Sellvia Review PROS & CONS (2024) – Best US-Based eCommerce Supplier



Easy to use




Costs & Fees







  • Free trial available
  • Fast US shipping
  • Only top quality products
  • You can use Sellvia on up to 10 sites with single subscription
  • Everything is automated and handled by Sellvia
  • Easy to import products to WordPress site
  • There are no Sellvia branding on packages


  • Shipping available only for US
  • Not a big product catalog
  • Each member gets same promo materials, product descriptions and images
  • Currently no option to add your own promo materials or branding in the packages
  • No option to automatically update products at set interval

Many people decide to go into dropshipping because there aren’t many restrictions in getting started, and it has been proven to be a very stable method of eCommerce. All you need to do is find popular products, pick trusted suppliers and create your online store.

But it is hard to find high-quality popular products and suppliers you can rely on. The search may take more time than expected. At Sellvia, they have addressed the main pain point of dropshipping that other suppliers don’t offer. Like decreasing long delivery times of inventory from Asia and Europe to North American customers.

They can deliver products to customers in the United States in about one to three business days on average because they have their own fulfillment center in Southern California. Dropshipping sites can take advantage of their quick delivery times and top-selling items that are sure to increase sales, revenue, and overall profitability.

It’s very common to come across dropshipping suppliers who don’t actually have any physical inventory on hand. Sellvia is the exception to that rule. Their fulfillment center holds all of their products.

Items that customers buy are taken from their shelves instead of being ordered from a third-party supplier. Sellvia handles shipping, packaging, and all other order fulfillment requirements. In this Sellvia review, I will go into all features you get as well as its pros and cons.


Sellvia Review

Sellvia is a company that proclaims itself as the number one US dropshipping supplier. They are headquartered in Irvine, California. All that their users need to do is concentrate on growing their business.

Sellvia takes care of delivery, fulfillment, and everything in between. Sellvia doesn’t depend on outside organizations for inventory. All items are located in their warehouses so that they’re ready to ship. They focus on providing popular, trending merchandise that people want.

Orders are fulfilled as soon as they are received. It only takes them a business day to collect the requested items and submit them to the United States Postal Service. That’s why Sellvia can guarantee delivery within one to three business days to customers living in the U.S.

Users can easily import product pages that Sellvia offers. Product descriptions are informative with no need for edits nor improvements. They allow you to start selling right away.


Sellvia WordPress integration.

Sellvia WooCommerce integration.

Sellvia Shopify integration.


You also have access to trusted advertising materials that can be used on Instagram and Facebook. You receive the best-performing ad creatives and detailed audience settings to make your promo campaigns a success.

Letting clients make individual orders is another function that Sellvia plans to offer. This means orders can have your own personal brand identification placed on them by Sellvia’s fulfillment center members.

It’s easy to set up your own Sellvia store in no time. The steps are as follows:

  • You can start by paying for a Sellvia subscription. It costs $39/month to access all of their available services.
  • Now you can install the Sellvia plugin to your WooCommerce site. After that, you can import products.
  • Catalog presets, pages that can help increase sales, and ready-to-sell bundles will then be available.
  • Now it’s time to use your store to sell Sellvia products. All orders that your customers place will be redirected to Sellvia dropshipping service automatically.
  • Client orders are processed, packed, and delivered to your customers for you by Sellvia.
  • Most deliveries are completed within one to three business days.


Main Features

Here are some of Sellvia’s most important features:

1. The company’s fulfillment center is in the US

Sellvia’s fulfillment center is in Irvine, California, and that is where all of their products are stored. Within one business day from when an order is placed, items will be picked, packaged, and handed to the delivery service.


2. Fast US shipping

Sellvia can deliver most orders in the United States in about one to three business days because their inventory is housed in California. Another reason is that their packages are sent via the USPS. As soon as an order has been shipped, the customer will receive the tracking information for their items. For more info check their shipping policy.

Sellvia ships products within the US only (Canada, Australia soon) with 24 hours order processing time. If you’re interested in shipping worldwide, check out AliDropship Custom Stores with pre-imported products. For more info, you can also check my AliDropship review. As AliDropship alternatives, you can check DropshipMe review, and WooDropship review.


3. You won’t find any labels on their packaging

Sellvia’s fulfillment team prepares orders for delivery before they are sent off to the United States Postal Service. There are no labels or brochures that would identify the place of origin on the packing boxes used. This is a nice perk for anyone who uses dropshipping.

Right now, you can’t add your own promotional materials or have your own logo placed on packages. But they intend to add that feature soon.


4. Products can be imported to store

One-click of the mouse is all that it takes to import Sellvia product catalogs to your store website. Your online store will have all available product options immediately.


5. Quality product catalog

Genuine buyer reviews, clear titles, informative product descriptions, and high-resolution images are what you’ll find on the pages of Sellvia’s product catalog. Store owners don’t have to edit any page content.

They can start promoting and selling items as soon as the catalog information has been imported to their website.


6. Order placement is automated

Sellvia subscribers don’t have to log on to their site to fill their clients’ orders. No additional automation plugins or other resources are required, either. Sellvia offers automated order placement, which means that when a consumer makes an order, Sellvia automatically receives the order and then proceeds to fulfill it. This is without your involvement.


7. Plenty of promotional materials

You can easily promote Sellvia products on your social media pages with the banners, text, suggested target audience, and other promotional materials that Sellvia supplies. All active subscribers can use these materials whenever they want.


8. Each subscription can be used on up to ten stores

A single subscription lets people market and sell Sellvia items on as many as ten different dropshipping sites. You will need to create API keys from the Sellvia account for each store that you want to use.


9. Members can access Sellvia product catalog for free

People can join Sellvia for free, even though a monthly subscription is mandated to use their services. If you’re unsure about whether or not you want to subscribe, you can see their weekly stock updates and check their exhaustive product catalog at no cost before you decide to pay.


How To Use?

Your site will need to have the Sellvia plugin installed and activated. You will receive an email with all the information that you’ll need to access your account after purchasing a subscription.

Download the plugin from your Sellvia account and install it. Make sure the AliDropship original plugin or WooCommerce is installed and activated before installing Sellvia plugin. If you don’t use WooCommerce, you need the AliDropship original plugin to activate Sellvia. Sellvia Shopify integration is coming soon.

The below guides are the same no matter you are using WooCommerce or AliDropship. Go to the “API Keys” menu after Sellvia has been installed and activated. From your Sellvia account, copy Secret and Public API keys.


Sellvia API keys.


Then paste those keys to your site API Keys menu into the appropriate fields.


Sellvia secret and public key.


The last step is to select the “Activate” option. Now, Sellvia products can be imported to your store, and orders can be sent to their warehouse.


Importing Products

You can see all of the Sellvia items you can import to your store by entering your Sellvia menu and going to the Product List section. It will only take a few mouse clicks to importand categorize the products you want to sell.


Sellvia importing products.


You won’t be able to use many of Sellvia’s services if your subscription expires nor be able to send orders to their fulfillment center. But you can still add Sellvia catalog items to your online store.


Sellvia product import example.
Example of imported product from Sellvia.


Send Orders to US Warehouse

Sellvia purchases will show up in your WooCommerce Orders section. This is just like any other order in your store. The difference is that an “Order from Sellvia” button will appear in each of these orders. You can view the order information and product list by clicking on that button.


Sellvia orders.


Each order successfully located in Sellvia’s order fulfillment center will have a “Product found” status. You can place the order after reviewing its details.


Sellvia send orders to US warehouse.


You can then pay for the products and shipping costs at the checkout page that you’ll be taken to. The “Orders” tab will have all of the orders that are currently in your Sellvia account.

You’ll have the option to look for items manually if you can’t locate a specific product in Sellvia’s warehouse immediately. The item will appear in your search results after entering the product name in the search field. You can click on “Add” once you’ve found the desired product. You can contact Sellvia’s support team if the manual search doesn’t locate the items you want.


Product Updates

Sellvia’s inventory and product prices can change regularly. That’s why stores should update their inventory information periodically. You can go into the Sellvia menu and select the “Update products” tab to find the most recent changes.


Updating product stock in Sellvia.


The Update Products tab has an Update Products button, update setting checkboxes, and a progress bar. You can perform the following functions in this section:

  • You can see how many products either need an update or have already been updated.
  • The update settings allow you to update both prices and stock or the products or only prices or only stock, which can be helpful if you set your own prices and do not want them to be reset to the recommended ones.
  • Product updates begin after the Update products button has been pressed.

Click on the Update Products button when you’re ready to update your Sellvia items. A new block will be shown as the update is working. You can find the items that have been updated in this block. They will be visible in the “Now updating” tab.


Sellvia product updates.


The Price/Stock Changed tab will display all products that have had a new change in price or inventory level. You can tell if a particular product has increased or decreased in stock or price by the arrow that appears next to the changed element. Unfortunately, I don’t see option to automatically update products at set interval. Only manually.


Sellvia product prices updates.


Keep in mind that these changes only affect Sellvia products. They will have no effect on any AliExpress items or other products you added to your store.

The product settings section can be used to sell certain Sellvia items at a higher price. Just make sure that you uncheck the Update products selection in Sellvia’s Update products setting. This will prevent you from having to adjust your prices whenever Sellvia items are updated.

You can provide discounts for the products in your store from your profit margin. You can set the discount by editing the product price and setting it higher than the sale price in the product edit menu Product Options General, then save the changes.


Fast Shipping Badge

Fast Shipping Badge is visual presentation of shipping times. You can highlight deliveries in three business days and provide better shopping experience for your customers. The Shipping Badge section of the Sellvia menu is where you’ll find the Fast Shipping Badge.


Sellvia fast shipping badge settings.


Here you will find several settings:

  • Activate Fast Shipping Badge – The fast shipping badge can be activated or deactivated. The badge will only be visible to customers living in the United States.
  • Add processing time – This is how many days it will take to process a particular order. To keep your clients’ expectations realistic, you may need to add days to the processing time.
  • Add “Arrives By” – With this option, the “Arrives By” line can be activated or deactivated. Estimated delivery dates can’t be holidays or weekends. Promising delivery in three days for an order placed on Wednesday would have an “Arrives By” date of Monday instead of Saturday since weekends aren’t factored into the equation.
  • Add ‘Free’ – This setting is turned on by default. You can have the word “Free” added to the badge if you offer free shipping to your clients. If you prefer to have paid shipping, you can always disable this setting.
  • You can alter text and icon colors in the Color settings.
  • See how badge will look on desktop and mobile devices.



Several Sellvia products in different specialties that are bundled together with the intention of being sold together as bundles are also known as presets. You can enter the Sellvia menu and then go to Presets tab to find the current presets.


Sellvia presets settings.


You can find all available presets in the tab’s dropdown menu. You’ll be able to see how many items are in each preset, the number of products in each category, and the product categories that belong to a particular preset. Your imported items under the “Products in Total” section will show any of the preset products you’ve already imported.

The top right-hand corner of the tab will have an “Install Preset” button that will allow you to add a preset to your store. Importing a preset will add all of the products in that preset to your online store. The “Products/Product Categories” setting will show all of the preset’s respective categories.


Sellvia how to install preset?


You can see the number of items that have been imported to your store (in percentages) and what product is being imported in the progress bar.


Importing presets in Sellvia.


The Products section of your store is where your imported products can be viewed.


Sellvia imported products WooCommerce.


You can use the “Quick Edit” or “Edit” choices to assign certain items to various categories, and you can remove items that you don’t want to sell with the “Trash” setting. There’s also an option in the Sellvia Presets menu called “Remove Products” that allows you to get rid of all items that are included in a particular preset.


Pros & Cons

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of using Sellvia.


  • 1-3 business days shipping across the US with 24 hours order processing time (Canada, Australia soon).
  • Free access to trending products catalog with weekly stock updates.
  • Product prices lower than on other popular marketplaces (e.g. AliExpress).
  • One-click import from the catalog.
  • High-quality descriptions and photos for every product in catalog.
  • Automated order placement.
  • Up to 10 stores with one Sellvia subscription.
  • Free 30 day trial available.


  • You’re limited in where you can ship orders. Sellvia only sends products to customers in the U.S. It doesn’t sell or ship to clients in other countries like other comparable companies do. You might not want to choose Sellvia if you intend to run a global online store.
  • The amount of items to choose from is limited. There are currently a little more than 1,000 best-selling items to choose from in Sellvia’s product catalog. This is very low compared to other dropshipping organizations with many thousands of products to pick from. If you’re used to having large quantities of items to choose from, Sellvia’s choices may seem somewhat lacking. But you need to consider that they only provide top-quality and best-selling products and that they already have all products in their warehouse.
  • They do claim that you get high-quality descriptions and photos for every product in catalog which you can import. But each member will import same images and descriptions which from SEO perspective is not good.



Price for Sellvia’s subscription plan is $299 a year or $39 per month. This allows you to import products, use all available functions, and place as many orders as you want. You can search their product catalog and join Sellvia free of charge. You can even try Sellvia for free for 30 days.

You can also use the Sellvia service to create unique custom store sites that run automatically for you. Their team will create social media pages, import items, connect with popular payment gateways, build the website, and research products and specialty niches, so you don’t have to.

To take advantage of this option, you just need to buy one of their custom stores packages. You can start selling their products as soon as the site has been built. You will also be assigned a personal manager. The manager will be available around the clock to provide information and assistance at any time.


Sellvia custom store review.


All custom packages can be acquired for a one-time fee. They are as listed below:

  • The Basic plan is available for $299 and an additional $48 for hosting fees.
  • You can purchase the Advanced plan for $499 and hosting fees of $48.
  • The Ultimate plan can be purchased for $899 and the $48 hosting fees.


Sellvia Review Conclusion

There are plenty of aspects to take into consideration when choosing dropshipping company potential business partnerships. Product quality, efficient order processing times, and quick delivery should all be at the top of the list. The countries that you want to sell to are also important.

Sellvia is a good resource for businesses that want to conduct business in the U.S. Their shipping service is usually much quicker than many of their competitors in that country.

Sellvia’s team understands their customers’ budgets and that time is money. It helps online stores promote themselves by supplying Instagram and Facebook advertising materials with a proven success record. They also provide reviews from actual clients, helpful media, and informative product descriptions for each item in their growing catalog.

Dropshippers who plan on targeting markets in the U.S. can’t go wrong with Sellvia. They may not be the right fit for companies that want to sell products to consumers in a global marketplace. However, they have an impressive list of features that can assist dropshippers of all specialties and sizes in the United States promote products and increase sales and revenue in no time.

If Sellvia is not what you need, then I suggest you check alternatives such as EasyncdropshippingXL, CJdropshipping, and Dsers. For tool designed to help e-commerce businesses grow faster and more securely via the use of things like product analyses, trend evaluations, and competitor comparisons, have a lok at SaleSource review.

And if you need dropship product research tool to find winning dropshipping items, then be sure to check the Sell The Trend review, which was designed to help people find profitable dropship items.

DISCLOSURE: Posts may contain affiliate links. If you buy something through one of those links, I might get a small commission, without any extra cost to you. Read more about it here.

20 thoughts on “Sellvia Review PROS & CONS (2024) – Best US-Based eCommerce Supplier”

  1. They do not have a variety of products. Personally, I do not recommend them. They are just a waste of money and effort

  2. Hello dears,

    Anyone tried Sellvia – Amazon listing membership? where they list your items on Amazon and this way you dont have to drive traffic to website?

  3. I’ve never sold anything online before I’ve always had problems trying to get things done so I don’t know what to do

  4. Want to get involved with Sellvia but seems like a hit or miss situation,,is there a sure fire way to drive orders to site

    1. Hi Rusell,

      Driving traffic to site will always be site owner job. You will need to bring traffic via social media, SEO optimization, publishing content, partnerships with other site owners, etc.

      1. The thing with Sellvia is everything is an upsell. They offer ways to promote, but you’re constantly being hit with new packages to purchase. The premium products they will push on you are basically hoodies, mugs, car floor mats, canvas pictures, etc, depending upon which niche packages you purchase. The only thing making any of these items special are cheesy designs of Bernie Sanders as a superhero or ridiculous dog doctors and hippie cats. You have to choose from their designs also. I mean who wants a car flag attached to their window with a picture of a Mexican boy on it? That’s literally a design choice! I bought into the easiness of having a ready-made turnkey store and all the hype of how simple everything would be and of course, people are already searching for your products…lol
        No they aren’t. If you want to spend thousands of dollars to Hopefully make some sales and split your profits with Sellvia, sign right up, but I did and regret it.

        1. Hi Ron,

          Upsells are optional and the hardest way is to actually bring traffic to your site and make sales. Sellvia can’t help with that.

  5. Pros… There are no labels or brochures that would identify the place of origin on the packing boxes used. This is a nice perk for anyone who uses dropshipping.
    Cons… There are currently no option to add your own promo materials or branding in the packages.
    How will the customer know it’s from my store?

  6. I purchased a Sellvia Pro package where they set up your shop ($399) also a Sellvia Addon package for upselling etc (299), however, after several months, I havent sold a thing.
    This isnt because the store isnt good or the products arent good, quite the opposite, however, there are now so many stores the competition is high and you really need to drive alot of traffic to your store. I ran both Google and Instagram ads – once again, no sales. Admittedly they were smaller test ads, however, I felt that after 400+ hits on my store I would have sold something? I also discounted the highest selling products… Long story short, this isnt an e-commerce biz for the feint hearted, you need to put a lot of effort in to even get a sale….

    1. Hello Richard:

      I think to start with this business, can you please share your experiences with me, is it really work???

    2. I’m so dishearted by this.. I bought into this and it is complete bullshit.. 2 months later and I still do not even have the ability to sell.. they keep telling me that it will be ready soon… meanwhile I’m still paying their monthly fees and seeing no return… Anyone reading this .. SCAM – RUN from Sellvia.

    3. Hi I have signed up to Sellvia, placed Facebook and Instagram ads that are getting a good hit rate but no sales at all! Very disheartened tbh. Considering cancelling my subscription this point.

  7. This doesn’t seem like a review, more a ‘how to use’, but thanks anyways, did you actually sell products, did you make a profit, I have signed up and am not yet selling anything

    1. Hi Rick,

      The review should show features of the product and short how to use guide. Sellvia handles shipping, packaging, and all other order fulfillment requirements. But in order to sell, you need to promote and get traffic to your site. Sellvia will not help you with that part. That is on you.

    2. Hi Rick,

      I think to start with this business, can you please share your experiences with me, is it really work, I mean you get any order with this store or what you think and your feedback on same. Thanks
      Arun Duggal

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