8 Best Payoneer Alternatives – Which Payoneer Competitors You Can Use?

Payoneer is very popular. But you might be looking for better options and Payoneer alternatives which will provide more features and lower fees.

Payoneer was established in 2005 as a financial services organization. The company provides online money transfers and digital payments. Payoneer is also an international MasterCard Service Provider.

Assisting businesses to pay one another and receive payments are Payoneer’s primary specialties. Payoneer helps domestic and international companies accomplish those tasks.

Payoneer does not offer a point of sale payment options and payment gateways. They specialize in allowing clients to receive and send money by using their platform. But, if you use WordPress, there are still ways to accept payments using Payoneer.

Payoneer is used in more than 200 countries in over 150 different currencies. Funds can be sent around the world, and you can always withdraw at ATMs using Payoneer MasterCard. There are no Visa card options at this time.

An optional debit MasterCard, available for an annual fee of $29.95, lets you quickly access your Payoneer account to withdraw funds and buy goods and services.

You can withdraw funds at ATMs anywhere in the world with your card. Payoneer does have a daily withdrawal maximum of $2,500. There is also a foreign exchange fee of around 1%.

You can download the iOS or Android mobile Payoneer app. The app allows you to manage funds, but you can’t make payments with the app. For more info about Payoneer, you can check is Payoneer legit review.


Payoneer Alternatives

Making online payments using the right solution comes with unique challenges. Although Payoneer is great, there are a variety of Payoneer alternatives that may suit your needs better.



Wise was launched in 2011. It is a UK-based business and was originally known as TransferWise. People can spend, receive and send funds in various currencies and countries using their Wise online account.

The Wise business concentrates on offering cheap money transfer services, allowing clients to send transfers between bank accounts in multiple countries.


Wise review pros and cons.


Wise transparent services and low fees have contributed to its rapid rise in popularity. People who need local bank details in different countries are thrilled with their borderless account option.

The Wise multi-currency account includes:

  • The ability to hold account balances in 56 currencies from around the world.
  • Being able to convert money quickly and with minimal fees.
  • Getting bank details in Euros, Canadian dollars, US dollars, Turkish lira, Singapore dollars, Hungarian forint, British pounds, New Zealand dollars, Romanian leu, and Australian dollars.
  • Direct debits can be set in Euros, British pounds, Australian dollars, and United States dollars.
  • Wise debit card is currently available in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Europe, and the US.
  • A debit card allows you to spend money in any currency. Minimal fees are added to transactions.

The lack of expensive international transaction fees and unreasonable exchange rates are why many people prefer Wise. You can send, receive and exchange money in different currencies with the same account. The current exchange rate is always used, and Wise’s fees are much lower than many other companies charge.


Wise debit card.
Wise debit card can be used to pay in any currency.


You can withdraw money at ATMs with your Wise debit card. Your account funds can be used to buy items in-store or online in many nations across the globe. Overall, Wise is a great Payoneer competitor. I have also compared Payoneer and Wise in another article, so you can check it for more details on differences.

And for more info about Wise, you can check my Wise review and Wise debit card review.



Revolut is headquartered in the United Kingdom. It was launched in 2015 and even has a banking license. Customers can transfer funds to bank accounts and other Revolut account holders.

You can pay for goods and services from the funds in your account balance with a Revolut MasterCard. Clients can also trade cryptocurrencies and use Revolut’s virtual cards.


Revolut bank review pros and cons.


Frequent travelers and international business people are Revolut’s target market. It’s easy to exchange funds quickly for minimal fees with a Revolut multi-currency account. Money exchanges can be conducted in their app, at ATMs, or when buying products.

Sending funds to bank accounts is simple. A few minutes is all it takes for most money transfers and from one Revolut account to another.

Revolut account holders will receive a Visa or MasterCard prepaid debit card. The card can be used in 120 currencies for fund withdrawals or account chargeoffs, and the Revolut app lets users transfer money in 26 different currencies.


Revolut pros and cons.


A sort code and an account number are provided, which means you will have bank account details like with traditional banks. You can receive payments by using bank info. Your Revolut account can be funded using Apple Pay, Google Pay, regular debit and credit cards, and bank transfers.

Revolut offers services like Payoneer and much more. For more info about Revolut, be sure to check my Revolut reviewRevolut card review, and Revolut business account pros and cons.



N26 offers a new modern approach to banking which users can benefit from. This European bank is fully licensed and operates solely online. Its intuitive mobile application provides many of the services and functions that are typically associated with traditional banks.

Customers can make money transfers, withdraw funds at ATMs, and top-up their accounts with the N26 MasterCard. It’s a less expensive option that also simplifies life for busy international travelers.

Self-employed people and individuals who regularly conduct business in various currencies or travel may find N26 an appealing and great option similar to Payoneer. Using N26, you will eliminate complicated paperwork and frustrating fees.


N26 banking features.


This bank is available for residents of Germany, the USA, Ireland, Austria, Spain, France, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, Finland, Luxembourg, Portugal, Slovenia, Greece, Estonia, Slovakia, Poland, Denmark, Sweden, Liechtenstein, Iceland, and Norway.

N26 customers have up to five withdrawals per month for free. After that, you pay 2€ per withdrawal. Standard N26 accounts are available free of charge. A free Maestro card and a free MasterCard debit card are included with standard accounts.

Travelers can really enjoy using the MasterCard provided by N26. No currency conversion or transaction fees will be charged. The real exchange rate is used every time. Withdrawing money in other currencies (other than the one you have in balance) will incur a fee. They also have a travel card that entitles you to acquire travel insurance and have fewer fees.

N26’s app is where all transactions take place. The app can be used to order a new card. You can block your original card if it has been misplaced or stolen. Push notifications are received for all transactions.



Monese is a digital banking application that uses smartphone technology to improve the banking experience. Monese is efficient for people who want to open a new account in another country and for active travelers. You can withdraw money from ATMs in any country and don’t have to worry about added fees.

Monese’s debit card works like many other traditional debit cards. It can be used for contactless payments, withdrawing funds from ATMs, and buying goods and services online and at physical stores. The app can always be used whenever you want to see your bank statements, update personal information, or top-up your account.


Monese digital banking features.


Your phone can be used to make contactless payments because the app supports Apple Pay and Google Pay. Monese doesn’t have its own fee structure. It uses the interbank rate, which allows for cheaper international money transfers and foreign currency exchanges.

There are several ways that Monese customers can add money to an account. UK customers can make bank transfers by using the sort code and account number information that is provided. European IBAN can be used by Monese clients who don’t live in the United Kingdom to make payments in a UK Monese account.



ZEN is a Fintech company and site like Payoneer. But it offers much more than Payoneer. They have partnered with MasterCard to provide entrepreneurs, freelancers, and their users with several digital finance options. Customers can use the contactless payment card to buy items in stores safely and online and use ZEN’s services to control their cash flow and financials effectively.

MasterCard is supplied in the digital-only or plastic form to ZEN’s clients. The card can be added to their Google Pay or Apple Pay mobile wallets because of MasterCard’s tokenization technology. This allows them to quickly and securely purchase goods and services at online and physical stores.

Unique benefits are provided to ZEN account holders, such as a one-year manufacturer’s warranty extension, cashback, and access to a multi-currency account. Customers won’t be charged any commission fees and can pay in 30 international currencies.


ZEN bank account.


ZEN cards can come in handy if electronic devices start to fail after their standard manufacturer’s warranty ends. Warranties will be extended by another year for any electronics that were bought with a ZEN MasterCard.

Chargeback claims aren’t anything that ZEN business and individual customers need to be concerned about. ZEN’s care package lets clients follow the necessary steps to report the issue to ZEN which will then work to resolve the problem on behalf of the client.

For entrepreneurs, the ZEN solution provides instant payments flow. This ensures that funds are properly transferred within a few hours after a transaction has been initiated. ZEN support is available 24/7, and the mobile app makes it easy to manage services because of its simple interface and basic no-frills design.


ZEN physical and virtual card.


People who spend money regularly can make the most from their ZEN MasterCard. You can use the app to monitor your account funds. You get IBAN and ZEN accounts to work just like standard bank accounts. You can quickly send and transfer funds in up to 30 currencies.

Anyone living in the European Economic Area (EEA) can use ZEN’s services. The company has offices in Lithuania, the Netherlands, and Poland. Their digital money license was approved by the local regulators in 31 nations and the European Banking Authority. The central bank of Lithuania issued the license.

Customer support is currently offered in French, Polish, Spanish, German, and English, with additional languages to be added in the future.


Nuri (Formerly Bitwala)

Bitwala recently changed their company name to Nuri. It is a startup that can perform well as a standard bank and a crypto bank. Having a complete suite of banking services, affordable fees, and strong customer service support, Nuri has become very popular.

Nuri customers can use fully licensed mobile bank account services to invest in cryptocurrencies and manage finances. You can transfer from one account to another with ease. You can use your desktop computer or the app to manage all of your banking activities wherever you go. It makes daily tasks, saving, and trading much easier.


Nuri bank account features.


You can sell and buy Bitcoin from your bank account. This can save significant time and effort and is a feature that other comparable companies can’t match. It operates much like many other multi-currency bank accounts.

If you sell Bitcoin, your bank account will receive the amount in Euros. You can also purchase Bitcoin with Euros. Your transactions will be completed in only a few moments.


Nuri cryptocurrency bank.


Nuri also has a German MasterCard debit card because of its partnership with Solarisbank. Contactless payments and other functions are available with the card. You can also use the card to withdraw money at ATMs without fees. Nuri is also planning on adding a Visa card and more bank account features soon.



PayPal has quickly become one of the most used and trusted payment services today and a great Payoneer alternative. This company completely changed financial technology and the ways that people bank online.

There are now millions of people and over 150 international markets that use PayPal. It works with plenty of well-known payment processing resources.


You can send and receive money using Paypal.



People around the world have become accustomed to using PayPal’s payment processing services. Their brand is very well known and respected. Their partnerships with different accounting and CRM platforms have led to many tasks being automated.

They offer a MasterCard (much like Payoneer) as one of their many services. There are no annual maintenance fees for PayPal MasterCard.


PayPal Prepaid Mastercard review.
Transfer money from your account at PayPal to your PayPal Prepaid Card so you can shop in store or online, wherever Debit Mastercard is accepted.
PayPal Cash Mastercard rview.
Access funds with a debit card linked directly to your PayPal Cash Plus account.


PayPal makes things easy for their customers. They can complete online transactions without their bank accounts. Debit or credit cards can quickly be integrated with PayPal accounts if you happen to spend all of the funds currently in your PayPal account balance.


You can hold balance in various currency.


Online payment processes aren’t all that PayPal does. They also have third-party payment processing services and other functions that can be very beneficial to online merchants.

Most people know PayPal for its online payment system. Credit and bank transfers can be accepted by PayPal Checkout (formerly called the Express Checkout), Payments Pro and Payments Standard.

In the last several years, PayPal has added more services. Working agreements with popular credit card companies, methods that stop scammers from obtaining sensitive customer data, and their very own payment application are just some of PayPal’s new functions.

For more info, be sure to check PayPal vs Payoneer comparison.



Skrill is another worthy Payoneer alternative. It is much more than just a digital payment platform. The company has been in existence for over two decades. Receiving and sending funds are some of their main features. Customers can also buy and sell cryptocurrencies. Companies can open merchant accounts, and all account holders can receive a pre-paid debit card.

Money can be delivered to your bank account the same day by using the Skrill Money Transfer program. It’s a very flexible and convenient option for sending funds to people in other countries. Up to 40 different international currencies are currently supported.


Skrill card review.


Sending funds overseas will not incur any transaction costs or fixed fees. People who routinely make smaller transfers may opt to use Skrill, so they don’t concern themselves with the expensive transaction charges assessed by other companies. Those fees won’t be applied to any money transfers made with Paysafecash, a bank transfer, or a debit card.

Skrill does charge a commission fee of up to 4.99% on credit card payments. The credit card issuer may also charge a foreign transaction fee.


Skrill account features.


An exchange rate margin that Skrill calls the “international transfer exchange rate mark-up” is added to all transfers. It’s a minor mark-up that’s just above the current mid-market rate. It can range as high as 4.99% of the total value of your transfer.

Exchange rate margins are also slightly higher for debit card transfers than for credit card transfers.


Payoneer Alternatives Conclusion

Many people know and trust Payoneer. It’s a great option, but it might not be the ideal choice for everyone.

When you’re looking for a service that will make your banking tasks easier and cheaper, it’s important to look at features such as connections and invoicing with accounting software, e-wallets, fees, exchange rates, merchant payments, and other third-party solutions; expense reporting, debit cards, and other functions.

The service that you select should have all of the features you are looking for without spending a lot of money in the process. Payoneer and other comparable companies make things simpler, less expensive, and more efficient for businesses and individuals to send, receive and spend money worldwide.

From the mentioned Payoneer alternatives, I hope you have found the service that suits your needs.

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