SoftOrbits Watermark Remover Review PROS & CONS (2023) – Easily Remove Anything From Photo

SoftOrbits Watermark Remover


Easy to use






Overall quality



  • Easy to use interface
  • Affordable price
  • Free trial option
  • Several removal methods and object removing algorithms
  • Can be used to remove various objects, persons, emojis, watermark, etc.
  • Batch editing feature
  • Good for retouching old photos


  • Doesn't perform well when removing objects
  • Doesn't always perform well when removing watermark or text on complicated backgrounds
  • Can’t be used to work with layers

Logos and watermarks are commonly used on many online images as copyright protection. Images can also have copyright or date stamp watermarks from mobile phone apps and cameras.

In these cases, watermark removal software comes handy to remove those markings. A photo watermark remover is a tool that can remove the visible watermarks from photos.

One such tool is SoftOrbits Watermark Remover. You can use this tool to remove not just watermarks but also other objects from an image. In this SoftOrbits Watermark Remover review, I will show what the tool offers and its pros and cons.


SoftOrbits Watermark Remover Review

Photos can have date stamps, people, and watermarks removed when using SoftOrbits Watermark Remover software (Photo Stamp Remover). This can be easily accomplished as the software offers special editing tools like healing, cloning, and area selection.


How to remove text from image?


The Watermark Remover algorithm will automatically replace the watermark with the correct pixels from the background so you don’t have to worry about how your image will look afterward.

Watermarks can be even removed from more than one picture simultaneously. All photos in that batch will be adjusted simultaneously. This feature is a great time saver.


  • Remove transparent watermarks
  • The Watermark Remover tool uses four different removal algorithms, which are inpainting, hole filling, texture generation, and quick remove.
  • Selecting a watermark and then choosing the “Remove” option will remove watermarks automatically.
  • Options like Smudge Brush, Concealer tool, or the Clone Stamp tool to remove small imperfections like stains, skin problems, etc.
  • You can add your own watermark for the output images.
  • Remove date stamp, watermark, text, people, objects, emojis, etc.
  • Photo quality can be quickly enhanced by eliminating damaged sections, spots, or scratches.
  • SoftOrbits Watermark Remover can also get rid of tattoos, pimples, blemishes, wrinkles, and shadows from images.
  • The Batch mode allows you to remove watermark from multiple photos simultaneously.
  • All photo formats are fully supported.
  • You can save the selection into a PNG mask, or you can open a PNG selection mask.
  • You can undo changes if necessary.


How To Use?

Watermark removal is fast and simple when using SoftOrbits Watermark Remover. It offers several ways to remove something from an image. Those are Selection Marker, Rectangular, Free Form Select, Select Color, and Clone Stamp.


Photo Stamp Remover review.


Selection Marker Method

This is a simple technique. All you really need to do is highlight the watermark.


Phot Stamp Remover selection marker method.


The specific steps are as follows:

  1. Select the “Add File” option to add your desired photo.
  2. Use the pencil icon located in the toolbar on the right-hand side of your screen.
  3. The watermark will need to be highlighted by using this brush.
  4. The designated area will be marked in red by the pencil tool. The full watermark should be covered. Try to include as little of the surrounding area as possible.
  5. Once the logo has been highlighted, you can click on “Remove.”
  6. The watermark will be removed and replaced with background pixels by the watermark removal tool algorithms.

NOTE: To undo changes made, you can always use the rubber icon found under the Tools section. You just select it and drag the rubber with the mouse onto the section where you applied removing method.


Rectangular Method

Simple images with smaller watermarks in one corner are ideal for this method. Here’s what you’ll need to do:

  • The first step is to upload a photo. Then choose the rectangle-shaped icon with dotted lines in the toolbar on the righthand side of the screen.

SoftOrbits rectangular method.


  • Draw a rectangle over the watermark by using your mouse.

How to use rectangular watermark removal method?


  • Now you can select the “Remove” option. The algorithm will detect the watermark inside the rectangle and clean it up.

How to remove watermark from image?


  • Before you click the Remove button, you can save your final settings as a mask. This can save you a lot of time and effort to remove a similar watermark because you won’t have to repeat these steps each time.


Free Form Select Method

The Free Form Select Method works much like the Rectangular and Selection Marker methods. One key distinction is that this selection gives you the freedom to drag your mouse around the item that you want to remove as you see fit. The steps for this method are:

  1. Upload file. Then you can locate the lasso icon from the toolbar menu on the right-hand side.
  2. Use the mouse pointer to mark the object.
  3. Select the “Remove” button, and that’s it.


Select Color Method

Marking watermarks according to color can be beneficial if the quick removal process isn’t effective or if the watermark takes up more space on a particular photo.  The advanced algorithms of this method will analyze the pixels and clean photos without messing with the background.

On the right side of the rectangular marker, you will see a magic wand icon. This is the tool for selecting the color of the watermark.


How to remove color from image?


Your mouse’s pointer will be converted into a cross after the wand icon has been clicked on. Use this to select the color of the watermark from the area. For instance, you can choose red if the particular date or watermark is in red.

The designated color within the marked area is what the software will use to remove any unnecessary items from the image.


Clone Stamp Method

You’ll have full control over how watermarks are removed when using the Clone Stamp Method. This method allows you to choose the area to remove and the area which will be used to fill the gaps. It is similar to a Photoshop clone stamp.


How to remove object using clone stamp tool?


It’s a more precise tool, even though it’s also a bit more advanced than the other methods. It works like this:

  1. Upload image using Add File option.
  2. You can either click on the clone stamp selection from the right-hand menu or go to the Tools menu and pick Clone Stamp. The cloning brush will now be activated.
  3. The brush size can be adjusted to match the watermark size. Smaller brushes can be used for smaller watermarks.
  4. Keep pressing Alt Key on the keyboard and select the clean area that matches the background of the watermark with a left-click. Select the area that’s closest to the watermark since its lighting and colors will appear to be more natural after pixels have been successfully stamped and cloned.
  5. Once you’ve chosen your clean section, you can release the Alt key. Simply left-click on the watermark and move the brush over it. You will see that the watermark was removed and replaced by the cloned area.
  6. You can make the surrounding edges blend better by using a smaller brush on them. This will make that portion appear to be a part of the original image.

This process can be used for photos that the algorithm could have difficulty with. It’s perfect for images that have multiple background details or complicated watermarks.

The previously mentioned methods are easier and should suffice for most use cases.


Object Removing Algorithms

SoftOrbits Watermark Remover has 4 different object removing algorithms:

  • Inpainting – generates texture from surrounding pixels. At the same time, it tries to keep straight lines (and thus contours) using gradient calculations. Good for complex backgrounds.
  • Hole Filling – fills holes generating patches. Good when the previous algorithm generates too many unnecessary details in the area to be removed.
  • Texture Generation – modification of inpainting algorithm, but slower. Sometimes gives the best result.
  • Quick Remove – Fast algorithm but very simple, just fills the area surrounding pixels weakly, preserving straight lines and details. Good for removing small areas such as the date and time stamps in batch modes for many photos when you need to do it quickly.


Photo Stamp Remover object removing modes.



There is Personal and Business plan option. The only difference between them is that in the case of Personal, you can use the tool for non-commercial purposes in the non-business environment. At the same time, the Business option allows you to use the tool in a corporate, government, or business environment.

Both Personal and Business options have Lifetime, Annual, and Monthly plans. The lifetime option is the best choice as it costs only $59.99 for personal usage.  It costs $169 in case of business usage. This can save you a lot of money compared to paying monthly or annually.


SoftOrbits Watermark Remover Review Conclusion

People who want to remove watermarks from photos have plenty of options. There are many tools on the market that can get the job done. The ideal solution should have minimal steps and be as simple as possible. Removing watermarks shouldn’t require a learning curve or navigating through long, complicated processes.

SoftOrbits Watermark Remover has quickly become one of the most reliable and trusted watermark removal resources. It’s incredibly easy to use right away. You will be able to use a color section tool or other simple steps to remove the watermark in a few simple clicks.

Start by uploading an image. Then you can pick the area that the watermark will be removed from. It’s very simple, regardless of the removal tools that are selected.

Small uniform items can be removed in a matter of moments with Photo Stamp Remover. Geolocation data, dates, inscriptions, and stamps can be removed with minimal effort. Photos can be processed in batches, elements in specific colors can be deleted, and old photos can be retouched to look new again.

While it can remove watermark and date stamps from simple backgrounds (like the background in the same color), it will not always perform well when doing the same with watermarks placed across objects or complicated backgrounds.

It will also mostly not perform well when removing objects, people, etc. Larger objects can’t be deleted using SoftOrbits Watermark Remover. You’ll probably need other software for items such as hot air balloons, boats, cars, and planes.

The tool is a good choice for the simple and basic watermark, text, date stamp removal. But for any advanced or complex removal of something from an image, you better look elsewhere.

As alternative options, you can check iMyFone MarkGo and HitPaw Watermark Remover.

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