Penji Review PROS & CONS (2023) – Unlimited Graphics Design Service

Adding customized graphic design can make ads, social network profiles, branding, etc., more meaningful. Brands can target audiences better with the use of graphic design. Sometimes it can be difficult for brands to decide which graphic design services to work with.

More and more graphic design professionals have been catering to fulfill on-demand service requests. If you need regular graphic design work, Penji can be a better choice than finding a freelancer on sites like Fiverr and Upwork.

When using Penji unlimited graphic design service, you won’t have to worry about being overcharged or spending considerable time and effort attracting, employing, and managing a top-notch freelancer.

Penji is one of the most popular graphic design on-demand services on the market today. I’ll use this Penji review article to show you their features, the benefits they provide, and why their offer is too good to pass up.


Penji Review

Penji’s business model is built by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. They understand the struggles that organizations sometimes face when locating inexpensive, quality, trusted graphic designers for their projects.

Penji tailors its resources to meet companies’ graphic design demands. Customers can receive unlimited graphic designs that they want by paying a fixed monthly subscription rate.

There are no contracts for each project or long-term commitments involved. Clients pay for a monthly subscription for graphic design projects.


Penji review pros and cons.


Penji online portal is used to place design projects. Designers will work on each project in turn until the requests have been depleted. This method is not only productive but can also help companies operate more efficiently.

A business that doesn’t need graphic design can always cancel its subscription. No cancellation fees are ever charged. Companies can sign up again when their needs for design work increase, making Penji a great scalable alternative. Check some of the Penji on demand graphic design examples.


Penji previous work examples.


Some of the users who can get the most out of Penji’s services include:

  • Blog site owners who want their posts to have infographics and custom images of the highest possible quality.
  • Marketers who use Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram graphics.
  • Agencies that aren’t planning on adding employees but still wish to have more design flexibility.
  • Companies that are planning on preparing Instagram, Google, and Facebook PPC ad campaigns.
  • Individuals and organizations who sell items are looking for better rates on customized graphic design services. They can use the fixed monthly rate and receive many customized illustrations and designs that can help get their products and services sold.

Companies can ask for the following kinds of design:

  • Branding for pitch decks, logos, and other associated needs.
  • Custom UI or UX for website or application designs.
  • Digital designs for advertisements, banners, social media, and more.
  • Custom illustration, typography, and various illustration purposes.
  • Infographics, flyers, sales sheets, business cards, and other marketing forms.
  • T-shirts and different promotional items for merchandise sellers.
  • Stationery, labels, packaging, books, magazines, and related print products.


Penji Features

Penji service comes with a vast array of features. Here are some of them:

  • Unlimited Design Projects – You can create as many projects as you want. Everything is included in your fixed monthly rate. There are no extra charges, and you can typically expect to complete about ten to fifty projects each month on average.
  • Unlimited Revisions – You won’t pay more to make multiple revision requests. Just mark design elements that need editing on the design. You can leave revisions by selecting any appropriate areas when the included revision tool is used.
  • Quick Turnaround – Customized designs are usually expected to be finished in as little time as possible. Penji doesn’t waste time in making revisions or drafts. The majority of their projects are done within 24 to 48 hours at the most. More time may be required for designing apps or websites, landing pages, booklets with multiple pages, and other complex projects.
  • Human Support – Making necessary adjustments to designs in a limited time frame requires precise, consistent communication. Dedicated personal support is one of Penji’s best features. Email, Slack, and the app’s message system can be used to talk with their support staff.
  • Total Design Ownership – You will own all rights to your completed designs. They are yours to use as you see fit.  Penji does occasionally use custom-made designs for marketing purposes, but you can protect your work. Start by entering your Account Settings. From there, you can uncheck the boxes that would usually let Penji use the designs that you created in their portfolio and official social media accounts.
  • Brand Folders – Separate folders for your individual brands. This helps to maintain a more consistent brand and also organize your creations effectively. Your folders will make it easier for designers to determine the work types you want to complete.
  • Custom Illustrations – Marketing materials can have better emphasis when custom illustrations are used. Custom illustrations are usually more expensive, detailed, and different than standard vector graphics. The cost can sometimes prevent organizations from employing illustrators with proven track records. Penji subscribers can use as many custom illustrations as needed. Turnaround time is relatively quick, except for more detailed or complex jobs that require extra time and effort.


How Penji Works?

The monthly fee is the only charge that you’ll pay. This allows you to make unlimited requests for infographics, social media marketing, logo graphic designs, and revisions. Penji is simple to use. Customers can give feedback, download files, request changes and ask for designs on Penji’s intuitive user platform.



Setting your brand information is one of the first activities you should complete after becoming a Penji client. You can navigate to the “Brands” menu after logging into the dashboard. A form will appear after selecting the “Create brand” option. You’ll be asked to provide the following details:

  • The brand name.
  • The industry.
  • Brand description.
  • Brand website.
  • Brand guideline. A file can be uploaded with this information.
  • Brand colors. The respective Hex codes can be written for the different colors that you want.
  • Any relevant attachments. These files can include fonts, icons, logos, and so on.


Penji brands feature.


Brands can be established for each customer if you run an agency. That way, there won’t be any misunderstanding from Penji’s designers about what colors, logos, and fonts should be used for projects. All tasks associated with a particular brand can be viewed once that brand has been added.



People on your team can be asked to assist in submitting design requests and review them. Keep an eye on the number of invitations that you send.


Penji invite people feature.


Each subscription plan has its own maximum amount of users that can be invited to participate.



Begin by clicking on the “New Project” selection.


Penji creating project.


Now it’s time to choose your design category from a dropdown menu and the project title. You can opt to start a custom project if you don’t like any of the available choices.

The information you’ll be asked to provide can vary based on the kind of project picked. You’ll still need to pick your brand for the task, choose your source file type, enter a project description and upload any requisite attachments.


How Penji works?


If you don’t want to have a lot of communication with Penji’s designers, it’s a good idea to supply as much information about your project as you can. Examples and images can be included so that their designers have a good idea of what you’re looking for.

After you create a project, the designer will be assigned to start working on your project. Many projects can be completed within around 24 to 48 hours. Some projects may take more time depending on the complexity and amount of work involved. None of Penji’s designers work on Sundays.


Penji design process.


You have the option of asking for revisions or approving the first draft. I like the fact that you can put your feedback into the design itself. It makes for more meaningful direct communication. You can also chat with the designer and leave your remarks there.


Penji unlimited revisions.


Over the next 24 hours, any requested changes will be made. You can ask for additional revisions until the work is to your liking or approve the project. All editions of the work created by the designer will appear on one side of the chat screen.

Once the design has been approved, it can be downloaded to complete the project. Designers will then focus their attention on the next project that was requested. Designers will work on projects one at a time as they are received. You can still submit multiple projects at a time.


Penji Pricing

Penji graphic design subscription comes in annual, quarterly, and monthly pricing options. The Pro plan begins at $499 per month. It lets you make as many revision requests as you want. Most projects are typically finished within a full day or two. Agency and Team packages provide additional features.

Small companies and startups that lack marketing graphics to promote their brands may want to consider the Pro plan.

Marketing teams and professional organizations can benefit from the Team plan. This plan starts at $699 a month.

Large companies and agencies that require more graphic design output should look at the Day plan. This plan costs $999 monthly.

The professional membership was created for startups, small companies, and individual entrepreneurs who need assistance with graphic design. It allows you and one other team member to work on Penji directly.

Businesses that are looking for more advanced design capabilities and marketers are ideal for the Team membership. Design projects can be created and managed by up to five different team members under this plan. Team plan also provides custom illustrations, infographics, website, and & design.

Organizations and agencies with more complex and large graphic design output volume requirements can simplify their processes with an Day membership. One project will be worked on with a designer that works 9 to 5 EST. As many as ten members of your team can be asked to manage and create graphic design projects.

Discounts of ten percent for paying quarterly and fifteen percent for paying annually are available. There are no long-term contracts or commitments. Clients are free to cancel their subscriptions whenever they wish.

Penji offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. You can try the service and make service requests without any risk. You can cancel your subscription and ask that your money be refunded if you don’t like what they have to offer.

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Penji Pros & Cons

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of using the Penji service:


  • Their graphic output and productivity rank among the highest of any services that I have ever evaluated.
  • Not many providers have both web and app design services (in the Team plan and up).
  • There are no hidden charges, and their prices are rather reasonable.
  • You can cancel whenever you want. There are no long-term commitments or contracts.
  • When a design brief is being sent, you can select your desired images from a catalog of royalty-free available.
  • One very important attribute is their kindness. Their staff is very positive and friendly.
  • It’s no problem to change designers if you feel that a certain one just isn’t working out for whatever reasons you may have.
  • The majority of all requests are generally completed in a business day or two. You won’t have to wait an entire day if you have small changes to make.
  • Their user dashboard makes it simple to comment and provide feedback on various projects created by the designers that you work with.
  • With an Agency plan, you have access to 2 experienced designers if your workload is more than a single designer can be expected to complete.
  • The brand design profile is a nice touch. You can upload fonts, logos, colors, and other information. Pick your design profile, and then your designer will adhere to those rules for any brand projects that they work on.


  • Penji might not be worth the investment if you don’t need regular design work.
  • Clarification requests can delay your projects, so it is needed to be very specific.


Penji Review Conclusion

Penji output is very consistent and dependable, and it’s reasonably priced. Penji is a better alternative than using Fiverr, hiring freelance artists, or doing your own graphic design work. You get more value for your money. Penji’s experienced designers live up to the challenges.

You might not see the value of having a Penji subscription if you don’t need graphic designs to be completed regularly. The quality and timeliness of their work exceed any other company that I’ve worked with in the past. You can’t get this kind of service for only $399 a month from anyone else.

Organizations that depend on others to complete graphic design projects inexpensively can really be enhanced by using Penji. They are the industry leader, primarily due to the quality and speed of their consistently outstanding finished projects.

As an alternative to Penji, you can use Hatchwise, Flocksy or Kimp design service. But if you would rather manually create designs and use graphic app that is suitable for beginners and easy to use, then I suggest you check Vectornator, Canva or RelayThat. And if you need print service for your designs, then PrintCommerce an Imagely print fulfillment offer valuable tools.



Easy to use






Overall quality



  • Unlimited design projects
  • Unlimited revisions
  • Quick turnaround
  • Human support
  • Brand folders
  • Total design ownership
  • Custom illustrations


  • Not for those that don't need regular design works
  • Little pricey

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