Social Rabbit Review (2021) PROS & CONS | Automate Your Social Media Accounts?

In this Social Rabbit review post, I will be dissecting what this tool for automation of social media accounts has to offer. A critical element that is necessary for the continued growth of your store/site is that their social media accounts are regularly and consistently updated.

Regularly updated social media accounts publicizes a drop store’s availability, its offers and deals, as well as pushes store up the rankings on the Google search results page.

However, this is sometimes difficult for store owners, as it takes a lot of time and effort to keep a social media account regularly updated, let alone several.

Generally, drop store owners have other, more important duties to take care of daily, making the social media accounts of their stores to be at the very bottom of their list, if they get to it at all.

For store owners like this, as with any other business, Social Rabbit fulfills this need. Social Rabbit is a plugin that was created to save your time you are using a to market your business.

This plugin is a useful tool, as it makes it appear as though you have spent several hours into creating unique content for your social media, while it is the complete opposite in practice.


social rabbit pros and cons


To use Social Rabbit, all you have to do is input your preference in the settings, and then Social Rabbit uses these settings as the basis for its non-stop activity of managing multiple social media and placing high-quality posts in every account.

Following these steps, your Social Rabbit generated content will draw followers who will become fully engaged, dependable customers, while occasional followers will be more likely to become a first-time buyer.

The majority will continue to visit your social media accounts just to read your posts or see if you have any new product out. You will get a various content created, especially for the amount of effort you have put in.

Some features of Social Rabbit plugin:

  • It posts automatically on a predetermined time
  • It will save you both time and money
  • It guarantees organic traffic and conversion increases
  • It offers you the choice of posting pictures directly from a pre-selected collection
  • It can be used on the most popular social media networks
  • You are able to add both descriptions, hashtags, and links
  • It runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • It offers round the clock support from a support manager
  • Offers updates for as long as you have an account


Social Rabbit Review

Every business needs to have a social media presence online, no matter how big or small they are. It is critically important for business growth. However, to gain this kind of a following, a lot of time and money needs to be dedicated to growing an online, social media based following.

This is where Social Rabbit comes in, as it constantly increases your sales and traffic on autopilot. It covers four major social media networks: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. You can use Social Rabbit to promote your business on any or all of them.


drop shipping social media accounts


The Social Rabbit plugin does all the work for you while you can focus your efforts on other important duties. It’s vital for you to realize that you can’t just expect customers to rush in and buy your product.

You have to promote it, and even though you’ve carefully optimized your website for SEO, it still lacks the promotional tool that the Social Rabbit plugin will give you.

Based on the settings you choose, Social Rabbit can automatically perform several types of actions in your store accounts on any (or all) of these social networks:

1. Publishing store products – creates a post based on each product or service you sell. Social Rabbit automatically publishes a random item’s image along with its title, price, and link.

2. Create interesting posts – Using a database of hashtags, images, and text templates that you previously added to the database, Social Rabbit combines these elements to create eye-catching posts without any further input from you.

3. Reposts – if your business site contains a blog, it will repost your site’s blog posts onto social media for you. It will either pick a article randomly or chronologically.

Social Rabbit randomly picks one article out of your blog posts and places its link, title, and short extract in the relevant social media post.

4. Sharing content generated by other users – To do this, Social Rabbit is scanning Instagram pages that contain the keyword(s) you’ve specified and finding content published on these accounts.

Then, the Rabbit reblogs these posts within the same social network. For example, it doesn’t repost Instagram posts to your Twitter feed and vice versa.

5. Greet your new followers via welcome messages – Social Rabbit will send new followers welcome message instantly. Just write a template message with the link to your website and activate the option.

6. Boost your social media accounts activity – Plugin goes through the pages that contain the keywords related to your store niche. The Rabbit automatically follows these pages, likes the post published there, and even comments them to attract attention to your store social media profile.

7. Search shoutout partners – This function is only applicable to your Instagram account. You need to specify the keyword(s) that are related to your store and write a template message to ask for a business partnership.

The Rabbit uses the provided range of keywords to find appropriate Instagram pages, and automatically sends their owners the template message you’ve created.


social rabbit wordpress plugin


After your account is set up, you are ready to begin to publish content about your products or services. Social Rabbit also guides you regarding your title, pricing, URL, hashtags, and descriptive material.

You’ll want to set up your product to be repeated every few hours. Another to-do on your list must be to set up your posts to be randomized every few hours to avoid being blocked as spam.


How To Set Up Social Rabbit Correctly?

Setting up Social Rabbit is a relatively quick and easy process. After the plugin is installed, then you have to connect it to the social media accounts you want it to use.

This step is done under the Main Settings tab. In the Social Rabbit’s Knowledge Base, you can find the detailed instructions on enabling these main settings for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.


social rabbit dropshipping


Now, it’s time to specify what the Rabbit will be writing and posting on your social media channels. You need to start with adding pictures to the Social Rabbit Gallery on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

It is a kind of a library or a database which the Rabbit uses to create a post. Be careful while adding images, as they will be used eventually, and you want every image to be attractive and high quality.

You can also import free stock images from and To set the publishing settings, go to “Posting Settings” tab (for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest).

Each of these settings instructions pages has a corresponding video tutorial included. You need to assign its posting settings for each of the social networks. But generally, each social media network has similar settings and parameters:

1. Frequency – set the exact amount of time you want to pass before a new post is generated, right down to the hour, minute, or second.

2. Randomizer – to avoid producing and inundating your followers with content that seems to be spammy, this will set a random timer for new content to be generated at different times a day.

Each day new content is posted using a deviation function that allows you to slightly alter the posting times, so it comes off as more natural and like you are posting, not a plugin.

3. Hashtags – On the Social Rabbit Posting Settings pages you are able to create a general list of hashtags that are about your business, and are important to help direct potential customers to your store.

If your social media post contains no hashtags, it won’t get discovered by people who are interested in this particular niche or area. Also, Social Rabbit plugin uses machine learning to look at any product featured image and suggests the appropriate hashtags.

4. Text Templates – You will need to tell this tool exactly what kind of information you want it to display, as it does not use artificial intelligence to generate content. With each picture you add to your gallery, you also need to write a short text that matches it.

This tool will take all of what you have written, in the same topic, and create randomized texts based on that. If your information does not match, it will come off as spam to your visitors and followers, which is something you do not want to occur.


social rabbit media gallery

scheduling posting to social accounts


These texts are written in the Template field, and it’s not only words and emojis that can be put there. The system also makes it possible to write so-called ‘tags’ along with the text.

Tags inform the plugin of a shortcut action you want it to take. For example, if you write %URL% tag, then the post generated will contain the product link.

If you add the %PRICE% tag post will also contain product price. You can see all of the available tags just under the template field.

Apart from this, Social Rabbit also attracts public attention to your account because it can automatically follow other social media pages that contain the keyword(s) relevant for your store.

Nearly all of these settings have a default “set recommended settings” button, or you can tweak them yourselves as you become more familiar with the system. I recommend that you stay with the recommended settings until you know what you are doing.


Social Rabbit PROS & CONS

Here are some advantages and disadvantages to using the Social Rabbit plugin.


The Social Rabbit plugin helps you create the right content and schedule it to appear at a specific time on multiple social media accounts, or it can randomize the content.

With the Social Rabbit plugin, you’ll reach more followers. You can schedule your post according to the times when your target audience is most active, thereby bringing more traffic to your site.

The Social Rabbit plugin delivers consistently reliable content. Your followers will always be updated even when you’re away on other business.



The schedule to your posts and comments is the most crucial aspect, and you need to be careful when you set the timer. Also, be careful with the tone of what you post.

Remember, this is your business social media account(s). Don’t post anything you will regret later and risk alienating potential customers and turn off existing followers. If a mistake is made, you maybe will not notice it for a long time, and the plugin will just keep posting.


Social Rabbit Review Summary

The Social Rabbit helps produce effective promotions through all your active social media accounts. This plugin conveniently does its job by auto-promoting your website through all the popular social networks.

If you want a lineup of stable organic traffic from social media networks, then the Social Rabbit plugin is the way to go. Just imagine trying to run four social media accounts for your business, accounts that have to be updated every day!

The Social Rabbit plugin handles all that and gives you more time to spend on other projects. Your social media following will increase significantly.

Social Rabbit plugin also works excellent with AliDropship (see AliDropship review) and DropshipMe plugins (check DropshipMe review). So the price for one site is $69, and if you need a license for three sites, you will need to pay $149 and for five licenses $209.

Use coupon code ali25 to buy SocialRabbit with discount. For a one-time purchase fee of $69, you’ll have a powerful promotional tool at your fingertips.

Other great tools worth having for social media automation and sharing are Social Content Locker plugins, Easy Social Share Buttons, Monarch, Blog2Social, and Social Networks Auto Poster.

Social Rabbit


Easy to use






Overall quality



  • 7 day trial option
  • One time payment
  • Easy to use
  • Automatically publishes content on social media
  • Text templates
  • Randomizer
  • Schedulintg feature


  • Support for only 4 social media accounts

DISCLOSURE: Posts may contain affiliate links. If you buy something through one of those links, I might get a small commission, without any extra cost to you. Read more about it here.

8 thoughts on “Social Rabbit Review (2021) PROS & CONS | Automate Your Social Media Accounts?”

  1. I would not recommend this plugin. As even when it has been set up by a so-called Expert, It can and will harm your credibility. There are no proper instructions on how to set it up. The social rabbit just keeps on posting, even making comments that are totally wrong for the niche. Like when Promoting Tools It was set to comment isn’t it beautiful, and other nonsensical comments. it is no wonder My Pinterest account was blocked and my Instagram acc has lost followers. I have Deactivated the plugin until I can work out how to use it. or someone can set it up the way it should be set up which is what I thought I had paid for when I paid the extra for a Professional to stet it up
    Had I known the frustration it causes.
    I would not have bought it

  2. This is a great unbiased review. I am just starting a Ali Drop Ship Premium site and this is pretty much all they do, is social media ads. Thanks so much. A great read!

      1. Snap has lots of social networks added, I did use free version of snap before it was good, but recent I think it’s not working that good. Also tried blog2social it was the best option, but social rabbit plugin trying it out on my new site so lets see how it goes. I just learnt that we have to be careful with the daily limits on social network accounts.

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