How To Restore Deleted WordPress Posts? 5 Methods

When one or more posts or pages from your WordPress site got deleted you would like to restore deleted WordPress posts as soon as possible.

WordPress posts or pages may get deleted by accident or some error. Imagine you have been working for hours writing content and all your hard work disappears in seconds. Nobody likes that feeling.

Reasons may vary. It may be your own fault or even something you can’t control. First, you need to take a deep breath as there is solution. Check out down below tips and hope one of them will help.


Restore Deleted WordPress Posts

Here are few methods you can use to restore your deleted posts:

Method #1 Restore deleted WordPress posts from trash

If you deleted post by accident, check trash. Maybe post is still there. Just go to Trash and click restore to each post.




Method #2 Restore deleted WordPress posts from Google cache

This  method saved me more times that I would want. If Google Indexed your deleted post you can restore it from Google cache. Search for your post by title “ post title”.

Once you find the result move your mouse cursor to the right side. There you should see small arrow pointing down. Click on it and “Cached” should appear. Click on ‘Cached’ and you will find your deleted post.




Method #3 Restore posts using WayBack Machine

This method is not for new posts or pages. In order to Restore deleted WordPress posts or pages from Way Back Machine they need to be published long enough to be archived by

Just visit the site WayBack Machine. Enter your site and click on “Browse History.” After submitting your site, you will find a results page. Find your post by selecting date. You can also submit your site pages to be in archive.




Method #4 Restore deleted WordPress posts using Feed Burner

If you have been publishing your blog posts as RSS feed you can go back to Feedburner and start digging through the older feeds and restore the individual blog posts.

You may get full or a part of your blog post from feed burner. It depends on whether you have set your blog feed full or short. If you have set blog feed to full, you will be able to restore your full post with images.

If you subscribed to your Feedburner newsletter, then you can find posts in your inbox. Hopefully, you used Feedburner or maybe some other reader.


Method #5 Recover deleted posts using phpMyAdmin

You can also restore deleted WordPress posts using phpMyAdmin. Many web hosting packages include an installation of phpMyAdmin that you can use to manage your databases.

phpMyAdmin makes tasks common tasks like creating tables, inserting and deleting rows, and most importantly, backing up and restoring your databases.

Launch the phpMyAdmin, find the table relating to posts and click on it. If your site has a large number of posts you may want to increase the amount of rows that you’re looking at, originally this is set to 300.

Browse down to your missing post, you will see that there are various revisions available. Choose the correct date and then click on the pencil (edit).

Now you can see the original content of the missing post. Simply copy the content over to your site.


Recover Deleted WordPress Posts Summary

Those are most common methods to restore deleted content, pages and posts on your WordPress website. If you have any other methods please let me know in comments below. You could help other WordPress users.

And if you want to reset entire WordPress site by deleting everything or keeping some things but deleting all others check my post on how to reset WordPress website.

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  1. Thank you very much! This is information that anyone using WordPress should know! This article definitely helps a lot!

  2. Really this article helped me and save my time. I have some article that trash now I may repost and recover it. t

  3. Sanskar Tiwari

    i really cant thank you enough i lost all my post due to change in theme all gone my work of months i contacted godaddy they said they will charge 70.91 dollars for getting them back as i am not earning with site i have to stop and no other option then to write them all back i even started then today after 2 days i searched again found our article know about google cache doing it now thanks thanks thanks

  4. I am really thankful for you sharing this which saved my six articles. I deleted them accidentally. Today after reading this article I searched for them and I found them with Google Cache.

    Thanks again!

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