Slider Revolution vs Layer Slider

Slider Revolution vs Layer Slider – Best WordPress Slider?

Slider Revolution vs Layer Slider. Which one is best WordPress Slider Plugin?

There are plenty free and paid WordPress sliders. Some are better than others.

In my history of installing and trying plugins for WordPress I have used different sliders.

Sliders are great way to make site more appealing though some may slow down site. They provide excellent way to display images, videos or other content in an engaging way.

Finding a beautiful and easy to use slider plugin isn’t very easy task. Two slider plugins pop up most often in discussions. Those two are Slider Revolution and LayerSlider.

I had pleasure using both of them and got to admit that those two definitely live to their fame.

They are premium plugins. In other words paid, but worth every cent. They are not even very expensive.

If you just need simple, minimalistic WordPress slider for your pictures and videos with few effect here and there, then check article with best free slider plugins.


Slider Revolution vs Layer Slider

Slider Revolution is a premium slider available as a WordPress plugin, jQuery plugin and as a Concrete5 add-on.

It’s gained huge popularity in the WordPress community due to it’s huge range of features and ease of use.


Slider Revolution

Slider Revolution vs Layer Slider


Slider Revolution is  made by ThemePunch. They are established theme and plugin development company.

It was first released in July 2012, and it has had many updates since then. It is a sign that the developers are doing their best to improve the product.

Slider Revolution plugin is responsive ready. That means sliders will look great on handheld devices too.

It includes multiple slider layout options to make slider adding and editing much easier. Choose from fixed, custom, auto responsive and full screen.

The Fixed and Custom layout options allow you to set your slider size using exact pixels. With Custom option you have additional options to vary the slider size at various screen widths.


best slider plugin for wordpress


Auto-Responsive option will automatically create slides that match the width of your theme and with Full Screen option, as the words say, you will be able to create great looking slides which fit through entire screen.

It is important to have high quality photos in order that they don’t become blurry.

Choose slide delay, navigation arrows, slider location, add media layers, select slide transition and more. You can put images, text, links, videos or captions and mixed all that with fancy 3d transitions.

You can also have multiple videos on one slide, or have a whole slider being a video.


Slider Revolution Settings:

Once you’ve installed and activated Slider Revolution, you’ll see a new menu item in your dashboard named Slider Revolution.

There are bunch of settings when you install plugin and start to create your slides from scratch. It really is confusing and it has learning curve.

It is better to get yourself familiar by checking Slider Revolution documentation or maybe even looking up some videos.

General Settings: Set your slide delay, toggle random order, enable lazy load, enable WPML options for slider elements.

You can also select an option to stop the slider after it’s completed a set number of loops and/or at a specific slide.

Google Fonts: Add custom Google Fonts to your slider.

Position: Edit the alignment and the margins of the slider.

Appearance: Choose a slider shadow, show or hide the slide timer, add a dotted overlay, select a slider background color, add a slider border and/or upload a custom slider background image.


cheap slider for wordpress


Spinner: Which loading image you want to use for your slider. There are 5 spinners to choose from.

Navigation: This includes options for bullets, thumbnails and navigation arrows.

Thumbnails: If you choose to display thumbnails for your slider navigation, you can use these options to edit the thumbnail count and sizing.

Mobil Touch: Revolution Slider is mobile ready, and features easy touch options.

Mobile Visibility: You can choose to hide your responsive slider (or certain layers) on small browsers or devices. Use the mobile visibility options to set a minimum browser size (note: this option is only for the responsive slider layout).

Single Slide: If you create a slider with only one slide, use this toggle to create an infinite loop. This is a great feature for creating mini sliders that function as gifs for features or services.

Alternative First Slide: You can use this option to quickly set your primary slide.

Troubleshooting: If you plan on using multiple slider plugins you must make sure that the JQuery No Conflict Mode is turned ON.

Once you’ve finished making your selections you can click Create Slider.


Slider Revolution Features

  • Image and Thumbs fully resizable
  • Vimeo & YouTube Supported
  • jQuery Conflict free plugin
  • Unlimited Slides
  • Drag and Drop Captions in the Editor
  • Art Transitions
  • Multilingual Ready
  • Unlimited Caption Layers
  • Different Caption Animation Types
  • Mobile Optimized
  • iPhone & Android Swipe Touch enabled
  • Multisite Compatible
  • Hide whole Slider Depending on Screen Width
  • Different Slide Transition, and Unlimited Variations


Slider Revolution is full with options. When you click to edit a slide you will get another set of options and settings.

In first you will be confused. But when you get into it, you will be creating and popping beautiful slides in no time.

Layers are what this WordPress slider plugin make so powerful. Adding various layers will help you create slides you always wanted and saw on other sites.

In the Text/HTML box you can add whatever you want your layer to say.


cheap slider for wordpress


If you want to get fancy, you can add a span to the text with custom CSS. You can always see live look of your slide and preview it right from the plugin options.

No need to save and refresh site to see how your slider is looking.

There is import option so you can always import slides (it comes with few premade examples).

Price for Slider Revolution plugin is $19 which is pretty cheap for this great slider plugin. It has more than 70 000 purchases with average buyer rating of 4.76/5.

Many buyers bought it and it seems they didn’t regret it. Documentation comes packaged with the plugin, and is must read. You will need it.


Slider Revolution Final Words

Overall Slider Revolution is definitely one of the best WordPress slider plugins. Highly recommend to all those who are looking for a slider plugin, especially if you plan to include some layer-based animation features to your slides.

Many WordPress themes have Slider Revolution already integrated in them, so if you are looking for WordPress theme, you can get two flies with one shoot.

Some themes that have Revolution Slider plugin already integrated are Avada and The7.

Slider Revolution is great plugin, but is it the best WordPress slider?

Slider Revolution vs Layer Slider

WordPress Layer Slider is a premium multi purpose slider for creating image galleries, content sliders and mind-blowing slide shows.

It will help you create great looking slide shows or animate content. With more than 26,000 sales, LayerSlider has become one of the most popular premium sliders on the internet.

It comes with more than 200 preset 2D and 3D slide transitions. Admin interface is easy to use and supports all modern, fancy features of drag and drop system.


Layer Slider

Slider Revolution vs Layer Slider


Most helpful are real-time previews thanks to which you can see instantly how change will affect look of the slider.

Layer Slider is a responsive WordPress slider plugin. It means it can recognize the size of the screen through which site is browsed.

It resizes and prepositions itself and its content accordingly.

Slides will look great no matter if visitor is checking site via desktop computer, laptop or handheld device.

It’s device friendly by supporting responsive mode, multiple layouts, touch gestures on mobile devices and uses techniques like lazy load and conditional script loading for optimal performance.

Navigation between slides can be done by a keyboard or by touch-screen interaction.

You can make your own custom transitions. You can add any content into sliders, including images, text, custom HTML, YouTube and Vimeo videos or HTML5 self-hosted multimedia contents.

It’s also SEO friendly by allowing you to build semantic markup with custom attributes that search engines can index easily.




LayerSlider comes with 13 built-in skins and it has tons of options to entirely customize the appearance and behavior of your sliders at the smallest detail.

Appearance of content can be animated in almost unlimited ways: rotating, scaling, fade in, fade out… Your imagination is limit. Inserting videos is very easy.

Embedded videos can be set to auto-play and to display preview images.

Parallax effect is available in this plugin, so you can create slides with a sense of depth in your slides.

LayerSlider has WordPress Multisite support and can be used with translation plugin to make slides in different languages.


LayerSlider Features

  • Smooth CSS3 transitions with jQuery fallback
  • Fully responsive and support for multiple layouts
  • High compatibility with many features for old browsers
  • Lazy loading images for better performance of website
  • No limitations in creating layers with images, videos, audio, text or custom HTML content
  • API for more customization
  • SEO friendly for search engines
  • On the same page more than one slider can be placed
  • Unlimited variations

You install and activate LayerSlider like any other WordPress plugin. After that you will see it in your dashboard.

It has four options: All Sliders, Skin Editor, Transition Builder and Custom Styles Editor.

Extensive documentation is available if you get stuck. Start adding new slides or import them if you already have some examples.


WordPress Layer Slider Final Words

You can really make beautiful slides for your site thanks to various options provided in LayerSlider. As in Slider Revolution, here I also found that you will have learning curve.

In beginning your created slides will probably look average. But stick to it.

Take a day and get familiar with possibilities of creating various slides with WordPress Layer Slider.

Combine video, images, text, audio, transition, effects… Once you get the hang of it, you will be popping slides like a pro one after another. And most importantly, your site will look great.




Price of LayerSlider is $18 which is decent price. But you could get a lot more for a little more money.

More and more WordPress themes come with included Slider Revolution, LayerSlider and most often Visual Composer.

So for the price of theme you can get beautiful looking WordPress theme + 2 great WordPress sliders + page builder plugin.

You will even get already created sliders so you can just import them, change pictures, add your own videos or whatever.

In that way you get both of this great slider plugins and then decide which is most convenient and better for your needs.


Slider Revolution vs Layer Slider – Best WordPress Slider?

So which slider to pick? Both sliders all basically the same.

They are both Multilingual ready, mobile optimized, Multisite compatible, have drag and drop slide builder, use slide transitions and various effects, SEO friendly (at least sales page says that) and various other fancy options.

You can create great slides with both of them and can’t go wrong no matter which you pick.

I personally like Slider Revolution little more than Layer Slider. While using them both Slider Revolution was easier to use for my own taste.

The main problem can be to find free to use high quality pictures (royalty free) that you can put in slides, if you already don’t posses your own.

All in all if you want high quality WordPress slider plugin, then pick one of those two. I don’t have better answer to tell you.

Check out live preview on sales pages or check features and pick one you think will fit your needs.


Slider Revolution vs Layer Slider Comparison


  • Theme Presets
    Choose from different slide themes
  • Live Preview
  • Responsive
    Work on handheld devices
  • Lazy Load
    Images are loaded only when needed
  • Thumbnail Navigation
  • Import/Export slides
  • Video slides
  • Dynamic slides
  • Transitions
  • Customizable skins
  • Multisite
  • WPML ready
    Support plugins for translation
  • Cross browser compatibility
  • SEO friendly
  • Insert audio
  • Unlimited layers
  • Custom HTML content
  • Multiple sliders on the same page
  • Sample sliders included
  • Loops feature
  • Keyboard navigation
  • Fixed image
    Adding a fixed image over slider
  • Lightbox
  • Visual Editor
  • Social Sites Sharing

Slider Revolution

revolution slider best wordpress slider plugin

Layer Slider

Slider Revolution vs Layer Slider


Factors to Consider

Other factors you should consider when choosing WordPress slider plugin (which are not part of this comparison because they are either highly subjective or hard to track):

1. Is the plugin easy to use?

To answer this question download a demo or free version (if available) to get a closer feel for how the plugin works.

2. How good is the plugin interface?

Try watching some Youtube videos of each WordPress slider plugin in action to get an idea what the admin area looks like.

3. Is the support fast and helpful?

Consider just getting in touch and asking some questions before your purchase to see what kind of answer you get.

4. Is the plugin updated regularly?

Check if they post about new version releases on their website. For products with a free version in the WP plugin directory you can browse the changelog there.


SlideDeck vs Layer Slider vs Slider Revolution Comparison

  • Slider
  • Slide Themes
    Choose from different slide themes
  • Live Preview
  • Responsive
    Work on handheld devices
  • Lazy Load
    Images are loaded only when needed
  • Thumbnail Navigation
  • Import/Export slides
  • Video slides
  • Dynamic slides
  • Transitions
  • Customizable skins
  • Multisite
  • WPML ready
    Support plugins for translation
  • Cross browser compatibility
  • SEO friendly
  • Insert audio
  • Unlimited layers
  • Custom HTML content
  • Multiple sliders on the same page
  • Sample sliders included
  • Loops feature
  • Keyboard navigation
  • Fixed image
    Adding a fixed image over slider
  • Lightbox
  • Visual Editor
  • Social Sites Sharing
    You can pull data from external sources like social media accounts into your slides
  • Scheduler
    Schedule when your slides will start or end
  • Call-to-action Buttons
    Placing call-to-action buttons on your slides
  • Price
slider revolution vs layer slider vs slidedeck
  • Slider Revolution
  • 18$
layer slider vs slider revolution vs slidedeck
  • Layer Slider
  • 17$
slidedeck vs layer slide vs slider revolution
  • SlideDeck
  • Comes as addon
    This addon is included in SlideDeck3 Developer License. If you don’t have developer license, it can be purchased separately for $9.
  • There is no sample sliders
  • Comes as addon
    It is included in SlideDeck3 Developer License or if you don’t have developer license, it can be purchased separately for $11
  • 99$
    Features and price depend on pricing plan


Now to You!

Now over to your my dear reader. Have you used Layer Slider or Slider Revolution? Do you think there are better options available with same or better features?

Let me know in comments below or if I made any mistake, feel free to unleash your rage on me.

16 thoughts on “Slider Revolution vs Layer Slider – Best WordPress Slider?”

  1. Revolution slider will be the best option as it is user friendly and easy to customize. This slider gives a rich look for the website and text and call to actions can be integrated with the slider easily.

  2. Hi Kasa – Thanks for compiling all this great information about sliders. You indicated that Slider Revolution supports more than one slider per page. I tried this and I can only get the second slider to display. Would you provide some sample code that will result in 2 sliders appearing on the same page?

    1. Well in a time of writing this displaying more than one slider was possible. I don’t know if this is still a case.

      It is best that you ask plugin author.

  3. I use revolution slider for quite long time and i never noticed any problems, this slider does more that it promises and it doesn`t slow down the site.
    Nevertheless i decided to remove all slideshows from the site cause i readed about all these “disadvantages” writen in many sites by supposed “professionals”, just to discover on my own the differences in site`s statistics.
    After a month i found out that i should restore the slideshows back.
    when i removed them google analytics got worse, time per visit decreased significally, also pages per visit were less…to be honest i never expected such a thing.
    I Don`t know, maybe is due to the niche of the site (travelling), but in my case slideshows proffed to be a good choice, and i have quite a few of them.
    People who inseast and feel sure about their opinion about web promotion are at least idiots, nothing is certain in this area.

    1. Hi,

      I personally don’t have anything against using sliders. I think they do improve sites overall look and can be used to get attention on special promotions, sales, etc.

      I still think they slow site in some degree. It would be strange that they dont as any additional features load new assets.

  4. I just wanted to vent on how much I hate Revolution Slider. It is overly-complex, and it always behaves unexpectedly. Settings that should do something do nothing. It is not properly responsive out of the box. It looks like shit in ie. Look forward to spending a lot of time refreshing your slider over and over again, while never seeing your intended changes. I have wasted more hours with revslider than anything else it seems, and it’s just a stupid slider! You shouldn’t even use sliders on your sites, they’re useless. Read one of the many articles about it. PEACE

    1. I’m with you – since version 5 came out I cannot find even simple things like centering text – costs me a fortune in lost time – so I am giving up

    1. Slider plugins may or may not slow down your page speed.

      It all depends on slider and slider features you are using. I think Layer Slider and Slider Revolution are optimized to not impact site load speed significally.

  5. I have this slider – came with Impact theme.

    Unfortunately it does not work when trying to show posts or pages in a slider – as it should. Impact developer is unable to help – Revolution developer refuses to help.

    Tried this slider with a number of different themes – same problem.

    So, if you want a slider of pages or posts I cannot recommend this. Certainly, ThemePunchs attitude is a little baffling – I certainly won’t be buying anything from them.

  6. Marko Pašić

    Nice article. I personally love Slider Revolution. It is great slider plugin. But I must confess that I have never try Layer Slider so cant be objective in matter of that subject.

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