.


  • The plugin can be used with any kind of product that can be sold through the WooCommerce plugin.
  • Buyers can leave ratings and reviews about the quality of the product and the service the vendor provides.
  • With the Marketplace Seller Central option, the Admin can help users sign up as sellers.
  • The admin can set a global commission rate that gives each vendor the same percentage or set different commission rates for different vendors based on their sales rate.
  • Admins get an Auto Approve option for new seller sanctions. They can also approve or disapprove any product from any seller to stop the same products from being sold repeatedly or to allow only quality products.
  • Both the admin and the vendors can generate invoices for the sales.
  • Admin can make an existing user a vendor right from the admin panel. The user doesn’t have to ask for a vendor account.
  • Vendors can set up shipping zones and add shipping methods.



The bAZAAR plugin has a lot of fantastic features that would make anybody want to use it.

The plugin allows each vendor to have their own customized dashboard, complete with an appealing user interface. Vendors can create, edit, or manage products directly from their dashboard.


bAZAAR WooCommerce multi seller plugin.


bAZAAR offers the ability to distribute commissions to vendors properly according to their contribution in sales.

Vendors don’t have to wait for the admin’s permission before selling, and both the admin and vendors have access to full order statistics. The admin can create an announcement that vendors can see.


  • Each vendor can manage their items, sales, shipping, and selling aspects using the plugin’s frontend interface.
  • Predefined product categories are provided, but the admin can create additional product categories.
  • Sellers and customers can log in to the marketplace using their social media accounts.
  • Vendors and admins will like the plugin’s visual and analytical reporting on sales to commissions, profits, and more.
  • A point-to-point track system allows vendors to keep tabs on their revenue and withdraw funds.
  • Vendors that want to offer just one product can use the single product multi-vendor option.
  • Admins can set up unique commissions based on vendors, products, or categories.
  • Customers can order from many merchants at once.


Mercado Pro

Another popular WooCommerce multi-vendor marketplace plugin is Mercado Pro. This plugin has several notable features, like centralized admin authority all over the marketplace and individual dashboards for each vendor to search, filter, or sort their products in real-time.


Mercado Pro WooCommerce multi-vendor marketplace plugin.


Setting up customized commission rates, monitoring vendor performance, examining all order information, social login, and much more are all included in Mercado Pro.

The plugin offers an internal channel for the admin to connect directly with all vendors rather than utilizing an external communication platform. Additionally, vendors can use all WooCommerce supported payment gateways.


  • The admin interface is robust and centralized, allowing admins to manage and control everything.
  • Admins and vendors are provided with a wealth of data that allows them to make informed decisions.
  • Each seller receives a dashboard panel to monitor their items in real-time.
  • An administrator can set global commission rates and vendor-specific commission rates.
  • The plugin enables sellers to add products to sell right from their vendor dashboard.
  • Every vendor gets a separate store within the marketplace. Also, the vendor can categorize the products in their store.
  • Various social media networks and email addresses are accepted as methods of logging into the marketplace.
  • Administrators can make announcements for all vendors or just one in particular.
  • Vendors can enhance their sales by generating coupons and discounts.


Frontend Submissions for Easy Digital Downloads

This isn’t a WooCommerce extension, but I still think it should be mentioned. People who use Easy Digital Downloads can use it and turn their site into a multi-vendor marketplace. Users can sign up as a vendor from the frontend using the Frontend Submissions addon.

From the dashboard, vendors can change their account information, communicate with customers, see how much money they’ve made, add and update products, etc.

Frontend Submissions and the Commissions extension make it easy for store owners to keep track of and record vendor commissions on products sold in the marketplace. Vendors will be able to see their earnings on their dashboard.

New product submissions and vendor registrations go through a very long review process. If you do this, you can ensure that only the best vendors and products are for sale on your site.

Several ways to get an email notification are available. Earned commissions, product updates, product submissions, and other things can be the subject of emails. The information in each email can be changed for each vendor.

It’s easy to make vendor profiles, product submissions, and vendor registration forms with the basic drag-and-drop form editor. Site administrators can choose which form fields vendors can see.

When vendors log in to their dashboards, they’ll see questions and comments that people have asked about the products they’ve put up for sale. When they have questions about support and pre-sale issues, they can answer them from the frontend dashboard.

You can use an extension called EDD Message to send emails to customers.


Which WooCommerce Multi-Vendor Plugin Should You Use?

Is it hard to answer this question? That’s because each person has different interests and preferences regarding their eCommerce marketplaces, and so do you. Every plugin has its own unique features that you should think about when you want to make your marketplace profitable. Each also has its limitations.

The best WooCommerce multi-vendor plugin for your needs would be one that offers the relevant features and functionalities you’ve been seeking.

Let’s look at what you’ll look at when you choose the multi-vendor plugin.


Number of Features

In terms of how many features each one has, some plugins like Dokan and WCFM Marketplace, bAZAAR, Webkul, and Mercado make the first impressions from the list. These plugins give you more options than other plugins on the market do so you can do more with them.

It’s still true that all of these plugins have very appealing and strong features, and it’s up to you to choose the right one for your needs.



When you do many different things quickly, the usability of a plugin can affect you because a plugin with a lot of complicated features will take up a lot of your time.

When you want more usability and flexibility, the first tools that come to mind are WC Vendors Marketplace, YITH Multi-Vendor, Dokan, and Webkul. These plugins are easy to use and can help with your business.

If your user interface is incompetent in displaying everything around your marketplace, then it is a bad interface. This means that having a well-designed UI is important for efficiency and performance.

bAZAAR, Dokan, WFCM, and YITH have some of the best front-end dashboards for managing your WooCommerce store.


Remote Management

Now you can run your WooCommerce multi-vendor marketplace from anywhere at any time. So far, WCFM, Dokan, and Webkul have made smartphone apps that let you manage your store from anywhere. So, if you want to run your business from home, these are the plugins you should buy to have firm management and grow on the go.



All these WooCommerce multi-vendor plugins can be bought in different packages and for different amounts of money. There are different prices depending on how many licenses you buy and based on interval (annual or lifetime), so it is hard to compare them. Look for a plugin where you get the features you need for an affordable price.


WooCommerce Multi Seller Plugins Summary

WooCommerce multi-vendor plugin selection might be a challenge. There’s no denying that they are top-notch plug-ins available, and each one offers a unique set of features.

Your final decision should fulfill your vision of a WooCommerce multi-vendor marketplace that you seek. Keep your vision alive, and choose the plugin that helps you get there.

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