Social Networks Auto Poster Review PROS & CONS (2024) | Automatically Share WordPress Posts To Social Networks

Social Netwoks Autoposter Plugin


Easy to use






Overall quality





  • Auto posting
  • Affordable price
  • Free version available
  • Vast number of social networks
  • Reposting feature
  • Delayed posting
  • Unlimited profiles


  • Non existing support for paid customers
  • Not easy to set up

When you publish a new blog post, you will probably want to share it on as many social networks as possible to spread the word. In that cases, it is best to have a plugin that will automatically share WordPress posts to social networks. It is far better than manually go to several different social networks to share content. This is why in this Social Networks Auto Poster review I will show plugin that promises to do exactly that.

Yes, manually sharing is sometimes better to add a personal touch to each post and maybe change sharing description for each social site as opposed to sending out the same thing to all of your social networks.

However, it’s also a time-consuming process. Sometimes you just don’t have the time or will to share your new content manually every time. This is why many website owners choose to use automatic content sharing.


Social Networks Auto-Poster vs Blog2Social

Here is comparison between SNAP and Blog2Social. Those are two most popular plugins for automatic sharing of published posts, pages, products, and custom post types with vast number of settings, features, and social networks. You can check Blog2Social review for more info about it.

blank comparison 300x160
  • Name
  • Price
  • Share to Facebook profile
  • Share to Facebook pages
  • Share to Facebook groups (public, private, closed)
  • Share to Instagram
  • Share to Instagram story
  • Share to Facebook story
  • Share to LinkedIn profile
  • Share to LinkedIn Pulse
  • Share to LinkedIn company pages
  • Share to LinkedIn groups
  • Share to
  • Share to Plurk
  • Share to Pinterest
  • Share to Twitter
  • Share to VK.Com
  • Share to Weibo
  • Share to XING profile, page and group
  • Share to Blogger
  • Share to Flipboard
  • Share to Google My Business
  • Share to Instapaper
  • Share to LiveJournal
  • Share to Medium profile
  • Share to Medium group
  • Share to Scoop.It
  • Share to SETT
  • Share to Tumblr
  • Share to WP Based Blog
  • Share to Diigo
  • Share to Reddit subredits
  • Share to MailChimp list
  • Share to Line
  • Share to Telegram
  • Share to Yo
  • Share to deviantART
  • Share to Flickr
  • Share to vBulletin
  • Share to YouTube channel
  • Share to Bloglovin
  • Share to Torial
  • Automatic repost of the existing posts
  • Autoposting Filters
    You can setup general criteria for what posts should be autoposted
  • Integration with URL shortener services
  • Auto-Import comments from Social Networks
    Plugin will automatically grab the comments posted on Social Networks and insert them as "Comments to your post"
  • Auto-HashTags settings
  • Open Graph settings
  • Auto-Scheduling
  • Auto-post imported RSS content
  • Content curation
    Share content from any source on social media
  • Best time manager
    Use pre-defined time settings to share your posts at the best times to post on each network
  • Individual scheduling
    Define your own time settings for different dates and times to share your posts on each network
  • Select network post format
  • Put GIFs into your social media posts
social networks auto poster vs blog2social
  • Free and paid version
blog2social vs social networks auto poster
  • Free and paid version
  • Only Bitly

NOTE: Features of free and pro versions were taken into account in comparison table. For information which features are available in free and for which you need to purchase pro version, please check official plugin sites.

Also, info stated in above comparison may be outdated as plugins get updates, new features are added and some are removed, pricing gets changes, etc.


Automatically Share WordPress Posts To Social Networks?

There are many ways that you can automatically share your content on the Web. My personal best way to automatically share WordPress posts to social networks for free is WordPress plugin called Social Networks Auto Poster (SNAP).

I have been using this plugin for some time now on several sites I manage. SNAP is by far the best plugin for auto-posting to numerous social networks.

It supports 24 social networks in time of writing this (more coming soon), including Facebook, Instapaper, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, Tumblr, Twitter, YouTube, etc.

You can even post to multiple accounts on the same social network (i.e. multiple Twitter accounts, post to multiple Facebook pages, groups and profiles). The whole process is completely automated. Just write a new post, and it will be published to all your configured social networks.

The plugin works with profiles, business pages, community pages, groups, etc. The plugin makes 100% white labeled posts, meaning the posts will look as if you posted them directly.

No “shared via” or “posted by SNAP for WordPress” messages. The plugin comes in free and PRO version. The free version can be downloaded on

Didn’t tested PRO version as the free version was good enough for me. The difference between free and pro version will be explained later on so keep reading.


Social Networks Auto Poster Review

Social Networks Auto Poster (SNAP) will automatically publish posts from your site or blog to your Social Network accounts. All is done automatically, so it doesn’t require your manual action.

Every time you publish a new post, it will be posted to all your chosen sharing sites and thus creating backlinks to your content and increasing traffic to your site.

To automate the process of sharing your content, whenever the plugin auto-posts your content, it will automatically grab the post title, post URL, and featured image and it include that information in the Tweet or other social media post.


Automatically Share WordPress Posts To Social Networks Free


As you can see, there are plenty of social sharing sites on your disposal. Pinterest, Google+, YouTube, Reddit, Flipboard, and LinkedIn are only available in PRO version of the plugin. The author also keeps adding new social networks.

The huge plus is that, even in the free version, there will be no label “Shared via” or “Posted by SNAP for WordPress.” I salute author of plugin for this.

Every social sharing site you wish to configure for auto posting will take some time to set up. I got to warn you that for some social sharing site setups you will need patience and couple of steps to get it going. It is not just one click setup. First time when I went to configure all social network accounts I spend three hours at least.

Luckily once you set up, you will not need to do it again. Also, you don’t need to do that every time for each of your sites as there is an export settings option. Just export your settings and import them on a new site.

In the free version, you can add one account per social network on which your posts will be automatically posted or reposted.

If you want to add more than one account per social sharing site, then you will need to buy PRO version which is priced at $49 for one year of support and updates.


social networks autoposter review


Add account for every social sharing site you want to automatically share WordPress posts or register for them if you don’t already have.

For most some social sharing sites it is enough to put username and password. But for others like Facebook, Twitter, Plurk you will need API key and a little bit of devotion to set it up right.

Don’t worry, there are detailed instructions provided so you shouldn’t have many problems. In settings tab, there is again many options to set. You can ignore most of them if you want.

Auto-Posting settings allow you to choose between publishing your content to social networks automatically (immediately) or in an asynchronously scheduled manner using WP Cron.

With WP Cron enabled, all the posts enter a “posting queue” and are sent across one by one. This eliminates spikes in server load and prevents spam alters from your social media pages.

User Privileges settings enable users with lower privileges to change/access auto-posting settings. To make it simpler to select the social channel of our choice, the developer simplified the interface into the default Plain mode.

However, if you want to access a categorized list of settings in, you can select Categorized in Social Media Network Selection Interface. Auto-posting Filters option enable to choose which type of posts get through the auto-posting filters. The SNAP plugin supports multiple short link providers, and you can set them in URL Shortener settings.


autoposting WordPress posts to social sharing sites

autoposting WordPress custom post types to social sites

social sharing URL shortener

Auto-Import comments from Social Networks WordPress plugin


You can also Import Comments from social sites. In a nutshell, with this feature enabled, SNAP plugin will manually track each post’s comment in social media and import them at hourly intervals.

In Log/History, you can see your last 150 records of content shared to various social networks which you set up and enabled. Here you can also see where auto post/repost didn’t succeed and what error occurred which is helpful as you can then see errors and start debugging.

The process to automatically share WordPress posts to social networks when you publish new post works great. Below every post when you are in the editor, this plugin also adds an option to repost that single post solely.

This gives the ability for you to create a custom social media message, such as a Tweet, for each post you publish on your blog. Then whenever that post is shared by the plugin, your custom message will be included by in the social media post.

You can also set the plugin to auto-generate hashtags to be used in your social media posts, based on the tags that you have applied to your content.

Now the thing that pisses me the most with this plugin is its reposting feature. Reposting existing posts is the main reason for starting to use this WordPress plugin.

But reposting is a main pain in the ass. I have spent so much time trying to get it work. Sometimes it worked, but mostly there were issues. In the end, the author acknowledged that reposting feature doesn’t work as it is supposed to.

Now for reposting feature, there is notice: “This feature is deprecated, no longer supported and will be replaced with something much better in the upcoming SNAP version 4.” SNAP version 4 is announced long time ago, and till this date using reposting, feature is at your own risk.

Another useful option is found under Quick Post tab. Here you can send out a broadcast message to be published on all the social media networks you’ve connected to your website.

This broadcast message is independent of any specific posts on your website and could be used to make an announcement, such as the launch of a new design or product, or new feature that has been made available.


What You Get in SNAP Pro Version?

The premium version of the plugin includes couple advantages:

  1. Unlimited Profiles – With the premium version, you can add unlimited profiles/handles per social network.
  2. Scheduled Posts – Scheduling your posts to go live when your target audience is active is an important factor in social media success.
  3. Delayed Posting – This feature allows you to delay the posts by a fixed amount of time.
  4. Additional Social Network Support – You can use LinkedIn Company Pages, Google+, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest.

The premium version of the plugin is priced at $49/year and comes with unlimited support and updates. This means you can use the plugin on a unlimited number of sites which you own.


Social Networks Auto Poster Review Summary

The SNAP WordPress plugin is an excellent tool to automate much of the social media tasks. Although you do have to complete a few steps to connect each of the supported social networks to your website, once that work is done you can leave this plugin to run in the background and automatically share your content socially whenever it is published.

As this service runs on your website, rather than being a hosted solution, no branding is added to the shared posts generated by this plugin. This makes it an excellent choice for anyone who wants more control over their social promotional efforts.

While not without bugs and problems, Nextscripts Social Networks Auto Poster plugin is useful to share WordPress posts to various social sharing sites automatically.

The plugin is regularly updated, the price is affordable, and you get a huge number of sites to which you can automatically post your published content, and hopefully they will also soon fix reposting feature.

The biggest disadvantage of SNAP plugin is its support which is a major factor. I am using SNAP for about three years and PRO version for two years.

In that time I opened six tickets regarding PRO version. Four tickets never got any reply while second two got a reply but after my answer to those two tickets, there were no more responses from support.

In this time I have seen many complaints regarding support from other users. If you intend to use this plugin, be aware that you have more chances of winning the lottery than getting answer on support ticket for PRO version.

I don’t know why, but if I would guess it is because they try to get free users to purchase paid version. But once they get you to pay, don’t rely too much on PRO priority support.

As an entirely free alternative, you can try IFTTT. It is not WordPress plugin but also does a great job. As paid WordPress plugin alternative you could try Social Auto Poster – WordPress Plugin. It is currently priced $29 on Codecanyon.

You could also try alternative options such as Hootsuite and Statusbrew which are feature-rich social media management solutions, or Social Rabbit (check Social Rabbit review) for automatic posting to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram (check how to automatically share posts from WordPress to Instagram).

How do you automatically share your blog posts to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter? Do you choose to share blog posts manually, or do you prefer to share them automatically? Let me know in comments below.

DISCLOSURE: Posts may contain affiliate links. If you buy something through one of those links, I might get a small commission, without any extra cost to you. Read more about it here.

15 thoughts on “Social Networks Auto Poster Review PROS & CONS (2024) | Automatically Share WordPress Posts To Social Networks”

  1. i have come across many bloggers online complaining about snap pro, does it really have auto posting issues, please explain to me before i buy the pro.

  2. I have been using the free version for some weeks now and now I searched for the pro version. And I’m seeing some articles on google search saying

    “Snap Pro Version Is not working, don’t purchase”

    Is this true?

    1. SNAP Pro version works. The problem is support. Support is non-existing for paid customers. You can open support ticket but you will never get any reply.

  3. Hello
    Is the spin function for all languages or only english?

    Posts to other blogs are duplicate content without spinning. Do dou have expierence with the best way dont create duplicate content?

    Best regards

  4. Social Networks Auto Poster really looks like a plugin I need to automatically post new published content to my social media accounts.

    1. I have been using SNAP for more than 2 years and I am very satisfied. Of course there is room for improvement but it does the job as intended.

  5. Using this auto posting script, have you personally seen any SEO benefits? What can you comment on the SEO affects of using this script to autpost to the social networks? Thanks.

    1. Well David I cant say I saw some major SEO benefits. SNAP is good WordPress plugin to autopublish and promote content to various Social networks and that is main purpose I am using it.

      No manually posting content. SNAP does that for you. Then, depending on your followers on social networks, visitors will come to your site and hopefully share content ( we know Google loves sites with lot of shared content) , subscribe to mailing list or in best case scenario turn into conversions.

      Depending what you need I think it is better to have it than dont.

      1. Jane Phillips

        Hi Kasa,
        It is great you are using SNAP but i would like you to go through one at Blog2Social which is equally nice as SNAP and the main advantage is that it is a simply installation and activation wordpress plugin

        1. Hi Jane,

          I have looked at plugin features. Though Blog2Social free version makes possible to post to Google+ and Pinterest profile, it doesnt make possible to post to Facebook pages.

          So I will stick with SNAP free version as automatic posting to Facebook page is more important to me while keeping free option.

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