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The Plus Addons for Elementor


Easy to use






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  • 50+ widgets
  • 18+ templates
  • 300+ UI blocks
  • Listing builder for post types
  • Affordable price
  • Free version
  • Very easy to use

Elementor is one of the best page builder plugins available, and it is one of the most installed page builder plugins. In this The Plus Addons for Elementor review I will show how you can add even more features to this page builder.

The popularity of Elementor can be attributed to its many available features in free plugin, support for addons, and a low-cost pro version. There is an excellent number of addons for Elementor that extend the functionality and make it the ultimate page builder plugin.

Eementor free offers many modules for free but Elementor Pro offers more than 80+ modules to create something even more advanced and unique. For differences between Elementor free vs Elementor pro check my post where I show what you get with each version.

If you need even more modules, that’s where the Elementor addons come into play. But how to choose the best addons for Elementor? There are dozens of Elementor addon plugins available to add more advanced elements, blocks, widgets, layouts, etc.


elementor beauty salon templates


But, not all the plugins are created equal. Here are some factors that you should consider when choosing Elementor addons:

1. Modules – The addon you install should add modules/widgets which you will need for your website posts and pages.

2. Inline editing – Some of the Elementor addons add modules that do not have inline visual editing. You need always to prefer addons with inline editing functionalities as that allows you to instantly edit paragraphs and titles of content elements by simply clicking on them.

3. WYSIWYG – The changes you make while editing need to look exactly the same when you preview and publish.

4. Enable/Disable – This feature enables you to disable or enable the modules selectively. For example, if an addon offers you 30 modules, you need to have the ability to load only modules you use or else it bloats the page builder with unnecessary modules that you never use.

5. Speed – Make sure plugins don’t add unnecessarily additional enqueue scripts and are coded keeping performance in mind.

6. Developers – It is good if developers have a good track record of developing themes and plugins for page builders.

7. Site usage – Some of the addons enable you to use the plugin on your unlimited sites, and also on the client sites.

8. Price – There needs to be a balance between the price and the functionalities you get. Fortunately, The Plus Addons for Elementor meets all criteria mentioned above.


The Plus Addons for Elementor Review

The Plus Addons for Elementor is a collection of widgets, templates and UI Blocks to help you craft amazing websites using Elementor. Once you install and activate the plugin, you will have an additional tab called The Plus Settings under your website admin area on the left.

Settings are divided into eight tabs called General Settings, Post Type Settings, Plus Designs, Extra Options, Performance, Custom, Activate Plugin and About. Under About tab, you will find some useful links to documentation, demos, contact support, etc.

In Activate Plugin tab you enter the license for the plugin so that you can get updates. Under the Custom tab you can add custom CSS or JS if necessary. Under the Performance tab you can choose to disable or enable Isotope.JS, Minify CSS, and Minified JS.



The Plus Addons for Elementor modules
The Plus Addons for Elementor modules


Post Type Settings tab provides the option to either disable, or use ThePlus Post Type or Pre Built Theme Based option for Clients Post Type Settings, Testimonial Post Type Settings, and Team Member Post Type Settings.

Under General Settings you can disable widgets you don’t intend to use. Under Plus Settings tab you can check Special Blocks, Plus Templates, Plus Widgets and Plus Listings.


hotspot elementor widget countdown elementor widget accordion elementor widget


In the Extra Options tab, you can enter Google Map API Key. This field is required if you want to use Advance Google Map element.

You can also enter Mailchimp API Key, MailChimp List ID, and enter On Scroll View Animation Offset which is the value which will be used for an offset of on scroll view animation.


How Much Does It Cost?

The Plus Addons for Elementor plugin comes in the free and paid version. The free version can be downloaded from the WordPress repository.

Premium version can be purchased from the official website for $29/year for one site, $69/year for an unlimited number of sites or for a one-time payment of $199 you can use it for a lifetime and on an unlimited number of websites.

Each plan comes with 50+ Elementor widgets, 300+ ready to use blocks and 10+ website templates. Support is provided via support forum. If you get stuck or need help, you can also check video tutorials.

The plugin is compatible with most popular free themes like Astra, OceanWP, GeneratePress, Deep theme, etc. It is also compatible with premium themes like Jupiter, and Avada (check Avada vs X Theme vs Enfold comparison).

PRO version of the plugin can also be purchased on Codecanyon where you can buy one license for $24. The difference between the free and paid version is in a number of features you get.

In free version you have access to Advance Text Block, Buttons, Pricing Tables, Countdown, Heading Title, Info Box, Social Icon, Animated Text, Smooth Scroll, FlipBox, Accordions, Tabs/Tours, Blog Design Styles, Testimonials Styles, Gallery Styles, Client Masonry, Team Members, Number Counter, BlockQuote, etc.


Backgrounds for Elementor

Custom post type related widgets for Elementor

elementor 3rd party widgets


All Above widgets have amazing features, but some functionalities are missing which are available in the pro version. The paid version includes all free widgets as well as many more.

Those include more Testimonial styles, Client Center Mode, Client Lazy Load, Client Carousel, Client Messy Columns, Client Load More, Client Pagination, Stylist List, Video, Image Cascading Creative Images, Dynamic Devices, Switcher, Background styles, etc.


barbershop elementor templates


In the premium version you also get 300+ blocks and 10+ page templates for Creative Agency, Barbershop, Restaurant, Beauty Salon, Medical, Design Studio, Business, Architecture, Digital Agency, GYM, Corporate Agency, etc.


The Plus Addons for Elementor Review Final Words

When it comes to Elementor addons, you likely won’t easily find one with more options than The Plus Addons for Elementor plugin. Packed with various customizations, it’s an all-in-one extension for the popular page builder.

This plugin is an easy way to build and customize your Elementor powered website. The Plus Addons includes more than 300+ UI blocks for any business needs. Quickly add icon box grids, pricing tables, hero sections, feature lists, map sections, forms and more.

All elements can easily be added in your content. Or use the built-in options to customize colors, backgrounds, icons, etc. further.

Included is also 50+ unique widgets (tables, charts, info box, countdown, headings, animated text, flipbox, timeline, parallax, Google maps, tabs, etc.), a powerful listings builder, SEO and translation ready code (use the POT file to translate).

The plugin includes top-notch support, and you can even purchase an extended license if you’re a developer who wants to use The Plus Addons on your client’s sites.

If you want to use just a free option or see if the plugin is for you, grab Plus Addons Lite for free from Think of it as a trial for the premium version.

With 20+ widgets and four custom post types, it’s a great way to test The Plus Addons before you upgrade. If you think that Plus Addons is not plugin that you need, then be sure to check Master Addons review, JetPlugins review, Element Pack review, Ultimate Post Kit review or Stratum review.

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11 thoughts on “The Plus Addons for Elementor Review (2023) | Everything For Your Page Builder Needs”

  1. I’m considering buying their new ThePlusBlocks for Gute. It’s $499 unlimited LTD, but they will be offering it 50% off (Nov. 24 – Dec. 3) I love the idea of finally ditching page builders and locking into the future with a powerful set of Premium Gute features.

    A couple of years ago, I got the Qubely LTD on AppSumo for $49, but I was disappointed with that purchase, I thought they’d be smart enough to realize the potential market in taking Gutenberg seriously, but they haven’t done anything with it since.

    I think the folks at ThePlus seem much more ambitious (it looks like they’re constantly updating their Elementor offering.) I still have my Oxygenbuilder and Zion LTD’s to work with and there’s nothing wrong with them, I just want to be one of the pioneers who break away from page builders and embrace the future (which is Gutenberg, whether folks like it or not.)

  2. I used this plugin for months, it’s the ultimate addon pack for elementor for sure but it absolutely is a cheap horribly hacky software that has had not ONE but TWO MAJOR MAJOR security breaches that totally destroyed 6 of my client sites between the two very severe security issues. Days and days of my life was wasted on this piece of shit plugin fixing and replacing it. I had it on about a dozen sites and spent days replacing the elements used so I could delete this plugin forever…. and ever. It’s so awesome but unfortunately they are obviously cutting corners in development. Never heard of a paid plugin having so many compatibility issues with the actual core plugin it’s designed to work with.

    Honestly, I’m so passionate about how HIGH RISK and horrible this plugin is and how clunky and glitchy it is I could write a lot more but it’s already wasted days of my life with all the security glitches and just general compatibility issues with other major WP plugins. I’ve never in the 13 years of my WP Dev experience had a plugin be so consistently buggy.

    It’s too good to be true just like you would think it is when seeing all the awesome features and functions it offers. Please save yourself and do not use this plugin.

    1. Hi Tie,

      It is true that the plugin had security issues but those were quickly fixed. I am sorry to hear you had such an experience.

  3. Horrible plugin!!! Huge security breach today, all of my sites affected. They don’t offer personal help, just send you to a page with instructions, where they send you to MalCare, where the licenses are extremely expensive for multiple websites. Stay away from this, it’ll take me days to solve this mess! I had no response to my refund request.

    1. Hi Mike,

      Could you elaborate your statement? The plugin uses modular approach. This means you can disable those widgets you don’t want to use via plugin settings. This makes it less bloated.

      1. why is there a limit? what if i want to use all features on one page? try that and let me know how it goes. why do i need to switch off widgets at all if i want to use them?

        1. There is no limit. You don’t need to disable them. I just said that if you don’t use all widgets you can disable ones you don’t use.

          Plugin by itself loads pretty fine when I tested. That is why I asked you to elaborate why you say it is heavy plugin.

          If you add all widgets to single page, of course it will be heavy.

    2. I will dito that, and they can’t support it or make it work without disabling everything you use in elementor. AND they won’t give you your money back. JUNK software

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