SEOPress Review PROS & CONS (2023) | SEOPress Free vs Pro



Easy to use






Overall quality



  • Has free version
  • Affordable price
  • Very easy to use
  • Content analysis feature
  • Can import SEO settings from other SEO plugins
  • Dublin Core feature
  • e-commerce SEO options


  • Content analysis feature could be better

With increasing web traffic being a high priority to many businesses, search engine optimization (SEO) has become a skill of its own. Because of that, it is essential to have a quality SEO plugin installed and why in this SEOPress review, I will show you what this SEO plugin can offer.

With entrepreneurs being responsible for their own websites, any assistance with more technical concepts of web design – particularly with SEO – is most appreciated.

Search engine optimization is a way of using specific words from a website or article and having them rank on search engines such as or SEO is an effort to make articles or pages stand out above those of your competitors.

SEO involves using specific keywords, tags, and other points of interest on websites and pages. Search engine optimization isn’t going anywhere, and it will become more and more critical for business owners as they face competition on local, national, and international levels.

One of the main complaints that many business owners have about WordPress is its lack of built-in SEO options. Most users use third-party plugins that meet both their needs and their finances. Currently, the top SEO plugin is Yoast. This isn’t surprising, because it gets most of its installs from new websites. Another popular SEO plugin is All In One SEO Pack. I have compared Yoast SEO vs All In One SEO so be sure to check how the differ.


SEOPress Review

SEOPress puts you in control of your search engine optimization. You can make your own HTML and XML sitemaps, control and change meta information and page titles and even incorporate open graph for social sharing. The PRO version has some additional useful features, such as Google Page Speed checks, Google Analytics support, 404 error monitoring, and a backlink checker (which does require a Majestic account).


seopress plugin features
SEOPress plugin features


This plugin allows you to edit .htaccess and Robots.txt files right from your WordPress admin area. SEOPress aims to draw more traffic to your website through higher rankings in web search engines.

The unique features that are offered by SEOPress include:

–Titles & Metas – Manage titles and meta descriptions and robots for each post or page. This level of customization allows for total control of all of the titles and metas. Each type of page can be set as “noindex” or “nofollow,” and the date can even be toggled to not display in Google search results.


seopress titles and metas settings
Titles & Metas settings in SEOPress plugin


–HTML/XML Sitemaps – Improve search engine scanning by offering HTML/XML sitemaps of all posts and pages. Also facilitates website navigation for visitors who may be struggling to find specific information based only on drop-down links.


xml sitemap seo plugin
XML / IMAGE / VIDEO / HTML sitemap settings


–Google News XML Sitemap – Use XML for sitemaps to boost SEO in Google News.

–Video XML Sitemap – Use XML for sitemaps to boost SEO in Google video search results.

–Image XML Sitemap – Automatically adds images to your sitemap.

–Social Networks – Increase social network appearances with Open Graph tags, Twitter Card, and more. In conjunction with sitemaps, SEOPress can integrate up to 10 social media service accounts.


social networks settings seopress
SEOPress Social Networks settings tab


–Open Graph – These tags allow for pushing a specific photo, title or description to appear in search results.

–Google Analytics – GDPR compatible, this gives the user more control over data storage and export. This feature can offer tracking in which you get to set custom parameters to filter particular information, such as external and outbound links.


google analytics settings seopress
Setting Google Analytics in SEOPress


–Improve WooCommerce SEO – Disable customer account indexing along with the cart and checkout pages. This feature can also add Open Graph Price and Currency data as well as remove the WooCommerce tag that is automatically generated in your header.

–Robots & HTAccess – Edit robots.txt and htaccess files in your WordPress backend.

–301/404 – Create unlimited redirections.


monitor 404 seopress plugin
Monitor 404 settings tab


–404 Monitoring – Receive email alerts to each 404 error.

–Google PageSpeed – Monitor site performance and receive your Google Score. This feature even offers suggestions to improve WordPress site speed based on the results of the current performance.

–Google Local Business – Display your store hours, address, and other details for Google with JSON_LD. This feature even allows for departments within an organization to get individual attention.


local business settings seo plugin
Local Business settings in SEOPress


–Google Structured Data – Mark up posts using for enhanced visibility in searches. There is even an option to block-structured data types for particular user groups. You can also use plugin like Schema PRO for this (check my Schema Pro review)

–Backlinks – Use Majestic to check backlinks into your WordPress Dashboard (Majestic account is required to use this feature).

–Content Analysis & Multiple Line Checker – Can assist with writing SEO material for each post or page. SEO is no longer just a generical keyword search. Google continues to enhance their algorithms to ensure users get the best results for prospective audiences, and being able to structure your website to match the search criteria being used will only score your website higher in a search result.

–Broken Link Checker – A bot specific to hyperlink errors can review your pages for breaks or connections for each link.

–Breadcrumbs – Add breadcrumbs to improve SEO and UX. Navigation breadcrumbs can be automatically inserted.

–URL Rewriting – Change the default slug of your search result pages. For example, stop words can be removed from URLs, along with other actions, to use your desired keywords better.

–RSS Management – Manage RSS feeds (such as posts or comments, to include disabling others from being able to post comments).

–Google Suggestions – WordPress admin can provide the top suggestions for keywords or a sentence.


seopress google suggest feature
Google Suggestions feature


–Google Knowledge Graph – Compiles multiple aspects of your website to be conveniently displayed in the results of a Google search, to include your logo, social media profiles, and/or contact information.

–Dublin Core – Add Dublin meta tags that are used by government entities and directories such as Bing.

–Import/Export Settings – Export SEOPress settings from one website into another.

–Intuitive Interface – SEOPress puts high importance on user-friendliness so that users can focus on creating content.

–Advanced Settings – Options that more experienced users may use to perform tasks such as removing stop words, redirecting attachment pages, or verifying search engines.


How To Use SEOPress?

This versatile plugin offers many more features than similar products on the market. Most SEO plugins allow you to customize meta information. That’s a basic function that all SEO tolls offer, and most free versions of SEO plugins let you edit. It’s when you get into more advanced functions that you encounter paywalls in mose SEO plugins. This can be somewhat frustrating because it limits what you can do.


Titles & Metas

You can change title tags for posts and pages in the Titles and Meta menu. This is a pretty standard option for most SEO software. There are also more advanced features for website configuration, but unless you have a good understanding of search engine optimization, you’re probably better off leaving them alone.


XML/HTML Sitemap

XML sitemaps is a file used by bots to find and better understand structure and pages on your site.  SEOPress also lets you make an HTML sitemap. This is a sitemap that people can choose to view rather than finding an XML file.


Social Networks

Social networks are the links to your business social media pages. Linking these pages can sometimes help search engines give users more ways to learn about who you are and what you offer. This option also includes Twitter cards and Facebook open graph.


Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the most popular ways of tracking user activity on your website. This tool lets you customize features, including your Google Analytics account and tracking site users. Most companies are very interested in knowing everything they can about who visits their site and when. You can also use plugin like Monster Insights which provides option to see Google analytics stats from WordPress admin area.


Advanced Options

This tab gives meta options such as search engine site verification for Bing, Google, Yahoo, and others. You can also use the options in this tab to adjust security preferences and your site appearances. Unless you have something specific that you want to change, you should probably stick with the default settings in this menu.


advanced settings seopress
SEOPress advanced settings


WooCommerce Options

WooCommerce is one of the most commonly used plugins because it converts your WordPress site into an e-commerce store. Many SEO plugins ignore WooCommerce, which makes store owners frustrated.

SEOPress has a section dedicated to WooCommerce SEO. Some of the options you can select include no index checkout, customer cart, and customer pages. You can also add currency and pricing meta.


woocommerce seo settings plugin
Setting WooCommerce SEO in SEOPress


This is a convenient feature for getting indexed in Google, which makes it easier for online shoppers who are looking for particular products to find you. These choices are small but essential, and unfortunately, most other SEO plugins tend to overlook them entirely.


Easy Digital Downloads

Easy Digital Downloads is essential for people who are selling digital items. This feature works in much the same way as WooCommerce, and also gives users the option for adding meta pricing and currency.


Local Business

Many small business owners probably don’t know that search engine optimization from Google maps can take a lot of extra effort. This feature available in the Pro version of SEOPress makes this effort easy.

You can choose your business type, business name, data type, and image for your company. These features aren’t required, but the ability to edit them can be helpful for businesses who are just starting or are establishing their online presence.


Dublin Core

Dublin Core section allows government meta descriptions to be added to specific content or pages. These tags are used by search engines and are helpful for SEO. If you don’t know what they’re or how to use them, just leave them turned off.


dublin core seo plugin
Dublin Core feature in SEOPress


Structured Data Types

Schema is a way for you to provide specific content information to a search engine. It uses meta-information on the backend to ensure that these sites process pages.

Content such as product descriptions, recipes, events, and local businesses are just some of the things that can be added to your schema. Google tends to favor websites that include this information, so this feature isn’t something to be ignored.


structured data types seo plugin free
Structured Data Types options



Breadcrumbs are a link that usually leaves a trail back to your starting point. They are typically used on larger websites, storefronts, and blogs, but any site can use breadcrumbs.

Google likes making navigation easy for its users, and breadcrumbs are one way for people to see right where they are on a page. I recommend turning these on if your theme does not already have breadcrumbs installed.


breadcrumbs seopress plugin
Breadcrumbs setting in SEOPress


Google Page Speed Test

This lets you see the Google page speed test score right from the plugin. If you’re not sure where you stand, run the test and see what happens.



Robots.txt gives instructions to robots who crawl webpages to find new posts and pages. You can edit these directions to have robots exclude specific pages or features such as private membership areas. Unless you have specific ideas for using this option or have been instructed by someone to edit these settings, using the defaults should suffice.


Google News Sitemap

This feature lets you add a sitemap to make sure your site is news ready. There are options that you can select, such as adding a publication name or deciding to omit specific post types from the publication. If you want to be found by Google or are looking to start a news-based business, this feature is worth paying attention to.


news sitemap seo plugin
News Sitemap options



SEOPress can take care of redirections for you. This option usually requires an additional third-party plugin. Having this tool take care this for you is useful if you’ve been handling redirections manually.


Broken Links

SEOPress will also review your site to find any broken links (see how to check broken links in WordPress). This is a nice feature to have because it means that you don’t have to spend hours manually looking for them or by using a third-party plugin. It also helps you to have a cleaner and more up to date website.



You can check backlinks using Majestic. Majestic’s services are available for at least $50 per month at their lowest tier. It’s a nice feature if you already have an account with them. If not, there are cheaper options that work just as well.


URL Rewriting

This feature lets you alter your URL for search results. You probably won’t ever need to do this, but it’s helpful for the rare instances in which you do.



This option lets you edit your .htaccess file. This task is usually done using a backend of cPanel (see cPanel vs vDeck differences). It’s a convenient feature that can be a time saver. If misused, it could break your website.



RSS allows you to control your RSS feed or altogether disable it.


rss feeds seo plugin seopress
RSS Feeds tab in SEOPress


Content Analysis

Just like the Yoast SEO plugin, SEOPress has a content analysis which is placed at the bottom post or page you are editing. This can be helpful as it gives some useful tips for post optimization and content readability.


SEOPress keyword analysis.

SEOPress optimizing content keywords.

SEOPress optimization suggestions.



SEOPress content analysis offers options like to add target keywords, see Google snippet preview of your post, edit meta description, etc. Similar to Yoast but not as pretty as Yoast in terms of the design.


Import & Export Settings

If you manage multiple WordPress sites and don’t want to set each time settings on them for SEOPress, you can just export settings on one website and import on all others. This setting can save you a lot of time.

Also, you can import settings from other SEO plugins to SEOPress, so you don’t have to worry about losing all settings if you make migration to SEOPress plugin.


SEOPress FREE vs. PRO Comparison

There is a SEOPress free version and a SEOPress PRO version. SEOPress Pro is an add-on of the free plugin SEOPress. To use SEOPress Pro, you have to install SEOPress free.

SEOPress PRO costs $39 per year for usage on an unlimited number of websites. The price you pay at purchase is also your renewal price even if the price of the plugin changes in future.


SEOPRESS FREE – features SEOPRESS PRO – includes all from free version plus:
●     Titles & Metas ●     Google XML Video Sitemap
●     XML Sitemap ●     Google Structured Data Types
●     HTML Sitemap ●     Google Local Business
●     Google Knowledge Search ●     Google Suggest
●     Open Graph ●     Google News Sitemap
●     Twitter Card ●     Backlinks
●     Content Analysis ●     Dublin Core
●     Google Analytics ●     Robots.txt & HTAccess
●     Import/Export Settings ●     301 Redirections
●     Social Network Enhancement ●     404 Monitoring
●     Redirect Attachments to Post Parent ●     Breadcrumbs
●     Intuitive Interface ●     WooCommerce SEO
●     No Reference to SEOPress in metabox ●     SEOPress BOT (broken link checking)
●     Installation wizard ●     RSS Management
●    Import Yoast SEO / All In One / Rank Math / SEO Framework post and terms metadata ●     URL Rewriting
●     Custom Schemas
●      htaccess
●     Google Analytics Stats in dashboard
●     Google Page Speed
●     Easy Digital Downloads
●     White Label from WP admin


SEOPress Compared To Other SEO Plugins

Here is how SEOPress compares to other SEO plugins based on which features and settings they offer:


SEOPress vs Yoast vs All In One SEO Pack

blank comparison 300x160
  • Name
  • Price
  • Installation wizard
  • Titles & metas
  • XML sitemap
  • HTML sitemap
  • Content analysis with unlimited keywords
  • Google Knowledge Graph
  • Google Suggestions
  • Dublin Core
  • Open Graph
  • Twitter Card
  • Google Analytics (GDPR ready)
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Google Ads
  • Import / Export settings
  • Redirect attachments to post parent or file URL
  • Google Structured Data Types (schemas)
  • Automatic / manual schemas
  • SEOPress BOT - Broken links
  • Backlinks (required a Majestic API key)
  • Video XML Sitemap
  • Google Analytics Stats in WordPress Dashboard
  • Redirections 301, 302, 307, 410, 451
  • Edit your robots.txt
  • Edit your htaccess
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Google Page Speed
  • WooCommerce
  • Google News Sitemap
  • 404 monitoring
  • URL Rewriting
seopress vs yoast vs all in one seo
  • Free and paid version
    Paid version is $39/year usage on unlimited number of sites
  • PRO
  • PRO
  • PRO
  • PRO
  • PRO
  • PRO
  • PRO
  • PRO
  • PRO
  • PRO
  • PRO
  • PRO
  • PRO
  • PRO
yoast vs seopress
  • Free and paid version
    Pro version 1 site - €79/year
  • PRO
  • PRO
  • PRO
  • PRO
all in one seo pack vs seopress
  • Free and paid version
    Pro version is $97/year for 1 site
  • PRO
  • PRO

For more info, you can check detailed SEOPress vs Yoast comparison.


SEOPress vs Rank Math Comparison

blank comparison 300x160
  • Name
  • Price
  • Optimal Settings Pre-Selected
  • Simple Setup Wizard
  • LSI Keyword Tool Integrated
  • Track Keyword Ranking
  • Google Search Console Integration
  • Various Schema Rich Snippets
  • SEO Warnings
  • Supports Custom Post Type
  • Bulk Edit Titles & Descriptions
  • Post Preview on Google
  • Content Analysis
  • Control SEO For Single Pages
  • Control The Title
  • Control Meta Description
  • Focus Keyword
  • Control ROBOTS Meta
  • Google Keyword Suggestion
  • Optimize For More Than One Keyword
  • Internal Linking Suggestions
  • Powerful XML Sitemap
  • Module Based System
  • Advanced Redirection Manager
  • Redirect Attachments to Parent
  • Role Manager
  • 404 Monitor
  • Social Media Optimization
  • Default OpenGraph Thumbnail
  • Auto Facebook Open Graph
  • Automatic Twitter Meta Cards
  • Default Twitter Card Type
  • Social Previews
  • Support for knowledge Graph
  • Choose a Separator Character
  • Modify Global Meta
  • Strip Category Base
  • Remove Stopwords from Permalinks
  • Search Engine Verification Tools
  • SEO Breadcrumbs
  • Nofollow All External Image Links
  • Nofollow All External Links
  • Open External Links in New Tab
  • Ping Search Engines
  • Compatible with EDD
  • .htaccess Editor
  • robots.txt Editor
  • Import/Export Settings
  • Multisite Compatible
  • WooCommerce integration
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • SEO Performance Email Reports
  • Google Trends Integration
  • Google News SEO Sitemap
  • Google Video SEO Sitemap
  • Local SEO
rankmath vs yoast vs all in one seo pack
  • Free and Pro ($59/year unlimited personal sites, $199/year up to 100 client websites)
  • In pro version
  • Optimize up to 5 keywords in free version and unlimited number in pro version.
  • In pro version
  • Free version has limited reports
  • In pro version
  • In pro version
  • In pro version
  • In pro version
seopress vs yoast vs all in one seo
  • Free and Pro version ($39/year for unlimited sites)
  • Yes, with SEOPress Insights which is purchased separately.
  • Unlimited number
  • Only with SEOPress Insights which needs to be purchased separately.
  • In pro version
  • In pro version

For more info, check SEOPress vs Rank Math.

I have also compared Rank Math vs Yoast and SEOPress vs SEOPressor Connect plugin.

NOTE: Information stated in comparison tables can be outdated as plugins get changes and updates. Check official sites for the most accurate info.


SEOPress Review Summary – Should You Use?

SEOPress is an all-in-one SEO plugin for WordPress, with a basic version available at no cost. It contains no ads and is entirely white-labeled (no footprints). Content consolidation, HTML/XML sitemaps, tag optimization, and other features make it easy for website owners to create posts that are SEO-friendly.

Content analysis can help ensure that the material presented is ideal for SEO and the audience. Developers can use over 75 hooks to customize the plugin to accommodate their desires best.

Google Analytics offers customizable parameters for data searches. Import/Export feature minimizes concern about any work performed on your website being lost. It is easy to restore a previous setting.


seopress free vs seopress pro


Upgrading to the PRO version for $39.00 per year adds features that can help create better content as well as a better user experience:

  • Breadcrumbs can assist users with navigation.
  • 404 monitoring and checks for broken links can make fixes happen more timely, with automatic redirects helping with other page issues.
  • Page Speed helps monitor how each change is affecting the speed of your webpage.
  • Google features including Local Business and Suggest will display select information about your site in a convenient summary thumbnail in the results.
  • URL Rewriting allows for easier keyword search compatibility.
  • Unlimited websites for one subscription.
  • Frozen Pricing – whatever you pay at your time of purchase is your annual renewal fee for as long as your account is active, even if the price increases.

As the number of people pursuing entrepreneurship continues to rise, so too does the number of websites. SEOPress can assist website owners to access a lot of customization over the information on their websites, how it is found in web searches as well as how it appears to the user once on your site.

SEOPress pulls the most common areas that impact search engine visibility to the forefront for user-friendly editing of WordPress users.

DISCLOSURE: Posts may contain affiliate links. If you buy something through one of those links, I might get a small commission, without any extra cost to you. Read more about it here.

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  1. I would never recommend this terrible plugin. I had two ready made tech websites receiving millions of impressions a month.

    I decided to use SEOpress, and literally their plugin broke the SEO of my site dropping my millions of impressions into thousands.

    They have terrible customer support, and they are not very helpful neither their product.

    Would never recommend SEOPress. Stay away from this plugin.

    1. Hi,

      Thank you for sharing your experience. Sorry, to hear you had an issue. I personally use pro version of SEOPress plugin on several sites and didn’t experience any problems.

    2. And which SEO solution worked best for you? What type of website are you running your SEO software on ? Where do you work ? Last question if you work in one of the other SEO solution companies. rgds/Gunnar

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