PicMonkey Review PROS & CONS (2023) – Should You Use?



Easy to use






Overall quality



  • Free trial option
  • Vast amount of available templates
  • You don't need to be expert to use it
  • You can easily create stunning designs
  • More than 20 free collage layouts available
  • Supports auto save
  • Upload multiple images in one go


  • You can't add background images
  • No free option (you can test but can't download images)
  • No one-time purchase model

PicMonkey is a magnificent photo editing tool and a design app that lets bloggers, newbie users, and many others edit images for their blogs or social posts and make them look more visually appealing. This PicMonkey review will show how this tool can help you ignite your social presence using beautiful cover images.

Equipped with many editing tools, PicMonkey is the number one design tool of the current times for bloggers. Designed to help you appeal to the masses by beautiful shop icons, thumbnails, and banners.


PicMonkey Review

We know that there are multitudes of photo editing software available in the market. However, despite all these available options, PicMonkey is definitely one of the best and the most easy-to-access photo editing tools. This tool includes everything from the basic cut and paste tools to a plethora of high-end tools which help in photo editing and photo enhancing.

I’ll discuss PicMonkey and see if this tool is capable enough to withhold the same position as Canva and other popular alternatives. Moreover, if you have worked with Canva in the past, it would be easier for you to work with PicMonkey.

PicMonkey is an online photo editing tool that helps users edit images by adding texts, filters, and other relevant effects. Some tools help you with functions such as retouching, collage-making, and creating graphics for print.


PicMonkey online photo editor tool.


PicMonkey has many basic tools that are exceptionally easy to use for bloggers and even for personal use. Using the filters and the basic tools, along with a variety of touch-up tools, it is possible to create a better picture and get more likes for the images on your social accounts.

PicMonkey lets you create images that attract eyeballs and achieve fantastic results.

Photo Editing features

  • Dozens of effects and filters
  • Layer and mask images
  • Add and modify text
Design features

  • Business cards, ads, logos
  • Announcements, invites, postcards
  • Add text, graphics, and watermarks
Design Assets

  • Over 3,000 graphics
  • Over 200 fonts
  • Over 100 textures

  • Over 2,400 customizable templates
  • Over 70 pre-set blank canvases
  • Create multi-photo designs
Touch up features

  • Change eye and hair color
  • Whiten teeth, remove wrinkles
  • Over a dozen enhancement tools
Cloud Storage features

  • Changes auto-saved as you work
  • Access from desktop and mobile
  • Organize images with folders

PicMonkey lets you create stunning pictures and designs in no time. With this tool, you can easily make a company logo or design a multi-photo collage. This has been made possible because PicMonkey has literally everything you need. Here are some things you get in-built with the PicMonkey:

  • Resource Center – You can acquire all the needed knowledge related to PicMonkey with the resource center.
  • Tutorials – You can edit with ease by watching the step-by-step instructions mentioned in the tutorials.
  • Mobile App – You can download the free pocket-sized mobile app on your phone or tablet.
  • Print Shop – When you love what you just designed, you got to print your masterpiece.


PicMonkey Photo Editor

The PicMonkey online photo editor tool has all the effects and tools essential to make your images look seamless. Now, let us look through the different features that are available under the Photo Editor tool:

  • Photo editing tools – PicMonkey helps you apply all the basic edits such as fixing exposure, resizing, and cropping with just a click of the button.
  • Touch-up tools – You can retouch the portraits by adding features such as smoothening the skin, whitening the teeth, and changing the hair color, yet get some natural-looking results.
  • Decorative extras – Helps give you pictures an instant lift with some designer-curated frames and textures.
  • 60+ filters and effects – Array of fully customizable photo effects.
  • 3000+ graphics and icons – The tool lets you layer graphics to develop new designs from scratch and add them ad hoc to your pictures.
  • An array of fonts and templates – More than 235 fonts and 2400 templates.


PicMonkey available effects options.


The process to edit a photo in PicMonkey:

  • Open the photo you want to edit in the PicMonkey editor.
  • Enhance the natural beauty of your picture with some basic edits, text, graphics, filters, and more.
  • PicMonkey autosaves the image in Hub. This lets you edit the image again anytime as desired.
  • You can further export the image as a . jpg, .png, or .pdf and then share it with the world.


Available Picture Frames

Frames give that perfect photo finish. Some people like photo-realistic scrapbook corners, while others like the bohemian rhapsody of the artsy goodness. With the help of PicMonkey, you can choose from an array of crafty, chic, and some really unreal frames which will help give a finishing touch to your photo.

Types of frames available:

  • Shape Cutouts: Shape cutouts let you expand the geometry of your picture. They can be Star (lets you put your images in a star-shaped cutout and then send stratospherically), Circle (you can give your pictures a mod makeover and give them a complete makeover), and Scalloped (capable of transforming any image to a blog-worthy graphic).
  • Classic: If you want to keep it formal yet retain the focus on your photo, this could be a great pick for the frame.
  • Polaroid: The Polaroid frame comes in three distressed looks and an adjustable tint.
  • Wayback frames: With this choice of frame, you can take your photos back in time and yet make them look hip and happening.
  • Museum Quality: If you want to keep your photos classy, the museum frame is a great pic.
  • Totally Customizable: As part of this frame variant, you can fully customize your frame. So, if you want a frame that is either thick or thin, has little to multiple colors, has a transparent background, or even a drop shadow action, it can be all done. 


Overlay & Clipart Photo Editing Tools

PicMonkey comes equipped with several thousands of customizable overlaps, images, stickers, clip arts, and icons to help you create impeccable images. With this tool, you have 6000+ overlays to choose from. The team of PicMonkey has really made their overlay folder exhaustive to ensure that you get the clip art that you really want.


PicMonkey comes with various graphics elements.


Be it the business icons, whimsical stickers, photorealistic fireworks, or basic shapes, PicMonkey has everything you need to develop fantastic-looking designs. The best part is that these guys are continually working on adding more and more designs to it.

Business overlays and clip art:

  • Create infographics using business overlays – Infographics are an ideal way to put forward data to your followers. And with PicMonkey, creating infographics is extremely easy. You can use a pre-defined template as a guide or rather start from scratch.
  • Make business cards with clip art – You can now create a good first impression with your business clip art. PicMonkey lets you add a logo easily and add social icons to your business cards to make them very appealing.


PicMonkey Mobile

On the PicMonkey mobile, though everything is not quite expansive as the desktop app but there is still a great folder of clip art for you to choose from. In addition to this, you can always add your own graphics and further customize them by changing their colors, adding a drop shadow, or even erasing parts of it, all of it for free.


Photo Filters

The multitude of photo filters available with PicMonkey is big. These filters are not only infinitely mixable and layerable but also customizable. So, you can paint them as thick or thin as you want or even erase them if you don’t want them in a particular area.


PicMonkey filter options.


The photo filters with PicMonkey give you unique flexibility which celebrates every mood, skin tone, and day.

Types of photo filters:

  • Tried and True – These are the most popular filters and are certain to make your photos extremely appealing. They add a bold makeover to your pictures with just a click of the button.
  • Basic Photo Filters: This includes everything from boosted hues to vignette edges to make your photos look great. Such click and you are done filters work best to make your photos look great.
  • Black and White: As part of the black and white filters, PicMonkey provides you with 8 distinct and adjustable features for a perfect-looking monochrome picture.
  • Vintage Photo Filters: Try out this suite of photo filters modeled after some distinct camera techniques. It has some simple sliders that help you fine-tune the intensity and the hues.
  • Paintbox: Using the Paintbox, you can embolden the existing hues or rather open a whole new range of spectrum of colors and features.
  • Light Filters: With the illuminating effects, you get the power to control the lens fare, lighting, and even the effect of the sun.
  • Area: Using the area filter, you can add attention to a portion of your image over the remaining portion of the image. For this, you can use some area effects and a spotlight with features like color, blur, or others.
  • Artsy: The artsy filters are designed with a free spirit in mind. So, you can use PicMonkey’s artistic filters as mold breakers.
  • Uniquely You: With this filter, you can layer some filters together and achieve a one-of-a-kind picture. These filters will help you achieve pinpoint precision, making them a great match for all skin tones.



PicMonkey provides you with 1000s of templates to help you get started. You can use these templates to make business assets, invites, and more. It is a great way to help you get a jist of the tool and familiarize yourself with the filters and available options.


PicMonkey available templates.


Collage Creator

PicMonkey gives you the power to express yourself with multiple images at once using the collage maker feature of PicMonkey. You can either make a Grid-Based Collage or a Freestyle Collage.


PicMonkey collage creator.


You can find the desired look and customize your collage in any way you desire. There are various collage templates available to help you get started on this. However, our only little advice here is never to get locked in a cell. Push your limits of imagination and get a gridless pastiche of images:

  • Add text to collage – You can combine all the photos under head by adding text to it. This can be done with PicMonkey’s easy-to-use text tool.
  • On-trend looks – You can uplift your collage with some ultra-hip looks such as trippy photography or gradients.


Basic Editing Tools

Some of the editing tools available with PicMonkey include:

  • Cropping Tool – You can completely change the look and feel of your picture by using the crop tool. The crop tool lets you cut out the unnecessary part of your image and let the perfect photo emerge from the clay.
  • Exposure Tool – If you feel that your photo looks a little murky, you can fix it with the exposure tool of the PicMonkey. With just 4 simple sliders, you can resolve the exposure issues of your image.
  • Coloring Tool – Using the color tools, you can reclaim pearly-white shades from eggy glumness with just some desaturation. If you are unable to use this tool rightly, just use the autocorrect feature, and you are sorted.
  • Sharpening Tool – Make your pictures look clearer and sharper with the sharpen tool of the PicMonkey.
  • Rotate Tool – What if you come across a picture that looked just fine on your camera, but when you look at it on the screen, it appears upside-down? Simple solution, rotate it!
  • Resizing Tool – Use the resizing tools of PicMonkey and achieve a size for the photo that you really desire.


Touchup Tool

PicMonkey has a magic face editor, which is ideal for retouching or even doing a full-on digital makeup with just a few adjustments.


PicMonkey touch up tool feature.


Let’s take a look at some of the adjustments that you can make with this tool:

  • Make Subtle Face Edits – You can add subtle face edits such as Wrinkle Remover or Blemish Fix. But we advise you not to use too many of these features, else the resultant image will look far from you.
  • Go bold with beauty edits – You can go bold and incorporate some beauty edits like changing the color of your eyes or the hair or even doing a complete digital makeup with this feature of the tool.
  • Edit here, finish there – PicMonkey really understands your busy schedule. Thus, let you start your editing on a desktop and wrap on the mobile app, and vice versa.


PicMonkey Pros & Cons

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of using PicMonkey:


  • Come up with magnificent designs in just a few clicks.
  • Make your already good pictures look 10 times better.
  • Design jaw-dropping images with little effort.
  • More than 20 free collage layouts available for you.
  • Design your own collage layout if required.
  • Upload the images from a variety of different sources.
  • Upload multiple images in one go.
  • Dozens of free texture images are available for use.
  • Show off and share your images once done.
  • Supports autosave to cloud storage services.


  • Unlike the other software, PicMonkey does not have an image size auto-fix available.
  • You cannot add an image as the background.
  • You can use it for free, but you will need to subscribe if you wish to download the finished image.


PicMonkey Review Conclusion

Using PicMonkey, you can quickly edit your images and save the resultant collage in no time. It also helps you design a perfect collage by using the full online editor.

Certain photo collage makers tend to wipe off the images from the collage if you decide to change the layout midway through editing, however with PicMonkey, such is not the case. This tool lets you adjust the layout as many times as you want, even after adding the pictures, without you having to worry about them going away.

In all honesty, PicMonkey is a great tool equipped with a multitude of good points and just a few negatives. But the negatives are too trivial and can be overlooked. So, go ahead, download the app or try out the desktop version of this tool and make your images look great!

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