Stripe Plugin For WooCommerce – Why Choose Stripe Gateway?

Choosing the right payment gateway is integral to any eCommerce business’s success. This post will look into the benefits of choosing Stripe as your payment gateway and how you can integrate it to your WooCommerce store using a Stripe plugin for WooCommerce.


What Are Stripe Benefits?

There are pros and cons of using multiple payment gateways in an eCommerce store, and WooCommerce supports a long list of payment gateways. One of the best WooCommerce payment gateways you can use is definitely Stripe.

If you need reasons why Stripe is loved by developers and store owners alike over other payment solutions, here they are.



Stripe can provide you with an unmatched experience in terms of the transparency of its costs. It has no setup fees, monthly fees, or any hidden costs, for that matter. You will only get charged when a transaction occurs via the Stripe payment gateway in your store.



When it comes to the security of your payment system, you can’t take chances. You are putting both your store and your customers’ financial safety at risk by choosing payment gateways having fewer security standards.

Stripe offers machine learning-based fraud prevention, real-time fraud insights, dynamic 3D security, PCI compliance, automated dispute handling, and more major security features.


Payment Options Flexibility

If you are selling globally, giving your customers their preferred payment options can be very helpful in getting more sales. With Stripe, you can provide a wide range of payment options for your customers.

Stripe accepts all major credit cards and debit cards (Visa, Master Card, Maestro, etc.) from customers in every country, supports wallet payments (Alipay, Apple pay, Google pay, etc.), bank debits & transfers, and more.


Reliability & Reputation

Stripe has been a major player in the eCommerce industry for years. Its cloud-based infrastructure and scalability have made it a reliable payment solution among major tech companies, including Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Spotify, among others.


How To Integrate Stripe With WooCommerce?

Although Stripe comes with very detailed and simple documentation, you’ll need to perform coding to integrate Stripe with your store. Having technical or coding skills is essential for integrating any payment gateway, for that matter.

But with WooCommerce, you can reduce the technical requirements needed for connecting Stripe with your store to simply copying and pasting the secret keys found in your Stripe dashboard.

But how? The answer is simple – using a Stripe plugin for WooCommerce. The rest of the article ponders into the integration process of Stripe and WooCommerce using the Stripe Payment Gateway for WooCommerce plugin by WebToffee.


Stripe Payment Gateway for WooCommerce

You can type in ‘WebToffee Stripe’ on your WordPress dashboard or download it from


Free WooCommerce Stripe payment gateway plugin.


It is one of the popular plugins for integrating Stripe Payments with WooCommerce. Easy setup and excellent support are two major factors that make the plugin a great option for the integration process.


Free Version Features

The Stripe supports the following features for WooCommerce plugin-free version:

  • Easy setup – No need for coding. Fill in the required details and update. Your store will be ready to accept payments via Stripe.
  • Card payments – Accept all major credit and debit cards, including MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, JCB, Diners Club.
  • Othe payment methods – Enable Alipay and Stripe checkout
  • Security – Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) ready with 3D secure.
  • Capture later – A flexible payment option that allows your customers to pay later for their purchases in your store. You can authenticate and capture payments at a later date.
  • Process refunds – Process full and partial refunds easily from the plugin dashboard itself.
  • Manage transactions – View and manage all stripe transactions from the Stripe overview page of the plugin.
  • Automated payment receipt – Send out emails to customers automatically after completion of the transaction.
  • Restrict payments – You can restrict payments to preferred cards.


Premium Version Features

Other than the free version features, the WooCommerce Stripe plugin supports:

  • Accepting payment via Apple Pay and Google pay – Enable both Apply pay and Google pay in addition to Alipay in your WooCommerce store.
  • Supports WooCommerce subscriptions – Accept subscription payments via stripe in your store.
  • Customization – Customize the checkout elements on your website to resemble your branding.
  • Set up landing page locale – You can choose a specific language for your Stripe landing page.

The following section will give you a closer look at the very different features of the plugin.


Postpone Payment Capturing

This feature is supported by both free and premium versions of the plugin. Instead of capturing payments immediately, you can enable authorization of card details and manually capture the payment within 7 days of the transaction date.

Stripe postpone payment capturing.


Process Full & Partial Refunds

Having a refund policy is important to grow customers’ trust towards your store, and the plugin allows you to issue refunds from its dashboard easily. You can process both full and partial refunds in your store using the plugin.

Stripe plugin for WooCommerce full refund.
Example of full refund option.


WooCommerce Stripe payment gateway partial refund.
Example of partial refund option.



Switching From Live To Test Mode And Vice versa

The plugin interface allows you to easily switch your transactions from live mode to test mode or vice versa. It’s a great feature to configure the plugin as per your expectations and validate your transactions before going live.


You can easily switch between Stripe test and live mode.


The live mode or test mode is dictated by their respective API keys. You can add them to the corresponding fields by copying them from your Stripe account dashboard.


Enable Alipay

Alipay is a popular Chinese online payment and digital wallet platform. It supports over 65 financial institutions such as Visa and Master card to provide payment services to its users. Over 460,000 Chinese businesses use Alipay for their financial transactions.

If your business serves Chinese customers, make sure you have Alipay enabled within your WooCommerce store.


Stripe Alipay WooCommerce integration.


The free version of the plugin supports enabling Alipay by simply toggling a button. Additionally, you can customize how it looks on your website’s checkout page by adding a custom title, description, and button text. Following is a screenshot of the Alipay-enabled checkout.


Stripe Alipay WooCommerce checkout.


Enable Stripe Checkout

Stripe checkout is a Stripe-hosted payment page that lets you collect payments quickly. It works across many devices and helps increase your conversions.


WebToffe Stripe checkout plugin.


You can enable Stripe checkout on your website by simply enabling the toggle button. Following is a screenshot of the checkout page after enabling Stripe checkout.


Stripe payment checkout gateway plugin WordPress.


Enable Google Pay

Google Pay is a digital wallet online payment system developed by Google which allows users to make payments via their Android phones, Tablets, or Watches. Google pay is a premium-only feature of the plugin.


Stripe Google Pay WooCommerce integration.


You can enable the Google Pay button on the Product page, Cart page, and the plugin’s Checkout page. Customization options are also available for the button. You can choose from a button type, theme, and height.


Enable Apple Pay

Apple Pay is a digital wallet online payment platform by Apple. It is supported on the iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, and Mac devices. Apply pay option is available only for the premium users of the plugin.


Stripe Apple Pay WooCommerce integration.


You can display the Apple pay button on the Cart page and Checkout page and customize the user-facing elements such as button text, color, position, checkout description for the button, etc.

Following is a screenshot of the Apple pay button on the Checkout page.


Apple Pay WooCommerce checkout.


Stripe WooCommerce Plugin Conclusion

Ensuring your users with a safe and easy payment experience is integral to increasing your credibility and boosting sales. Integrating Stripe with your WooCommerce store would be one of the best decisions you can take to ensure a bigger than better customer experience at your store.

As alternative you can use WPPayForm plugin which supports PayPal and Stripe gateway (you can check my WPPayForm review), or if you want to accept Stripe payments in WordPress forms, you can use WPForms plugin. For accepting crypto, you can check my list of best WooCommerce cryptocurrency payment gateway plugins.

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