13 thoughts on “Social Networks Auto Poster Review PROS & CONS (2021) | Automatically Share WordPress Posts To Social Networks”

  1. I have been using the free version for some weeks now and now I searched for the pro version. And I’m seeing some articles on google search saying

    “Snap Pro Version Is not working, don’t purchase”

    Is this true?

    1. SNAP Pro version works. The problem is support. Support is non-existing for paid customers. You can open support ticket but you will never get any reply.

  2. Hello
    Is the spin function for all languages or only english?

    Posts to other blogs are duplicate content without spinning. Do dou have expierence with the best way dont create duplicate content?

    Best regards

  3. Social Networks Auto Poster really looks like a plugin I need to automatically post new published content to my social media accounts.

    1. I have been using SNAP for more than 2 years and I am very satisfied. Of course there is room for improvement but it does the job as intended.

  4. Using this auto posting script, have you personally seen any SEO benefits? What can you comment on the SEO affects of using this script to autpost to the social networks? Thanks.

    1. Well David I cant say I saw some major SEO benefits. SNAP is good WordPress plugin to autopublish and promote content to various Social networks and that is main purpose I am using it.

      No manually posting content. SNAP does that for you. Then, depending on your followers on social networks, visitors will come to your site and hopefully share content ( we know Google loves sites with lot of shared content) , subscribe to mailing list or in best case scenario turn into conversions.

      Depending what you need I think it is better to have it than dont.

      1. Jane Phillips

        Hi Kasa,
        It is great you are using SNAP but i would like you to go through one at Blog2Social which is equally nice as SNAP and the main advantage is that it is a simply installation and activation wordpress plugin

        1. Hi Jane,

          I have looked at plugin features. Though Blog2Social free version makes possible to post to Google+ and Pinterest profile, it doesnt make possible to post to Facebook pages.

          So I will stick with SNAP free version as automatic posting to Facebook page is more important to me while keeping free option.

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