10 thoughts on “Social Rabbit Review (2021) PROS & CONS | Automate Your Social Media Accounts?”

  1. I am not too happy with the customer service with Social Rabbit. I have it installed on one of my websites and wanted to find out pricing to add it to another, but now I am seeking alternative for my other 2 websites.

    1. Hi Rasean,

      On their site it says one license $69, three sites $149, and five sites $209. Or did you mean you wanted to know if it is possible to pay only the difference?

  2. I would not recommend this plugin. As even when it has been set up by a so-called Expert, It can and will harm your credibility. There are no proper instructions on how to set it up. The social rabbit just keeps on posting, even making comments that are totally wrong for the niche. Like when Promoting Tools It was set to comment isn’t it beautiful, and other nonsensical comments. it is no wonder My Pinterest account was blocked and my Instagram acc has lost followers. I have Deactivated the plugin until I can work out how to use it. or someone can set it up the way it should be set up which is what I thought I had paid for when I paid the extra for a Professional to stet it up
    Had I known the frustration it causes.
    I would not have bought it

  3. This is a great unbiased review. I am just starting a Ali Drop Ship Premium site and this is pretty much all they do, is social media ads. Thanks so much. A great read!

      1. Snap has lots of social networks added, I did use free version of snap before it was good, but recent I think it’s not working that good. Also tried blog2social it was the best option, but social rabbit plugin trying it out on my new site xtrads.com so lets see how it goes. I just learnt that we have to be careful with the daily limits on social network accounts.

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