RecordCast Review – Free Online Screen Recorder Without Watermark

Whether you need to record a screen for a professional purpose such as creating educational programs, recording a presentation to improve commercial communication, editing and producing video lessons, providing explanations on platforms such as YouTube and others, or other purposes, you need a good screen recorder tool. In this RecordCast review, you will find out if that is the tool you need.

The very trustable company PearlMountain Technology developed the RecordCast. Upon this free tool release, the application has gotten well known among the youth, especially the people who love games and recording online courses.

It is one of the best recording applications for making videos online and for free. In case you are looking for a reasonable screen recorder with an inborn video editor, your request closes with RecordCast Screen Recorder.


RecordCast Review – What Is RecordCast?

RecordCast is a tool and program for screen recorder and a free video editor on the Internet. The program provides you with an easy set of tools that enable you to photograph and record work or explanations on your device’s screen. It allows you to capture with your camera at the same time.

You can capture whole screen or record portions of screen and use the program for modifying recorded videos without leaving the site. Thus, you will not need other capturing and editing programs. You can do all work on the RecordCast website easily.


Why Use RecordCast?

Among the numerous features offered by the RecordCast tool, some of them that I love best are below:

  • It is compatible with all devices, whatever Mac or Windows. You do not need to download an additional program or application, or plugin.
  • It saves storage space for your computer. You will not need storage space to download the RecordCast.
  • It’s 100% free. You can get the high-quality recorded video without a watermark, no need to pay anything.
  • RecordCast offers easy and flexible recording functionalities. Make a screencast of the entire screen, application windows, or browser tab as per your need. It can also record audio simultaneously if you prefer.
  • It gives you a built-in video editor so that you can polish up your screen recording by adding attractive titles, captions, effects, and more in the built-in video editor.


Create Account

You can record the computer screen without registering if you like. But to save recorded video projects for further editing, you will need to create an account under RecordCast. And you need an account to download your videos as MP4 at 1080p.


RecordCast my projects.


Here are the registration steps:

  1. Log in to
  2. Click on the “Sign Up – Free” button on the homepage.
  3. You can register using your Facebook or Google account information or by email. Personally, I prefer to log in via Google directly because losing or suspending the account will cause problems for you.
  4. You can register by entering your email, type the email twice, then type a password for your account. Click on “Sign Up.”
  5. You will receive an email message that you registered with. Click on the activation link (it will often be a different color or underlined word such as “here” or “click here” or a direct link). This is to confirm your ownership of the email.
  6. Click on “login now” or on the website logo.
  7. You now have your own account on RecordCoast.
  8. In case you forgot your password, all you have to do is click on “Login” and then on “Forgot password?” You will enter the email you created the account with, then submit. You will receive a message via email. Open it and click “Reset my password.” You will see a page that will enter a new password twice. Later, you will be taken to the registration page to enter the new email and password.


Steps To Record Videos

How to work and deal with this program is very easy and simple. After completing the registration or entering the website again, you will be taken to the “editor/my-projects/” editing page.

The side menu offers two options, “Create by Record” and “Create a Video.” There is another option of “My Projects.”

Quick steps to record:

  1. Click the Start Recording button at the homepage to start capturing your screen.
  2. (Adjust settings) Select the audio device and set other recording options.
  3. (Download and Edit) Stop recording, then download or edit your screen.

The site allows you to work on 8 projects only, so after completing a project, you can delete it to add another project.

Through the “My Account” icon (picture), the profile can be modified. You can change the name, upload and download private pictures, change the password, etc.


Step 1. Settings

When you click on the second option, “Create a Video,” you will be taken to the video editing page directly. Here you can start with recording.

When you click on the first option, “Create by Record,” you will be taken to a new page with 3 options:

  • First option: record screen and use the camera.
  • The second option: screen capture only.
  • The third option: photography using the camera only.


RecordCast create by record option.


After clicking on the option you want to use, click on “Next Step.” Then you will allow the app to use the microphone or the system, or both, or none as you need. Then you will click on “Start Recording.”


RecordCast recording ways.


There are 3 recording ways. You can specify the way you want:

  • The first is full-screen shooting,
  • The second is for a specific application (suppose you explain how to work on an application on your device, and you do not want to visualize anything other than that application).
  • The third way is filming a specific tab on the browser only.

Click on Share to start recording.


Step 2. Recording

When recording, you will see the control bar on the screen. You can hide it by clicking on “Hide.” After clicking on it, you will find that the ribbon will appear in a new tab on your browser.


How RecordCast works?


The maximum recording time is 30 minutes. When you are done shooting, you can click on End Recording from the tape that you have hidden.


Step 3. Edit Recording

After completing the filming, you will be given two new options—the option to download your video (in case you want to edit it from another program). And the option to download and send to the video editing interface on the same website. Then you can edit it freely.


Free online screen recorder without watermark.


As for management and editing the video, the left column is a toolbar for editing video clips. All functions can be found here.

You can add pictures, videos, music, text, background, elements, overlays, etc. And all can be adjusted at will. Just click on the option you want to modify, and you can edit it.

You change the text colors, size, font, alignment, and more. Of course, you can also change the picture in the video and apply outro or intro effects to the elements at will.


Step 4. Download

To download the video to your computer or laptop, and after completing your modifications, click on “Export,” put a name for the video, select the quality, and then continue.


RecordCast online video editor.


There are 3 video resolutions to choose from, small 480p, Medium 720p, and 1080p HD. You can choose any of the resolutions to export the video for free with no watermarks at all.


Screen Recording Options

RecordCast offers several options for recording screen:

  • Screen recording only if you want to present an explanation on the computer screen without showing yourself.
  • Capture the scene using your device’s camera only if you want to speak in front of the camera and photograph yourself.
  • Screen recording and camera photography together.

After choosing one of the settings above, you will deal with another option:

  • Full-screen shooting, and here everything you do will be filmed on the computer screen.
  • An application window, that is, you will only record what you will explain on a specific application or program.
  • A browser tab means that you will only photograph what you do on the tab in your browser that you are selecting.


RecordCast Review Conclusion

Do you like to catch every one of the exercises and activities on your screen? A solid screen recorder is all that you require. You can discover a ton of online screen recorders with various highlights since screen recorders have changed lately. There are different screen recording devices accessible online to meet your screen recording needs.

RecordCast is just one of them. It is an online screen recorder which totally free but with no irritating restrictions. It is simple to utilize and completely online programming. It is beyond a screen recorder since it accompanies an inherent video editor, simplifying video altering and hassle-free.

This online screen recorder is accessible for many commonly used browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Firefox, Edge, Apple’s Safari, etc.

As RecordCast alternative options, you can check TunesKit Screen Recorder review, HitPaw Screen Recorder and Joyoshare VidiKit review.




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