7 Best Paid & Free WooCommerce SMS Notifications Plugins

In most cases, a text message is preferable to an email. Customers may not immediately respond to email notifications sent to their inboxes, but a consumer receiving an SMS alert will likely do so within the first five seconds. That’s a considerable distinction.

One of the finest ways for eCommerce store owners to communicate with their consumers is through SMS alerts, and the best way to integrate such a feature into your store is by using a good WooCommerce SMS notifications plugin.


Best WooCommerce SMS Alert Plugins

Manage all of your SMS alerts from the comfort of your WordPress admin panel with the help of the WooCommerce notification plugins mentioned below. They allow you to notify consumers (and yourself) through text message anytime an order’s status changes.

Some of these extensions also work with unique WooCommerce order statuses, letting you notify buyers of shipping, delivery, and other events. On the other hand, some more generic marketing automation technologies are compatible with both email and SMS.

Many customers prefer to be kept in the loop at every stage of the delivery process, including product placement, shipment, and receipt.

Among all of its benefits for sellers and consumers, integrating SMS notifications is a stepping stone to successful SMS marketing.


Twilio SMS Notifications for WooCommerce

The Twilio SMS Notifications plugin is a great way to integrate SMS notifications into the WooCommerce store. The plugin connects to Twilio, where a free account can be set up to manage the sending and to receive text messages. However, the technical details are taken care of by the plugin.


Twilio SMS Notifications for WooCommerce.


The Twilio SMS notifications plugin improves trust in financial dealing by notifying consumers through text messages. There are several options available to create new templates and modify existing ones.

With this plugin, you can easily send text messages to your customers to update them on the status of their orders and other relevant information.

For a free alternative, you can check the plugin Free Twilio SMS integration for WooCommerce by ShopMagic.


E-goi WooCommerce SMS/WhatsApp Notifications

The E-goi offers WooCommerce SMS plugin by E-goi that allows the store owner to notify clients via SMS when there is an update to their order. Consequently, it facilitates automation, raises customers’ trust in you, and ultimately boosts your conversion rate.


WooCommerce WhatsApp Notifications plugin.


With this plugin, you can notify customers about the status of their orders by SMS. This functionality is available for all customers, and those specifically asked to be notified via SMS. You can also use it for WhatsApp. You will need a business profile to obtain an API key.


  • It will send SMS notifications to your consumers, informing them of the current order status.
  • Every plugin aspect complies with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
  • Consumers will have more faith in your company, leading to more conversion and, ultimately, more purchases.
  • Send order updates to everyone or only the people who have asked for them.
  • The plugin requires zero technical expertise to install and utilize and is provided at no cost to users.

Plugin can be downloaded from the WordPress plugin repository.


AutomateWoo SMS Notifications Using Twilio

SMS alerts are only one of the many features available in AutomateWoo. This is an all-inclusive set of tools for automating marketing campaigns on WooCommerce. Select triggers and create personalized messages to be sent out when those triggers are triggered in AutomateWoo.


WooCommerce SMS alert plugin.


If a consumer has left things in their shopping cart for more than 24 hours without checking out, you can follow up with an “abandon cart” email.

With AutomateWoo, you can set up Workflows in WooCommerce, each consisting of a unique set of Triggers, Rules, and Actions:

  • Triggers: The workflow will only be executed if certain conditions are met, and these conditions are set via triggers. An order is a trigger because it causes the action to be taken.
  • Rules: Using rules, you may add complex logic to your workflows and have them activated only under specific conditions. One such restriction could be to initiate the procedure only for orders that exceed $100.
  • Action: An action is a step in a workflow that specifies what should occur when a particular event has occurred. You can construct a custom function via AutomateWoo’s API or choose from predefined actions, such as sending emails or updating order statuses.

After a workflow has been developed, it can be scheduled to execute at any time. Immediately, after some time, or on a specific day and time.


WC – APG SMS Notifications

WC – APG is an invaluable extension that benefits both the shopper and the retailer. The buyer is alerted to new orders through text message, and the consumer is informed of changes to the order status.


APG SMS Notifications for WooCommerce.


Another helpful feature is that it alerts you whenever a new purchase order is placed. In the control panel, you can change the text of the SMS alerts. The one-time-password (OTP) feature, which is used for registration, login, purchase confirmation, and personalized SMS alerts for various order statuses, are among the most important options.

SMS alerts can be sent internationally via WC – APG or via numerous available SMS gateways, including Twilio, Twizo, Clickatell, BulkSMS, etc.


Bulkgate SMS Plugin for WooCommerce

Bulkgate WooCommerce order SMS notification plugin offers Viber and SMS alerts to keep customers informed of their orders’ progress. For each order status, there is a predefined template that admins may use to draft and deliver automatic, personalized SMS messages to customers.


Bulkgate WooCommerce Viber SMS plugin.


An automatic translation into various international formats is available for customers. The administrators can decide at any time whether or not to use the alert system.

Each SMS template includes a toggle for activating a single or multiple admins, ensuring no detail is overlooked. For SMS campaigns, you can choose from many sender ID options at varying costs, and you’ll always have the option to switch to DND mode if necessary.

This WooCommerce SMS plugin is free. You only pay for the messages you send.


YITH WooCommerce SMS Notifications

Another reliable tool for sending automated SMS notifications based on order progress is YITH SMS Notifications.


YITH SMS Notifications plugin.


Customers can get text message updates by selecting a checkbox and entering their phone number in the “Phone” field during checkout.

Like the others on this list, this plugin uses order statuses as triggers, but it has several unique aspects that set it apart.

Use this plugin to shorten links with Google or bitly automatically. It supports YITH’s custom order status plugin, which allows administrators to send texts to various recipients simultaneously, and a manual SMS option.

Several different gateways are used to deliver these text messages, such as Twilio and Clockworks, and if you wish, you will be able to receive them as well.



Texty is a free SMS notification plugin for WooCommerce that helps strengthen your relationship with your customers and newsletter subscribers by sending them information about your site and products via email or text message. With this add-on, you can text a single recipient or all your registered users.


Texty free SMS notification plugin for WooCommerce.


The subscribers to your newsletter provide you with a pool of potential customers from whom to launch email marketing and other targeted promotional initiatives.

Texty plugin integrates with 3rd party SMS providers to add support for text messaging.

Notifications can be received when a user registers on your website and when a different event occurs in different plugins.

Upon receiving an order, you can receive a text notification, as well as your customers, when the order status changes.


  • When customers sign up for your newsletter or create an account on your store’s checkout page, you can set up automatic SMS notifications to the admins.
  • Over 200 SMS gateways are supported by the plugin, including industry leaders like Reach Interactive, Octopush, Global Voice, and Dexatel.
  • When users sign up for your newsletter, you’ll be able to collect their contact information. Later, you can use this data in email or direct mail campaigns that are more specific to your interests.
  • When a new post is published, or a user subscribes and confirms their subscription, you can use this plugin to distribute activation codes to your subscribers automatically.
  • Displaying SMS newsletters to subscribers is made possible thanks to the plugin’s support for the widget.


Which SMS Plugin Is Most Effective?

The direct answer to that depends on the scope of features you want to have and the budget for this.

Among these add-ons, the Twilio SMS Notifications plugin stood out as a straightforward way to improve your WooCommerce store’s communication with customers.

If you have a store and are interested in a more comprehensive set of marketing tools, we also recommend AutomateWoo. Automated text messages and electronic mail alerts are both possible with AutomateWoo.

You should have a good idea of the functionality you require, such as the ability to notify customers via SMS when there is a change in their order status, when they are due for a renewal of a subscription when they are scheduled to receive a reminder for an upcoming appointment when their package has arrived when they can pick up their purchase, etc.

Another useful option you can consider is using the WordPress push notification plugin to notify users about various site events.





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