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Easy to use






Overall quality



  • Integration with WooCommerce
  • Design studio is packed with features and options
  • Powerful web-to-print software
  • Amazing visual product configurator
  • Editable ready-made templates
  • Live preview when customizing


  • Though price is not directly displayed it goes at around $120/month which is not for every pocket

More and more items are being personalized nowadays. You’ve probably seen personalization offered on various kinds of goods and services both at physical stores and online retailers. It’s an option that some companies recognize as a feature that customers want.

The primary obstacle is the integration of product personalization tools. There aren’t available for a large number of eCommerce resources.

One tool that addresses the issue is Design ‘N’ Buy’s PrintCommerce Design Tool. They also have a WooCommerce product designer plugin which means you can use it with WordPress and WooCommerce.

It allows companies to market and sell personalized mobile phone cases, photo frames, bags, mats, mugs, cups, caps, sweatshirts, hoodies, jerseys, T-shirts, and many other items.

Photo, text, and clip art can be used to configure the personalization of various products. There’s less manual work involved because print-ready output files for any associated personalized artwork will be developed as orders come in.

Site admins can benefit from this tool’s functions. Clients can easily place orders and customize the items they want, no matter their level of graphical expertise.

The design templates that customers use are already decorated and can be customized in many ways. Clients can approve items in very little time and even see a 3D preview of their personalized merchandise.

Businesses can use PrintCommerce’s simple color configuration and design tools to match their brand to the design of their site. This leads to consistent user experiences and brand identity.

In this PrintCommerce review, I will show you all the features the tool provides and how it can benefit your business.

NOTE: This product has been discontinued. As it alternative, you can use DesignO.


PrintCommerce Review

Companies specializing in print services can use the eCommerce management software PrintCommerce to assist them in shipping, printing, live previews, customizing items, and customer orders. This is possible thanks to the built-in design studio, which is easy to configure. Text, clip art, and font styles can be used in altering existing templates or creating a new design from scratch.


PrintCommerce design studio.


Website owners can create a customized storefront with custom colors, content, and theme which matches their brand identity. Site admins can handle delivery, shipping, printing, and receiving orders effectively and include image galleries, social media logins, payment processing, checkout on a single page, and a vast product catalog of items to choose from. Feel free to check their live frontend demo to see how it works and what will customers see.

You can use the admin panel to configure connecting social media on more than one site, pricing, product editing, translations, print settings, and object editing. Instagram, Remarkety, Zopim, Dropbox, Zoho CRM, Sage ERP, and Microsoft Dynamics are some of the many third-party applications that integrate with PrintCommerce.


PrintCommerce integration with third-party tools.


Thanks to API infrastructure and quality web services, PrintCommerce can connect with just about any third-party app on the market today.


PrintCommerce WooCommerce Product Designer

Design ‘N’ Buy’s PrintCommerce plugin lets you integrate it with WooCommerce and have all the features the software provides. This enables you to create your own unique web to print site. You can add personalized caps, mugs, T-shirts, greeting cards, corporate gifts, and many other different print items to your store offers.

You can use PrintCommerce as a WooCommerce T-shirt designer plugin or as a WooCommerce visual product configurator plugin allowing your visitors to customize various products and have a full-blown business.


PrintCommerce WooCommerce product designer plugin.


The online shopping cart process and PrintCommerce connect directly. Clients can place orders without having to leave your website. People can customize and place orders from anywhere in the world at any time, day or night. It is even mobile-optimized for a mobile experience that no other similar solutions can match.

There’s no limit to the customizable items that can be created with PrintCommerce features. Web to print companies can take advantage of the powerful PrintCommerce WooCommerce custom product designer tool.

Clients can place orders and personalize them with templates that can be easily edited. Orders can be processed fast with previews and live pricing. The intuitive user interface allows site admins to apply themes and colors from the design tool that align with brand identity.

If you already have a WooCommerce website, you can easily integrate PrintCommerce with it using the Design ‘N’ Buy’ WooCommerce product designer plugin without impacting your site.

If you don’t have a website yet, they can help you with a complete eCommerce website built over WooCommerce and integrated with PrintCommerce so you can start selling quickly.


PrintCommerce Responsive Design Studio

Companies of all specialties and niches can use the responsive PrintCommerce design studio’s customization and personalization options to grow business and improve revenue and profitability.

Personalization can be very diverse and enjoyable with the features included in this tool. User experience remains constant and straightforward, no matter what kind of device is used to order and personalize products.


PrintCommerce available features.


Here are some of the PrintCommerce design studio features:

  • The tool works very well with all platforms, devices, and web browsers.
  • You can easily match your brand identity by customizing the user interface.
  • The tool is relatively intuitive and loads quickly.
  • You can alter items that were already decorated and items that are personalized or create from scratch.
  • You can localize in all international currencies and languages.
  • The design will remain constant and flexible even when you change items.
  • Up to eight different customization sides are allowed for personalized products.
  • There are many different product color choices to pick from.
  • There’s no need to worry about having product designs appear on sections that aren’t printable. An overlay/mask or a clearly specified design section can be applied to avoid that issue.
  • You can see your completed design in 3D and 2D previews.
  • Previews can be rotated 360 degrees.
  • Option to download the preview as a PDF file with a watermark.
  • You can upload images from a mobile image gallery or local storage gallery.
  • The tool supports importing images from Picasa, Flickr, and Instagram. Images can be imported as png, jpg, jpeg, ai, eps, pdf, psd, ps, tif, or tiff files.
  • Image effects and masks are included with the advanced image editor.
  • You can always use any uploaded photos at a later date after they’ve been stored in the image gallery.
  • If you want to review print quality, you can use the image health monitor.
  • The font library has a vast selection to choose from.
  • Add paragraphs with spacing control and multiple lines of text.
  • Apply size, color, and font adjustments to the text.
  • Arc, Bridge, Bulge, Curve, and other fancy text shapes can be added.
  • You can use italic or bold text effects.
  • Text can be duplicated, rotated, or aligned as needed.
  • You can group or ungroup text and copy/paste text at any time.
  • Feel free to browse through the clipart selections sorted by category.
  • Use circles, ovals, rectangles, squares, and other predetermined shapes.
  • The freehand tool lets you create your own unique works of art.
  • Each layer can have its own color. Clip art in multiple colors is fully supported.
  • Clip art can be rotated, duplicated or aligned, group, ungroup, copy, paste or cut clip art as you see fit.
  • There are several different printing methods to pick from.
  • Special notes can be added. You can also set order quantities and sizes.
  • You can select the product side to print item numbers and names on individually.
  • Duplicate elements, lock or unlock, group or ungroup them if you need to make adjustments.
  • Restart, trash artwork, or use zoom in or out.
  • If you get stuck, the quick help panel can help resolve any issues.
  • Manage layers with varying text, images, and objects, duplicate, delete or copy layers, move layers up or down or hide different layers.
  • More than one item can be selected simultaneously to group, ungroup, paste, copy, cut, or align.
  • The customer account panel is where all saved designs can be accessed from.
  • You can pick from previously ordered or already saved designs and reorder or edit again as needed.
  • Social media can be used to share the designs that you created with family and friends.
  • Impressive design template library.
  • To improve user browsing, you can put design ideas into relevant categories.
  • To manage template editing, you can unlock or lock various design elements.
  • Nine different QR code types are supported.


Add-on Modules

Two different add-on modules can be used: the Form Based Quick Editor and Fulfillment Partners. Clients won’t need to load the design studio when the Form Based Quick Editor is used. This addon allows them to add their personalized information to image and text fields that were already created. They can see the completed order designs and live previews before the items are prepared, printed, and shipped.

Dropship suppliers and fulfillment partners can connect with your company when the Fulfillment Partners addon is used. This resource can help to automate dispatch workflow and order processes. Direct API connections can be precious if you work on complicated print-on-demand orders or pick and pack fulfillment.


WooCommerce Web-To-Print Software

Online personalized product store operations are managed with PrintCommerce Web2Print administrative panel. It’s a very comprehensive utility and great for starting WooCommerce print shop business.

You can use the admin panel to download vector output files that are ready to be printed, manage orders, assign pricing, manage clip art, set up products, create templates for designs, pick the store items that can be personalized by your customers, and much more.


  • You can determine which store products to allow personalization options for.
  • Some of the configuration choices are 3D previews, overlay and mask, design area, and eight sides.
  • Color palettes can be assigned and managed. They can also be configured with the printing methods that you designate.
  • Manage ready-made design templates and pre-decorated products.
  • Configure fonts, printable colors, clip art, products, and other settings.
  • Set product pricing parameters. They can be set up according to product quantity, artwork size, and how many colors were used in personalization.
  • Configure design tool settings.
  • Download CMYK and PDF versions of your printable vector output files.


Web-To-Print Admin Panel

You can manage your entire print business with this handy web to print admin that also connects with eCommerce. You can manage essential attributes such as notifications, order message boards, controlling products, managing orders with output files that are all ready to print, design studio settings, personalization settings for products, and more.


PrintCommerce Web2Print admin area.



  • You can have client communication that’s centrally located, artwork approval, a file exchange message board, download output files ready to be printed, etc.
  • Set file type (PNG, PDF, or SVG formats) and output color file (RBG plus CMYK or just RBG). You can also configure email ids for the artwork message approval board, have file names in various languages for all sides that can be customized, and activate or deactivate watermarks for your preview files. Other options include setting the allowed image upload size limit and the acceptable DPI resolution and image formats and assigning your primary unit for measuring artwork.
  • Image upload, number/name, QR code, shape, clip art, and text controls can be enabled or disabled as necessary. Download Artwork, Add to Cart, and other design studio final actions can also be set. It’s up to you whether live pricing will be hidden or displayed in the design studio.
  • More than one language can be configured. To localize site content, your design studio messages and labels can be easily translated into the configured languages.

PrintCommerce add new language.

  • You don’t need to make any CSS changes or add any code to manage design studio colors and themes to conform with your site identity and branding.
  • Color choices can be managed by placing them in the color pallets that align with your printing method or decoration. This can be a huge time saver for people who only use particular colors when printing. Both patterns and solid colors can be configured as color choices. Color pallets for creating art can be assigned to various items according to the respective methods designated for decorating products.
  • Comes with extensive pre-loaded fonts categorized in different groups. In addition, you can manage your own library of fonts.
  • The template builder puts you in total control of object editing choices. You can unlock or lock editing (to change colors and so on) and object transformation (to resize or move items).

PrintCommerce template builder.

  • A pre-loaded clip art gallery is included. All selections are in categorized groups. You can also manage existing clip art and stock image libraries.

PrintCommerce clipart library.

  • You can import SVG design templates or use the visual template builder to create your own design templates. Templates can be categorized into categories.
  • You can decide if a product will be customizable or not. If an item is customizable, you can also define how many of its sides can be customized. You can also determine any required transparent PNG images with overlay and mask, the base unit for how the artwork will be measured, and if a product will be ready for personalization and is already decorated. Other choices include the number/name function, QR code, upload image, text and activate clip art options, if a product can be purchased in different color combinations, etc. Printing methods and template design categories can be assigned as needed.

PrintCommerce configure design area.

  • Printing costs can be calculated for printable products according to the order amount, artwork size, and how many colors were used. More than one printing method can be assigned. Image upload and art setup costs can be charged. Printing number/name for group orders can incur an additional setup fee. Clients can choose from any of your available printing options.
  • Dropbox, Instagram, and Flickr social media connections can be used to allow uploading images from them.
  • Enable 3D preview, upload 3D model and map image, setup 3D configuration surface area.
  • For instance, a standard design areas pool (A4, A5, or others) can be set for printable items. While creating a master design area, configure a unique design area for each side of the product based on product images and surface area available for personalization.
  • A default design template can be used to set up products that will be up for sale. This template can be customized as much as you want.


PrintCommerce Pricing

You can buy the Monthly Subscription or Perpetual License package. There are three different monthly pricing plans. Each has varying levels of features and functionality. They are the Start-Up, Enterprise (B2C), and Corporate (B2B and B2C) plans.

Subscription plans and the Perpetual License both have the same print solution and features. In the Perpetual License plan, you’ll receive a perpetual licensed copy on your web server. The copy will give you total control and access to the software, except the design studio source code that is encrypted.

With a Monthly plan (starting at around $120/month), the app is hosted on their, but you control and operate your online store with your admin access on the backend. They never charge any transaction fees.

If you are interested in testing the product, you can request a personalized demo, and they will help you understand how this solution can solve your business needs. You’ll need to contact the company to get a quote since no pricing is disclosed.

PrintCommerce can be purchased as a complete turnkey solution. This means you get it all done for you. You can offer key rings, purses, batches, bottles, buttons, mousepads, clothes and apparel, shoes, picture frames, bags, cups, caps, sweatshirts, hoodies, jerseys, T-shirts, and other items for sale that can be personalized to your customers. Clients can use QR codes, photo uploads, shapes, clip art, text, and other elements to personalize the items that they buy.

PrintCommerce works well with various eCommerce applications and platforms. Products can be personalized without hampering the basic eCommerce features because of the tool’s plug-and-play framework.

Shopify, WooCommerce, PrestaShop, and Magenta can also connect with PrintCommerce without problems. You can launch your own personalize product marketplace regardless of whether you already have an existing WooCommerce site or not.


PrintCommerce Review Conclusion

PrintCommerce is an excellent resource for people or companies who are looking to provide personalized items for sale. It connects with eCommerce applications and has some invaluable web to print and product personalization functions.

There are some amazing “Design It Yourself” features, live preview options, and tools that can help you establish your own online eCommerce store site. Customers can personalize different products and see what they will look like before orders are completed. Website owners will receive information for shipping and processing orders and necessary files that are ready to print.

Stores can offer helpful personalization suggestions to customers, even if they don’t have any design experience or knowledge. Editable design choices can make the decisions much easier. Companies of all sizes and specialties can quickly get their self-service personalized product stores off the ground or use PrintCommerce’s print and personalization services to take their current online company to the next level.

If you need graphic design services, then check Penji review, and if you would rather design graphics yourself, then RelayThat is amazing tool. I also suggest checking WooCommerce print on demand plugins for displaying your designs to the public and let the third-party companies take care of other responsibilities.

DISCLOSURE: Posts may contain affiliate links. If you buy something through one of those links, I might get a small commission, without any extra cost to you. Read more about it here.

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