SaleSource Review PROS & CONS (2024) – Find Winning Products And Spy On Competitors



Easy to use






Overall quality



  • Free trial option
  • Analyse competitor statistics
  • Compare product prices
  • Analyze and find winning products
  • Store Analyzer feature
  • Product Analyzer feature
  • Chrome extension


  • Documentation is non existing, but at least there are training videos
  • Some might consider it pricey

Competition is a natural part of being successful in business. If you’re not fighting to have the upper hand over market rivals, it could mean interest in the future of your industry is low.

Healthy competition indicates a thriving market with lots of energy, ambition, and growth opportunities. So, even the biggest brands in the world strive for it.

Dropshipping is a contemporary way to earn a salary from the comfort of your home. While still relatively new, it is gaining popularity as one of the easiest and cheapest methods of starting an online business. There are virtually no overheads, and sellers can begin making a profit within weeks. For many people, dropshipping is the future of online commerce.

Despite being an inexpensive venture, it’s still important to do your research and prepare correctly for a new dropshipping business. It does require an understanding of the target market, and it can take patience and hard work to keep the business on track.

Competitive research is essential for new businesses and existing ones. To dominate your market or niche, you need to know who your competitors are. Look what others in your industry are doing and what is working for them. You can learn many things from rivals.

Replicating successful competitors will boost your chances of succeeding right from the get-go. So why not take it from them, model their success and build on it?

Fortunately, there are plenty of market research and analytics tools to help entrepreneurs find their feet. Which ones should you use? What impact might they have on your online business? Is it worth paying for premium versions, or are free tools enough?

Today, I will present features and options of a market research tool called SaleSource, which is extremely popular among dropshippers. So, let’s see what it has to offer:


SaleSource Review

SaleSource is an analytical web application designed to help e-commerce businesses grow faster and more securely via features like the store, product and supplier analysis. It is particularly useful for dropshippers because it provides different ways to identify the most popular, in-demand products, view how much any Shopify store is making and find the best suppliers.


Is SaleSource worth the price?


The tool is an AI-Powered application that is compatible with Shopify and supports all e-commerce platforms. For example, if you are sourcing from AliExpress and using Shopify to sell online, it is one of the most efficient tools available. There are three main features: Store analysis, Product analysis, and Supplier analysis. Across these three components of the tool, users can do the following:

  • compare & analyse every single Shopify store (1.7 million)
  • In-depth analysis of Shopify stores based on monthly revenue, No. of products & average order value.
  • Determine how many businesses are dropshipping a specific product
  • Analyse and find winning products from a selection of over 1 billion.
  • View all current sales locations for a specific product, e.g., Brazil, U.S.A, France – find dropshipping stores from your country.
  • Compare product prices, shipping speeds and reliability among top-rated suppliers.
  • Add products to your Oberlo (Oberlo Integration) and your Shopify (Shopify Integration) store through a simple click·
  • Automatically find high converting product videos & generate descriptions
  • Check product saturation by looking at all other competitor stores selling any given product.
  • 24X7 customer service and Feedback form on every page to get help anytime you need.


Store Analysis

Under the store section, you get to analyse all currently active Shopify stores – which at the time of writing is over 1.7 million. Dropdown filters like country, Shopify store type & relevance helps you to filter stores as per your requirement. For example, you can filter between dropship and non-drop ship stores.


SaleSource filter stores.


To make it more convenient, there are sub-headers that further allow you to filter a store based on monthly traffic, country, theme, apps and when they are launched. Naturally, there is also a search feature – which allows you to easily search for stores in your niche.

It is an excellent way to organise the top listed stores according to the statistics which you think are most valuable. If you want to get a feel for the competition and find marketing and sales ideas that work, this is a quick way to do it.


SaleSource organize top stores.


Store analysis also provides you with the option of directly analysing a store by just typing the link in the search bar, which will show you the complete store overview.


Is SalesSource legit?


It will further allow you to have in-depth research by allowing you to study their traffic, the number of products the business is selling, their themes & apps. The feature that distinguishes Salesource from its competitors is the “import to Shopify store” tab.


SaleSource product analysis.

SaleSource store analysis.


I’m not entirely sure how they get the sales estimate figures, but I guess that they take into account the overall traffic that the store gets, and get a rough estimate of an average product value and conversion rate (which the AI does automatically).


Product Analysis

The product analysis tab will provide you with a wide range of options. It allows you to perform analysis on products based on items you wish to include in your Shopify store.

Like store analysis, this page also includes a search bar where you can directly search for Shopify and Ali express products by pasting a products link, an image of the product or a search query.

Another way of finding a winning product is through using the filter tabs, which allows you to see the product as per your country preference, store type, i.e. dropshipping or non-dropshipping or by relevance.


Is SaleSource trustworthy?


Which will then lead you to the specific product analysis page where you can dig deep and find out different supplier prices, shipping times and competitors product and store pages.

One of the key features I found was that product analysis helps you identify the number of AliExpress suppliers and Shopify competitors selling your product.

But the tab that I could not take my eyes off was the Competitors Products which helps you get the product rating on different stores. Also, SaleSource provides you with extra features like images and videos for the product itself, which I think is unique.

The recently added feature is the marketing tab that allows you to get top-performing keywords for your Facebook advertisement. The “add to Oberlo”  & “add to Shopify store” tab has marked the difference, making it more consumer-friendly.


How does SaleSource work?


Supplier Analysis

As soon as you enter the supplier analysis page, you get access to a list of all kinds of top AliExpress Suppliers, which you can then sort out with the drop-down filter as per your category & relevance.

The page also has a search bar like all the other pages where you can directly search your product by typing the link or adding an image. Subtabs like price and orders allows you to filter the products based on sales & price.

It is fascinating to see that Salesource has made it very clear on every page to make sure that any product a customer likes can be imported to Oberlo in a single click – allowing easy fulfillment for you Shopify Store.


SaleSource supplier analysis.


After analysing the product, you can add it directly to your Oberlo account or jump up to the products AliExpress listing. Salesource also has many sophisticated and perhaps less well-known tools that can take your e-commerce business to the next level.


Browser Extensions

It is interesting to see how Salesource developed itself as per the needs of its customers. This is much more relatable when I see the browser extension they have created. ​​

The extension turns itself on every time a user navigates to an AliExpress product listing or a listing on any Shopify store. This is very useful because it enables automatic analyses of rival products and stores.


SaleSource browser extension.


When you install the SaleSource browser extension, you will see various data for particular products on AliExpress stores, Shopify, and other e-commerce sites.

You can see if a product is popular with other sellers by analysing the number of orders for that product. If there are many bulk orders for a product – particularly one that cannot ordinarily be used in bulk by a single person – there’s a good chance dropshippers are snapping it up for their customers.


SaleSource Pricing

SaleSource is available in four pricing plans, which can be paid monthly or yearly. There is also a 7-day free trial. The free trial gives you full access to the software. To access all the competitor and product data, you will have to upgrade your plan.


SaleSource paid pricing plans.


Going with the annual option is far cheaper than paying every month. The most affordable monthly SaleSource Basic plan which is billed at £18/month, which is around $24 per month. You can view the benefits of each pricing plan on the SaleSource pricing page.


SaleSource Review Conclusion

My favourite aspects of SaleSource are definitely Shopify store tracking product & supplier analysis. They’re the most popular parts of the platform, and it’s not hard to see why. It is extremely useful to be able to type a rival store’s URL into SaleSource and have it instantly identified their most successful products, estimated revenue, and other vital details.

The question is, are these functions worth the monthly subscription cost of £18 per month? Well, everybody’s going to have a different perspective, but I believe it is worthwhile. For all of the tools and features described, it’s not a huge sum. Yes, there are many free alternatives out there, but they aren’t anywhere near as extensive.

If you’re serious about launching an online store, £18 per month is a reasonable fee. Use it correctly, and you’ll always have the edge over your competition. You’ll always know which products to invest in, why they’re a great choice, and what type of things your market competitors are doing to make money.

As alternative to SaleSource, check Spocket and Sell The Trend review. While many of these functions can be performed manually, without the help of a specialized tool, it would take five times as long to do it. So if you need tool to automate your dropshipping tasks from start to finish, you can check my dropshippingXL review, Sellvia review, DSers review or CJdropshipping review.

For good WordPress and WooCommerce dropshipping plugins, check WooDropship review, AliDropship AliExpress dropshipping plugin, and DropshipMe review.

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  1. Great article for me as a potential customer of SaleSource!
    Question about ‘Factory Pricing’.
    What exactly do I get if an agent answers my request? Just the contact details of the factory? Or something more than that?

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