Prime Slider Review PROS & CONS (2023) – Best Elementor Slider

Prime Slider


Easy to use






Overall quality



  • Easy to use interface for creating sliders
  • Slider widgets for WooCommerce
  • You get ready-to-use sliders
  • Build web pages with customer header, footer, social share buttons, and images
  • Free version available
  • Good number of available slider widgets
  • Integrate blogging aspects in the sliders


  • Works only with Elementor
  • White label feature only available in Agency plan

Many websites display large quantities of information via sliders, and there are plenty of WordPress slider plugins that can be implemented to accomplish this. However, not all sliders are good. Some can slow down sites with their excessive numbers of scripts.

Other slider plugins have a steep learning curve. They can be complicated and contain more functions than many users will ever want or need. When selecting a WordPress slider plugin, it should be easy to use, fully responsive on mobile devices, and have all essential features without slowing down a site.

One plugin could supply users with a vast array of features and options, while another could provide only basic functions. Prime Slider is one of the best choices for slider if you use Elementor page builder.

In this Prime Slider review, I will show its features, available widgets, as well as plugin pros and cons.


Prime Slider Review

Prime Slider is a dynamic ready-to-use slider for Elementor page builder that comes with beautiful designs.


Best free Elementor slider plugin.


Unlike other sliders, Prime Slider designs can be changed and created in the Elementor editor. This allows you to change everything on the page and not only the hero image section.


  • More than 32 different professional widgets.
  • There are over 99 demos that can be used immediately.
  • User-friendly slider interface.
  • Integrate blogging aspects in the sliders.
  • Slider widgets for WooCommerce with all available features in slider layout.
  • Comes in free and pro versions with many free slider widgets available.
  • Comes with both header and hero section slider.
  • Show the full potential of your site using beautiful widgets.


Prime Slider Free vs Pro

Here are slider widgets that you get with the free and pro version.


  • General – The basic functions of this widget concentrate on features that site visitors commonly focus on. It simplifies connections with other content and organizes it in logical order.
  • Isolate – A great slider for promoting different services and goods. Conversion rates can be enhanced when media files with call-to-action buttons and headings are integrated.
  • Flogia – This widget is a post slider that can be used for various types of blogs. It was designed to present overwhelming slider graphics.
  • WooCommerce – You can use this handy slider widget to create an appealing home page for your WooCommerce-based site.
  • Woolamp – WooCommerce product slider with the blog-type layout. Social share and all other essential WooCommerce functions can be added.
  • Multiscroll – Allows you to design a one-page unique split-image slider with animated slider panels. This is a full-page slider, so there isn’t any room for extra footers or headers.
  • Dragon – This impressive slider has an excellent content layout and graphic options. Viewers will be drawn to the background styles as they admire this modern, fully functional approach.
  • Pagepiling – One-page section slider with social share buttons and a lightbox. It’s perfect for pages that accentuate individual sections and has a minimalistic layout.
  • Sequester – Navigation on the right-hand side of the page and a modern content layout are the main aspects of this slider widget. Plenty of text animations are available to customize designs.
  • Mount – Users can become more acclimated to your content layouts with the unique features that are included with this slider.
  • Storker – This is a full-width slider widget. Its blog-style allows for better transitions from one slider item to another. The main layout consists of a post list and active detail of the post in broad view.
  • Mercury – Put the focus on the content where you display posts using white backgrounds.
  • Fiestar – Category and title are the only details that this slider will display by default. It uses a thumb pin style to show post images.
  • Vertex – Slider that shows posts in an order similar to many traditional horizontal timelines. You can use this slider to promote certain sections of your website.
  • Rubix – Uses a box-puzzle kind of blog layout. It is responsive with a modern and unique look.
  • Blog – Slider widget that allows you to showcase blog posts with a header section, social icons, animations, etc.


Best slider for Elementor.
Rubix widget example demo.



  • Custom – This slider allows you to create any designs that you want. All you need to do is choose the template you want and then pick that template in the custom slider you created.
  • WooStand – Online stores can benefit from this slider that was generated specifically for WooCommerce. Its attractive layouts simplify selling goods and services in your store.
  • Event calendar – You must have the Events Calendar plugin to use this widget. This slider adds some convenient functions such as countdown.
  • Fluent – A widget that lets you create a blogging slider. Posts can be shown by query since that feature is fully supported.
  • Flexure – Appealing background synchronization is one of the strengths of this full-width slider. It has a tab-like layout, and hovering the mouse over a particular title will change the background images.
  • Monster – This slider’s default layout is an overflow carousel. Posts and products can be featured with full-width section coverage, useful for featuring content.
  • Wooexpand – This slider integrates with WooCommerce and has slick background animations with carousel type.
  • Knily – Full-width slider widget with floating thumb tabs and wide base display. It can be used to promote particular content in a stylish manner.
  • Marble – This widget makes it possible to show posts in a horizontal timeline. You can even customize the whole slider.
  • Astoria – Professional, modern slides that can be easily enhanced with social share buttons to catch visitor attention.
  • Crossroad – Display slider posts using a totally new concept.


Best free WooCommerce slider.
Woolamp slider widget demo example for showing WooCommerce products.


How To Use Sliders?

Once you install the plugin, you will see “Core Widgets” tab where you can enable or disable particular widgets deepending on which you intend to use.


Prime Slider widgets free vs pro.


You need to have Elementor installed for the Prime Slider plugin to work. To create a slider, go to Elementor post editor while editing posts or pages. You will see Prime Slider widgets on the left in the Elementor sidebar.


Prime Slider Elementor addons.


Sliders can be added as needed and changed at any time using the Elementor editor to create or adjust different sliders.

In the editor, you find a slider widget that you want using a familiar Elementor drag-and-drop interface. Depending on which widget you use, you will have more or less available settings to adjust how sliders appear and what information they contain.


Prime Slider widget settings.


You can check demo page to see how each slider appears and looks.


Prime Slider plugin widgets.
Vertex slider widget demo example.



Prime Slider comes in a free and paid version. The free version can be downloaded from the WordPress repository, while the pro version can be purchased from the official site either as an annual or lifetime plan.

You get the same features no matter which pro plan you buy. The only difference is in the number of sites on which you can use (and the Whitelabel feature is only available with the Agency plan).

Annual paid plans start from $9.99, while lifetime plans are a one-time payment and start from $39.99 for a single site.


Prime Slider Review Conclusion

Promoting site content and grabbing user attention can be achieved effectively by using sliders. Relevant content such as posts, images, products, and videos can be shown to make the most of your website space.

People who yearn for more than just rudimentary sliders can’t go wrong with Prime Slider. Just about every slider attribute can be customized. This will help in aligning sliders with your brand’s visual aesthetics.

I suggest you go with the Prime Slider free version and see how it fits your needs. You can always upgrade to the pro version.

And if Prime Slider is not what you are looking for, then you can check alretnative options like Layer Slider, Slider Revolution, Theia Post Slider or SlideDeck.

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