SiteMile Themes Review (2020) PROS & CONS – Worthy Purchase?

sitemile themes review pros and cons

SiteMile is a source of premium WordPress themes. They have themes for every niche. In this SiteMile Themes review I will show if websites built with these themes are not only great to look at, but also very responsive and scalable.

One of the main reason why so many companies use SiteMile Themes is because they are plug and play. Once they’re installed, you don’t have to worry about things like third party compatibility issues.

Every theme is entirely customizable, and SEO optimized according to standards for showing in search results. At least his is what SiteMile says about their themes. But is this really true?


SiteMile Themes Review

There are many various themes available in SiteMile portfolio. If you want to start an auction site, marketplace, transporters or a shipping/carriers marketplace, micro jobs website, classified ad site, create a website for a chore or task bidding, project bidding or make your own freelancer website, directory or review site, etc. There is something for everybody.


multipurpose wordpress themes sitemile


Here are themes that are offered and which you can buy separately or in a bundle as part of club membership:


1. Responsive WordPress Auction Theme

Auction theme has a lot of great features for both auction posters and auction bidders. Its comprehensive backend includes integration with multiple payment gateways.

You can also use the Auction theme as a marketplace theme. You can start your own online silent auction site or real market website. You can also choose parameters such as an option only to sell “buy now” physical or digital products.

Buy now pricing, sell now pricing and reserve pricing are just some of the many features offered.

Bidding on auctions is very easy. All users have to do is visit your site and sign up for an account. You can host silent auctions, and the theme will add extra seconds to last-minute bids to avoid last time bidding.


responsive auction theme sitemile review


You can also use the Auction theme to take a percentage fee out of every auction or item that is sold. This can be done by using the credits system, payments via PayPal, or possibly through other payment methods.

The theme allows you to add as much customization as you want. Sidebar widgets, widgets for auction or latest posted ads, locations, categories, and many more options can be added or removed whenever you see fit.

Auction theme lets you create a unique homepage. Any changes you make are controlled through WordPress hooks. The theme is based on a framework, so any revisions you make won’t affect the customized theme that you created.


2. ShipMe Theme

ShipMe Theme lets you establish a website for transporters or a shipping/carriers marketplace. The idea behind this is having a site where people can post their needs for shipping various items, and transporters can post-delivery proposals and then transport those items. A great solution if you wish to have a delivery/transporters website.

The ShipMe Theme contains many useful features like login and register pages, complete pages for user accounts, monetization tools, payment pages, multiple payment gateways, etc. It provides the tools you need to make your business profitable.


ShipMe Shipping Carriers Marketplace review


The credit system has an Escrow feature. This feature allows the job poster or owner to deposit virtual funds into the escrow account for the bid winner until the shipment has been transported. Once the job is completed, the funds will be released from Escrow. The bid winner will have the funds in their account. All they need to do to access their money is to request withdrawal of funds with the site administrator.

You can use the ShipMe Theme to take either a flat fee or percentage from each item or job that’s transported through your website. This can be done by using the credits system, using payments in PayPal or using other payment methods that can be added. This is a great way to monetize your site so that you can start seeing profits instantly.


3. WordPress Pricerr Theme

The WordPress Pricer Micro Jobs Theme lets you set up your own micro jobs website. Student/tutor services website, chores website, and task marketplace website can be set up using this theme. Its plug and play functionality, payment options, and many useful features make it ideal for any micro jobs website.

The concept behind this kind of site is that people post jobs and buyers bid on their jobs or services. The buyer then completes the job, and the seller rates the buyer’s performance. Tools such as private messages help users share files and other information back and forth with each other during the job’s progress.


Microjob Pricerr Theme review


There are also a lot of monetization options for micro job site owners using this theme. Taking a percentage out for every job, charging for listings and featuring job fees are just some of the available choices. Another alternative is using payments via PayPal for more secure online transactions.


4. WordPress Classified Ads Theme

Classified Ads theme will help convert your WordPress site into a genuine classified ad site. AlertPay,, Google Checkout integration, and PayPal are just some of the features that it offers.


Classified Ads Theme sitemile review


Being able to autodelete old posts and setting the length of time that each ad runs are some of the most used features. You can determine the minimum and a maximum number of days that each ad runs live. After the time expires, the ad also expires. It won’t run again, but users can bump the ad by paying the posting fee again.


5. WordPress Project Bidding Theme

Project Bidding theme allows you to use your WordPress blog to create a website for a chore or task bidding, project bidding, or make your own freelancer website. Here, employers will post jobs, and freelancers will then post bids for those jobs.

Employers will use the proposal list to award the job to the person they feel is most qualified in the end. Handy tools such as private messages can be used to help employers and freelancers share files, drafts, and other information back and forth with each other.


Freelancer Theme sitemile review


The project bidding theme also comes with several monetization tools. Taking a percentage out for every job offered, charging for each listing and featuring project fees are just some of the options to choose from.


6. TaskerDev Task Marketplace Theme

TaskerDev theme can help convert your WordPress site into a fully functioning job or task marketplace. Site users can post tasks that they can do for others to purchase. Users can also post requests for people to bid on. These functions allow you to create your very own site for users to people to buy and sell jobs, services, and tasks.


TaskerDev Task Marketplace Theme review


The theme also includes an admin area full of features that enable you to control everything that goes on in your task marketplace website. You can change the site colors, design, and theme to make it as visually appealing as possible. There are also predetermined payment packages that allow you to define featured listings, free listings, paid listings, and user memberships. You can also integrate your site with BuddyPress.


7. Buzzler Business Directory Theme

Buzzler is a WordPress directory theme. You can use it to launch your own directory or review website. Geo-location capabilities and geotagging using Google Maps are just some of the handy features that this theme offers.

The theme’s admin area provides plenty of useful features that put you in control of your directory site. You can change the site colors, visuals, and more. You can change as much of the site’s appearance as you want to help it stand out above the competition.


Buzzler Business Directory Theme review


Buzzler also has several predefined payment packages that let you set user memberships, free listings, featured listings, and paid listings. It can also be combined with BuddyPress to create a review network site similar to Yelp or other comparable sites.


8. WordPress Penny Auction Theme

Penny Auction theme impressive backend works well with WordPress admin. It lets you establish bidding packages for your customers to buy. You can also choose the starting price for each auction, and set the individual increase auction bid and time whenever one of your site users places a bid on a particular auction.


sitemile Penny Auction Theme review


All users have to do is sign up for an account on site. The theme supports tools like the amount of time for bid time increase, starting prices for each auction and other options.


9. Walleto WordPress Marketplace Theme

Walleto Theme helps turn ordinary, average-looking websites into fully functional online marketplaces. Each user can have their own shop to sell their products and services. This theme also supports downloadable and digital products.

The Walleto allows you to create an e-commerce site, complete with shopping cart checkout options for both physical and digital or downloadable goods. It supports a virtual credits system and many other helpful features to get your online store up and running in no time.


walleto theme review


Popular payment gateways such as Payza, PayPal, and Skrill are included with the theme. Additional payment options including, Google Wallet, QuickPay, iDeal for Dutch markets and PayFast for South African markets can be supported.


SiteMile Themes Review Summary

SiteMile themes range in price from $69 to $99 per the theme. They can also be purchased all together as part of the SiteMile club. Joining the SiteMile Membership Club gives you instant access to every theme and extensions for them, which is a more affordable option than buying themes individually.

SiteMile Membership Club comes in two pricing plans. They are Basic Unlimited and Professional Unlimited.


sitemile themes pricing plans
After one year, you can pay an optional $19 fee to get access to updates for another 12 months, and so on.


Besides the above mentioned SiteMile Themes, they also offer the JobMiner – WordPress Job Board Theme. Clicking on it to find out more details doesn’t bring anything. Only short description and featured image (it says it will be launching soon).

More themes should be available soon like Agento Real Estate Listing WordPress Theme, Rental Booking Theme for WordPress, Online Tutor Student WordPress Theme, Couponerr WordPress Coupon Management Theme, Domain Buying and Selling WordPress Theme, and Digital Marketplace WordPress Theme.

There is an approximate date for when will each theme be available, but for some of them that date has already passed and they are still not available.

Reading reviews online, there are many negative reviews regarding SiteMile themes, but also there are positive reviews. Which one to trust is up to you. But be noted that people are more inclined to leave a negative review than to write positive in case everything is good.

Still, negative reviews should also be taken into consideration. You know how they say – where there is smoke, there is fire too.

It is good to know that SiteMile Themes offers a seven-day moneyback guarantee. In my opinion this is a very short time to test all themes, and taking into consideration that you also will first open a ticket and try to solve issue using support. This can take several days.

If so sure in their themes, why so short with guarantee period?

SiteMile Themes


Easy to use






Overall quality





  • Various selection of themes
  • Multiple payment gateways integration
  • Credit system feature
  • Many theme customization options
  • Easy to use


  • Only 7-day money back gurantee
  • Getting PRO themes versions with all their extensions can be pricey

DISCLOSURE: Posts may contain affiliate links. If you buy something through one of those links, I might get a small commission, without any extra cost to you. Read more about it here.

10 thoughts on “SiteMile Themes Review (2020) PROS & CONS – Worthy Purchase?”

      1. I agree with Jeff. The themes have a lot of flaws. If you browse around enough you will see a lot of things doesn’t even work at all. Complete waste of my time

  1. The company is a fraud. The WordPress themes don’t work. You would pay for the themes, and receive a theme that is 50% working.

    The owner, lies about changes and updates and dates.

    Don’t waste your time and money.

  2. Believe me, this is the worst website service that I have dealt with all my life. If you do not want your money contact them!!!. After they receive your money, they will not support you and your website at all. I have created many support tickets, unfortunately, they ignore it.

  3. Mark Andrews

    Paid for a pluigin to be written for one of their themes over 6 months ago and still waiting. Get promised all the time that they will get back to us with an update then dont hear anything. Worst service ever.

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