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Looking to add live chat functionality to a WordPress website? Chat rooms make communication fast, easy and effective. This is why in this RumbleTalk review post I will be looking at the features of that chat plugin.

Chat room plugins allow website owners to create live chat rooms on their site pages and let the users participate with other members. Live chat makes possible for you to provide exceptional customer service by resolving customer problems instantly.

It can drive more conversions as you can respond to sales queries in real-time, eliminate buyer friction, and provide a reassuring human presence until customers are ready to make a purchase.


RumbleTalk Review

RumbleTalk is a smartly designed, modern and stylish plugin that integrates a live chat room to any WordPress site, engaging thousands of live chatters.

It can be used for brand promotion, live events, panel discussions, academic institutions, online trading, live radio, fan clubs, blogs, connecting with customers, or just chatting with others.

All you need to do is copy the automatically generated line of code and paste it onto the required site (not required if you use the plugin).

This plugin will connect you to your website visitors for better interaction and improved engagement. You can add a plugin to any website, whether it is a blog, a real-time event or a social media site like Facebook.

With more than 500,000 websites already using the plugin, you too can create a fully functional chat room on your website or blog.

The plugin comes with a number of pre-built themes. You can use these themes to build a stunning site with visual appeal. You also have the option of creating your themes and customize it according to your requirements.


private chat plugin for wordpress


It makes posting images and videos easy. You can even export your chat to HTML.

The administrator has full control over the plugin. You can enable or disable your security options to secure your site from unnecessary complications.

You can block out specific users from being able to contact you or banning the use of specific words on your chat screen.


rumbletalk chat plugin ban users


Administrators have several tools to moderate group chats effectively. Users can be disconnected as a warning or banned entirely based on their IP address.

Another great feature about RumbleTalk is that it allows it’s users to search for past conversations very specific. You can do that either by specific dates or chat topic or even by the names of the ones involved in the conversation.

With RumbleTalk, you can engage your online community (public or private room) and increase the number of loyal, active consumers who return to your brand.

You can set chat as Group chat or One-on-One chat:

  • Group Chat –  Chatters can participate in a group discussion or choose to text, talk, or video call in private with one of the other participants.
  • One-on-One Chat – Chatters will only be able to see and chat with the chat admin. Admin will be able to participate in multiple private chats.

There are over 36 languages to choose from for chat. If you need to add your language not currently on the list, contact support.


wordpress group chat plugin


If you wish to charge you can set a chat PayWall to charge users for logging in the chat. The PayWall can be set for both Group Chat and Private One-on-One chat.

To enable PayWall, define your preferences in the “Monetize” settings in your RumbleTalk account, including your PayPal email that your funds will be delivered to.

PayWall settings types:

  • Single Login – Allow users to log in to a chat for a limited period (minutes, hours, days). When the pre-set time is over, the user will be disconnected.
  • Subscription Login – Subscribe to a chatroom login. A chatter paying a subscription will gain access to the chat at all times.
  • Pay to Chat in Private – Pay a one-time fee to talk in private with a user for a pre-set period.

Your users can pay using a credit card or PayPal. Funds earned will be sent only to PayPal account.


paywall monetize chat wordpress plugin


RumbleTalk works great on mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and personal computers and can be embedded into websites, Facebook and even stand as an independent URL.

Focused on online communities, RumbleTalk has a strong REST API. You and your users will be able to:

  • Send text messages or one on one private messages
  • Send short video and audio messages
  • Make one on one video calls (WebRTC based)
  • Share images and files including
  • Add YouTube and Vimeo videos to the conversation
  • Add a video broadcast using “YouTube Live”
  • Have private discussions
  • Share messages on Twitter and Facebook

You can also integrate your group chat in a Facebook page to capture a larger audience. For advanced users and designers, you can even customize the mobile group chat design using CSS. RumbleTalk users can embed a group chat or a floating icon group chat into multiple pages.


rumbletalk floating options


Every time the given line of code is embedded in a page, it opens a window to the same conversation. This keeps the conversation consistent throughout the site and community.

RumbleTalk users can create multiple group chats. Each group chat can be placed on a single website or on several different websites.

RumbleTalk has four login options. You can choose to have users log in with any of the following:

  • Managed Users – pre-defined users set by the group chat owner
  • Facebook – one-click login using Facebook credentials
  • Twitter – one-click login using Twitter credentials
  • Guest – anonymous user
  • API – login with your own users base
  • WordPress Plugin – Pre-Integrated with WordPress and BuddyPress
  • For websites with an existing user base, RumbleTalk can allow user logins using our RumbleTalk Login API.


chat room plugin for website

While many of the conversations occur in the main window, users can also conduct private conversations and private video calls with other users.

The chat owner may set private messages to OFF so that private messages will be disabled to all. The chat owner may set private messages to Admins only, so private messages can just be sent to the Admin and by Admin.

If you want everyone to see the conversation even if they are not logged in to the chat, check the option “Allow non-logged-in users to see the chat conversations.”

You can also set it so that only an admin can start a private chat with a user. Private chat includes the following options:

  • Text chat
  • Audio chat – Live call (can be disabled or set for admin only)
  • Video chat – Live video call (can be disabled or set for admin only)
  • Ignore Button – Ignore a user. When clicked you will not get messages from the user.
  • Description – View additional user description
  • IP – Admins only can see a user IP
  • BAN by IP button – Admins only can ban a user IP
  • Disconnect button – Admins only can disconnect a user as a warning

The user list is the list of all users logged in to the chat. By default, this list is shown on the left. There are two options here:

  • Show user list – When the user list is shown, the list on the left will be in full size. One can collapse the user list by clicking on the small triangle on the top of the user list.
  • Hide user list – You can hide the user list for all or only normal users (admins/moderators will see it).


best free chat room plugin for wordpress


RumbleTalk chat includes a spam filter feature (black word list). It means that you can define a list of unauthorized words. It could be curse or a competitor name. The filter is filtering words both on User names and room messages.

Creating and managing Blacklist words and phrases can only be done by the chat owner. Then, when any of these words are typed in the chat, a message will be shown that the word is not allowed.

In that case, the message will be blocked and not sent to others in the chat. You can upload most file types including PDF’s, Word Documents, Excel Files, PowerPoint Presentations, pictures and more.


wordpress live chat plugin free

URLs will display as hyperlinks in the chat, and links to videos will automatically be embedded, so everyone can watch and respond within the group chat.

RumbleTalk easily integrates into a Facebook page. This means that your online community can bring your website visitors and your Facebook visitors together all at once, making your audience larger and closer.


plugin chat wordpress


From the admin panel, click on the Facebook button, you’ll then be prompted to choose a Facebook page to add your RumbleTalk group chat to. If you don’t have a website, you can still use RumbleTalk chat. You’ll be provided with a URL that can be sent to whomever you’d like to participate in the conversation.

The group chat still works the same as if you were going to embed it in a website or add it to a Facebook page, meaning you can still customize all the same settings. RumbleTalk group chat allows you to make live audio and video calls from web browsers that support WebRTC such as Chrome and Firefox.

You can adjust the setting to allow calls for all users or admins only. Live calls option require that the chat will be placed on a secure web page (HTTPS). Transcripts are saved based on your preferences. If you choose to keep a conversation private, it will not record or save the transcript.


rumbletalk chat operations


If the conversation is not set to private, the group chat transcript will show in the group chat as users scroll up. This transcript can be exported by the group chat owner into an HTML file from the admin page or directly from the group chat.

By default, any user can export the group chat history by clicking the export button within the chat. This icon can be turned off from the admin panel by the group chat owner.


live chat website plugin


Also from the admin panel, the group chat owner can select a date range and export the group chat history using the “export archive” option.

As a measure of security to prevent groups of users from spamming the chat (flooding), when they start typing too fast, they are kicked out of the chat with a message stating: “you are typing too fast.” Administrators are not affected by this unique security measure. They can type very fast without being disconnected.


RumbleTalk WordPress Installation

Installing and adding RumbleTalk is a very simple process. You can download the plugin from the WordPress plugin directory and install it like any other plugin that you are using.

Once the plugin is activated, go to the plugin settings and connect it with your RumbleTalk chat account. Your account will be securely created once all fields are filled up completely.


rumbletalk chat room plugin installation


If you have already an account, click on the “Already have an account?”. Then input API tokens Key and Secret which you can find in your admin panel under Account.


rumbletalk api keys


Now you can create chats and add them to your site. You can control any aspect of your chat.


rumbletalk creating chat


  • Chat name: The name of the chat
  • Hash: This is a unique eight characters string (can be found in the top right gray area of chat square).
  • Width: The width (in pixels) of your chat room.
    You can set to a percentage (e.g., 40%) or leave blank to fill the width of the page.
  • Height: The height of your chat room.
  • Members: Automatically logs the members of your community into your chat room (no need to supply user and password).
    If you wish to allow registered users, and guests, to log into your chat, you should uncheck the “Force SDK” option in the chat’s settings.
  • Login name The user’s attribute used to log into your RumbleTalk chat. If the chosen field is empty, the user’s “Display name” is used
  • Floating: A floating toolbar chat. It will appear on the right (or left) bottom corner of the page.

To add RumbleTalk group chat to your site, go to a page or post in your WordPress admin.


adding rumbletalk to wordpress post


In case you have only one room, use the phrase [rumbletalk-chat] in your posts visual mode to position the chat widget exactly where you need it.

In case you have more than one room, use the green button or add manually the exact hash in the phrase [rumbletalk-chat hash=”insert here your chat hash”].


Design of Your Chat Room

Once the basic settings are done, you can personalize the chatting room according to your need or according to the niche you are in. The plugin offers you a number of different themes to select from, or you can customize per your wishes.


rumbletalk chat settings


To design your chat room, just go to the admin section of the plugin and then advanced design option. You can change the color and background of each section of the chat room to match your website color scheme.


rumbletalk design theme


It works like a live composer, as you change the color scheme of the chat window, you will see the real-time preview of the changes you make.


RumbleTalk Features

Here are some of the features provided by RumbleTalk chat plugin:

1. Hosted Group Chat Room – RumbleTalk group chats are hosted on RumbleTalk servers. This means you won’t have to install any software or worry about bandwidth, server performance, or maintenance.

2. Public & Private Chat Options – RumbleTalk chat can be used for group discussions and/or for private discussions. Group chats can be open to the public (social chat) or restricted to members only.

3. Create Multiple Rooms – Create one or several rooms. RumbleTalk’s advanced admin panel helps you manage all your rooms.

4. Paid Chat – Enable paid chat, and you can charge for entering a chat per minute or by subscription.

5. inText Adds – Specific words can be automatically highlighted and linked to anywhere on the net, allowing you to direct your fanbase and audience to your affiliated partners.

6. Embed on Any Page – The RumbleTalk HTML5 group chat platform can be added to any page. It is fully responsive and will fit itself to the space you give it. It can also be embedded as a floating icon in the left or right lower corner of the window.

7. Design Features – RumbleTalk group chat can be designed to fit any style. You can also choose a premade design from a vast library of premade themes. You can use a theme as is or tweak the settings to capture your desired look truly.

For more advanced users, RumbleTalk group chat allows full CSS customization for both (and separate) web and mobile browsers.


rumbletalk wordpress group chat look


You can even choose custom notification sounds—notifications for new messages, users, calls, and more can all be customized.

8. Synced Group Chat – The same group chat window can be placed across many websites or pages, and the conversation is automatically synced.

9. Private Messages, Audio & Video Calls – RumbleTalk group chat enables participants to chat as a group and privately. Private conversations can be text, audio, or even video calls. Your users won’t have to install any software to make private audio and video calls.

10. Multimedia & Sharing – Enrich your conversation with images, voice messages, and YouTube videos.

11. Moderation – Administrators have several tools to moderate group chats effectively.

12. User Profiles – If your users are created in the user’s management area, or logged in with their Twitter or Facebook account, their profile information will show when clicking on a username during a chat conversation.

13. Secured – RumbleTalk uses SSL/TLS security (check to see how to add free SSL certificate to WordPress) to protect your conversations and users’ information. A RumbleTalk group chat history can be automatically archived for three months. During this time, you can easily export your conversation history as an HTML file.

14. Bandwidth & Messages – No bandwidth or messages limitation chatters can send.

15. Integrations – It can be used with WordPress, Blogger, Facebook, Magento, Squarespace, TypePad, Yola, Drupal, Jimdo, phpBB, Wix, and Tumblr.


RumbleTalk Price

You can use RumbleTalk free version or go for a paid plan. Premium version price depends on which plan you choose and for how many rooms and seats.

The free version is free forever. Most of the features of the premium version are available in the free version of the plugin. The only difference is in the number of chat participants.


rumbletalk pricing plans


You can cancel your upgrade at any time within the first seven days and receive a full refund. No questions asked!


RumbleTalk Review Conclusion

RumbleTalk can be used as a private group chat or chat room. I would say that it is one of the most advance chat tools on the market. It is evolving all the time, and it also has great customer support.

It has a lot of options in its arsenal, works great on phones, can be placed on any website, Facebook page, Youtube channel, WordPress, Joomla, Wix, etc.

RumbleTalk can be a great option for anyone who wants to add a chat option to their site. It is a great platform to get yourself engaged and interact with a range of live chatters.

You can filter who to chat with and set up your security options to ensure your account is safe. It is a great tool, and it would be a great addition to any website. You can test free version first and see if it fits your needs.

DISCLOSURE: Posts may contain affiliate links. If you buy something through one of those links, I might get a small commission, without any extra cost to you. Read more about it here.

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  1. I wanted to test a free account with a member site, but I have not been able to figure out how to auto log in users and send a username with the api. I have repeatedly tried contacting them and have never gotten a single response. The screenshots on their website do not match what I actually see in my management screens, so I am not sure the exact settings. Why would someone want to pay for their service if they are completely unresponsive when trying to test their solution?

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