SE Ranking Review PROS & CONS (2023) – Best Rank Tracker Tool?

SE Ranking


Easy to use






Overall quality



  • Available 14 day free trial option
  • Packed with vast amount of features
  • Rank tracker feature
  • Analytics and traffic overview
  • Competitor monitoring capabilities
  • All information on a single dashboard
  • Keyword segmentation


  • Users might get overwhelmed with all the features
  • Ranking updates can take time
  • Little pricey depending on plan
  • Ranking data is insufficient for some locations

SE Ranking is one of the best SEO software available on the market. With a comprehensive set of over 30 search marketing tools, SE Ranking helps users track keyword performance, run website audits, check backlink profile, and even monitor competitors’ marketing efforts—nearly everything to reach online marketing goals.

This excellent all-in-one SEO platform offers impressive features at flexible prices, making it the perfect choice for small business owners, SEO specialists, and marketing agencies.

In this SE Ranking review, you will see the features the tool offers as well as its pros and cons.


SE Ranking Rank Tracker

SE Ranking offers a 100%-accurate Keyword Position Tracker that makes it possible to check keyword rankings in every major search engine, language, location, and device. SE Ranking also allows access to the historical ranking database on selected keywords—another great feature that helps monitor changes in the performance of keywords.

What is remarkable about SE Ranking is its super-intuitive and simple design. Even users without any SEO experience can easily set up projects and start monitoring their optimization campaigns, making it the perfect choice for small businesses.

To start a project, you will need to go through five simple steps:

  • Enter website address.
  • Add appropriate keywords. Of course, you can do this manually, but SE Ranking also has a Keyword Suggestion tool that suggests relevant keywords from which you can choose.
  • Select search engines, devices, and locations. SE Ranking tracks rankings on Google, Google Mobile, Bing, Yahoo!, YouTube, Yandex, and Yandex Mobile. You can choose up to five combinations of the search engine, device, and location for every project. On top of that, with SE Ranking, you can track the website’s performance on Google Ads, Google Local Pack, Google Maps, and SERP features.


SE Ranking tracks rankings on various search engines.


  • You can add up to 20 competitors to track their positions and compare them with your site.
  • Connect Google Analytics and Google Search Console to access advanced statistics and analytics.


Rankings Dashboard Overview

Now let’s take a more thorough look at the tool.


SE Ranking dashboard overview.


The tool features several sections. Those are Summary, Detailed, Overall, and Historical Data:

  • Summary allows you to glance at your ongoing SEO activities and better understand your progress without going through different pages.
  • Detailed section can display data for a particular period and each search engine separately.
  • Overall section displays information for all search engines on the same page for one date only.
  • Historical Data shows the current keyword rankings and lets you monitor their dynamics over a certain time—starting from a day up to 6 months ago.

Here you can find a summary of your ongoing SEO activities and explore important SEO metrics for your project:

  • Search visibility
  • Average position
  • Traffic
  • Distribution of positions
  • Top pages

SE Ranking gives tips about every metric presented on the platform. Just hover your mouse over the “i” symbol at the top right corner to get a simple explanation of what the metric means.


SE Ranking gives tips about every metric.


For a deeper analysis, you can use the Detailed section. Select a search engine from the drop-down list at the top of the screen to get the information you need.


Ranking Charts

Under the Detailed and Overall sections, you will find several ranking graphs and charts:

  • Average Position
  • Traffic Forecast
  • Search Visibility
  • SERP Features
  • % In Top 10
  • Selected Keywords


Ranking charts in SE Ranking.


Using these charts, you can analyze your data and see how your keyword positions have changed. Here you can also compare rankings for any period. Just click on the calendar above the graph and select the date to do this.


Compare ranking for any period.


Rankings Table

Below the charts, you can find a table with added keywords and their parameters.


Rankings table in SE Ranking.


Here you can discover valuable information regarding your keywords, including:

  • search volume
  • changes in rankings
  • available SERP features
  • number of search results
  • traffic forecast

With this information, you can determine the most and least competitive keywords and optimize your SEO efforts accordingly. You can control what metrics are displayed in the table by clicking on the columns icon.

If you work with many keywords, you will appreciate applying tags and filters to find certain keywords or sort data to work faster and more comfortably. We will take a deeper look at this customization feature later in this article.


Additional Information on Keyword Rankings

SE Ranking also provides supplementary information on keywords. If you click on the keyword’s position in the ranking table, you will get detailed information about the keyword and its SERPs:

  • Date when the keyword was first found
  • URL ranking for the keyword
  • Live search results for the keyword
  • A cached copy of the SERP
  • Top 100 SERP competitors for the keyword (this option brings you to the My Competitors tool)


SE Ranking keyword details.


Analytics & Traffic Overview

In the Analytics & Traffic module, users can discover and analyze website dynamics to make informed decisions about adjusting their SEO efforts.

SE Ranking can be easily integrated with Google Analytics and Google Search Console within minutes to display additional data on website rankings and traffic from search engines.


SE Rankings analytics and traffic overview.


With Google Analytics connected to your SE Ranking project, you can have all the information for your digital marketing pursuits on a single screen.


Google Search Console Integration

Google Search Console integration gives you access to numerous website statistics. You can find out more about your pages, see the number of clicks, impressions, CTR, and the average position of a website in the search results for a certain period of time.

In SE Ranking, you can filter various metrics to see results by search type, device type, country, search appearance, query, or URL.


SE Ranking Google Search Console integration.


In the Keywords tab, you can see and examine information about keywords that drive organic traffic to your website (Clicks) or have the potential to do so (Impressions).


SE Ranking GSC keyword analytics.


SE Ranking checks which keywords are not added to your project so you can easily add them for tracking.


Google Analytics Integration

Integration with Google Analytics lets you get valuable insights about the website audience: location, traffic sources, conversions, and behavior metrics like bounce rate or average session duration. With this data, you will build a data-driven SEO strategy or set up more effective targeted ad campaigns.


SE Ranking Google Analytics integration.


Apart from that, Google Analytics facilitates some important SEO features:

  • Information in the Keyword importance section makes it possible to analyze keywords and their traffic generation capabilities. This data is useful for picking the most appropriate keywords for your SEO campaigns.
  • In the Rankings overview section, you can see the ranking dynamics of your website per keyword, keywords that the website is not ranking for yet, average position, and the search visibility for tracked search engines.
  • You can get valuable insights on ranking dynamics from the Keyword changes section and detect fluctuations in keyword positions.


Additional Information

Another SE Ranking tool worth mentioning is SEO Potential, which gives you a preliminary estimation of your project outcome. It displays information about the expected traffic volume, Google Ads cost, and a number of prospects. With this information, you can implement better SEO strategies, plan the budget, and assess ROI.


SEO Potential gives preliminary estimation of project outcome.


Yet another helpful tool is Snippets—SE Ranking shows how your snippet for a particular keyword looks on the SERP so that you can optimize snippets more effectively and drive more visitors to your website.


SE Ranking snippets feature.


My Competitors

SE Ranking is well-known for its competitor monitoring capabilities. You can track keyword rankings for up to 20 competitors to see how they perform on similar projects.


SE Ranking My Competitors module.


The My Competitors module checks the SEO positions of the added competitors. The tool shows the performance of selected competitors and compares them by Alexa rank, number of backlinks, unique referring domains, traffic, and other metrics.


Monitoring Competitor Rankings

Information in the Added Competitors section lets you track the performance of your direct competitors that you have added to your project.

On this page, you will find two tabs: Overall and Detailed. Under the Overall tab, data is grouped by the search engine, while under the Detailed tab, you get detailed information on the ranking positions of each competitor.

The chart displays information on the average position, traffic forecast, search visibility, % in Top 10, and competitor distribution—which is more than enough to understand your competitors better.

Under the Detailed tab, you can compare your website with competitors by the following metrics:

  • Total number of keywords ranking among the top 5/10/30 search results
  • Total number of keywords
  • Average ranking positions of all keywords
  • Visibility
  • Traffic forecast
  • Indexation
  • Recent check date
  • Domain Trust


SE Ranking monitor competitor rankings.


And now, let’s take a look at another great advantage of SE Ranking—detailed analyses of specific competitors. You can get there from the Detailed tab by clicking on the special icon near the name of your competitor.


SE Ranking detailed analyses of specific competitors.


Once you have found yourself on the competitor’s ranking page, you can find three tabs: Rankings, Overview, and Historical Data.


SE Ranking historical competitor data.


Here you will find graphs with information based on the following metrics:

  • Average ranking position
  • Traffic forecast
  • Search visibility
  • SERP features
  • % In the top 10
  • Dynamics of selected keywords.

You can apply filters and search information for the required time period to get exactly the information you need. But notice—competitor sites are checked at the same time as yours. This means the data will be shown for the date of the last check. The frequency of checks depends on the subscription and chosen settings.


SERP Competitors

If you do not know your competitors yet, SE Ranking’s tool has a SERP Competitors section that analyzes the first 100 search results for a selected keyword.


SE Ranking SERP Competitors feature.


This feature helps you evaluate the performance of your direct competitors and find smaller and new competitors that you did not notice before and could eventually take over some of the organic traffic.

If you click on the calendar and select a period, you will see how rankings for specific keywords have changed. You can also apply tags to filter direct competitors from news sites, catalogs, or unrelated sites.


SE Ranking apply tags to filter direct competitors.


Visibility Rating

Visibility Rating lets you find all the websites that appear in the top 10 results for each search query you track, sorted by search visibility distribution.


SE Ranking visibility rating.


In addition to visibility, you can see Domain Trust, Alexa rank, traffic forecast, percent of search queries ranking in the top 10, and the number of backlinks with unique referring domains for each competing website.


Keyword Position Tracker Additional Features

SE Ranking gives you options to customize your workspace. You can add additional parameters to ensure you get the most from the platform as quickly as possible. You can choose what parameters to add to the table by ticking the necessary checkboxes in the columns menu.


SE Ranking customize parameters.


Here is the complete list of additional parameters that can be added to the ranking table: Search volume, Tags, SERP features, Group, Date added, Competition, Suggested bid, Results, Traffic forecast, Dynamics, Visibility, and Notes.


Local Rank Tracking

SE Ranking is the perfect choice for small businesses. Suppose your business is anchored to a particular geographic location. In that case, SE Ranking can help you track Google Local Pack results and Google Maps search results so that you can optimize your website for location.


SE Ranking local rating.


To include Google Local Pack results, toggle the corresponding option on and type in the necessary information when you are starting a new project in SE Ranking or go to project settings at any time. To display rankings data on organic and Google Maps results separately, toggle the corresponding option on.


Marking Keywords With Tags or Grouping Into Folders

SE Ranking supports keyword segmentation, allowing you to combine particular keywords in groups or put special tags to arrange keywords and track them against different metrics.

Additionally, you can assign target URLs to groups to monitor pages that rank for the same keywords. If the target URL is highlighted red, this means that another page is ranking for the keyword; if you see a red number next to the link icon, it means that several pages are competing for the keyword.

To create a tag, select keywords, click on the tag icon, enter the tag name, and choose its color.


SE Ranking add tags.


Once you have tagged or grouped your keywords in folders, you can apply filters. This feature can save time if you work with an extensive list of keywords.


Data View Modes

You can adjust your workspace within the ranking table by choosing different view modes:

  • list mode with keywords listed one after another
  • group mode with the results for the entire group of keywords, instead of one specific keyword
  • group by URL mode with keywords grouped by target pages


SE Ranking data view modes.


Rechecking Data

The number of keywords and ranking check frequency depends on your subscription plan. SE Ranking will automatically track rankings based on your settings.


Rechecking data SE Ranking.


However, you can manually recheck data on the dashboard of your SE Ranking project. You can recheck rankings manually once a day and keyword search volume once a month.


Guest Link

SE Ranking has great capabilities for collaborative use. For example, you can generate and send a guest link to your clients or colleagues so that they have access to essential statistics without special authorization and manually select which information should be available: rankings, analytics and traffic, and competitors. Additionally, you can hide the traffic column.


SE Ranking generate and send guest link.


Data Export

Another feature for collaborative use—you can download rankings history data from the system in .xls or .csv format. The report will include information according to the selected period or group of keywords on the main dashboard.


SE Ranking export data.


But if you want to take your reporting to a whole new level, SE Ranking offers a Report Builder tool. With this tool, you can customize your clients’ reports with your logo or brand images.


SE Ranking report builder.


SE Ranking Pricing

SE Ranking has friendly and flexible pricing, making it the perfect tool for small businesses and users without prior SEO experience. There are three available pricing packages: Essential ($39/month), Pro ($89/month), and Business ($189/month), and each package offers various keywords and inbuilt features.

SE Ranking offers a free trial for new users and discounts of up to 60% on subscriptions. For example, with a discount for an annual subscription for the Essential Plan, you can pay as low as $18.60 per month—the lowest price on the market. Use the pricing calculator to select the plan that best fits your business.


SE Ranking Pros & Cons

Let’s summarize the pros and cons of SE Ranking.


  • One of the best 100%-accurate SEO rank tracking tools on the market
  • State of the art historical ranking data
  • Advanced competitor research options
  • A wide variety of extra features: from tags to collaborative use


  • Ranking information updates may take a long time
  • For some locations, ranking data is insufficient
  • Some features are available only in the Business plan
  • The interface could be overwhelmingly complicated for new users


SE Ranking Review – Is SE Ranking Best Keyword Position Tracker?

SE Ranking is hands down the best SEO platform on the market. With SE Ranking, anyone—from a local coffee shop owner to a large marketing agency—can complete online marketing projects and take their website to a higher level.

SE Ranking does everything you expect an SEO platform to do, and even more. With this powerful toolkit, you can check keyword rankings for every major search engine and location and get data from Google Local Pack and SERP features. Moreover, you can access an extensive database of historical ranking data and easily monitor competitor positions.

SE Ranking is intuitive and easy to use—you get all the necessary information on a single dashboard. Even if you do not have any previous experience with SEO, it will not take more than 10 minutes to understand how the platform works to track the keywords, perform website audits, and conduct competitive research.

And it comes at an outstanding price-to-quality ratio. SE Ranking is an excellent choice for small and medium businesses that want to get to the top of the search results page and maintain a stronghold there.

SE Ranking is a great starting point for gaining insights into projects for marketing and SEO specialists. Large enterprises can benefit from its powerful B2B features and collaborative capabilities.

As an alternative option to SE Ranking, you can CanIRank review.

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